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Looking for a tag team match up.

Mon Dec 04, 2023 7:38 pm by Moriarty

Hi there! I'm looking for a match for my host club boys
I would prefer standard but I'm open to ideas. I'm leaning towards them facing a similar entertainment based team. With gimmicks or special rules.
You can private message me on here or DM me on discord at _Kelevra.

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Tension Match for Melanie~

Tue Nov 28, 2023 12:56 pm by Leon564

Hi folks! To put it simply, Melanie is looking for a hentai match. Her profile will be attached here. Fair heads up that she's more of a dominant lean and tends to like opponents who aren't super duper competitive. If you've got a male (MALE) opponent you'd like to throw at her, PM me here or hmu on Discord: Leon564#4514

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Howdy strangers.

Wed Nov 29, 2023 1:25 am by Yori

Just a small hello from an old face. I will be coming around for a bit soon and figured I would pop in. To anymore I have an unfinished thread with, if you have a desire to continue it with me just let me know and shoot me a link. While I am open to fielding ideas for new threads, I will be very selective with taking anything while I gauge my activity capability and trim/update my roster.


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Post by IndigoDragon Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:46 pm

*FNF chars not included*
*Take Place during some upcoming holiday. Thanksgiving/Christmas. I just decided to put this up because I finished it and because I didn’t want to wait anymore.*

Nick was finally at home for once. Not the home that was, by now, filled with a few 5-foot walls of chocolate. Not the home that was a part of the epicenter of chaos known as the AFW, where everyone takes advantage of everyone and not a single soul is pure of heart. Not even a simple man as himself. No. Nick was back at his own home. His parent’s home in the city of Tsuroka, Japan. It wasn’t where he originally came from, that was the Eastern United States. His family had moved there a few years ago because his father was looking for work. And where the work went, so did the Solem Family.

His mother was in the kitchen, cooking up what smelled like the most delightful meal. It had been a long time since Nick had his mother’s amazing cooking. Too much time experimenting with the local foods. Though, restaurants did American food just as well. It just didn’t taste the same, and Nick was a bit picky. It just all cultivated to a picky diet for him. He sat in the living room with his father. Fire crackled from the stone fireplace. The green carpet went well with the dark red-colored chairs. The walls were lined with bookcases, many of which contained books on logic and psychology. They sat at two ends of the small rectangular wooden table.

While his father hid his face behind a newspaper, Nick sat at the table, tinkering with his animatronics. A small screwdriver in hand and a jeweler’s eye on as his tools.

“Son?” His father would call out, breaking the silence. “I’m glad you came out here. I know it’s a six hour drive up here from Tokyo. It’s nice to see you for the holidays.” Putting down his paper he shows himself. Nick’s father would remind one of a character right out of a Norman Rockwell book. Round-eyed glasses, slicked back black hair. He was almost never without a dress shirt, suspenders and a tie. “Have you found yourself that lucky lady yet, boy?”

Nick looked up, the jeweler’s eye falling out and landing on the floor. “U-Um…Well…My work doesn’t play very heavily into the ‘love’ scene. Everyone is very busy and—“

His father folded up the paper and sighed. “That doesn’t mean anything. You can still walk up to a lady and teller that she’s beautiful. Strike conversation. Just like how my grandfather struck gold in the Gold Rush. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t try, and boy are you not trying.” He put the paper to the side and smiles. “You say there’s new women coming there almost one a week? Talk to them. Maybe after one of those matches your company so often boasts about.”

“Dad, it isn’t that simple. A match gears you to be brute and competitive. Y-You didn’t teach me to be like that.” Nick shrugged. “I mean, I’ve had a bit of luck with a few women here and there.” He names a few on his fingers. “Cougra, Wolfess, and Eagle….but it isn’t easy to juggle two jobs, and being a manager. And two of those three have fallen to shit…”

His father gave him a weird look when he named girls with animal names but, it was then when the smell of his mother’s cooking wafts through before she walked in. Both men took big inhales of that cooking. She walked in, holding a big pan containing roasted potatoes and a pot roast. His father’s smile only got bigger. “Ah, Barb where would I be without your cooking?”

His mother ran a hand through her sandy blonde hair and giggled. “You’d be still trying to make that band of yours work. What was it called again?”

“The Drew Solem Experience. We made enough to travel a few cities. And that’s where I met you. But, let’s not worry about that and let the food get cold.”

Well into the meal, after back and forth questions and jokes and laughter, Mr. Solem attempted to ask his son but a serious question. “So son, what are your friends doing for the holiday? I’m sure their off doing their own thing but…You think they’d be like our boy and reconnect with their parents? I hope they would do so, right?”


A young man moves his head around before a screen. “Um…Hello? I-Is this on? I am not sure how to be using the computer camera. And if this is a bad time, I can—“

Suddenly, an image of a more aged woman appears on the screen. She must have been about in her 50’s. Her hair was a graying-blonde color and she had soft blue eyes. Her smile was small, but so defined, like that was all someone needed to know her warmth. “Mon jeune garçon! Comme il est bon de vous voir!” (My young boy! How good it is to see you!) She smiles wider, only doubling her warm aura, even through the computer screen. “Je ne vous ai pas vu depuis si longtemps. Comment est mon jeune Conza?” (I haven't seen you in so long. How is my young Conza?)

Conza returns his mother’s smile. “Bien. Bien. Il a été quelques années, ne l'a pas? Je l'aurais obtenu en contact avec vous tellement avant. Au moins vous avez eu mes lettres et je avez obtenu le vôtre. Je ne l'ai acheté un ordinateur récemment.” (Good. Good. It has been a few years, hasn't it? I should have gotten in contact with you so much before. At least you have been getting my letters and I have gotten yours. I've only bought a computer recently.) He swivels around in the spinning chair and looks away before looking back up at the screen. “Comment sont les pâturages? Font-ils toujours d'accord? Je sais son dur pour vous de prendre soin d'eux seuls.” (How are pastures? Are they doing okay? I know it’s hard for you to take care of themselves.)

“Eh bien, je l'ai effectivement eu un peu d'aide avec cela.” (Well, I've actually had a bit of help with that.)

“Que voulez-vous dire?” (What do you mean?)

“Je voulais attendre jusqu'à ce que je devais de l'argent pour nous de venir vous voir pour vous surprendre, mais ...” (I wanted to wait until I had the money for us to come to you to surprise you, but ...) His mother moves off of the screen for a moment to get something or…Someone?

“M-Mère?” (M-Mother?)

She came back on screen, and Conza’s jaw dropped heavily. His mother was holding a child. He had black hair, and looked to be about the size of a toddler. “Conza, cela est Antoine. Il est votre frère. Il a cinq ans.” (Conza, this is Antoine. He is your brother. He is five years old). Antoine moves around in his mother’s lap and got closer to the screen, putting his hand on it. “Conza, Conza!”

The Frenchman chuckles with disbelief and teary eyes, putting his own hand on the screen. “Antoine…”

“Maintenant, vous avez deux personnes à la maison acclamations pour vous, mon beau garçon.” (Now you've got two people at home cheering for you, my lovely boy.) “Ne pas arrêter de se battre.” (Dont stop fighting.)

“Je ne veux pas…” (I won’t)


“Like oh my god, all the stores here as so niche! So many things that you can’t really find anywhere else. I can see why you moved here, Yoshiro.” Another woman says, walking with the blue-harried beauty. She herself had auburn hair and glasses. She was wearing a white sundress with jeans and flip flops. In one hand was several bags that were wrapped around her arm. The other was making adorable gestures to her friend.

“Ah, it isn’t all that glamourous, Ashley.” Yoshiro says modestly. She herself had a few bags. “There’s a lot of work being involved in all of this…I’m glad you brought my parents out here so I could see them yesterday. It was nice to take them out to dinner for the Holidays.”

“Not to reopen old wounds, it sucks that no one believed in you. In this.” She waves her hand around in the air slowly. “And those boys…They really didn’t think that girls could be wrestlers but look at you now! You’ve been really brave about this all. And about coming out, too.” Ashley pauses. “That was really brave of you. And everyone accepted it so well…”

“Yeah, I know. And it’s great that they did…” She pauses a bit and looks down.

“You okay?”

“In my wake, I didn’t want anyone to be hurt. Not even Conza. Though last I heard, he’s got all kinds of attention from women. Fangirls asking for his autograph and such. Bet even so, I feel something else is wrong. I just don’t know exactly what it is…”

“Like something is missing?”


The night was getting cold. It was like that around this time of year. Xuan Lee was just leaving her adoptive mother’s house. She had just finished eating dinner with her, Hiro and Junko. She wrapped her pink scarf around her neck to better cover it. She shoved her hands into her pockets and continued to walk down the streets. Odd time to do it, but she ponders on her current life.

Going from a thief with high aspirations, to crashing and leaving the Guild. Getting friends that woukd eventually become her family, a best friend after that, and a boyfriend even after that. So much to happen to her since leaving the Guild where she was tortured and put through so many trials and jobs. In fact…She hasn’t even heard from The Voice all that much anymore. Nothing to hold her back anymore. But something was still leaving a hole in her.


She turns around to see that familiar face and hear that familiar voice. It was her best friend, speak of the devil. Auraborus Borialus. To Xuan, she had a mysterious and questionable past. Going over to her friend’s house once revealed that Aura was very wealthy. Even more so than having a good job. Or even a great job for that matter. In her prime and past, Xuan would have been given a mission to rob from someone like Aura. If timelines crossed, letting Xuan know Aura and still having her status at the guild she would not have been able to allow that job to happen.

“H-Hey, Dragon. What’s new?” She looked Aura up and down, as she was wearing her normal attire of that Dragon suit. Xuan wanted to ask where it came from, but it never really came up too much in conversation. Not at all, really. “You aren’t at all cold in that…?”

“That’s not important right now! Biiiiiiiiiiitch!” She whines. Of course, Aura felt cold. She was freezing her ass off. But, it was all worth it for the bomb that she was about to drop on Xuan. “I found it! Aura Explains It All! Your past has been figured out, and though it’s a bit sad, I’m still gonna share this info with ya!”

Xuan, now very interested in what her friend had to say, fully turns around and faces her. “Go on…”

“You, Xuan Lee….Are in fact of Chinese descent. I got some of your DNA tested at a lab, at a modest fee to me of course, and got back the results. You are of Chinese, Japanese and Russian origins. Almost a third each… more like 50-25-25….BUT! Chinese is what you girl, are mostly of!”

Xuan, physically, had her mouth slightly open and her eyes grew a bit wider. But on the inside, she felt like crying and hugging Aura and kissing her and for a second, she felt like doing more. It appears Getsu was spot on with his guess. Really, with a last name like Lee, anyone can make an educated guess. But he was the first to tell her his guess. Xuan dared to ask Aura a question that extended more into Xuan. “A-Anything about family…Or my parents?”

With a somber look, Aura didn’t have to say anything. The two stayed silent for a few moments before Aura spoke. “Well, I am using all the resources I can to find out anything I can. A-And I’ll get back to you if I do find anything. Is that okay?”

Xuan looked over Aura’s shoulder. Back at the house she left a bit ago. “Take your time, Aura….Take your time…”


A few rings of what would be a busy telephone. A recording would play after the fourth ring. “You have reached the offices of Jason and Margret Yatgra. Please leave your name and number after the tone and we will return your call as soon as possible.” A tone sounded quickly after.

“Um…Hi mom and dad. I-I’m sure you’ve heard if from Kogar already but, I haven’t been home for some time. I uh, moved to Japan to become a wrestler with my friends. But don’t worry. I am safe. I just uh, want to talk to you guys soon for the holidays you know? Like parents and children should? I also wanted to tell you that I me the most amazing man named Ryan. I probably don’t have much more time for a message, but I hope you return my ca--” The tone sounded.

Anampo hung up the wall phone and sighs. She wasn’t feeling the best around this time of year. It was something that always just felt a bit off about her strenuous relationship with her parents. But she kept reminding herself that they were business people and were always going to be busy. She quickly picked up the phone and began to dial again.

This one went straight to voicemail. “You have reached the Detective offices of Kogar Yatgra. If this Politsiya, press one. If this is one of my detectives, press two. If this is a personal call, press three.”

Anampo followed instructions and left a message. “Kogar, I left a message for mom and dad. I don’t know if you told them anything but, I told them the bulk of it. Nothing in detail. I just uh, wanted to say happy holidays to you…” The rabbit hung up the phone and set it down once again. With that weight lifted off of her chest, a newer and heavier weight was placed on her. Maybe she should go see Ryan. He always made her happy. Anampo got her clothes ready and would walk into the bathroom, shutting the door.

In that time, her phone rang. It came quickly and went just as quickly. The sounds of the shower drowned out any rings, or the proceeding message.

“Anampo? It’s your mother. Im sorry we didn’t answer you but we were in a meeting and just missed you. First, we were not informed at all of your whereabouts. We would really like for you to return home quickly. And you said you’ve become a wrestler? What kind of profession is that? There is no future or profit from it, especially with you. I’m sorry, but…But it’s true. And I’m not sure who this Ryan is but, we’ll be sure to make a flight and meet with him and you soon.”


Nick sipped on his drink. And but of course it was alcoholic. And you’d better believe it was chocolate-based. He sat in the red, very high backed booth of a club with a heavy mind. He had come here to calm his nerves and to think about what he can do to solve his problem. On his left side was Juniper, eating a plate of wings. This was the first time for two things. First time he introduced Juniper to any of his friends, and the first time he had really gone anywhere with her.

He looks to his left, a slightly slurred voice is what he spoke in. “You alright, man? You’ve been ogling the singer since we got here.” And who was to his left? It was Conza. Hands under his chin as he was leaned forward a bit.

“It’s just….Well, she’s very pretty… And I’m not ogling. Maybe all those drinks are getting to you. I know I’m a lightweight but come on…” Conza turns his attention back to the singer on stage. Behind her, was an entire jazz/blues band that was providing her the music to sing. She was wearing a beautiful black dress that went down to her knees, accompanied by a pair of black heels. Only because of the height of those heels did her hair not drag on the ground. But, it did faintly touch said floor a few times.

She began singing the ever popular Phil Collins Song ‘In the Air Tonight’. The woman scanned the crowd before resting her eyes on Nick’s table. More specifically, she was looking back at the young man that had been looking at her. She stepped off the stage and started to walk towards him. Nick would raise a half-drunken eye and Juniper would quickly clean her hands off.

“….I’ve seen your face before my friend
But I don’t know if you know who I am
Well, I was there and I saw what you did
I saw it with my own two eyes
So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you’ve been
Its all been a pack of lies…..”

She put a hand on Conza’s chin and leans down to meet him eye-level. The band continued to loop the beat, so she could continue on when she was done with no problems. “What is your name?”

“C-Conza….Delejabon…” He says, a face with red cheeks.

She let go, reaching a hand into her bra to pull out a small notepad. “How about you write your name in number in here, Mr. Delejabon?” She hands it to him and waits patiently for him to hastily write it down. Conza hands it back to her. “Good boy…” She ruffled his hair. “I’ll make sure to send you my number after my set.” She slowly turns herself around and walks away, making sure to sway her hips for the young man.

“She calls that shaking her hips?” Juniper scoffed. “I’ll--” Nick put his hand over her, preventing her from getting up. Juniper lays back in her seat.

The woman goes on to sing a few more songs before receiving a standing ovation. She gives the crowd a large wave and retreats backstage. There, she sat down before a mirror and sighs contently. A woman, presumably the club manager, walks up to her. “Great show tonight. Another success, Raira. But uh…What was that deal with the notepad? Haven’t seen that before.”

“In all the places I’ve been, I collect names and numbers of but the most handsome men I see. It’ll happen more, maybe. But I’ve been here a while and I haven’t seen any.”

“I see. I appreciate it, brings more men in hopes of getting that same treatment. Which means more cash flow. And Raira, you sure you’re okay with singing around the Holidays? You don’t want to see your family?”

Raira shrugged. “Not really. They didn’t think I could make it. I have nothing more to say to them than the vulgar words understood in any language. Now, let me get ready for the next set.”


A young woman by the name of Eske Mal always laid low. She didn’t make enough noise to register on anyone’s radar. Although…She did do so for one man. For the holiday, she sat across from her father at a diner.

“Eske. We understand a young man has caught your attention? Or some variable form of that?” He father asks. He puts a hand up to his gray beard-covered chin and chuckles. “I would like you to eventually settle down…”

“Father. He isn’t the type of man that piques my interest. However ‘good-looking’ he may be, he doesn’t garner any of my attention. Though I’m sure he still wants to make some pill-diddy attempts. Would you like your daughter to be romanced in such a way by a womanizing man?”

He stirs around his soup. Thinking for a response. “…..And you don’t like him because he IS a womanizer? Or because you THINK he is a womanizer? Because I hear that he takes care of those whose company he enjoys.” He took a few spoonfuls of soup into his mouth. “And there is nothing wrong with being treated like a queen. You worked so hard for all the degrees you have, Eske. Three Doctorates is nothing to shake a head at.”

The smart woman felt a bit dumbfounded. “It is apparent that you hear a lot…From where does your information come, father?” She looks down at her own soup, waiting still for it to cool down before she took any of it. “And I guess…He might not be what I think he is…” Eske shifts around in her seat, seemingly uncomfortable. “He has a girlfriend. Who would I be to damage a relationship and irreversibly harm the woman’s psyche?”

“I hear information everywhere. You’d be surprised where the cameras go. You should really join this century and utilize a small thing called the Internet.” His immediate chuckles garner a small glare from his daughter. “Awe, come on. Give your old man a break. He’s only a month out of surgery and had to fly out here.” He lightly joked. “Those danm Norwegians fared worse than this Finnish man.”

Eske and her father began to chuckle and have stifled laughter at their table.

“Will you at least promise to try?” He asks.

“Try what, exactly?” Eske questions. She was a bit worried to listen. But at the same time always had that yearn to learn.

“Try a few things for me. Get out a bit more. Meet some new people. I know you have had to work so long through school but, not everything is about work and winning. Maybe try to find yourself a man? O-Or woman? Whatever suits your fancy? And one more thing…” He slides a check to Eske. It was for $5,000. “Try not to spend this all in one place by living beyond your means. Alright?”

She looks down at the check, then up to her father with a small smile. “I’ll try, father.”


A familiar and out of place VW Bus rolls down the busy highway. The day was bright and sunny. Temperatures were mild, but better than what was seen in the past few days. Inside of the van was its very own driver, Juniper Nayle. And with her in the passenger seat was Nick Solem. He was a bit hung over from last night, letting the wind blow on his face. His head was half out of the window.

“I still don’t understand where you’re taking me. Shouldn’t I know since I’m the one driving?” Juniper asked, a bit of concern in her voice.

“You know I can’t really take you seriously when you…Ugh…Drive barefoot?” Nick shot back with a bit of shakiness to his voice. “I shouldn’t have drank so much…I hope it doesn’t hinder me at all.”

“Just relax. I’m sure this isn’t the worst part about all of this. What do you think he’ll say when you talk?” Juniper asks, getting off at what she hopes is the right exit. Right off of said exit was a small park. “Do you think he’s gonna be mad at you? Or at them?” She parked the van.

“Let’s hope not.”

In the small park was one of Nick’s best friends and his worst rival. The two had been through a lot of tough conversations. One could say that they were at odds with each other all the time, and were at separate ends of the spectrum. That man, Jay Zokaro, sat on a bench with his back facing Juniper and Nick as they got out of the van and approached him. Nick would call out to him. “Hey…”

He turned around, for once Jay didn’t give Nick an instant glare. “Boy, you really do have a type when it comes to women, don’t you?” He looks Juniper up and down. “Can’t say I don’t share a similar taste…” Juniper would cross her arms and raise her nose in the air away from Jay with a small scoff.

“We are not here to discuss that, Jay. Why I called you out here doesn’t concern me at all. It is about you.”

The lion stands up and put his hands into the pockets of his black jeans. “What, are you bullshitting me here or something? What could you possibly want to take me to a park to talk about? Its barely warm enough out here anyway…”

“Oh, I feel that the air and mood will become much warmer.” Nick slyly commented. He looks back to the van and makes a motion with his hand. The door would slide open, and with that, two women would step out. One had brunette hair, done up in a ponytail and had slightly dark and tanned skin. The other had blonde hair and green eyes. “Come, come ladies.” Nick would beckon to them.

“What…What is this, Solem?” Jay asks, a bit confused and fearful both.

As the two women approached, Jay could see the excited smiles on their faces. He could also see the two holding hands. Before the cat ears on his head could lower, Jay ripped them off of his head. “Nick…?”

“Some twenty years ago, Beth and Lucia Zokaro planned to adopt a child. The paperwork was all ready. Until the last night approached, and their soon to be two year-old son was kidnapped. He was never heard from again. Unless you fast-forward a few years and Jay Zokaro somehow ‘magically’ popped up in my small town. No adult had any explanations for it, and thus never spoke of it. Time passed on, and he just learned to grow up and become his own man.”

Jay was at a loss for words. No growls, no annoyed comebacks, nothing could have prepared him for what was happening right now. And to make it worse, he still wasn’t exactly sure how Nick even managed to find these women. These women were…Were…

“These two are my…Parents?” Was all he could ask. His voice was a bit choked, and he could barely say that. Of course they were. Who else could they be? “I don’t want to be mean. This is a-a great thing but…Who are my real parents?”

“That is a mystery that has yet to be solved.” Ms. Beth says, slowly letting go of her partner’s hand and putting both of her own on Jay’s shoulders. “But if you’d like, after we catch up on twenty years, we can go and solve that mystery.”
“I don’t think I’d want that so soon. I mean…Twenty years is going to take a while to catch up on.” Jay says. “M-M….”

“You can just call me Beth for now if it’s too much for you right now, Jay.”

“Yes…Beth…And Lucia…”

Lucia, her voice a bit more firm and boisterous, spoke. “And I think you have someone to thank for all of this, don’t you?”

Jay slowly looked over to Nick. “Thanks, Sol….Nick. Maybe you aren’t such a bad guy like I always thought you were. Maybe you and I aren’t so different. And maybe…You did win that fight fairly all those years ago.”

“Research shows that all of those are correct. Now, I’m sure that you three have a lot to cover. Im on your phone if you need me, Jay. But I don’t think that you will.” He starts to walk with Juniper, who was already moving back towards that VW Bus. “So long.”

Jay looked back to Beth and Lucia. He moves his hand to direct attention to the bench. “How about we sit down? Let me start with why I’m in Japan. And why I’d consider it my home…”

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