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Tension Match for Melanie~

Tue Nov 28, 2023 12:56 pm by Leon564

Hi folks! To put it simply, Melanie is looking for a hentai match. Her profile will be attached here. Fair heads up that she's more of a dominant lean and tends to like opponents who aren't super duper competitive. If you've got a male (MALE) opponent you'd like to throw at her, PM me here or hmu on Discord: Leon564#4514

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Howdy strangers.

Wed Nov 29, 2023 1:25 am by Yori

Just a small hello from an old face. I will be coming around for a bit soon and figured I would pop in. To anymore I have an unfinished thread with, if you have a desire to continue it with me just let me know and shoot me a link. While I am open to fielding ideas for new threads, I will be very selective with taking anything while I gauge my activity capability and trim/update my roster.


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Looking for a match for Lucy

Tue Nov 21, 2023 1:49 am by NobuharuKinjo

Hi there! I'm looking for a match for my new adopted character Lucy

Just hit me up on DMs if you're interested!
Looking forward to Lucy's return to AFW

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Caroline, the Untamed!

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Caroline, the Untamed! Empty Caroline, the Untamed!

Post by Gwyndolin Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:26 pm

Name: Caroline Brookes
Nickname: "The Untamed" or "Unbroken" in the ring; just "Carol" outside of it.
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: Clear Blue
Hair: Light Blond
Height: 5 ft, 6 in
Weight: 135 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music: Immortals, by Fall Out Boy


Caroline's ring attire :

Alternative ring attire :

Setting foot in Japan for the first time :

Cooling off :

Trying to watch a hentai match :

Combat Information

Physical Statistics

Endurance: ★★★★ – Caroline is resilient, strong, stubborn, and above all, empowered by a deeply ingrained sense of righteousness, one that eclipses her common sense. Only the harshest punishment can deprive her of the will to fight.
Strength: ★★★ – Deceptively strong for her size and appearance, thanks to years of exercise. She can throw strikes that hurt and lift even heavier opponents, but she can't overdo it without becoming exhausted.
Speed: ★★ – Despite her light frame, Caroline is clumsy and can only sustain high speeds for a moment at a time.
Defense: ★★ – Heavy strikes and power maneuvers will ragdoll Caroline with ease, allowing opponents to build momentum against her and subject her to further abuse.
Technique: ★★ – As a rookie, her style is generic and somewhat predictable.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes: ★★ – Willing to punch and kick if it becomes necessary, but her strikes are clumsy and easy to counter.
Submissions: ★★★ – Gradually building up a repertoire of holds, aiming to make them the core of her strategy.
Powerhouse: ★★ – Powerful enough to occasionally surprise people by throwing them around.
Counters: ★★★ – Pretty well versed in the art of squirming out of sticky situations.
High Flying: ★ – The only way Caroline will ever fly is if her opponent throws her into the air!
Hentai: ★ – Caroline is a virgin who wasn't even allowed to date in her high school years, so she has no experience and no defense whatsoever against erotic attacks. Even in non-hentai matches, teasing the girl with playful, flirty, or kinky gestures is an easy way to throw her off her game.

Strategy: As a wrestling novice, Caroline is attempting to familiarize herself with all aspects of the sport before taking on any specialization. Her strategy is fairly well-rounded, but there is an emphasis on clever counters and submission holds. She uses strikes to disorient opponents, and has a fair arsenal of throws and slams to get them into a vulnerable position. Her endgame will usually revolve around targeting a weakened part of her opponent with her submissions. Even when opponents have the upper hand, her significant endurance will grant her many opportunities to surprise them with a reversal of fortunes.

Style: Inside the arena, Caroline often finds herself torn between her desire to give her opponent the best fight she can possibly muster, and the desire to entertain both the crowd and herself. The former goal requires pragmatic fighting and a serious demeanor, while the latter requires effective fighting to be traded away in the pursuit of fun. Because these two desires hold equal prominence in Carol's mind, she will usually allow her opponent's demeanor to dictate her own. Generally, the sterner her opponent is, the more serious she will become.

Difficulty: Easy. Caroline is a rookie with a lot of shortcomings to iron out, so no doubt she'll take quite a few lumps in her early career. With time and practice, she'll get better.

Preferred Match Types: Almost anything. Loves both serious and silly matches, whether the goal is a true contest or an amusing spectacle. Her only aversion is to pure hentai, and even this exception may disappear in time, as Caroline is slowly drawn further into the sinful world of the Friction arena.

Also accepts matches against Kawaii wrestlers, either solo or against tag teams.

Caroline's Moveset

Signature Moves:

Figure 4 Leglock – A common but very painful submission hold that targets the leg joints. Because a common counter to this hold involves reversing it onto the attacker, Caroline likes to use it to test her endurance against her opponent's.

When the hold is properly applied...:

When the hold is reversed...:

Tennessee Cloverleaf – A standard Texas cloverleaf, but why should Texas have all the fun? This hold can be used as a finisher, inflicting damage on the legs and lower back, but because it leaves the victim free to crawl to the ropes, it is more useful for softening opponents up.


Time Out – A rest hold that Caroline will place on her opponent, allowing her to regain some of her stamina while immobilizing, frustrating, and disorienting her foe. Against a prone or seated foe, Caroline will pick up the woman's legs, wrapping her arms around one and her around the other, before dropping to the mat, folding the victim in half. The resulting hold is very easy to maintain and causes extreme discomfort, making it difficult for her opponent to breathe with their lungs compressed. Caroline, meanwhile, will take the opportunity to chat her opponent up, or mock them outright if the individual is particularly unpleasant.


Pink Belly! – Caroline executes a backbreaker on her opponent, leaving the woman draped across her outstretched knee, face up. Keeping her hold on the victim with one arm, she will draw the other back to assault her opponent's stomach with a series of open-palmed slaps, aiming to turn her belly a nice shade of pink. This move prioritizes the audience's entertainment over inflicting any real damage, but those slaps can still be as painful as they are embarrassing!

Oversell – Not a move, but a reaction to attacks made by her opponent. If Caroline's opponent catches her in a particularly impressive maneuver, she will exaggerate her reaction to make the maneuver seem more effective than it actually was, using both body language and audible cues to appear vulnerable and helpless. This can cause her opponents to become overconfident, but Caroline insists that she doesn't react this way to intentionally deceive people. She just has a predilection for melodrama, and a desire to put on a good show for the audience.

Finishing Moves:

Reverse Indian Deathlock – Used exclusively as a finisher. Hard to secure on women unless they are too tired to resist. Once Caroline locks it in, however, she is able to torture her opponent's trapped legs without an ounce of effort on her part. All she has to do is stand up, show off to the crowd, and wait for her opponent to cry uncle. If the victim is slow to surrender, Caroline can push down on her legs or stomp on her outstretched knee, stressing her knee and ankle joints to the breaking point.


Double Arm Trap– Approaching an opponent on her stomach, Caroline grabs an arm and wraps it around her leg, before taking a seat on her opponent's back, trapping the limb under her bottom. Facing her opponent's other arm, Caroline then grabs it and does as she wishes with it, usually applying an armbar or hammerlock while rubbing her rear end into her opponent's back. The result is amusing to watch, and leaves her opponent trapped with both her arms in a painful predicament.

Quiet Time – a camel clutch sleeper combo. Caroline will lock in a camel clutch submission, but rather than working the hold, she will merely use it to keep her opponent's arms trapped while she uses her own arms to apply a sleeper hold, aiming to force a submission or knockout. As the name implies, she likes to use this against loud, temperamental opponents, since the sleeper cuts off their ability to speak.

Personal Information

Personality: At first glance, Caroline is exactly the kind of demure woman you would expect her to be, given the isolated environment she was raised in. She is very kind and will show compassion and respect for her opponents. Even against wrestlers who treat her with contempt, Caroline won't reciprocate their hostility without making an attempt to disarm them with kindness. Beneath her soft exterior, however, Caroline is a resilient woman, possessing a rebel spirit that often catches people off guard. She is determined and disciplined, willing to work tirelessly in her pursuit of a better life for herself. She takes an active interest in the health and safety of her coworkers, and will put herself in danger to help them. Because of her ingrained mistrust of authority, she is also feisty, defiant of those who would try to control her, hence her nickname.

Spend enough time with Caroline in any setting, in or out of the ring, and her saintly attitude will melt away to reveal a girl much more hedonistic once she has found her confidence. She is a very fun-loving person who will try to enjoy her time with friends and rivals if at all possible, although her "fun" may not amuse more serious opponents.

Past/History: Caroline was born an only child, to a family living in rural Tennessee. At first, she was blessed by a relatively peaceful upbringing. Her parents were religious, and made a point of incorporating the tenets of their faith into their family life. As a child, Caroline happily accepted the tutelage of her parents and her church. They provided moral teachings that seemed sensible, gave her a community, and an assured view of the world and her place in it.

Unfortunately, this was only the first half of Caroline's history. The second half started when she reached her teenage years. As she started to blossom into a woman, Carol was introduced to a different side to both her parents and the faith they held so fervently – a controlling, oppressive side. As the daughter of traditional parents in a traditional convent, she was expected to follow the path of a submissive wife, the path that her lord and savior apparently wanted for her. When she came of age, her parents would arrange her marriage to a suitable husband. Caroline would have no say in the matter.

Despite her family's orders, Caroline fell in love during her freshman year of high school. Her heart had been won by another girl, a classmate. The time Caroline spent with her first and only girlfriend was wonderful but short, because the school she attended, much like her parents, was religious. When Caroline's illicit romance was discovered, the school's administrators fell on them with a vengeance. The two girls were separated, their schedules realigned to ensure they would never be together again. Worse, her parents found out about everything, including her attraction to other girls.

After that fateful day, the peace and belonging Caroline had once felt in her rural community were shattered. Her family's congregation found out about her forbidden relationship, and she was ostracized overnight. Her family relationships disintegrated more slowly, but it was always clear that her parents would not stop until Caroline had been molded into the woman that they wanted her to be.

Even though she wasn't in any immediate danger, Caroline knew that she would never be allowed to live a life that was her own, so long as she stayed in her hometown. She needed to get out, to flee as far as she could from the life she knew. She started working a part-time job to save the money she would need to escape, but she still needed a place to escape to.

Then, one day, she found it. Watching TV, she happened upon an adult channel that her parents had failed to block. It was a foreign channel, broadcasting from a station in Tokyo. It was an entertainment channel focused on women's wrestling, and it instantly appealed to the young rebel. The competition was rigorous, the kind of sport that proper ladies should never take part in. The women were strong and independent, only ever brought low by the power of their opponents. Love and hate lived among them, and the audiences accepted both eagerly.

It was everything Caroline's parents had never wanted her to be, which made it perfect. She was already in good physical condition, but for the next few years, Caroline started training herself for the role of a wrestler. She exorcised vigorously, adopted a lean diet that could sustain her on the road, and tolerated her parent's abuses, biding her time. By the time she was 19, with her family relationships at a boiling point, Caroline finally ran away from home. She only took a bulging pillowcase with her as she left, but it was an important pillowcase, stuffed with all the money Caroline had been saving for almost half a decade. A local shelter took her in, but Caroline was only there for a few weeks, as she tried to cobble together a route to her dream of becoming a Friction wrestler. With luck, she found a manager who offered to connect her with a small gym in Canada, operated by a veteran wrestler who could train her. Caroline bought a plane ticket and some supplies, saving the rest of her money to pay the manager and the trainer who had offered to help her. With that, Caroline Brookes, at the young age of twenty, set off to become a part of the world that had given her hope as a teenager.

Current Goals: In the arena, Caroline is determined to prove that she is worthy of her place in the Friction roster. Convincing even the most skeptical observers of her resolve is usually her priority in a match. As long as she can give each opponent a fight worthy of the fans' time, every match, including losses, can be held up as evidence that she deserves to be there.

Outside the arena, Caroline is hard at work attempting to overcome her financial difficulties and establish a real life for herself in Japan. She is working a job on top of her wrestling career to try to save money, and improve her quality of life. On top of everything, Caroline resents the squalid Friction dorms that she has been forced to take shelter in, and is increasingly desperate to find a better living arrangement for herself.

– Hot Baths
– Being Tickled
– Music of all kinds.
– Lighthearted Opponents
– Singing in the Shower

– Alcohol
– Cooking Shows
– Women who take their careers too seriously.
– Vanity
– Pride

Other Information:

– Caroline is still religious, but she no longer trusts any church, and prefers to interpret scripture for herself. She will keep her faith to herself, not wanting to bother people, but it can sometimes shine through in her thoughts and actions. She chastises people for excessive pride, envy, and vanity, and she embraces danger with the recklessness of one who truly believes in the afterlife.

– Caroline is a very talented singer. It was one of the only skills her parents would let her practice when she was growing up, so she has been working since childhood to develop both her voice and her appreciation for music. However, while her family envisioned a choir girl that would sing exclusively religious music, Caroline grew fond of songs devoted to much more worldly pleasures. Now estranged from her family, her passions have only grown, and she now delights in singing about love and lust, each song an act of rebellion against the world she left behind. Her singing voice even landed her a part-time job at an upscale nightclub near the Friction arena, which she uses to supplement her rather poor income as a bottom-card wrestler.

– Thanks to a childhood illness that wasn't properly treated, Caroline's vision is permanently impaired, with damage to both eyes. She wears contact lenses to maintain clear vision in the wrestling ring, but these can be knocked out by a heavy hit or a rake across her eyes. Without them, her ability to effectively avoid or counter attacks is limited, making her easy prey to unscrupulous opponents. Fortunately, she uses disposable contacts, so if she does lose a pair in the ring, it won't strain her low salary.

– Even though Caroline is a virgin who objects to hentai matches, she is not chaste by any means. One of her greatest reasons for signing with Friction was the hope that she could lose her sexual apprehension in one of the most open environments on Earth. To her, the women of Friction are figures of myth and legend, and being able to explore her intimate desires with them would mean more to her than any title belt ever could.

– Caroline is masochistic, and possesses quite a few kinks that tend to complicate her performance in the ring. She tries to keep this aspect of her nature a secret, fearing that it would de-legitimize her career if it ever became public knowledge. Still, perceptive opponents who hold the upper hand against her may notice the girl taking her beatdown with a little too much enthusiasm. This is also the reason that Caroline is so willing to enter into matches that she has little hope of winning.

– Due to Caroline's deferential personality, as well as the masochism mentioned above, Caroline has a strong attraction toward dominant women. Whether they possess great strength, monstrous size, or persuasive charisma, Caroline secretly lusts for women that would challenge the validity of her nickname, the Untamed!

Character History

Personal Relationships:


Kei: The woman who took on the challenge of turning Caroline into a wrestler when no one else would. At a small gym in Canada, Kei has been Caroline's instructor for months, and the rookie owes her more than she'll ever know.

Jesse Wave: Another student at Kei's small gym in Canada. She was responsible for showing Caroline the ropes and practicing with her, and Carol looks up to her like a sister.

Wes, Sion, Kayura, and Daisuke: Kei's extended family. While Caroline doesn't know them as well as the above, they are all part of the group that became the closest thing Caroline currently has to a real family.


Lina Inverse: Caroline's short-tempered manager. Lina is a harsh woman, and she doesn't do anything out of charity, but she is fiercely committed to helping Caroline's career succeed, and the young upstart would be lost without her.


No rivals yet, but Caroline has her eye on Alaina Sanders as the current standard she wishes to measure herself against. “The Amazon” is both an acquaintance and a heated rival of Kei, who she achieved a narrow victory against in the second of their two matches. Caroline has no ill feelings over what happened, but she is still hoping to one day give her all in a fight against the powerhouse who proved herself as Kei's equal.

Enemies: n/a

Crushes: n/a

Match Record:

All of Caroline's Matches So Far:

Caroline hasn't finished her training yet, so there won't be anything to add here for awhile.

Past Events:

1. Wrestling with equality – Caroline arrives in Canada, to meet the staff of Kei's gym and begin training with her new sensei.

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Character Profiles:

Caroline Brookes - Friction exclusive, meant for lighter matches

Faheema Salih - Friction exclusive, meant for rougher matches

Ashley Anderson - Tension exclusive, meant for tougher opponents

Irene Inger - Retired, awaiting a potential character rework

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Caroline, the Untamed! Empty Re: Caroline, the Untamed!

Post by Tatyina Sat Apr 18, 2015 7:35 am

just putting an approved notice here for clerical reasons.

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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Caroline, the Untamed! Empty Re: Caroline, the Untamed!

Post by Gwyndolin Mon May 15, 2017 11:14 pm

I finally finished editing Caroline's profile, so consider her to be back in action. The character has been heavily retooled with most of the profile rewritten entirely, so take a look and let me know if you are interested in roleplays involving this character.

I am planning to make a character blog that I will update with information regarding the motivations behind Caroline's character, and some of the angles I am looking to pursue with her as far as matches and story content are concerned. In the meantime, consider her to be open to almost anything. Just message me if you have anything in mind and we'll discuss it.

In broader terms, I am also interested in feedback regarding the character. Criticisms, questions, and concerns about Caroline and her profile are all welcome. Thanks everyone!

Current Status - Undergoing a major transition in my life, so my reliability here will be very sporadic for the foreseeable future.

Character Profiles:

Caroline Brookes - Friction exclusive, meant for lighter matches

Faheema Salih - Friction exclusive, meant for rougher matches

Ashley Anderson - Tension exclusive, meant for tougher opponents

Irene Inger - Retired, awaiting a potential character rework

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Caroline, the Untamed! Empty Re: Caroline, the Untamed!

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