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Looking for... anything really.

Tue Jul 27, 2021 12:43 am by Chaos

Hey. I'm just here to look for one more thread, just trying to be active.

Could be anything as I don't have anything in mind.

if interested, don't be afraid to PM through the forum or Discord (ChaosDeku#0180) or even here, so that we may discuss.

Thank you and hope to see you soon.

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Debut Match

Sat Jul 24, 2021 3:34 am by Rymiscuius

I might have time for a thread or two.

Got one character so far, she’s pretty snazzy.
PM if interested but discord will likely be easier


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Match Wanted

Sat Jul 17, 2021 8:51 pm by KillerV

Looking for female opponents against my Killer King or Nathan Ballwin.

Prefer my males win the match.

Can discuss via DM or Discord KillerV#5130 for more details.

Thank you.

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Rock The House

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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by kerflubble Mon May 23, 2016 5:44 pm

Well that turned sour in a hurry. The party had been relatively peaceful until the fight broke out, and there was already 4 people on the two, trying to stop the fight from getting any worse. What was one more to the mix. "Alright assholes! Break it up!" Rebecca barked, settling her third drink on a nearby table before she moved to put her big arms around the Italian. "Come on Diana, do you really want to get laid out twice?" the ebony giantess asked, taking big steps back to pull Diana and Duffy apart.

Meanwhile Adrian had finally made her appearance, grumbling about how long it took to change only to find the few people she left had been replaced with a giant crowd with a fight in the middle. "Uh...." the Hardcore champion stammered not sure what to make of it before trying to sidle around and towards the kitchen "You... you guys have fun! I'm gonna, go grab a drink."

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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by IndigoDragon Mon May 23, 2016 8:16 pm

Juniper navigated her way around the crowd and came back to Jay just as Ryan was leaving.

"You're very well excused. Thats too many people and too many hugs for me..." Jay said, swatting his hand towards the growing fight. Ryan left and Juniper showed up. "You...Arent gonna jump into that?" He asks the redhead.

"Nah. It was bound to happen sooner or later with the type of women that are here. Youd almost think Clyde was planning it to have the big girls fight and for him to get in between. " She crosses her arms and grins wide. "Besides, Id like to watch and conserve my energy for a later fight."

Jay rolled his eyes. Juniper had gotten smart for once. He got out of the chair and walked away. "Well there's no line for cake anymore...."

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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by HighFly Tue May 24, 2016 2:47 am

Alaina and Charlie had been chatting among themselves as the party went on. Charlie was a bit b bummed out, as every time he approached a lady to talk they promptly walked away. He poked a bit of fun at himself as he stepped into a bathroom, just to ensure that he did in fact remember to apply deodorant before coming...

All this left Alaina by herself when the scuffle broke out! "What the Hell!? Seriously can't anyone have a party or get together without a fight breaking out!?" She said as she moved in to try to help those breaking things up. A lot of people were accounted for, but Bonnie was on Diana's back and Alaina moved behind Bonnie, grabbing on and pulling her off with all the strength she could muster!

"Come on Bonnie, knock it off and let go!" Alaina shouted, pleading with Bonnie to comply as she tried simultaneously to pry her off with force!


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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by Alexandra Tue May 24, 2016 8:42 am

Dixie watched the fighting for a few moments, then decided to step in, frowning as she approached the angry women. Thankfully, everyone else had already decided to get involved, trying to pull the fighters apart. She stepped up to the group, and practically forced her way into the center of it, glaring at Diana, Duffy, and Bonnie.

"Hey!" She shouted, yelling out with a commanding tone. "All of ya, calm the hell down and break it up, or else ah'll break it up for ya!"

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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by scorn53 Tue May 24, 2016 3:03 pm

Given the sheer number of individuals involved, let alone the power of such individuals, and the fact her best hook was turned into a breeze on Duffy's cheek, Diana became somewhat more frustrated as space was further created between the two. Not getting a chance to fully strike the Scot as she had done to Diana a mere moment ago, she'd give a fierce push forward, gaining about a step before bringing herself to her senses.

Finally snapping herself out of a berserker's rage, no fight was worth striking both the Clyde Gastin and his sister to boot to continue it. It didn't at all help that she found Rebecca Tomko's arms somewhat swallowing both her and the still piggy-backing Bonnie. Chances were, if she wriggled like hell and threw a few stray elbows, she could probably get to Duffy for another strike. Then again, chances were she'd then be on the receiving end of a beat down courtesy of the Tension World Champion, his sister, and arguably the biggest woman in AFW.

Finally stopping, she'd bring her free hand up in a motion suggesting that she was calming herself, somewhat turning her head sideways, eyes partially meeting Tomkos in order to tut at the threat of another fight courtesy of the giant. She'd then bring her free hand backwards, trying somewhat politely to request Bonnie stop throttling her with a pat to her side, as her eyes fell forward on the blonde cowgirl now positioning herself in-between both sets of individuals.


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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by Lobo Tue May 24, 2016 8:32 pm

Holy Fucking Shit.

Bonnie hung on, trying to choke this bitch and Clyde was just trying to break up the whole thing but mostly subdue Diana. Then Ryan and John came along and for a moment Clyde was relieved until he saw them grab... Duffy? Immediately the Twins shrieked in unison as they saw Diana ready to punch out Duffy..........

"WhatAreYouDoin'!?GrabTheBigMotherfucker!!!" They cried together until Rebecca came and managed to grab Diana in time, saving Duffy from a knuckle sandwich while Aliana grabbed Bonnie.

"HEY! LET GO!" Bonnie growled as she struggled in the big amazon's grip, unable to get herself free. "I ain't lettin' nobody disrespectin' my family in this house!" Bonnie growled as she tried to pry Alaina off of her until Dixie's commanding voice got her to calm down. She had too much respect for Dixie to upset her.

Rebecca was holding Diana and Clyde backed off the moment he saw the amazon calm the hell down.

Immediately Clyde ran his hands along his face in frustration. "I dunno WHAT the hell's goin' on but I damn sure saw ya shove Duffy while she was welcomin' a new guest, who..." Clyde looked around and searched but he couldn't seem to spot that Muslim girl.

"And ya prolly dun' scared her off!" Clyde growled as he eyed Diana. "This is a party. The arena's out towards the middle of the city! Ya can fight as much as ya want out there but not here, not in my house or with my guests!" Clyde argued before pointing to the door.

"Thanks fer comin'. But I think you oughta go."

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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by Tatyina Tue May 24, 2016 10:57 pm

Duffy spat as Diana's fist grazed her chin and when she was pulled away by the Tension tag champs, she didn't stop struggling one bit. "OI!" She screamed. "Fucking poofter twats! Let go an fuck off!" She growled and kicked the air since her arms were restrained.

As she tried to break free, she could see Diana being restrained as well and hissed. She then looked at Ryan and wrinkled her nose. "Ye got nae a pair o giblets on ye, laddie." She hissed and snapped her head forward and into the paragon's head before she tried to pull John along with her kicking and trying to swing her arms the whole time even as Clyde began to yell.

"Aye, lassie!" Duffy yelled again. "A'll kick ye'r arse anywhere, ye ken!?"

Mercy glanced back at Angel when the cab pulled up to the apartment complex. She smiled and nodded and then slipped out. "Hopefully we're not late." Mercy said and checked her phone. Being late was the least of her concerns, but she couldn't just say what was on her mind for real. The adjacent thought was the best she could do.

As she slipped up to the apartment, she could hear shouts coming through the door. She turned back and looked at Angel. "Looks like they are already pretty rowdy." She said with a small smile. "Sounds like there's a bunch of people too. I guess that's good..." She added absentmindedly.

Mercy gently knocked on the door and then looked back at Angel. "It'll be fine if we just walk in, I think." She said and checked the door. She then pushed it open and looked at all of the people gathered right in front of it and quickly sensed the hostility. She cringed sheepishly and suddenly hoped no one would notice her. She had realized now that the loud voices meant it was that kind of party and she instantly wished she could get back in the cab with Angel and go to back to their hotel.

"Um... Hello?"

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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by Deus001 Wed May 25, 2016 12:58 am

Duffy wasn't making the situation any better, though Ryan and John knew what they had to do was make sure both aggressors were as far away from each other as possible. Diana's cheap shot served as fuel for the fire, though now that the woman was grabbed and the tag champs were making distance it seemed that things might improve. Duffy's comment made Ryan look at her stoically, he knew what she was talking about given that he was actually born in Edinburgh. If they weren't in this situation it might have made Ryan smile as it brought a sense of nostalgia to him.

Still that was nixed, Duffy swung her head and clonked Mr Knight on the head. It seemed that no good deed went unpunished as the saying goes, Ryan grunted audibly and staggered back just a bit. His left hand going to the afflicted area, the nerve. The suddenness of it had made the young man release the woman in response, something that was the plan of course. It left him stunned for the moment.

"Boss!" John shouted, Duffy was wasting no time in trying to take him along for the ride. But at this moment in time the artist was going to try and have none of it, as far as Mr Carnaby was concerned she was acting like a certain woman he knew when she had a tantrum. The thing that Duffy might not know however is that John was the submission and grapple expert of the UK Elite, and he'd apply those skills here in keeping her restrained.

"Right Lassie! Your not going anywhere!" Mr Carnaby said, the tone of his voice indicating that he was just a tiny bit miffed from Duffy's actions. After all she just smacked his boss, John would stay grounded and make sure that the Scot didn't go close to Diana. Mr Knight would rub his head and get back in close, his wellbeing could wait as what mattered was defusing the situation. Still that smarted like hell, certainly left a numb feeling in Ryan's skull.

Wordlessly Ryan would approach from the side and front, this time making sure his head was out of the way as best as it could be. Thankfully it seemed that Diana might be getting the shaft here thanks to Clyde, once that was resolved order could soon be restored hopefully. Though no doubt Mr Knight wasn't pleased by the actions of Ms Duffy.

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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by Alexandra Wed May 25, 2016 3:03 am

Dixie stood her ground, her feet planted firmly against the floor even as she met Diana's gaze. She stared back at the Amazon, giving her an icy glare, almost as if she was daring Diana to make another move.

She waited patiently, unmoving and still, until Clyde had said his piece, then the cowgirl spoke up again, a stern tone in her voice. "You heard the man. It's time fer ya to go. Get on out of here, alright?"

She then cleared her throat loudly, taking a moment to glance around at the rest of the nearby party-goers. "As fer the rest of ya...everyone needs to calm the hell down. All of y'all. If ah catch anyone else fightin' or causin' trouble in here tonight, ah've got Clyde's permission to take care of ya myself...and if ya doubt that ah can take any one of y'all, then ya might want to take a look at the TV right now." She tilted her head towards Clyde's TV, where her Rumble Roses DVD was still going, and as luck would have it, she was currently on the screen, powerbombing the hell out of Candy Cane, straight down into the center of the ring, leaving the girl apparently knocked out from the attack.

Meanwhile, back at the entrance to the apartment, Angel was following Mercy into the room. Mercy's cringing as she opened the door didn't escape Angel's notice, and as soon as she heard the loud shouting and noticed the scene going on, she was instantly on guard. She stepped forward, right beside of Mercy, and gently laid her hand on her lover's shoulder, leaning close to whisper softly to her.

"Hey. You don't have to do this, chica. We can still run the hell away and go back to the hotel if you're not feeling up to this. I wouldn't blame you or think any less of you if you did, you know."

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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by Mystery Dragon Wed May 25, 2016 3:47 am

Kyoko breathed a sigh of relief as the fight seemed to be slowing down, or at least had the people to handle it if it got out of hand. She really didnt want the first little gathering she actually nothered to attend going to shit so early sfter she got there and wuickly moved in to help. "Look, there are amillion better places to do this, hell were wreslters thers an offical way to handle this issue but a party isnt one of the, so lets just save it for now okay?"

Well that was boring Amy thought, as the fight was getting shot down before it even began. What was eith these squares anyway, what's a good party without some action? She planned to fix that somehow, without getting to stopped. "Look at everyone acting lime a bunch of banies over some pathetic punches thrown, that wasn't going to hurt anybody, just let them go whats the harm?"
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Rock The House  - Page 12 Empty Re: Rock The House

Post by Sponsored content

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