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Matches for updated Annette

Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:41 pm by RJD

So I have changed Annette's appearance up a bit and plan to work over her profile slightly at some point soon. Was curious to see if anyone wanted to have a match up with her, the following image of her new look might hint towards the kinda matches I'd be looking for ^^
Click here:

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Anyone want a go at Tracer?

Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:52 pm by SleeperAgent94

OK everyone! Currently Tracer is in a feud with Widowmaker at the moment, and we are planning to have a blowoff match soon sometime in the next few weeks. This got me into thinking about where to take her next.

Unlike my more jobber centric wrestlers, Tracer is becoming one of those that I really want to push as my go-to Friction gal. As such I'm looking for any good heels (or hell, even serious faces) who wants to talk and see if something can be worked on Smile

[ Full reading ]

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Apologies to those I have threads with.

Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:11 pm by Iron Soldier

The last few of weeks have been difficult Irl, and left me with neither the time nor the mental energy to Roleplay. 

That said, things appear to have eased up and I should be all caught up by tomorrow. Looking forward to continuing with my current RP partners and meeting new ones going forward.

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Alexander Vladimir

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Alexander Vladimir

Post by kamina_tamotsu on Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:53 pm

Name: Alexander(Alex) Vladimir
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 6' 5 feet
Weight: 286 pounds
Nationality: Russian/American
Alignment: Extreme Heel
Entrance music: Kamelot- When The Lights Are Down

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Aim for one part of his opponents body, usually their back, legs or sometimes arms, with strikes and submissions. Once foe show obvious signs that the targeted area is hurting them, he focuses more on submissions to selected area until his opponent submits. However, once he feels as if he is in control of the match, will usually starts to be more brutal with his holds, showing no mercy to his foes.
Style: Brawler/Technical Powerhouse
Type: Mainly Technical

Preferred Attacks:

Preferred Matches:


Favored moves:
Russian Clothesline: A modified version of a regular clothesline, Alex usually uses this move to "start things off" at the beginning of the match. If foe is on the ground, Alex  grabbed either by the hair or arm and drags them to their feet, using his free arm he  brings it up and across (almost if he was doing an uppercut) across his opponents chest causing them fly backwards for the power of the attack.
Axe Twist: A submission hold Alex uses to target his opponents legs and abs. Getting them in a standard Boston Crab move, he lifts himself slightly, allowing him to twist his opponents leg's around each other  slightly  as he leans off to one side. As he continues to twist, the lower and mid parts of his opponents abs start to "feel as if they were being twisted as their legs were"  as he holds their legs over his own on whatever side he is leaning.

Finishing moves:

Giant Lock: A finisher he mainly uses when he has worked on his opponents back the most during the match. Putting them in a standard torture rack, he soon modifies it by  letting them slip to the widest part of his shoulders, which at that point Alex will pull on their neck and usually both their legs. If his opponent refuses to submit, he usually will increase the pressure of the hold or put them back into the standard torture rack, only to smash their back over his knee. At this point he crisscrosses his hands under his own leg to grab one of his opponent's leg and arm. As he pulls out, the tension usually causes his opponent's back an immeasurable amount of pain.  


Visual Appearance: Taking pride in his physic, Alex is large and heavily muscular all around his body, striking a sense of uneasiness in his foes and non-foes alike. He is topless and wears military-style pants, gloves and boots of Russian origin. He wears his blond hair up in a pony tail, adorned by large wide headband in order to cover the large scar on his forehead. Ironically, he does seem to care about the large scars  starting at the middle of his chest, trialing over on both of his shoulders, and ending just atop of his shoulder blades.

Personality: Seems to keep mostly to himself and is quiet being among those in the Tension faction. However, once in a match his persona changes dramatically...revealing his true self. Alex is coldhearted and does not show mercy to his foes. There is a bit of a sadist side to him only seen in matches when he seems to be in control of the match watching his opponents scream in his holds. He is also highly competitive hoping to one day "Find his equal".  Although Russian he speaks English very well.

Past/History: Alex has a rough history with an extremely abusive Russian father and a ill-fated American mother. Things come to a boil when he was 12 when his father brutally raped and killed his mother in front of Alex and almost killed Alex himself by cutting both his arms off at the same time. Alex was able to escape, however, would be traumatized for the rest of his life. He only had one goal in life avenge his mother. Miraculously still able to us both arms after that incident, Alex joined the Russian Military at the age of 15. For the next 10 years, he worked and trained brutally to become  a successful tactician and military fighter, being influenced by several fighting styles, the most profound being Professional wrestling, Karate and kickboxing. Being used by the Russian military to track and assassinate potential threats to the Country, Alex was ambushed by anti-nationalists. He spent the next 4 months being beaten and interrogated until the Military was able to rescue him. He obtained an X-shaped scar on his forehead, at which he covers up with a headband, from that event. Leaving the military, Alex decided that it was finally time to avenge his mother. Unfortunately, he found out that his father had long been dead. Without a purpose in life now, he wandered around Russia taking in work as a mercenary for hire. This was until Tension turned their attention on him. Convincing him to join, he would take on small jobs such as security of the facility. However, the more they got to know about his past military life, the more they believed his skills where going to waste. They soon offered him to be a wrestler in the faction. Alex was hesitant at first, however, when the faction agreed to help him locate where his mother was buried at, Alex quickly changed his mind.

AFW Information

Record: 1-0
Wins: 1
Alex vs AOBA in an "I Quit match"
Losses: -
Draws:  -

Current Matches
Talia Wilson vs Alexander Vladimir via PM
Valerie Von Vulpes vs Alexander Vladimir
Championships/Accomplishments: -

Friends: -
Allies: -
Rivals: -
Enemies: -
Crushes: -

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Re: Alexander Vladimir

Post by Tatyina on Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:12 pm

Approved! ^________-^

You may rp and set up matches as you like!

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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