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Ok. Here it goes...

Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:40 pm by ~*M*~

Looking for a match to start things off. Anyone interested in facing my character?

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My absence

Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:21 pm by JohnnyFlash

Sorry, gang. Life got a little hectic. I should be back now.

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Matches for updated Annette

Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:41 pm by RJD

So I have changed Annette's appearance up a bit and plan to work over her profile slightly at some point soon. Was curious to see if anyone wanted to have a match up with her, the following image of her new look might hint towards the kinda matches I'd be looking for ^^
Click here:

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Caroline Brookes, the Blind Brawler!

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Caroline Brookes, the Blind Brawler!

Post by Gwyndolin on Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:26 pm

Name: Caroline Brookes (Version 3.0)
Nickname: No real nickname yet, but people often shorten her name to “Carol”.
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Eyes: Pale Blue, with scars visible from close up.
Hair: Light Blond
Height: 5 ft, 5 in
Weight: 120 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Face.
Entrance Music: Immortals, by Fall Out Boy


– Caroline at her current age:

Wrestling Statistics

Stats Spread
Endurance: ★★★★ – Caroline's greatest strength in the ring is her ability to soak up a lot of punishment without losing her will to fight. This advantage won't win matches for Caroline, but it can buy her more time to try to pull an upset against more experienced opponents.
Strength: ★★ – Deceptively strong for her size and appearance, Caroline can lift similarly sized opponents for short amounts of time.
Speed: ★★ – Despite her light frame, Caroline's lack of peripheral vision and depth perception make it very hard for her to move quickly. She can flee from attacks, but otherwise prefers to move slowly and cautiously.
Defense: ★★★ – She can tank some attacks and dodge the ones that are predictable, but this won't save her against truly skilled opponents.
Technique: ★ – As a rookie, her strategy in the ring is totally undeveloped, though this will improve with experience.

Strikes: ★★ – Her striking ability is nothing special.
Submissions: ★★★ – Caroline is attempting to build her strategy around submission wrestling, but she needs a lot more practice before her skill in this regard becomes noteworthy. She's as vulnerable against submissions as anyone else, particularly chokes and smothers.
Powerhouse: ★★ – Not overtly strong, but powerful enough to occasionally surprise people by throwing them around.
Counters: ★★ – She is slowly learning how to counter attacks, but still tends to either eat them or avoid them instead.
High Flying: ★ – With her eyes, launching herself around in the ring would be a complete disaster. Consider her 100% grounded.
Hentai: ★ – Caroline is a virgin who wasn't even allowed to date in her high school years, so she has no experience and no defense whatsoever against erotic attacks. Even in non-hentai matches, teasing the girl with playful, flirty, or kinky gestures is an easy way to throw her off her game.

Strengths: – Caroline possesses some resistance to psychological warfare (ie: trash talk, degradation, threats), thanks to her humble, calm attitude. You can't attack someone's pride if they don't have a lot of pride to attack, after all. For the most part, Caroline's timid demeanor isn't a strength in the ring, but consider this a silver lining.
– Good endurance.
– Keen sense of hearing and touch.
– The large goggles on her face can inadvertently shield her face from some strikes and manuevers.

Weaknesses: – Terrible eyesight. Caroline wears a pair of goggles in the ring with her prescription lenses embedded into them, to help clear her vision. Caroline is almost completely blind without them, and an opponent who successfully removes or breaks them will find her much easier to fight. Even with her goggles, Caroline has poor depth perception and no peripheral vision, which makes it easy for quick opponents to confuse and disorient her.
– Very timid, which makes it difficult for her to tap her full potential in combat.
– Easy to fluster with erotic or hentai attacks. Sleeper holds and smother attacks are also effective, since she panics whenever she is unable to breathe.

Difficulty: Easy. Caroline is a rookie with a lot of shortcomings to iron out, so no doubt she'll eat a lot of losses in her early career. With time and practice, she'll get better.

Fighting Style: She doesn't have a distinct style yet, but she is trying to develop her submissions and grappling maneuvers.

Finishing Moves: Quiet Time – a camel clutch sleeper combo. Caroline will lock in a camel clutch submission, but rather than working the hold, she will merely use it to keep her opponent's arms trapped while she uses her own arms to apply a sleeper hold, aiming to force a submission or knockout. As the name implies, she likes to use this against loud, temperamental opponents, since the sleeper cuts off their ability to speak.

Preferred Match Types: She is up for almost anything, from serious to silly match types, but prefers to avoid hardcore matches if she can. Currently averse to pure hentai matches as well, but she will participate in matches that allow standard and hentai tactics together.

Also, it should be noted that although Caroline is not a part of the Kawaii league and refuses to let herself be registered as one, she respects the girls who are, and will accept matches with them if requested.

Physical Appearance: Caroline is a young girl with a light, small frame. Her features are pale and colorless, and she dresses plainly and modestly, which reflects her shy and reclusive nature. Up close, her eyes are visibly deformed, with ridges and scars visible inside and around her eyes as a result of past surgeries.

Wrestling Attire: In the ring, Caroline will often opt for a one piece outfit in simple colors, such as yellow or light blue. Wears white boots as well, to protect her feet and make her kicks more effective. Finally, she puts on her goggles, which are fairly broad and cover a large portion of her upper face.

Personality: Caroline is a shy and socially awkward girl due to the isolated setting that she was raised in. She is very kind and will show compassion and respect for her opponents. Even against wrestlers who treat her with contempt, Caroline won't reciprocate their hostility without making an attempt to disarm them with kindness.

Caroline was raised in a religious household, and some of her church's tendencies have been embedded in her personality. She views pride, desire, and honor as evil concepts that drive good people to do bad things, and attempts to encourage humility and peace of mind. She is judgmental of others and will chew them out for any transgressions they have committed, even if her criticism causes offense or leads to pain. In her mind, it is better to risk oneself calling people out for wrongdoing, than to stay silent and let them continue.

Past/History: Caroline was born an only child in the rural town of Petros, Tennessee. Her life got off to a rough start when, at age three, she started complaining to her parents of pain and irritation in her left eye. Because her parents were religious traditionalists who preferred to use prayer in place of modern medicine, Caroline's eyes went untreated until the pain spread to both of them and became agonizing. Only when she refused to stop crying did they finally relent and take her to a hospital. Following an examination of her eyes, Caroline was diagnosed with a severe case of Retinoblastoma, a malignant cancer commonly found in young children.

Hospital staff worked tirelessly to remove the tumors from Caroline's eyes, deploying chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery in tandem to combat the disease. The treatments were eventually successful, but her condition was advanced, and the cancer combined with the treatments to kill it caused severe damage to both her eyes. Today, Caroline has severe vision loss in both of her eyes, particularly over long distances. Her condition can be controlled by regular eye drops and doctor visits, and prescription lenses are capable of clearing some of her blurred vision, although the scar tissue in her eyes remains a permanent obstruction to her clear line of sight.

As Caroline aged into her teens, the girl soon found that without decent vision, she wasn't able to participate in many of the activities that other people her age enjoyed. She failed the vision test at her local DMV office and wasn't able to get a drivers license. She had a lot of energy for such a small girl and wanted to get into sports, but no team at her high school would allow her to join with her condition. Being turned away like this made Caroline feel inadequate and lonely, and she spent much of her school life in reclusive isolation.

Her home life wasn't any better. Both of Caroline's parents favored traditional gender roles, and wanted Caroline to live for the sole purpose of fulfilling a domestic role in a family just like theirs. Despite their best efforts, however, Caroline wanted more out of life, and constantly argued against her parent's wishes. Looking for something to distract her from her problems, she found the AFW federation while she was searching the sports channels on her television. Intrigued by the unique nature of the sport, Caroline continued to watch Friction league matches, enthralled by the strength and independence of the women who competed against each other. There were even special matches where women were allowed and encouraged to make love to each other, in stark contrast to the behavior encouraged by her family's religion. Best of all, the entire thing took place within the confined of a ring that was less than a few meters across. It was perhaps the only sport where Caroline might be able to compete despite her vision impairment. Thus, her burning desire to wrestle was born.

Unfortunately, Caroline made the mistake of paying the PPV price to watch Avalanche 2012 with her parent's credit card. Made aware of what their daughter had been watching, her mom and dad became furious and installed a parental block on their television to stop her, strictly forbidding her from watching such a depraved sport. As time went on, they exerted more and more control over her daily life in an effort to mold her into the daughter that they wanted, but Caroline refused to back down and defied them openly. Admitting at age 17 that she was a lesbian widened the rift between Caroline and the rest of her family, and by the time of her eighteenth birthday, it was becoming clear that the center wouldn't hold much longer. The tipping point came at age 19, when Caroline's parents attempted to force her into attending therapy geared toward altering her sexuality. They made it clear that Caroline had no choice in the matter, so she would ultimately run away from home before they could finish making the arrangements. In a final phone call that she made to her parents, they informed her that she would not be accepted back into their home until she repented her sins.

Effectively disowned, and unprepared for the world, Caroline sought help from the only institution she was familiar with: the church. Thankfully, the local priest was very compassionate, and did not approve of the way her parents had treated her. He offered her a job as the church's groundskeeper and took her in, allowing her to stay on site for as long as she needed.

With her old life destroyed, Caroline would fully commit herself to her new dream. She prepared for the life of a wrestler as best she could, working daily at a gym and watching every Friction video she could to get a feeling for what her life would be like as one of them. A lot of what she saw scared her, as she came to realize just how cruel and selfish the women of Friction could be. Despite this, Caroline remained committed to her goal, determined to spread her compassion and humility to other women in the league.

After two years spent slowly saving up money from her meager salary, Caroline was able to find a manager willing to take up her cause. Bidding fond farewell to the priest, she boarded a plane headed for Canada. With the help of one of her greatest idols, Caroline's goal to become a wrestler was finally in sight.

Current Goals: As a girl of quiet humility, it should come as no surprise that Caroline has no intention of pursuing anything as prestigious as a title belt. In fact, Caroline holds open contempt for the very existence of the AFW's various titles, seeing them as a corrupting influence that poison the minds of previously honorable wrestlers, driving them mad with greed. Instead, Caroline simply wishes to refute the notion that she is too weak or soft to compete in the big leagues. As far as Caroline is concerned, getting to test her skill against her fellow woman in a fun sport, while retaining her kind nature through adversity, is more than enough for her.

Fun Facts: – Caroline enjoys being tickled and tickling others, due to how lighthearted and fun it is.

– Caroline is a gifted singer and musician, and loves to use either her voice or the harp to make music. She has several songs memorized for each, and likes to use her talents to entertain and cheer up others. She hopes to sing for her very first girlfriend, if she ever finds one.

Career History:

1. Wrestling with equality – Caroline arrives in Canada, to meet the staff of Kei's gym and begin training with her new sensei.

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Re: Caroline Brookes, the Blind Brawler!

Post by Tatyina on Sat Apr 18, 2015 7:35 am

just putting an approved notice here for clerical reasons.

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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