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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Lisa Giordanni

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Lisa Giordanni Empty Lisa Giordanni

Post by WrestlerAngel Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:25 am

Lisa Giordanni

Lisa Giordanni 8267630944_25efa8299e_z

Name: Lisa Giordanni
Also known as: "The Amazon" / "Sirena" ( in her Friction matches )
Age: 26
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Medium Brown
Height: 6'
Weight: 165 lbs
Nationality/Birthplace: Italy

Background Info/Story: An Italian cutie, Lisa worked as a model since she was 12, but after developing voluptuous curves her plans of becoming a fashion top model ended. She turned her attention to wrestling, after a friend of her invited to see some of her matches. Lisa then decided to join for fun, and ended up enjoying it a lot, specially because she got to know a lot of boys, and fight them out.

Personality: She's competitive, and will give her all to achieve victory, usually using her strenght and charming ways to defeat her opponents.

Wrestling Strengths: She has a big figure, so she uses her size and weight to dominate her opponents. Also has good strength and some technique she learned at her wrestling classes. After
joining AFW, Lisa have been training to develop her skills and improve her performance. As a woman, Lisa has high pain threshold and flexibility, and stronger legs than almost all guys in
the rooster, even when outweighted.

Career: after two seasons where she enjoyed relative success on the rings of the AFW league, Lisa took a break from the rings to pursue her fitness and erotic modelling career. After years, and some more fighting training experience under her belt, the Amazon returns to the rings of AFW yearning for fame and glory!

Wrestling Weaknesses: Doesn't have much stamina, and has amateur striking skills.

Wrestling Style: Grappling/Powerhouse.

Stats :
Strength: 4/5
Endurance: 2/5
Speed: 2/5
Technique: 3/5

Strikes: 2/5
Submissions: 4/5
Powerhouse: 4/5
Aerial: 2/5
Counters: 3/5

Endurance: 2/5
Defense: 2/5
Arousement: 3/5
Technique: 3/5
Pacing: 4/5

Favored Moves: College wrestling, simple holds and takedowns, spanking, bearhugs
Hentai Favored Moves: Groping, breast smother, facesitting

Update: After joining AFW and gaining more experience in wrestling, the brunette developed grappling skills as well. The brunette improved her stamina and use of her strong long legs in a variety of holds. She usually uses them when she faces bigger and heavier foes, that wouldn't be possible to take down only with her force.
After joining the Mazaki Gym, Lisa had also learned the basics of fistfighting and improved her shooting skills.

Bearhug drop - After compressing her opponent's waist, Lisa jumps over him/her

( New ) Fullbody Breasmother : With her opponent down on their back, Lisa will cover his/her body with hers, and at the same time pin their hands above their head and, with her
strong legs, will apply a grapewine on them. To finish the foe off, Lisa engulfs his/her face with her large breasts.

( New ) Critical - Killer Headscissor - Using her long, strong and tanned legs, Lisa will wrap around her opponent's neck and crush them with all her strengh, looking for a tap out or
a Knock Out.

Matches of Interest: Any



Wins: 5

-Defeated Blue Thunder Mask in a NHB Match ( Knock Out via breast smother - Bearhug Drop Finisher )

-Defeated Rowan Ballard in a Victory Sex Match ( Knock Out via breast smother )

-Defeated Okami in a 2/3 fall Match ( both via KO )

-Defeated Okami in a 2/3 fall striptease match

-Defeated Toshio Akamatsu in a Prostyle Match ( pin )

Losses: 5

-Defeated by Steve Chase in a Submission/KO Match ( submitted to his "Crossface" Finisher )

-Defeated by Kent Quick in a Handcuffs Match ( pinned after "Breaking Habits" Finisher )

-Defeated by Sven in a Victory Sex Match ( surrendered )

-Defeated by Johnny Higurashi in a NHB Match ( submitted to his Armbar )

-Defeated by Kent Quick in the Tension Championship Match ( submitted to his Camel Clutch )

Draws: 1

-Humiliation Match against "Mad" Max ( stopped after Ms Garcia's intervention )



-Defeated Heather Sunderland in a POW Match

-Defeated BunnyBomber in a Prostyle Match ( Inverted Bearhug Drop Finisher )


-Defeated by Kelly Flowers in a Oil-Wrestling Match ( submitted to her H-Finisher X Factor )

AFW relationships:

Okami ( crush ) : Lisa likes the silver-haired boy, and that feeling seems to be mutual, but the girl is not sure about a serious relationship because of their job.

Johnny Higurashi ( rival ) : After being stripped and defeated by him, Lisa now will look foward for an oportunity to beat the guy.

Kent Quick ( revenge ): Lisa suffered during the match and took a humiliating pushment after being defeated. Now she looks for payback.

Sven ( Enemy ): After sent to the hospital due to the beating she got from him she now wants to destroy the man on the ring.


Swimsuit with a nice suntan on her school:
Lisa Giordanni 8266562033_d1e190b9df_z

Black Attire:
Lisa Giordanni 8266561371_0f6da55f86_z

Lisa Giordanni 7340330514_66e653cae0_z

Lisa Giordanni 7340444974_b012d5aa37_z

Lisa Giordanni 7155124605_3438a990ef_c

Lisa Giordanni 8266283575_b4567fdddc_z

Playing volleyball:
Lisa Giordanni 7315810448_5f47ea1867_c

Waking up:
Lisa Giordanni 7340327002_81e6af46f6_z

Just took a nice shower:
Lisa Giordanni 7155127631_8a29145235_z[/color]

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Lisa Giordanni Empty Re: Lisa Giordanni

Post by Tatyina Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:29 am

Approved! You may make matches and rp as you like.

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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Lisa Giordanni Empty Re: Lisa Giordanni

Post by WrestlerAngel Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:43 am

Thank you! <img src=" title="Smile" />

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Lisa Giordanni Empty Re: Lisa Giordanni

Post by anegge Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:47 am

Seems imageshack has dereferenced several of your' images.
It may be in your best interest to find an image host that isn't terrible.

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Lisa Giordanni Empty Re: Lisa Giordanni

Post by WrestlerAngel Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:58 am

On my computer they show perfectly. Weird, imageshack sucks.

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Lisa Giordanni Empty Re: Lisa Giordanni

Post by Sponsored content

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