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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Ashley Anderson

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Ashley Anderson Empty Ashley Anderson

Post by Gwyndolin Sat Apr 28, 2018 10:49 am

Name: Ashley Anderson
Nickname: The Disobedient Damsel
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Auburn
Height: 5 ft, 6 in
Weight: 145 lbs
Nationality: Australian
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance Music: The Passenger


Ashley's ring attire :

Cracking a smile :

A slightly younger Ash :

Bit off more than she could chew :

Combat Information

Physical Statistics

Endurance: ★★★ – In spite of all her physical conditioning, Ashley's light frame can only burn so much energy before she weakens. Men capable of simply outlasting her pose a serious threat, and most of them will have the advantage in that regard.
Strength: ★★★ – Just strong enough to fight competently and effectively. Feats of strength are rare and usually reserved for late-match occasions where she feels she can end the fight in her favor.
Speed: ★★★★ – Possesses fast reflexes and nimble movement. Adept at staying just out of her opponent's grasp.
Defense: ★★ – Flexibility gives her some resilience to submissions, but heavy strikes and throws will rip through her like tissue paper if they land properly.
Technique: ★★★★ – Knows how to use what she's got effectively.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes: ★★ – Ashley loves throwing a good punch, but she's too undisciplined and not strong enough to really make them count. Her strikes are limited and situational, with each attempted use increasing the chance that a skilled opponent will find a way to counter and punish them.
Submissions: ★★★ – Gifted in the application of joint locks and holds that mitigate the strength of her opponents.
Powerhouse: ★★ – Knows a few simple slams, but most of her opponents are too heavy to lift unless she can use their own momentum to her advantage.
Counters: ★★★★ – Against opponents that are almost always bigger than her, turning their own attacks into opportunities for herself is the primary skill that keeps her in the fight.
High Flying: ★★ – Willing to take to the air occasionally to amplify the damage of her attacks, but it's something she is still learning.
Hentai: ★★ – Ashley was never very passive in the bedroom, and she is experienced with some of the more sleazy crowd-pleasing maneuvers used in professional wrestling, like groping and spanking. Anything more severe than that is new territory for her, however, at least in the ring.

Strategy: Ashley depends on her speed and technical talent in her fights, reading her opponents carefully to find and capitalize on those sweet moments when they leave themselves vulnerable while launching an attack, then rushing them to deal as much burst damage as she can while she has them off balance. With such a firm background in old-fashioned high school wrestling, Ashley naturally prefers to take her fights to the mat when she can, where her opponents usually find it hardest to take advantage of their size and strength. She's a savvy grappler who knows how to leverage her strength to make it count, with an arsenal consisting mostly of joint locks, with a growing sample of more traditional wrestling holds thrown in.

Strengths: Stubborn as hell, especially against guys who rub her the wrong way. Smarter and more pragmatic than her temper would imply. Talented at finding gaps in her opponent's skill set and exploiting them to stay one step ahead of whatever offense they throw at her.

Weaknesses: Ashley's talent can't fully alleviate the struggles associated with her slight build and lower stamina. She can take some light hits without losing her momentum, but if her opponent manages to catch her in his grasp or knock her down even once, she often finds herself unable to escape his control without taking a few more hits in the process, hits that she can ill afford.

Style: Ashley is emotionally impulsive in the ring, with a short temper awkwardly balanced by the joy she gets from a good fight, and a candor that can make her hard to crack, psychologically speaking. The only constant in her approach to matches is her commitment to treating every opponent like a serious threat, regardless of size or skill. This can make her a bit of a terror against men ill-prepared for a real fight, as she will take advantage of the opportunity to make an example of them to show the world what a properly motivated woman can do to men who underestimate them.

Preferred Match Types: Anything except wet and messy types, which she considers too degrading to the contestants. Even relative to hentai matches, which she is interested in trying. Hardcore match types are okay, but she prefers that they be a rare occasion.

Ashley is willing to wrestle cross-promotion (and required to, by contract, if the company requests it), but as with hardcore matches, she prefers that they stay a rare occasion. She is straight, so no hentai in Friction.

Ashley's Moveset

Signature Moves:

Riding Rope – Near the edges of the ring, Ashley maneuvers her opponent to the ropes and lifts them up to sit them on top of the high rope. Then she grabs the rope right in front of where he is sitting and tugs it up and down to make the man oscillate up and down, putting painful stress on his groin.

Piercing Strike – A counter-move that sees Ashley ducking under an opponent's arm as they attempt to strike or grapple her, following it up by driving a hard elbow into their ribs.

Javelin – One of the few high flying moves that Ashley likes to employ. With her opponent laid out on the canvas, Ashley climbs up on the nearest turnbuckle, leaping at her opponent with her knees bent and straightening them out on landing to crush the opponent's chest with her boots. Ashley likes this move because landing on her feet doesn't put her at risk of hurting herself if her opponent rolls out of the way, but she is still vulnerable while mounting the turnbuckle if her opponent manages to pick themselves up quickly enough.

Grapefruit Claw – A 'strategy' as simple as it is shameless, Ashley approaches a groggy opponent and reaches down to grab them by the balls. Although this is a pretty dirty tactic on the surface, Ashley doesn't actually aim to cause opponents pain when she does this, grabbing them firmly but not squeezing too hard unless they make the mistake of resisting her. The intent is purely psychological; to intimidate, emasculate, or arouse her opponent, and entertain the crowd by showing off. In matches where an immediate count-out isn't being threatened, she will play around with her helpless opponent, tugging upward to make the man stand on his tiptoes, or pulling him along to maneuver him to whatever part of the ring she needs him in for whatever she has planned next.

Finishing Moves:

Glass Ceiling –  A modified single leg boston crab where Ashley uses the arm not wrapped around her opponent's ankle to brutally maul the opponent's exposed kneecap, either punching repeatedly or grabbing and wrenching it in an effort to push it out of its socket. If the risk to their joint doesn't compel them to tap, she can always add pressure to the single leg crab itself, leaning back until all her body weight is hanging from her contorted victim.

Sticky Floor– The hentai variation of her Glass Ceiling finisher. Instead of maximizing the pain on her opponent, Ashley prioritizes using the single leg crab to hold them in place as she spits into her free hand and uses it to jerk her opponent off, not ceasing until he sprays spunk all over the canvas.

Giant Slayer – Ashley straddles an opponent lying on their stomach and pulls one of their arms into a hammerlock, using both her arms and the force of her own weight bearing down to wrench the opponent's shoulder joint. As the name implies, Ashley favors this move against larger opponents with very strong limbs, using the extra leverage provided by her mounted position to force those especially resilient opponents to give up. The hold leaves both the opponent's legs and one arm free, but with so much pressure threatening to dislocate their shoulder joint, most opponents won't last long enough to effect an escape.

Personal Information

Personality: A stern tomboy with a fiery disposition. In the ring, Ashley is confident and defiant, hardened by years of pursuing her interest in wrestling against the tide of people's judgment of her. Energetic and boisterous by default, she tries to keep up a friendly attitude toward guys that seem to approach their matches with her in good faith. However, people who fail to respect and take her seriously will sour her mood quickly, even if their treatment is chivalrous and well-intentioned.

Ashley is motivated in the ring by a sense of purpose that goes beyond a simple desire to compete and entertain. Her mother was born in a time, not too long ago, when the notion of female inferiority to men in a given profession could serve as a justification to keep women out of that profession entirely, and Ashley herself had to fight for the right to compete alongside men on her high school's wrestling team. These experiences molded her into a bitter defender of inter-gender sports as a concept. To her, the observation that men are usually bigger and stronger than women is a challenge for exceptional women to aspire to, not an excuse to keep them separate, and it's a challenge that she will face as many times as it takes for male competitors to finally accept her presence in 'their' wrestling ring.

Outside of her matches, where the public image of women wrestlers isn't on the line, Ashley is kinder in general and much less hostile to men. Despite this, she is still aggressively assertive and very opinionated toward co-workers and acquaintances, fearing what they might think if she displays too much passivity. This makes Ashley a more suitable companion for people that are as confident and outspoken as she is, people who can weather her abrasive attitude and challenge her by pushing back. Those few who do get to know her find Ashley to be a cheerful and surprisingly empathetic person deep down, with a genuine desire to see people, male and female, receive just treatment by those who hold power over them.

Past/History: Growing up in Sydney's suburbs, Ashley led an active life almost from the moment she was born, with two energetic parents to encourage her. Mom was an American who had settled in Australia to accept a management position offered to her by a company headquartered there. Dad was a native, a passionate husband and father whose zeal toward outdoor exercise belied a great degree of humility. He became the stay-at-home parent when Ashley was born, but he shared his outlook on life with her and inspired her to adopt his spirited attitude and excel physically, as he did. Her mother made time for her as frequently as possible, serving as her role model for how to engage with society.

Thanks to both of them, Ashley grew into an outgoing young woman, and by the time she hit high school, her interest in hiking and swimming had given in to a desire for something more competitive to set her sights on, a sport to replace general P.E. Her decision wend unmade until she met her first boyfriend, a tall, handsome sophomore named Duncan. He was a member of the school's junior varsity wrestling team – not the best, but pretty well respected by the other JV guys. Duncan actually gave Ashley her first taste of the sport, by “teaching” her a little of what he knew. Looking back, it was probably little more than his custom excuse to wrestle Ashley to the ground and get his hands all over her, but that body-to-body contact made the sport invigorating to a degree that other sports couldn't match.

Like most schools, the JV wrestling team was all male. There was no official rule to stop women from trying out for the team; it was just an understood facet of school life that wrestling was a boy's sport. When Ashley told Duncan that she would be the first to make the cut, he laughed in her face. When he tried to convince her to join a girls' club to help “support” the real wrestlers, she laughed in his. Defying his wishes, Ashley showed up at the school gym to try out for the team...and was promptly refused, informed that there was no way that someone of her “build” could ever survive as a wrestler. Not against men, anyway.

If Ashley was angry, then her parents were furious. They had ambitions for Ashley's future that matched her own, and after Ashley's dad failed to argue the principal into allowing her the chance to prove herself, her mom took over and threatened to sue the school for discrimination. Keeping Ashley away from the JV team wasn't worth the school's funding, so the faculty relented. Despite his assumptions about her, the team's coach allowed Ashley to join, figuring that her inevitably terrible experience on the team would drive her out.

His prediction almost came true. Ashley's first year was the worst of her young life. From day one, her teammates, opponents, and audiences who watched the wrestling tournaments made it abundantly clear to Ashley that she had no business in the wrestling ring. Bullying was a daily part of life, from degrading lectures on her inherent worthlessness to physical violence that went well beyond anything that was supposed to happen on the mats, Ashley's life was filled in short order with dread and paranoia. Her wrestling performance in the initial months was a bad one, with the slight woman's losses outnumbering her wins at least 3-to-1.

A funny observation, though: as Ashley started improving, breaking even in falls won and lost by spring, nothing changed for her. Everyone that had been initially skeptical of her ability, or hostile toward her presence, continued to be so. To Ashley, it was heartbreaking, the moment when she realized that her hard work would never truly be rewarded by them. To her detractors, she was and would continue to be nothing more than a woman who didn't know her place, and that was something that Ashley couldn't change no matter how hard she worked.

Not even Duncan stayed by her side through the first year. While he was Ashley's boyfriend, Duncan was also fast friends with most of the wrestling team. Over time, peer pressure soured his attitude towards Ashley, and his refusal to speak up on her behalf when the others abused her made the feeling of resentment very mutual. At the end of the year, tension between the young lovers finally came to a head when Ashley overheard Duncan in the boys' locker room, telling all his friends just how cute he thought it was that his girl wanted to be a real wrestler.

It cut her deep, and she refused to let it go. After confronting Duncan in private over his behavior and receiving no real apology, Ashley decided that her retaliation against him would have to occur publicly. One week later, Ashley challenged him to a practice match in the gym, one that the rest of the wrestling team happily obliged. Expecting an easy win over her, Duncan got the worst surprise of his high school life when she thrashed him, winning five of their seven falls, her best showing up to that point against an opponent in a higher weight class than her.

Ashley even added insult to injury by "accidentally" rolling butt-first onto his face after the last pin. She also sat there for a moment, winking at the other guys as she ground her crotch against his nose to the delirious enjoyment of everyone watching.

Later that day, Duncan broke up with her, a decision that Ashley offered little objection to. The two wrestlers ended that year as lovers, and came back next year as bitter rivals.

Ironically, Duncan ended up doing more for Ashley's development as a rival than he ever had as her boyfriend. Upon returning to practice during her sophomore year, Ashley found that she no longer had trouble finding guys who were willing to wrestle against her. Duncan had returned with something to prove, and he was always up for a fight when Ashley wanted it, and sometimes when she didn't.

This time, whenever Duncan threw down on the mats with Ashley, he held nothing back, going in with the intent to destroy his former girlfriend completely. Unfortunately, when Duncan fought at full strength, he soon found that he had an upper hand against Ash in most of their contests, if only slightly. Even though they had similar skill levels by now, he had the weight and the muscle to put Ashley down and make sure she stayed there, and he loved it.

With the power to get some payback on Ashley for humiliating him last year, Duncan introduced her to both submission wrestling and the theatrical, lewd warfare that often characterized professional wrestling more than the high school sport. Duncan had two favorite methods of putting Ashley in her place. If he wasn't twisting her body to make her beg him for mercy, then he was groping and grabbing every part of her anatomy he could, provided the coach wasn't watching. He fought dirty, too, yanking her hair and mauling her crotch to gain an upper hand if he needed it.

Under the high school's code of conduct, this behavior was most certainly unacceptable, and Ashley would never have faulted any woman in a similar situation for reporting him to the coach or the school in an effort to make it stop. Oddly enough, however, Ashley found herself enjoying this new approach to wrestling – the chaotic, sleazy fight for dominance between them. Before long, Ashley was returning Duncan's behavior in kind, and the result was an endless contest of one-upmanship that continued to the end of the year.

Eventually, Duncan was able to graduate to the varsity team for his senior year, leaving Ashley in the dust. It's possible that Ashley got the last laugh, however, because during her senior year, after plenty of time spent practicing her technique against increasingly intimidated opponents, Ashley would become the only JV wrestler in her school's history to receive a contract offer from a famous wrestling promotion...from the shadiest entertainment company on Earth, granted, but still – take that, Duncan!

Apparently, Ashley's crusade to be the first female wrestler in her school had made local headlines, and gained the attention of a Tension talent scout. It was a good offer – not the kind of pay a woman would get working an actual job, but if Ashley wanted to make a living taking the fight to the sort of men who had kept her down all her life, this was her best chance to make the dream come true. After obtaining the reluctant blessing of her parents, Ashley left home on a flight bound for Kyoto, to settle in, train with Tension's staff, and eventually begin her new life in earnest.

Current Goals: Get into matches with any man the Tension managers throw at her. Make a name for herself by winning. Get laid if the opportunity presents itself.

– swearing
– fresh fruit
– wonder woman
– hiking
– coffee
– pornography

– video games
– alcohol
– chauvinism
– cooking
– The Nats

Other Information:

– Has remained single since her life-changing breakup in high school, having fallen into the flawed mindset that she would have to choose between a successful wrestling career and a successful relationship.

– Despite all the jockeying for authority that she gets into with her male peers, Ashley digs strong, confident guys more than she lets on. Nothing excites her like the bragging of a man who thinks he can tame her in a fight. The only men who truly put her off are are the few genuine woman-haters who still linger in the Tension arena; the craven sadists who treat female inferiority as a given and feel the need to punish them for trying to compete in the first place.

– Majored in history, with a minor in political science. Takes a particular interest in class, race, and gender divisions in society, how they have changed over time, how they have shaped societies since the stone age, and how people have fought to break free from second class status.

– Her two greatest idols are Ned Kelly and Billie Jean King, the man and woman who stood up and fought the people who had tried to exploit them in their respective time periods. She's also a Rodriguez fan, regarding Carmen in particular as an inspiration for young women ever since Ashley and her father watched her Olympic run on television when Ash was just starting to find her interest in competition.

Character History

Personal Relationships:

Friends: n/a

Allies: n/a

Rivals: n/a

Enemies: n/a

Crushes: n/a

Ashley Anderson XTK0cOt

Current Status - Undergoing a major transition in my life, so my reliability here will be very sporadic for the foreseeable future.

Character Profiles:

Caroline Brookes - Friction exclusive, meant for lighter matches

Faheema Salih - Friction exclusive, meant for rougher matches

Ashley Anderson - Tension exclusive, meant for tougher opponents

Irene Inger - Retired, awaiting a potential character rework

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