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Hentai Matches Wanted

Mon Feb 19, 2024 5:04 pm by Leon564

Hello~ Hope you're well when you're reading my ad. Whoever you may be. Not sure how many are paying attention but I put James up for Hentai Championship Contenders. Which means that I'm looking to set him up with something focusing on progressing that.

Edit: My post for James is still available however now I've made a new gal who's ready to meet ya!

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Giovanni "Gyro" Zeppeli - The Italian Stallion

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Giovanni "Gyro" Zeppeli - The Italian Stallion  Empty Giovanni "Gyro" Zeppeli - The Italian Stallion

Post by Deus001 Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:07 pm

Name: Giovanni "Gyro" Zeppeli
Gender: Male
DOB: 2/2/2000
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'8
Weight: 180lbs
Nationality: Italian (American Citizenship) 
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Entrance Theme: JJBA All Star Battle OST: GO! GO! ZEPPELI!
Alternate Theme: Pizza Time Rock Remix

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Gyro lives up to his name, being a natural acrobatic high flyer he can strike from any and all angles and is almost always bouncing around every chance he gets in order to deliver the spin to win gameplan he's known for! Failing this Gyro is also known for delivering some swift and dynamic power based moves to get his opponent into position for a killing blow.
Style: High flyer/striker

Preferred attacks: Hurricanranas, moonsaults, anything that gets him flying about and bowling the enemy over.

Preferred matches: Prefers a ring to run around in, otherwise just about anything

Endurance: 4/5 - This stallion has the energy to go
Strength: 3/5 - Puts the pedal to the medal to make sure its all good
Speed: 5/5 - Run fast! Run wild!
Defence: 2/5 - Running fast means you often struggle to block sadly
Technique: 4/5 - Took the time to study the craft

Strikes: 5/5 - Hits you harder than any steel ball ever could
Submissions: 1/5 - Uh no.
Powerhouse: 3/5 - He knows a few good grapples to rock his foe's world
Aerial: 5/5 - Breaking orbit with a trick called Lesson 5!
Counters: 3/5 - Can turn a situation around if he's quick on the draw.

Signature Moves:

Fall Off Your Horse! - Done when his opponent is mounted on the turnbuckles, Gyro leaps up and enzhiguri kicks them right in the temple. Usually unbuckles the enemy and sends them tumbling to the outside

Steel Ball Run - Gyro Irish whips his opponent to the corner, from there he dropkicks them in the the gut to make them sit down, after recovering Gyro rushes back to them with a rolling cannonball to squash them in the turnbuckles!

Finishing Moves:

Lesson 5 - Gyro bounds off the ropes, before bursting out into a series of spinning cartwheels, generating as much momentum as he can before smacking the heel of his boot right into the head of the enemy.

Ball Breaker - Done in no DQ matches, Gyro dodges a kick from his opponent and swiftly brings his own leg up to field goal the enemy. The swiftness and sudden strike usually ends the fight then and there.


Visual Appearance:

Full Body:
Thank you kindly!:
With a friend:

Personality: Gyro is very much a lovable rogue sort of figure, flamboyant and cocky Gyro is quick to blast off some witty remarks about a situation or towards his opponent. Growing up with a background where violence did often occur he's not afraid to resort to this method if approached in a confrontational manner or do things in an underhanded way if he feel it'll achieve a goal faster, that being said Gyro has a very clear altruistic side to him and will at times go out of his way to help someone simply because he was there. Outside of fighting Gyro usually is rather eccentric, often making jokes that can defy logic. He also holds an optimistic outlook on life, usually convinced that he can overcome setbacks by 'shooting the tennis ball over the net' and he'd much rather take things in stride than sit and dwell on them.

Past: Gyro's folks are Italian immigrants that moved over to Texas in the 70s, growing up Gyro's folks ran this restaurant that catered to a hybrid of American and Italian foods. What also was common in the family business though was wrestling, Gyro's grandfather was a wrestler and his Mother had been one too. So of course the Zeppeli line was going to be carried on, during Gyro's training at a local wrestling school he met and befriended a local rancher's kid by the name of Johnny. The pair often roamed the town on their time off, getting into all sorts of misadventures that usually had them evading trouble by the skin of their teeth and usually getting them grounded at best.

It was all good until one fateful day during their college years Johnny was put into an accident that costed him the use of his legs for months on end. With Johnny out of commission Gyro made plans to shelf his wrestling career and help his friend's folks run the ranch in the son's stead, the pair would spend hours watching wrestling matches and the two were more or less brothers. Johnny then said to Gyro that once he's closer to walking that Gyro ought to take one of the horses as part of a wrestling gimmick, the time eventually came for Gyro's father to give him a mission. To promote the family restaurants their was plans to expand abroad, deciding on filling a niche over in Japan Gyro planned to sign himself up to compete in LAW as a way to make money and help bring the shared dreams of himself and his dear pal Johnny........

Fun Facts:

- Gyro is fluent in Italian, English, Latin and a bit of Japanese

- A talented horse rider Gyro can often be found galloping with his horse Valkyrie over in the countryside on the weekends

- Loves a good bit of Pizza Mozzarella 

- Has a teddy bear, only Johnny knows this.

LAW Information




Check out my wrestlers here, but PM me for match requests.

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