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fraction match wanted

Tue May 23, 2023 6:46 pm by Rohi Yamin

looking for a match

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Tension Match Hunt

Fri May 19, 2023 9:50 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Looking for matches for my boys

Takeichi Mori

Takeshi Kawai

If anyone is interested feel free to hmu. ty in advance to anyone who responds.

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Looking for Friction Hentai debut match

Tue May 23, 2023 8:50 pm by SigmaMorgan

Hentai for me character Loren.

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"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders

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"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders Empty "The Amazon" Alaina Sanders

Post by HighFly Tue Mar 11, 2014 5:32 pm

Name: Alaina Sanders
Alias: The Amazon
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 33 (D.O.B 3/29/89)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long, light brown
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 175
Nationality: USA
Citizenship: USA
Ring Attire: Currently wears a tiger stripe pattern one piece swimsuit that is form fitting and shows a fair bit of hip and cheek and a 2 piece version of the same.  She also still wears leopard print one and two piece attires as well.
Entrance Theme:  Pacific Rim theme
Alignment:  Face

Top two new pictures by cirenk over on DA, check them out!

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders PIlDKgi

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders 1MpZS1s

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders TVyVK18

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders 1nU5t81

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders 47H2bHs

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders ZkBqpYs

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders 7xoSt96

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders SrcJgQ3

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders JHpoIUJ

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders ETZ1p5v

Stat Spread:  

Strength- 9.5/10
Submission- 8/10
Durability- 10/10
Technical- 7/10
Speed- 6.5/10
Charisma- 9/10
Hardcore- 9/10
Stamina- 9.5/10
Strikes- 9/10

Favorite Moves (The bread and butter of her offense):
-Scoop Slams and Powerslams  
-High Backdrop
-Backbreaker (sometimes will keep hold and do 2 or 3 consecutive followed by an arm flex, or a taunt)
-Sidewalk Slam
-Clotheslines, Dropkicks, Shoulderblocks and various punch/kick/knee strikes
-Fisherman Suplex
-T-Bone Suplex
-German Suplex
-Full Nelson Suplex
-Reverse DDT
-Electric Chair Drop
-Double Underhook Suplex
-Headscissor Takedown
-Missile Dropkick
-Samoan Drop

Signature Moves (Her go-to in order to really hammer on someone to build momentum or get back into things):
-Military Press Slam/Gorilla Press Slam
-Top Rope Frogsplash

Finishers (To put someone away, hence the name):
-Ama-bomb:  Jackknife power bomb where Alaina gets extra lift for extra impact to drop the hammer on her opponents!
-Ama-buster:  Alaina lifts someone up and hits them with a muscle buster, but instead of dropping them down, she holds them up and adjusts as she runs,  jumps up and brings down her opponent directly on their head for a huge, devastating brain buster!

Strategy: Offensive-Alaina looks to use her power and surprise opponents with her speed.  Because she isn't as versed in aerial moves she mostly applies her speed to strikes, which combined with her power has the potential to catch opponents off guard.
Style: Powerhouse, but looking to balance things out as she trains.
Preferred Attacks: Powerful slams and strikes with a few known holds mixed in.
Preferred Matches: Standard, Hardcore, cage, mat.... anything involving athletic competition.  Zero interest in hentai matches.
Difficulty level: High.  Now that Alaina has experience and has worked/is working under Taylor Parker she has wrestled in - and won - significant matches.  Alaina is someone that no opponent should take lightly.

Appearance:  Alaina has a sculpted figure that isn't bulky but has plenty of muscle on her frame.  She is curvy, with ample hips as well as a very nice ass and has a somewhat modest bust.  Her face is striking, as her eyes are bright, smile radiant and her voice usually has a calm, soothing tone to it.  Her arms and abs are also slightly more sculpted than her fit legs and backside.  Deep down she is a bit self conscious about her bust (especially next to some of her fellow Friction roster members) as well as the fact that her lower body isn't quite as firm as her upper body.  Aside from her wrestling attire she can commonly be seen in casual clothing such as jeans and shirts.  If and when she makes friends on the roster and they go out on the town, she will dress up slightly more in a mini-skirt or nice dress.

Background Story
Alaina was born in San Diego, California to a middle class family.  An only child she grew up to be quite popular due to her natural beauty, although she never saw herself that way.  Always even tempered she treated everyone with respect until they gave her a reason not to.  Growing up Alaina always tended to be competitive, and she strived to take care of her friends as well as her family.
       In high school Alaina was a standout in cross country, track, and volleyball.  She was called an "amazon warrior woman" by a smaller teammate because of her height and her sculpted build.  The nickname would go on to stick, as she ended up choosing it for her wrestling career.  Upon graduating, Alaina went on to get a nursing license all while competing in various fitness competitions.  As fulfilling as nursing was and while training her body for fitness competitions fed her competitive appetite, she felt like something was missing.  One day almost one year ago (April of 2013), she noticed a flyer for a local wrestling promotion and decided to check out the show.  She watched wrestling when she grew up, but it was a sort of guilty pleasure to her.  When she arrived, it was headlined by a short man who combined gritty toughness, high flying moves and technical know-how called "Gnarly Charlie."  She recalled an old classmate a couple years older than herself who was given that nickname because he studied, and wasn't a partier.
       After the show, Alaina found Charlie and approached him.  Sure enough it was her old classmate.  Charlie got into wrestling and used his old nickname to illustrate how he had changed, "turning something with negative connotations into something positive."  Alaina asked if he wouldn't mind showing her around the training center they used and he was happy to oblige.  Alaina liked what she saw and asked if she could get in a match with one of the females of the regional promotion.  Charlie seemed a bit nervous, but reluctantly agreed once he saw the outstanding physical shape Alaina was in as she strutted out to the ring in a golden 2-piece ring attire.  A few minutes later, Charlie was downright shocked as Alaina pinned her more experienced opponent in two minutes.  Alaina left her nursing job to train with Charlie in the hopes that the two could work their way up into a major promotion.  Like Charlie, Alaina took on an old nickname for her ring name:  "The Amazon."  A few months later, Alaina (who was still at a rudimentary level when it came to technique, reversals, and submission) and Charlie (whose talent and greater experience had him on the verge of becoming a big-shot) were scouted by a promotion in Japan, AFW.
       The two friends quickly packed and made their way to Japan.  As they arrived, they used their money to rent a fairly nice 3-bedroom apartment.  One room is solely for Charlie's pet Corgi, Little Charlie.  A small dog having its own room is something that Alaina has slowly accepted.  However, the two future Tension Roster wrestlers suffered a setback when Charlie, who loved cruising around in his black Challenger, got into a bad car accident severely injuring his right leg.  Doctors didn't think he would walk again, although his recovery is going better than planned as he is able to limp around with the help of a cane.  Alaina was devastated by her friends injury and took a couple months off of training in order to help Charlie with rehab.  With his in-ring future in doubt Charlie has turned all his efforts into helping Alaina make the most of her potential as a female wrestler.  Alaina opted out of the Tension roster (she is confident she can hang with any man in the ring, but really wanted Charlie to be there to compete against as well as alongside in mix-tag matches) and is currently on the Friction roster.

Since arriving in Friction, Alaina got off to a bad start but has risen among the ranks thanks in large part to training at the Higurashi Dojo underneath the likes of Taylor Parker and Akashi.  Her confidence has risen, and she always feels the need to challenge herself against the toughest opponents Friction has to offer.  At times it is a morale boosting victory, and other times she has been on the wrong end of some very tough losses.  Regardless, Alaina has continued to improve and make a good name for herself.  She works hard to be THE best, and realizes with expectations like this come the due expectation of matching results.

In December of 2015, the amazon became the Entropy Champion, defeating Julia Rogers in the most hard-fought match of her career to date.  Alaina has shaken the image of a big pushover and is moving up the ranks.  No one in their right mind takes her lightly and she seems poised to continue her rise to the top!


       Alaina never cheats in matches and views everything good and bad in her young career as a learning experience.  She realizes that she has less wrestling experience than much of the roster and that shes older than most rookies.  Ever the sportsman, she will always offer her opponent a handshake before and after a match if she has enough energy to do so.  Outside the ring she is always up for hands on training with anyone willing to work with her.  She maintains a cheerful outlook and always takes time out of her day for any fans who approach her.  When she isn't wrestling or training, her idea of fun would be to be at the beach, reading, catching a movie, or organize any friends she may have on the roster into doing an impromptu fundraiser for charity.  These events are the only time she'd ever agree to a "gimmick" match such as oil wrestling, a bikini beach match, or anything like that.  Her sportsmanship, looks, talent and fan-friendly nature usually get the crowd in her corner more often than not.  She isn't much of a trash talker, she lets her in-ring performance win over fans although her occasional taunt or pose to play to the crowd doesn't hurt either.

Since beginning, She has moved out of her apartment with Charlie and began a very serious relationship with Mamouru Higurashi.  She trains with him sometimes, but spends much of her time working with Taylor Parker at her training dojo.  A bit of an arguement led to her moving out of Charlie's place but the two are still close friends, even if she has worries over his choice of girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) in Talia Wilson.  Her relationship with Mamouru came to an end when at a party he informed her that he had cheated on her with multiple women, and it wasn't fair to her for him to keep leading her on.  Alaina was a wreck over that for quite some time, finding out the truth:  Mamouru got a woman pregnant when they have a hentai match, and he left so he could be a father for the child.  Alaina was still angry about being lied to and kicked to the curb, thinking Mamouru and she could be a good father/stepmother combination.  However she does understand a bit of his logic.  The fact that her former friend from San Diego is the woman who Mamouru got pregnant is what gets her.  Alaina now has a nice strong dislike of Aurora Wilson.  Some of her anger has simmered down a bit, with her meeting and dating Bryan Daniels.  Alaina and Bryan are, in her opinion, the cutest and most talented couple in all of AFW.  She is in love with him and he seems to feel the exact same way about her, bringing balance to her love life.

Alaina in her current one piece tiger print swimsuit (Shoutout to MJCaboose for this one, thanks a million!)
"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders Pbucket

Alaina in a one piece swimsuit she trains in, and dyed darker brown hair
"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders Pbucket

Alaina on Halloween
"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders Pbucket

Fun Facts:
Alaina loves seafood, lobster is her absolute favorite.
Alaina's favorite music is pop.. But she also has a soft spot for classic rock.
Alaina has always been a bit of a dummy in regards to men.  Everyone else in Japan can seemingly tell that Charlie has feelings for her, but she is oblivious to it.
Alaina, while being Miss Popular most of her life, is a closet nerd.
Alaina hates ego maniacs, and goes out of her way to punish them in matches when she normally gets a win without humiliating anyone if she can help it.
Alaina grew up as a closet wrestling fan, and picked up much of what she initially knew just by watching it on T.V which is how she was able to defeat her first opponent so easily.
Alaina is fond of her fans, especially children.  She frequently donates to charities involving childrens hospitals or animal foundations.

AFW record

Career Accomplishments
- Entropy Champion December 2015-December 2016

1) Loss via pinfall to Z.Z
2) Loss via submission to Valley Doll
3) Win via pinfall vs. Daisuke Takeuchi
4) Loss via submission to "Rebelle" Billy Jean Tanner
5) Win via submission vs. Z.Z
6) Loss via knockout vs. Cassie Elliot
7) Win via submission vs. Ami Takeuchi
8 Win via pinfall vs. Sayoko Morishige
9) Win via submission vs. Anastasia Rukoviska
10) Win via DQ vs. Killer King
11) Win via pinfall vs. Thunder Ryuko
12) Loss via pinfall to Silver Ace
13) Loss via pinfall to Gwedolyn Dupont Bettencourt (challenged for entropy title)
14) Loss via pinfall to Brittany Luuve
15) Win via pinfall vs. Akino Sanada
16) Win via pinfall vs. Silver Ace
17) Draw via double KO vs. Kei
18) Win with Julia Rogers vs. Team Corona (Julia pinned Natsuki)
19) Loss vs. Talia Wilson via pinfall
20) Win via pinfall vs. Gwendolyn Dupont-Bettencourt vs. Julia Rogers (Became Entropy co-champ)
21) Win vs. Misaki Toyoda in ladder match (defended co-champion "share" of the Entropy title.)
22) Loss with Danika vs. Julia Rogers and Bomber Kishima via Julia pinning Alaina
23) Win via pinfall vs. Julia Rogers in Entropy Championship match (Becomes Entropy Champion)
24) Win via submission vs. Eztlicoatl via submission (defends Entropy title)
25) Win vs. Garm via disqualification
26) Win vs. Jessica Wright in Last Woman Standing Match (Defends Entropy Title)
27) Win via submission vs. Yajiri Kasamatsu
28) Win via pinfall vs. Karen Starring
29) Win via submission vs. Fathia Aiyn (Defends Entropy Title)
30)   with Julia Rogers vs. Pride Queens

"Gnarly" Charlie Haines - Friend from home who also joined the AFW when she did
Taylor Parker-The former champ has taken on Alaina as a student, and Alaina is beyond grateful for the opportunity
Avery Shields-A fellow student at the dojo,sustaining a nasty injury at the hands of Jessica Wright
Julia Rogers-A fellow dojo student and friend, the two sometimes are at one another throats but in the end have one another back
Silver Ace- They have fought one another, but are still good friends
Bryan Daniels- Alaina's ex-boyfriend.  They parted on a sad note but she feels no animosity towards him and would still help him if he needed it but the romantic spark is gone.
Valley Doll- Ace's girlfriend, and another woman Alaina has faced and lost a tough match to.  Mutual respect, and a mutual desire for a friendly rematch

Fathia Aiyn
Ami Takeuchi
Mamouru Higurashi
Aurora Wilson
Talia Wilson
Gwendolyn DuPont-Bettancourt

It's Complicated
Cassie Elliot- She likes Cassie enough, but Cassie and Mamouru's history does add a wrinkle to things
Billy Jean Tanner- The two are friends, but Alaina soundly lost a match she was confident she'd win against her friend and sparring partner
Daisuke Takeuchi- She finds him to be an arrogant jerk, but respects his ability.  Also finds him handsome, and if his personality matched his looks he would be quite charming.....

1) The Rookies Friend A loudmouth in Tension badmouths Charlie
2) A Chance Encounter (For Teenwrestler) Alaina dumps a couple drinks on Daisuke's head for badmouthing her friend
3) New Kid At The Gym Alaina and Charlie meet Taylor Parker and Mercy Wrenn
4) The Rebel And The Amazon Alaina meets a sparring partner and gets in a workout
5) Z.Z vs. "The Amazon" Alaina Sanders    *Loss via pinfall
6) Valley Doll vs. Alaina Sanders, Slamazon vs. Amazon   *Loss via submission
7) Alaina Sanders vs. Daisuke Takeuchi *Win via pinfall
Cool A Summer Splash Charity Fund Raiser Alaina meets Cassie as she tells her about her grand plans to be involved in a PPV in some capacity
9) Amazon vs. Rebelle Alaina faces off against an old sparring partner in an official match *Loss via tapout
10) Business or Pleasure?  Alaina bumps into a guy at the bar and things get interesting...  
11) A So-Cal Workout Alaina and Valley Doll bump into each other at the gym a few weeks after their match against one another
12) An Unfriendly Wager Alaina and Mamouru negotiate a rematch with Z.Z-Alaina puts up a pearl necklace while Z.Z agrees to take her on in a no-interference bikini match.
13) Photoshoot Disaster Alaina meets Ami, the snobby younger sister of Daisuke
14) Summer Splash '14 Dark Match Alaina vs. Z.Z Alaina fights Z.Z for a second time and gets some measure of payback against her pirate rivals
15) One Night In The City Alaina and Mamouru are relaxing together after Alaina's SS victory, and their relationship becomes much more intimate.
16) When Roommate And Love Interest Collide Alaina helps Charlie pick out a birthday present for Talia when they bump into Talia and Aurora at the mall
17) One Day During Training Alaina helps Charlie train for his debut match, and as usual the two social butterflies have to meet a couple people they'd never seen before
18) A Quiet Dinner Get Together Alaina, with good intentions, invites over her boyfriend and a few friends for dinner.  Unfortunately that means putting Taylor, Cassie, and Mamouru all together in the same place.
19) Double A Amazon Meets The Supermodel Alaina tries to blow off the steam left from the dinner party at the gym, only to come across someone who makes her blood boil... so what do they do?  Spar of course!
20) Alaina Sanders vs. Cassie Elliot Alaina faces off against Cassie, who is by far her toughest opponent yet.  Does Alaina measure up to the veteran or fall short?  *Loss via knock-out*
21) Ami Takeuchi vs. Alaina Sanders Amazon and supermodel face off in an official matchup, with Alaina hungry to avenge her sparring loss!  *Win via submission*
22) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Sayoko Morishige Alaina takes on a young, unproven woman from Tension *win via pinfall, finished in IM RP*
23) Tying Up Loose Ends Alaina meets up with Mamouru to ask him the whole truth about his feelings for Cassie
24) Because I Said So! Alaina goes to Taylor's training gym, and meets Junko, her boyfriends mom for the first time!
25) Stress Relief At The Dojo Alaina and Kozue train and get to know each other a bit better at the good ol' dojo!
26) Tis The Season To Be Merry  Alaina and Charlie are given Christmas gifts by the UKE!
27) Anastasia Rukoviska vs. Alaina Sanders Alaina takes on Anastasia in a hardcore submission match! *Win via submission*
28) Pride Of The AFW Alaina is introduced alongside Avery as a student in Taylor's training dojo!
29) A Unique Takeuchi Challenge Alaina meets Daisuke and Ami at a private gym as they challenge her to a handicap oil wrestling contest!
30) For The Fans Alaina is at an autograph signing and bumps into Silver Ace.  The two exchange words, both positive and negative.
31) Uneasy PathAlaina signs on for a Tension contest as the behest of fans... only to face Killer King?! *win via DQ*
32) Locker Room Meeting Alaina bumps into Kozue just after her "victory" against Killer King in the Tension locker room.
33) Thunder Ryuko vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders  Alaina faces off against her favorite Wrestle Angel! *win via pinfall*
34) A Lonely New Country Alaina takes a break from matches and training, meeting up with Anastasia as she promised she would at the end of their match.
35) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs.Silver Ace Alaina takes on Ace in the match they agreed on.  Last time Alaina wanted to make a statement she was embarassed by Cassie.  Will this turn out differently?  *loss via pinfall*
36) Not Yet Today Alaina bumps into Ace in the locker room, and instead of salt rubbed in her wound she finds encouragement and a friend in the former champ
37) We Like To Party Alaina is invited to Taylors celebration party and fun is had by all!  Well... except Alaina.
38) Cold Nobility Alaina is called out by Gwen as the #1 contender for the entropy title!
39) Hi-Gu-Do-Jo Alaina has her first official training experience in the dojo right after her loss to Ace, and prior to her title match against Gwendolyn!
40) Collision At The Gym Alaina is feeling down, but getting ready for her matchup with Gwendolyn when she bumps into Jessica Wright at the gym.
41) That Old Familiar Place Alaina see's Mamouru acting awfully close with Ami Takeuchi.... fireworks ensue.
42) Entropy Title Match:  "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Gwendolyn DuPont Bettencourt (C)Alaina gets her first shot at Friction gold against the hated, but favored, prissy princess of cheating to get ahead.  Will Alaina pull off the upset, or taste bitter heartbreaking defeat?  *Loss via pinfall*
43) Brittany Luuve vs. Alaina Sanders Alaina is now facing off against a former entropy and hardcore champion!  Can she show the world that she really does belong with the big shots? *Loss via pinfall*
44) Not So Berserk Alaina meets someone she recognizes from another wrestling promotion at the Friction gym and the two hit it off nicely!
45) Are Ya Feeling Lucky? Alaina meets up with Ace after her entropy title match to explain why she took the title shot away from Ace...
46) Where's That Taco Stand? Alaina and Charlie find an engagement ring for Talia and meet someone new while eating good food.
47) Gaining Confidence Alaina takes Ace to the beach to show off taht sexy beach body and instill some new confidence in her young friend and rival.
48) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Akino Sanada Alaina takes on Akino, and plans on taking the fight to the young woman to make up for her current frustrations!  *Win via pinfall*
49) A Mild Misunderstanding Alaina hits on a guy at the beach... who happens to be married to a Friciton wrestler...
50) Murder-Suicide Alaina trains with Cassie to help prepare her for her match against Gwnedolyn for the entropy title!
51) Silver Ace vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders:  Rematch! Alaina takes on Ace for the second time! *Alaina wins via pinfall*
52) A Goodtime Charlie? Alaina and Carmen meet Charlie to see whats been bothering him.
53) Lets Fake It Alaina and Julia come across a wannabe J-Pop group that is also in Friction, what could go wrong?
54) No Hard Feelings Alaina meets up with Akino, with a peace offering, to say she is sorry.
55) Work In Progress Alaina bumps into Taylor who is having trouble coping with losing the Friction Title.
56) Experience vs. Youth: Kei vs. Alaina Alaina faces Kei in a hardcore match as SS 2015!
57) Julia Rogers vs. Danika Gorski Alaina comes to the ring to watch Julia in singles competition, but it gets changed into a 2 on 3 tag match! *Win*
58) California Connection Alaina reaches out to Amy Poford in order to interact with someone from home, looking to try to get back to normal after her SS matchup!
59) Imagine That.... Alaina literally bumps into a guy.... a very attractive guy.... at the beach.  Is he the guy Mamouru wasn't?
60) Back In The Saddle Julia, Alaina and Gwendolyn have themselves a nice little promo!
61) On And On And On Alaina bumps into Valley Doll and Teddy Cat Hori after their intense matchup.
62) Conways Crib Returns Featuring Talia "Dark Angel" Wilson Alaina voices some displeasure with Talia....
63) When Tempers Collide Taylor and Alaina have a less-than-civil discussion in the wake of Alaina rushing out to help Taylor.
64) Dark Angel vs. Amazon Alaina takes on Talia Wilson, bent on revenge for the red heads actions against Charlie and Taylor in recent weeks. *Loss*
65) Catch Your Breath Alaina trains with Valley Doll and Silver Ace!
66) Entropy Title Triple Threat Match!  Julia Rogers vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Gwendolyn Dupont Bettencourt (C) Alaina is in a triple threat match for the Entropy Title!
67) *YIM match, link coming soon and to be posted in archive* "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Misaki Toyoda:  Ladder Match
68) *YIM match, link coming soon Alaina/Danika vs. Julia/Kishima tag match
69) Devil's Whisper Alaina waits at the airport for her plane to Avalanche, and runs into River Styx..
70) Heart Of Gold Alaina and Bryan go on a date and grow closer
71) Avalanche 2015 Entropy Title Match:  Julia Rogers (C) vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders (C) Alaina faces Julia to see who will be crowned Entropy Champion! *Win via pinball for Entropy Title*
72) Entropy Champions Interview Alaina is interviewed by Madison Heights and things go smoothly... at least for a time.
73) The State Of The Dojo Alaina trains and Junko addresses the dojo ladies.
74) Entropy Title Match Etzlicoatl vs. Alaina Sanders (C) Alaina steps into the ring to defend her title for the first time.... would she be successful? *Win via submission*
75) Let Me Get This Straight...Alaina confronts Lukretia about the ground ball title defense, stating that she wants tougher challengers!
76) My Favorite Angel? Alaina trains with Ryuko, and things do not go at all as she expected!
77) This Is Bullshit Tell Me I'm Good Tell Me I'm Cool  Kelly Conway makes a scene at the dojo, and Alaina isn't dealing with that at all!
78) Fun With The Fans Alaina and her pal Misaki, both fresh off big wins, meet up at a fan autograph signing!
79) Amazonian Retreat Alaina is at the gym when she bumps into Rebecca Tomko?!
80) New Girls On The Tag Team Block Alaina and Julia announce to the world that they are now Sonic Boom, premiere Friction tag team!
81) Lets Dance... Alaina calls out Jessica Wright to face her for the title!
82)The Fab Four Alaina and Julia are in Australia for an interview and they aren't alone....
83) Saturday Night Super Spar Outsiders vs. Sonic Boom Sonic Boom takes on dojo foes... sort of... Outsiders!  Will the training go horribly wrong?
84) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Garm Alaina faces off against Garm, one of the members of Hellguard who ruined the Sonic Boom promo!
85) Training Date Alaina and Bryan train at the dojo in a harmless little spar.
86) Jessica Wright vs. Alaina Sanders for the Entropy Title!  Alaina faces a rival powerhouse with her Entropy Title on the line!
87) This Might Sting A Little Styx attacks Alaina backstage after she defends her title against Jessica Wright!  To make matters worse Alaina's belt is stolen!
88) Rock The House Alaina joins Charlie at Clydes title party, and bumps into a few Friction women... and opponents.
89) A Word From The Entropy Title Holder Alaina confronts Fathia and tries to get her title belt back!
90) Yajiri Kasamatsu vs. Alaina Sanders A rookie calls out her favorite wrestler for her debut match... and that happens to be a certain amazon!
91) The Hard Road Valley Doll calls out Alaina, and both women promise to pave a path of destruction setting up a possible Avalanche title match!
92) [url=]Donga Stick Match For The Entropy Title Fathia Aiyn vs. Alaina Sanders[/url] Fathia and Alaina face off for the entropy title!
93) A Chat With The Entropy Champion Alaina is interviewed by Madison when Bonnie approaches, coincidentally she is Alaina's first choice to challenge for the title!
94) Sonic Boom vs. Pride Queens Sonic Boom faces a new, but accomplished tag team for a big test!

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Approved ^ ^ you may make matches and rp as you like!

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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Post by HighFly Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:23 am

Due to some dumb pop-up always appearing at the top of the screen blocking "Edit" I will post updates to Alaina right down here!

Win/Loss Record: 44-17-3

Accomplishments:  Entropy Champion Dec '15 - Dec '16

New Matches:

30) Loss - Tag with Julia Rogers vs. Pride Queens, Amy pins Julia
31) Win vs. Daisuke Takeuchi via submission (IM match)
32) Win Vs. Bonnie Gastin in hog-tie match for Entropy Title
33) Loss via pinfall Vs. Belinda Northman
34) Win via pinfall Vs. Kei in barbed wire match for Entropy Title
35) Loss Vs. Valley Doll in ladder match - lost entropy title
36) Win With Julia Vs. Hellguard
37) Win via DQ vs. Navi Florges
38) Loss via pinfall Vs. Lea
39) Win via pinfall Vs. Melody Serperior
40) Win via pinfall With Julia vs. Pride Queens
41) Loss Vs. Alicia Wells
42) Loss via pinfall Vs. Akiha Kosha
43) Win via pinfall Vs. Zoey Satoshi
44) Draw, double countout Vs. Kat in costume match
45) Win via pinfall Vs. Kat
46) Win With Julia Rogers vs. Kate & Elena
47) Win With Julia Rogers vs. Red Army
48) Win via pinfall Vs.Misaki Sakuraba Zaki
49) Draw via double count out Vs. Diana Acera
50) Loss via pinfall With Peggy McIntyre vs. Navi & Melody
51) Win With Julia Rogers vs. British Bombshells
52) Win via pinfall Vs. Mako Adachi
53) Win via pinfall Vs. Tuya
54) Win via pinfall Vs. Navi Florges
55) Win via pinfall Vs. Laura Satoshi
56) Win Vs. Reva
57) Win via pinfall Vs. Diana Acera
58) Win via pinfall Vs. Eirina Makashima
59) Win via submission Vs. Lauren Summers
60) Win Vs. Erin Quinn
61) Loss With Julia Rogers vs. Imperial Order (Gwen/Akihia) challenge for tag titles
62) Win via pinfall Vs. Belinda Northman
63) Win via submission Vs. Nanami Tomonari
64) Win via submission Vs. Aisha Love

New Threads!

95) Belinda Northman vs. Alaina Sanders Alaina faces Belinda, trying to bounce back from a slump against the current Entropy champion!
96) Great Things born From Great Beginnings Belinda tracks down Alaina after their match to praise the champ.
97) Entropy Title Match Bonnie Gastin vs. Alaina Sanders (C)
98) End Of An Era And Beginning Of The New Alaina, Peggy and the Rogers siblings move out of the closed dojo into a place of their own.... with a surprise endorsement bonus!
99) Paying Homage Alaina and Julia pay homage to the Higurashi Dojo and invite others to as well!
100) Unfinished Business Alaina calls out Kei to settle their old score giving her a title shot to boot!
101) Entropy Title Match!  "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Kei:  Barbed Wire Match Alaina faces Kei in a barbed wire match for the title!
102) A Quality Workout Alaina works out in the gym and meets her virtual mirror image, Diana Acera!
103) Friction Title Fun Befitting A PPV Amazon calls out slamazon for the Entropy title at Avalanche!
104) Ya Don't Say Alaina makes a new friend at the gym!
105) Sonic Boom vs. Hellguard Sonic Boom takes on Hellguard!
106) Avalanche 2016 Entropy Title Match:  "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Valley Doll Alaina faces Valley a second time in order to avenge a loss in the second match of her career, and to defend her Entropy title!
107) Much Ado About Nothing Alaina meets a loudmouth backstage at Avalanche immediately after losing her Entropy title
108) Starting Her Year Off With A Bang From bad to worse, Alaina loses her title, gets talked down to then attacked backstage!
109) The Lunch Bet Alaina meets up with Valley in Canada days after losing her title to her.
110) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Navi florges Alaina takes on the mouthy rookie to try to put her in her place.
111) The Best Place To Meet Someone Alaina meets Peyton at the gym
112) Tactical Retreat Alaina gives chase to the fleeing Navi and Melody, tracking them down to the locker room.
113) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Lea Alaina steps into the ring with a new terror, running rampant all over Friction.
114) Looking For The Right Volunteer Alaina is looking to take on the amazon wonder woman in a comic themed match to raise money for some kids.
115) Fairest Muscle Babe Of Them All Alaina competes against Diana Acera in a series of challenges!
116) Alaina Sanders vs. Melody Serperior Alaina takes on Melody, Navi's less cocky and much quieter friend!
117) Time To Talk No Chairs Alaina meets Melody backstage after their matchup.
118) Sonic Boom vs. Pride Queens II Sonic Boom gets a rematch with the Pride Queens, hoping to avenge a loss!
119) Alicia Wells vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders Alaina tries to prove she can beat high profile women again, this time taking on Alicia Wells!
120) Akiha Kosha vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders Alaina calls out a challenger and Akiha arrives to take her up on that!
121) Zoey Satoshi vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders Alaina faces another hungry rookie, and gets quite a handful!
122) That Is What Friends Are For Alaina is in the locker room fresh off a rough night when she bumps into Belinda.
123) Costume Match Kat vs. Amazon Alaina faces Kat with the two dressed up as She-Hulk and Wonderwoman for charity.
124) Conventions and Coincidences Alaina bumps into a new wrestler at a convention and the two hit it off.
125) Trying To Break Out Alaina meets up with Melody and Navi for training and talking.
126) Give It Back! Alaina tries to chase after the woman who stole her clothes out of the locker room!
127) Gwenniecakes Come On Down Alaina calls out Gwendolyn!
128) Kate and Elena vs. Sonic Boom Sonic Boom takes on a young upstart tag team!
129) Cold War Carnage Red Army vs. Sonic Boom Sonic Boom continues its push as it takes on Red Army!
130) Alaina Sanders vs. Maiden Sakurazaki Alaina faces Gwendolyns wrestling maid!
131) [url=accera-vs-alaina-sanders-beauty-queens#449877]Alaina Sanders vs. Diana Accera [/url] Alaina takes on Diana after she loses a series of contests!
132) Melody and Navi vs. Alaina and Peggy Alaina takes Peggy with her for a tag match against two women she is quickly becoming familiar with!
133) Where Do We Go From Here? Alaina and Peggy are approached backstage by their opponents.
134) Sonic Boom vs. British bombshells Sonic Boom faces the young team of energetic Brits!
135) FWC Mako Adachi vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders Alaina faces a rising star from Tension, trying to prove the amazon isn't washed up!
136) Burdens Abound  Alaina bumps into Adrian at the gym, another former champ compliments of a loss at the same PPV.
137) She Hulk vs. Wonder Woman II Falls Count Anywhere Alaina and Kat go at it ready to see who is better after their draw!
138) The Northman Sisters Alaina meets Cecilia after training with Belinda.  Lets just say that Alaina is far more fond of the younger sibling...
139) Just Who I Wanted To See Alaina bumps into Akiha at the gym, not sure what to expect!
140) Full Squared Circle  Alaina continues to bump into people when she least expects it....
141) The Amazon vs. The Mongolian Alaina takes on a small but determined rookie!
142) Alaina Sanders vs. Navi Florges II wins wants to settle things with the pesky cheater once and for all
143) Say What? Alaina meets Reva a muscular giant whose in-ring approach is like that of the amazon.  Outside the ring.... not so much.
144) An Eventful Workout Alaina meets Erin at the gym!
145) Strange Things Afoot Alaina goes back to Canada to help figure out what is wrong with Kelly.
146) Frenemies  Alaina gets a very unexpected visit...
147) 3 Years Down The Road Alaina bumps into Daisuke at the site of her first AFW win, 3 years ago.  Now both are successful and still not quite getting along..
148) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Laura Satoshi Alaina takes on Zoey's large, giant mom Laura!
149) Creme De La Creme featuring Sonic Boom Sonic Boom appears in a promo with Imperial Order before Summersplash!  Nothing bad can possibly happen!
150) Reva vs. The Amazon  Two beautiful musclebound ladies go at it!
151) Alaina vs. Diana II  Alaina meets Diana again, with no chance of a draw!
152) Alaina vs. Eirina  Alaina takes on a fellow medical career field member!
153) A Trip To The Office Alaina heads to meet Eirina at her office for a checkup.
154)  "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Lauren Summers Alaina takes on a fiesty, gritty brawler!
155) Alaina Sanders vs. Erin Quinn  Alaina takes on her pal Erin!
156) Imperial Order (C) vs. Sonic Boom Sonic Boom challenges for the tag titles at SS 2017!
157) Alaina vs. Belinda II Cage match  Alaina gets her lo g awaited rematch with Belinda in a cage!
158 Nanami Tomonari vs. The Amazon Alaina takes on a talented power oriented rookie!
159) The Weekend Before  Alaina meets up with a rookie Kelly had trained.
160) Alaina vs. Aisha Love  Alaina takes on a skilled young wrestler!
161) My Dear Manami Alaina calls out a nasty bully...

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"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders Empty Re: "The Amazon" Alaina Sanders

Post by HighFly Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:25 pm

(The two new profile pictures were made thanks to the hard work of Caboose, so a big shout out and thank you to him!)

UPDATE:  The tag team that was Sonic Boom was great, but not meant to be as Alaina's best friend Julia and her family had to return home to the United States to help their family's promotion.  Alaina, bigger and leaner than ever before may have lost a tag partner but that isn't stopping her from trying to reach new heights!

Her and her housemate Peggy McIntyre still work hard and train together, with Alaina vowing to rise all the way to the top!  She won't let anything stop her in her quest to try to be the best wrestler she can possibly be, as she also fights on in memory of the various women who helped get her where she is such as Taylor Parker, and Julia Rogers!  

Further addendum:  Speaking of Julia, her return to Japan marked the return of Sonic Boom, and Alaina is eyeing the tag gold along with Julia!

Accomplishments:  Entropy Champion December 2015 - December 2016
                           Competitor Of The Year 2019

Record:  69-26-4

New Matches-

65) Win via pinfall Vs. Manami Kuroda
66) Loss via submission Vs. Juniper Nayle
67) Loss via pinfall Vs. Yuki Onna
68) Win via submission Vs. Juniper Nayle (Avalanche 2017)
69) Win via pinfall Vs. Akiha Kosha
70) Win via pinfall Vs. Sakura Hagiwara
71) Win via pinfall Vs. Gwendolyn DuPont-Bettencourt
72) Win via disqualification Vs. Cassidy Kidd
73) Win Tag with Yuki Onna Vs. Anna/Julia
74) Win via pinfall Vs. GASTER
75) Win via submission Vs. Isa
76) Loss via pinfall Vs. Panther Risako
77) Draw via double KO Vs. Himeko Akan (Avalanche 2018)
78) Win via pinfall Vs. Cecilia Northman
79) Win via pinfall Vs. Megumi Mutoh
80) Loss via KO Vs. Jessica Wright (Summersplash 2019 for the hardcore title)
81) Loss via pinfall Vs. Cecilia Northman
82) Win via pinfall Vs. Ami Takeuchi
83) Win via pinfall Vs. Akiha Kosha
84) Win via submission Vs. Echo
85) Win via getting Styx in a casket Vs. River Styx (PPV casket match)
86) Win via pinfall Sonic Boom Vs. Bangarang
87) Win via pinfall Vs. Charlotte Ravel
88) Loss via pinfall Vs. Adrian Kytes  (Avalanche Friction Title Match)
89) Loss via KO in Last Woman Standing Vs. Charlotte
90) Win via pinfall Vs. Margarita Jorgensen
91) Win via pinfall Vs. Natasha Loclear
92) Loss via pinfall Vs. Kei
93) Win via pinfall Vs. Akane Saito
94) Win via submission Vs. Daisuke Takeuchi
95) Win via pinfall Vs. Kurea Komiyama
96) Loss via total pinfall Vs. Gwendolyn DuPont Bettencourt (PPV Poker match)
97) Win via submission Vs. Ryo
98) Win via pinfall Vs. Justice Asuka
99) Win via submission Vs. Aiden (IM Match)


162) The Wolf vs. The Amazon Alaina takes on Manami!
163) Are You Amazon Enough?  Alaina gets called out by Juniper!
164) Yuki Onna vs. Alaina Sanders Alaina takes on an upstart in a standard match!
165) Molding The Clay Alaina trains with Aisha shortly after their matchup!
166) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Juniper Nayle Avalanche 2017 Alaina gets payback vs. Juniper at the PPV!
167) Alaina vs. Akiha II Alaina takes on Akiha in a rematch!
168) Square One Alaina is at the gym and runs into a woman who recently handed her a loss in the ring.
169) Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Alaina meets up with Bryan with a heavy heart.
170) Akino Sanada vs. Peggy McIntyre Alaina takes up the announce table as Peggy takes on Akino!
171) Idols and Amazons  Alaina does an interview with Sakura.
172) Who Is Training Who? Alaina and Nanami train and have a nice chat.
173) Fun In The Sun Alaina bumps into Valley at the beach and the two catch up a bit.
174) Idol vs. Amazon Alaina faces Sakura after feeling disrespected in an interview!
175) Alaina vs. Gwendolyn, Amazon vs. Aristocrat Alaina takes on Gwendolyn, finally earning a sought after rematch against a hated foe!
176) A Day At The Beach Alaina meets up with Belinda some time after their rematch.
177) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Cassidy Kidd Alaina takes on a new cowgirl who doesn't care to play by the rules!
178) Rookie Tournament Round 2:  Tag Match Alaina tags with the young rookie who defeated her to try to help Yuki advance in her tournament!
179) In Sheep's Clothing Alaina meets up with a guy on a blind date, not expecting what she gets!
180) Alaina vs. GASTER Alaina takes on a smaller lady who thinks she is a super villain!
181) Isa vs. Alaina Alaina takes on ISa the rookie, vowing not to have another letdown against an upstart!
182)  Welcome To Tension Alaina meets a big, muscular and charming guy during a workout and the two set up a competitive but friendly 2 out of 3 falls gym battle with something of a beach date on the line!
183) Panther Risako vs. Alaina Sanders Alaina takes on a Wrestle Angel's icon!
184) With Pride Cometh Alaina bumps into Cecilia Northman backstage.
185) A Very Special Challenge Alaina accepts a challenge set forth by Himeko for Avalanche 2018.
186) Alaina Sanders vs. Cecilia Northman Alaina finally faces Cecilia in the ring, eager to show her that she has what it takes to be the best!
187) Alaina Sanders vs. Himeko Akan The amazon looks to put the young gun in her place at Avalanche 2018!
188) A Long Time Coming Alaina bumps into one of her biggest rivals at the gym.
189) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Megumi Mutoh The top ladies battle it out!
190) Alaina Sanders vs. Jessica Wright for the hardcore title at SS 2019
191) Reunions Alaina meets Belinda for a workout!
192) Cecilia vs. Alaina II Alaina faces Cecia again!
193) A Challenger Arises Alaina issues an open challenge and the woman who steps up isn't who she expects!
194) Whose Gym Is This Anyway Alaina heads to the Tension gym for a workout and bumps into her kryptonite.
195) Ami Takeuchi vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders Alaina takes on an old foe in Tension.
196) Alaina vs. Akiha III Alaina takes on Akiha in a backstage hardcore match while the two are chained together!
197) Alaina vs. Echo Alaina takes on an energetic rookie!
198) It Is All About Strikes Alaina meets an impressive rookie at a martial arts gym.
199) Hell On Earth:  Alaina vs. Styx Alaina faces Styx in a PPV casket match!
200) Long Time No See Alaina sees Julia for the first time in years!
201) Sonic Boom vs. Bangarang Sonic Boom rides again taking on a rookie tag team in a return vs. debut!
202) Alsina vs. Charlotte Ravel Alaina takes on Charlotte in the ring!
203) The Bullet Club Starring In Three Gun Salute Alaina interrupts Adrian and her cronies to challenge Adrian for the Friction Title!
204) Alaina vs. Adrian Alaina finally gets a shot at the Friction title, the culmination of her AFW career since arriving in March 2014!
205) Dinner For Four Alaina has a dinner interview with some surprise guests!
206) Two Worlds Alaina goes for a walk and bumps into Charlotte!
207)  Babe Of The Month January - Alaina Sanders Alaina is interviewed by Natasha!
208) Alaina vs. Charlotte II Alaina faces Charlotte once more!
209) A Local Gets A Shot  Alaina is told she will do a promo with a local wrestler who stepped up to challenge the amazon.
210) Adrian vs. Mystery Challenger Alaina is a special referee in a title match as Adrian, who cheated to defeat Alaina to defend the title, defends it again!
211) Charity Match Poison Ivy vs. Wonderwoman Alaina takes on Margarita in a charity themed matchup!
212) Soul Calibur Charity Match Alaina vs. Natasha Loclear Alaina as Taki takes on Natasha as Sophitia!
213) Alaina vs. Kei III Alaina faces Kelly one more time.
214) The Callout Alaina is called out and challenged by Daisuke again!
215) Akane Saito vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders Alaina takes on Akane!
216) Daisuke vs. Alaina Alaina faces off against Daisuke in oil!
217) Kurea Komiyama vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders Alaina takes on anther wrestler from Berserk!
218) Poker Match Gwendolyn vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders Alaina and Gwendolyn face off again on a big PPV stage in a unique match!
219) Alaina vs. Ryo Beach Match  Alaina takes on a Tension wrestler!
220) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Justice Asuka Alaina takes on Justice Asuka in a battle of well known power wrestlers!
221) We Are Not Finished Alaina bumps into Charlotte backstage after she just finished up a match.
222) Alaina vs. Adien [IM Match, accepted submission]
223) The Point Of No Return Alaina and Charlotte have a press conference for their upcoming matchup at Avalanche 2020.

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Post by HighFly Sat Nov 07, 2020 12:12 pm

The Champion Is Here:  Late 2020 And Beyond For The Amazon

Alaina is continuing to tag with Julia while building her resume as a top lady, attempting to be the top woman in a wrestling ring.  Alaina is starting to feel the effects of the match workload she has had since 2014 but keeps on going to show that she is the best.  However, she has also spent more and more time in Tension working with Dominion.  Her relationship with Trent has grown and continues to grow as she spends time with him as well as trains with his faction.  

The amazon kept rolling and fighting as she climbed the ladder, earning another shot at the Friction championship due to the cheating of Adrian during her first title shot.  In the end, in a "win or leave AFW" stipulation match Alaina managed to defeat Adrian becoming the Friction Champion!  Now the champion amazon is out to prove it was not a fluke, taking on everyone who thinks they have what it takes to defeat the amazon!

After dropping the Friction title to Julia Rogers the amazon is now trying to show that she hasn't lost her edge, continuing to wrestle as often as she can against the toughest opponents she can find.

AFW Accomplishments:
-Entropy Champion December 2015-December 2016
-2019 Competitor Of The Year
-2020 Rivalry Of The Year With Charlotte Ravel
-Friction Champion March 2021- July 2022
-2021 Rivalry OF The Year With Adrian Kytes

AFW Record:  85-28-4

100) Win via pinfall Vs. Yuki
101) Loss via pinfall Vs. Charlotte Ravel (Avalanche 2020)
102) Win via submission Vs. Zulime
103) Win via pinfall Vs. Cham Cham
104) Win via submission vs. Kozue Kaburagi
105) Win Vs. Adrian Kytes (Cyber Saturday 2021, Friction Championship match)
106) Win Vs. Charlotte Ravel (SS 2021, Friction Championship match)
107) Win via pinfall Vs. Kei Terada (Friction Championship match)
108) Win via pinfall Vs. Sasuke
109) Win via pinfall) Vs. Panther Risako (Friction Championship Match)
110) Win via submission Vs. Juri Sanada
111) Win via pinfall Vs. Misaki Toyoda (Avalanche 2021, Friction Championship match)
112) Win via pinfall Vs. Silver Ace and Rebecca Owens (CyberSaturday 2022 Friction Championship Triple Threat Match)
113) Win via pinfall Vs. Bomber Kishima
114) Loss via pinfall Vs. Julia Rogers (SS2022 Friction title match)
115) Win via submission Vs. Yusha Sento
116) Win via submission Vs. Trent Masters
117) Win via pinfall Vs. Yusha Sento
118) Vs. Juri Sanada (Cyber Saturday)*

224) Upset Rematch:  YUKINA vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders Alaina gets a rematch with a woman who pulled off an upset victory against her years ago!
225) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Charlotte Ravel III Alaina takes on Charlotte for a third time at Avalanche 2020.
226) Everyone Has Their Own Destiny Alaina bumps in to Charlotte a month after their Avalanche battle.
227) Amazon vs Cajun Alaina takes on Zulime.
228) Alaina vs. Cham Cham Alaina takes on a member of the Brat Pack.
229) Amazon vs. Ninjette Alaina sees an old friend from Tension who has jumped over to Friction!
230) A Matter Of Finding Oneself Again Alaina has worries and doubts about her upcoming match and bumps in to Justice Asuka who is struggling with the same doubts herself.
231) Full Circle Alaina meets with the boss and it goes... well.....
232) Adrian Kytes vs. Alaina Sanders for the Friction Title Alaina gets one last shot at Adrian, if she wins she is the champ if she loses she retires!
233) A SS2021 Tidal Wave Alaina calls out Charlotte to face her for her firs Friction Title defense at SS2021!
224) Friction Championship Match SS2021 "Amazon" Alaina Sanders (c) vs. Charlotte Ravel Alaina has her first title match as defending champion!
225) The Champ, The Ace Alaina bumps into Misaki at the gym.
226) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders (c) vs. ?????? Alaina calls out anyone from the locker room woman enough to face her and the Friction Championship is on the line to have Kei Terada step out for the challenge.
227) Alaina vs. Sasuke cross promotional match Alaina is called to Tension for a non-title match against a male.
228) The Amazon And The Panther Alaina bumps into Panther Risako backstage after a match
229) Predictable, too predictable Alaina tries to talk to Charlotte
230) Halloween Costume Title Match:  "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Panther Risako Alaina faces Panther Risako in a Halloween themed title match!
231) "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Juri Sanada (non-title match) Alaina takes on Juri to keep up her momentum in the ring!
232) Avalanche 2021 Main Event "Amazon" Alaina Sanders (c) vs. Misaki Toyoda  Alaina takes on Misaki as she looks to defend her Friction championship for a 4th time!
233) Old Times Sake Alaina and Julia go at it in the gym
234) Cyber Saturday Triple Threat Title Match Vs. Silver Ace and Rebecca Owens Alaina defends the Friction Championship for the fifth time in a triple threat match.... or does she leave without her title?
235) Bomber Kishima vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders (c):  Non-title match Alaina tries to build momentum leading to her SS battle with Julia.
236) Alaina Sanders vs. Yusha Sento Alaina takes on a rookie in her debut match!
237) ]The Announcement Alaina is dressed up backstage to meet with Trent before he makes a major announcement about Dominion!
238) The Break Up Alaina and Trent break up and have a blow off match before their goodbyes.
239) Alaina Sanders vs. Yusha Sento Alaina takes on Yusha in a rematch.
240) Alaina Sanders vs. Juri Sanada Cyber Saturday FCA Alaina faces a budding rival at a major PPV battle!

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Post by HighFly Mon Aug 09, 2021 12:20 pm

*2020 And Beyond section updated to reflect new title*

"The Amazon" Alaina Sanders-Friction
Suzumi Ishikawa "The Tsunami"-Friction
Peggy McIntyre-Friction
Hikaru Sawazaki-Friction
Rosa "Crusher" Cabrera-Friction
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