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Looking for matches

Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:31 pm by kiranar

I am looking for matches for most of my characters or rps they are all links listed. I am also looking for an opponent for Celeste see Carpathian impaler for profile and Emerald Moons for an opponent or opponents for avalanche ppv event. I prefer atm non hentai matches, but I may make exceptions for some characters depending on the idea.

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Leaving AFW

Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:20 am by Winner3

Several months back, I had quietly left without saying a formal goodbye and I wanted to take the time to do that now. I apologize to those I have left hanging on threads. And more importantly, I apologize for disappearing without having said much of anything.

As far as excuses go, nothing majorly traumatic or life-changing went on. Rather, several members have been pretty hostile to me during my time at afw. In my time here, I've been lied to, ignored, berated, talked down to, called names, …

[ Full reading ]

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Italian, 25, Athletic, Seeking Partner

Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:33 pm by scorn53

No. Sadly not that sort of partner.

She already has one. Or two.

Testing the waters to see if I can find any interest of my rarely used main Diana Accera. Sparring partner, training partner, tag team partner. Any and all.

PM Me folks. Peace out~

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Lady Caroline Talbot

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Lady Caroline Talbot

Post by Deus Machina on Sat Feb 25, 2017 9:48 pm

Name: The Right Honourable Caroline Alexandra Mary Chetwynd Talbot, 23rd Countess of Shrewsbury

Aliases: Carol,"Lil Carol", Lady Talbot, Captain and "The Countess".

Sex: Female

Age: 21


Hair: Blonde

Height: 1,58 m (5'1 ft)

Weight: 58 kg (128 lb)

Birthplace: Wanfield Hall, Kingstone, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom

Occupation: Wrestler, Noblewoman and Captain of 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade

Nationality: British

Alignment: Face

Entrance music: "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" by Jack Judge.

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Carol prefers to keep herself on a defensive stance, most of the time, allowing her opponents to attack first, just like the Art of War recommends. She usually provokes her opponent to attack via taunting or movements that induce them to do so. When she is on the attack, she will try to get her opponent on the floor, knocking it with a quick charge or with a throw to the floor.

Style: Cornish, Collar-and-elbow, Devon and Cumberland styles, usually combined with Judo moves.

Type: Showwoman, sometimes using the crowd on her favor.

Preferred Matches: None, enjoying most of the types of matches she takes part in.

Endurance: 6/10
Strength: 5/10
Speed: 8/10
Defense: 7/10
Technique: 9/10

Favored moves:
- The Back Hell: She steps next to her opponent with her left leg and reaps it's right leg, at the back of the thigh, with her own right leg.
-"Prest d'Accomplir" ("Ready to accomplish"): Carol charges to her opponent, grabbing it's arm and jumping to wrap it with her legs and the take it down, with it's arms immobilized and it's back turned to her.

Finishing moves:
- "Waterford Lock" ("Yes Lock"): When her opponent is on the floor, with it's back turned to her, Carol sits on their back, wrapping it's right arm with her legs, while applying a chokehold to it's head, pulling it up.



Regimental Unifom (Casual Apperance):

Wrestling Attire (On the left):

Beach/Pool Outfit:

Service Uniform:

Personality: Carol is very excited most of the time, mostly happy, with a smile on her face. She is very polite and friendly when it comes to relating with others, what grants her a remarkable amount of charisma, which is able to conquer the hearts of the crowd, motivate her soldiers or to simply make new friends, something that she is always glad to do. The Countess is usually calm and serene, without exploding on any emotion, with a confident look on her eyes, without being bothered by jokes or comments for her looking like a teenager. However, behind this friendly and merry state, painful memories from the past are hiding, something that she prefers to keep to herself.

Past/History: Caroline was born as the only daughter of the Earl of Shrewsbury and his spouse. Being the child of one of Britain's most prominent and rich nobles, she received the best education their money could afford. Carol's entire childhood was centered around her preparation to assume her father's role as an important member of the House of the Lords, something that really did not attract her. Nevertheless, she had to embrace this fate and follow her father's wishes.
However when she was fifteen years old, her life changed radically, because her parents died on a car accident. She, now the Countess, was struck by sadness because of their death and she vowed that she honour their memory and desires. Her father, the Earl, always talked about how important and glorious was to serve the Queen and Country, and that is what he wished for Carol, and she would do exactly that, but not as her father desired to, but, instead, following the example of the Royal Princes and the Queen herself: She would join the British Army.
And that is what she did, when she became sixteen years old. She integrated the force already as an officer and quickly rose trough the ranks to reach the rank of Captain, which she holds until this day. The army brought her a lot of happy memories and friends, however a fateful event would change her life again.
Her unit was deployed to Afghanistan the support the NATO and Afghan forces there. One day, the armored squadron she commanded was dealing a small insurrection on a village. She was merely talking with the villagers, who were complaining that they were harassed by a NATO unit. However, the peace there was broken when sounds of gunshots echoed trough the air and multiple soldiers and villagers fell on the floor, dead or wounded. The screams, the crying, the panic and the dead bodies would haunt her until this day, but at that time, she let all of that aside and started working and rescuing her soldiers from the ambush. With an assault rifle on her hand, she covered the retrieval of the wounded to a safe zone, alone and wounded herself on the leg and the stomach. When all survivors were finally safe, she was knocked out by a nearby grenade explosion, only to wake up at a field hospital, with her superiors and men around her. It was on that day that she received her Victoria Cross, the highest honorary award of her country. She was invited to say, to keep fighting and to be promoted to major. She refused, as her mere presence there reminded of the horrors she faced that day on the village and on multiple other occasions. Carol requested to be sent home and the request was accepted, ending her active role on the army.
When she returned to England and healed from her wounds, she found herself bored and without anything exciting to do. But this changed, when one day, she saw on the internet an advertisement for a local professional wrestling event. The idea seemed interesting to her, since she loved a good fight and was the best at martial arts on her class, during her time as a cadet. She took part on it and was easily defeated on her first match. The loss, however, did not weaken her desire for wrestling. Much by the contrary, it fueled it, so much that she traveled around the British Isles, studying multiple styles to improve her performance.
When she judged that her training was complete, she returned to wrestle, with much better results, participating on multiple leagues and championships, eventually joining the AFW.
Fun Facts:
- Carol speaks fluently five languages: English, French, Arabic, Irish and Japanese.
- Besides being the Countess of Shrewsbury, she is also the Countess of Waterford.
- She has a private plantation of herbs for Tea, at her estate on England.
- Tea ( Her favorite flavors being Earl Grey and Lady Grey).
- Reading, specially her favorite book, "Great Expectations", by Charles Dickens.
- Hunting.
- Quotes.
- Drama.
- Politics.
- Coffee.
- Arrogant people.

AFW Information



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