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Looking for matches

Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:49 am by skip-stop

Ahoy! Skip-stop is in touch and I'm still looking for some matches

Charlotte Ravel' reporting for duty
Charlotte Ravel':

IM Match- Kent Quick vs Lisa Giordanni Xewd2110

I see it as intense matches where our characters will be able to show aerobatics of wrestling. All match types except hentai are fine. FvF only, not FvM

Initially I'm looking for one-shot matches and would like her to get some wins. But I'm open to any questions and suggestions. If we can come up with a decent storyline, I don't mind if …

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After a long time I return, looking for a match

Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:20 pm by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all, I would firstly like to apologize for the long periods that I've been away from here. Been taking time away to focus on my mental health but I think I'm ready to return and looking for a match or two to get back into things. All three of my boys, Takeichi Mori, Takeshi Kawai, and Imai Cosmo are up for matches. If you want I can link their profiles so you don't have to search through the roster page. Anyone interested feel free to hmu through private messages. Hope to hear from …

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Request Filled for Now, IGNORE!

Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:18 am by Frodouken

New here and wanting to put my character to use

Down for any match type involving FVF. Think I’ve got a good understanding of the rules rp

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IM Match- Kent Quick vs Lisa Giordanni

Go down

IM Match- Kent Quick vs Lisa Giordanni Empty IM Match- Kent Quick vs Lisa Giordanni

Post by KillerV Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:10 am

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was in the locker room, getting ready for another match. She was excited but also a bit nervous, because the brunette heard her opponent was pretty strong. And that match would be special: a handcuffs match. That meant that if she wins, she could do anything she wanted with him. That was really cool, she tought, but that was risky, as if she lost she would be at his mercy. Lisa put on her lingerie outfit and her white wrestling boots and went to the ring under the cheers of the crowd. She got into it, waved and jumped to the audience. Then she would stay at her corner, waiting for her opponent to enter.

killerV: Kent is excited to take on his opponent to see how good this girl is, he changed in his locker room wearing his white tight shorts, boots with black gloves, looking at the mirror to see his strong muscle with well tanned skin just liking his looks but also looking forward to put her in his favorite backbreaker kind of moves to this girl, heading out to the ring from the locker room and see this girl in the ring wearing sexy lingerie, which its quite amazing for him to get his chance to crush her, entering the ring and looking at her with a big smile. "Wow girl, looking good, cant wait to crush you!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa, getting threatened by her opponent, replies, with a taunting smile: "Heh, I'm the one who's crushing you!" Altough she was a bit nervous due to his strong appearance. The brunette gets on fighting stance, waiting for her opponent's movements carefully, as well as for the bell ringing.

killerV: His opponent Lisa responded almost the same words but he kind of hint a bit of nervousness, after the bell rings he moves out from his corner to come face to face with Lisa just scanning her sexy body in that quite a good looking lingerie, he goes in to come close to Lisa and tried to lock up with her and pushing toward to the turnbuckle, hopefully pinning her there. "Back off babe" yt

WrestlerAngel: The bell rang, and Lisa was watching his opponent's movements as he came closer to her. She grabbed his arms and started attempting to resist his advance, but he managed to push her towards the turnbuckle. Her body was pressed into the corner, and the brunette was trying to push him with all her strenght, but still was trapped on the corner. "Ghhh,,,"

killerV: Kent was able to push Lisa sexy body against the turnbuckle while shes pushing back as she could but when her body is pressed against it, he quickly tried to yanking her arms off of him and pulling his right arm across his chest and aiming to smack hard across Lisa's fine chest just to make a good hard smacking sound hopefully. "Hyah! How'd you like! That?!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was holding his opponent's arms, trying to keep him bind, but he was able to release himself from the hold and also hit the brunette's breasts with a smack.
"Ghaah!" Lisa tries to protect her breasts as well as her face from harm, while attempt to kick her opponent in his stomach. "Get off me!"

killerV: Kent smacked Lisa's breasts just to see it bounce for his fun but then she kicked at his stomach that backed him off a bit. "Gahhh, damn bitch!" He's getting a bit pissed off and coming back toward to Lisa again, trying to pull his right arm back and using his elbow to smack against her jaw trying to slow her down. "Hurgh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa kicked her opponent's belly, and that made him back off from her. She got off the turnbuckle, but then her opponent moved towards her, pulling his right arm back. Lisa was with her guard up, and when the big guy was attempting to hit her face with his elbow, Lisa parried the blow, while getting under his arm and attempting to hit his chin with an uppercut. "Take this!" yt

killerV: Kent was trying to use his elbow to smack her jaw but Lisa was able to parry his elbow and duck under just to swing her punch into her uppercut to his jaw. "Gahhhh!" Knocking him back much further than the kick she did to him, holding onto his jaw and loosen it to ease the pain. "Gah damn bitch! Ughhh....... " yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was able to hit him with her uppercut. That managed to shove him back of her, so she could get of from the corner and move to the center of the ring. Realising that the blow actually got him pretty good due to his groaning and insults, she mocked: "Whats the problem, big guy? Not used to get beaten by a lady? Lisa then gets near him, attempting to take him down to the ground, tackling his belly yt

killerV: Kent was backed off after taking a pretty hard uppercut and just getting toward to the center, he looks at her and see her coming right at him going for a tackle as he tries to side step from her tackle and using his knee to raise up to ram to her jaw just like she would uppercut his jaw. "Hurgh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa jumped foward to tackle her opponent down, but instead of his stomach the curvy brunette encountered his knee, that hit her jaw hard. "Ugh!" The girl falls on the ropes, trying not to fall on the ground. She is lifting herself up on it, as well as trying to recover from the impact. yt

killerV: Kent was able knee her jaw after dodging her attempt tackle and seeing her against the ropes, his jaw was hurting from her uppercut but feelin a bit better at least but still, he'll try to get his chance to mess with her, as Lisa is against the ropes, he tries to reach out to grab her by the hair to pull away from the ropes, trying to pull her head under his arm and grabbing her sexy lingurie outfit to lift her up and dropping back into a hard suplex. "Hurgh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was recovering from the impact on her jaw, when she got her hair pulled. "Aahh! No!" The brunette moans, as she was pulled away from the ropes. She got her head trapped under her opponent's arms, and got her tight panties pulled on a hard suplex. Her back got slammed on the mat. "AAHH!" Lisa felt the breathing gettin out of her, as her back and lungs began to burn, She would stay on the ground, with her hand on her back, trying to recover from the impact. yt

killerV: Kent was able to take the advantage of her when he pulls her away from the ropes and suplexing her and down on the mat hard. He felt so good after suplexing her that he forgot about the uppercut to the jaw, slowly rolling to his back and looking down at the sexy brunette girl, moving over to kneel down and reaching over to her hair to pull her sexy body to try draping her back over his knee and pushing down on her throat and thigh just to stretching her back out which he loves back pains on the ladies. "Like this?! " yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa has been put on her opponent's knee, and got her throat and large tights pressed down, which put more pressure and pain on her sore back. "Ayeehh!" She cries in pain. Desperately, she grabs her opponent's hand, and attempts to roll away from his hold.

killerV: Kent was having fun with this fine sexy Lisa even more sexier for wearing her lingurie, her back stretching out over his knee as she was trying to pull his hands off of her. "Oh I wont let you girl!" He tries to keep her onto his knee and pushing down even harder to stretches her out, but all he could do is just few jerks to her body before releasing her as he stands up and stomp down again to her lower sore back. "Hmph!" yt

WrestlerAngel: The Italian girl was tortured by her opponent some more before being able to escape his hold. After a brief relief, Lisa felt her back hurt again, as she got stomped. "Arrhggh!" Lisa feels her back aching as she tries to crawl away from her opponent, and get up to continue the fight.

killerV: He's really enjoying this after stomping down on her lower back and watches her crawling away from him as he grin. "Nice ass girl, love seeing you crawling away from me like that!" He stalks her in a quick movement and trying to grab her hair from behind to pull her up standing, trying to pull her fine Italian girl back across his shoulders to lift her up off the mat, one hand down to her throat while the other between her legs to grab hold of her thigh, jerking both down to arch her backward into his Torture Rack hopefully. "Hurrrgh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was crawling away from her opponent, and that position showed off her generous booty, which had only tiny tight lingerie covering her. "Nice ass girl, love seeing you crawling away from me like that!" She continued crawling until her adversary grabbed her by the hair. "Ouch! Let me go!" As she got pulled to her feet, she moves her large hips
against the man's crotch. Lisa tries to grab his hands and flip him over her shoulders.

killerV: Kent grabbed her by the hair which it feels so good that he would love to take whiff of her hair, slowly pulling her up and once she gets up on her feet, he felt her hips pressing against his crotch which she could probably feel his bulge crotch and did distracted him giving her a chance to pull, flipping him over her shoulders and down on the mat hard. "Gah!" He was shocked by her performance and easily tossing over the big man down to the mat into her throw, he tries to get up to his feet while holding his back with one hand, hopefully he was able to get up to prepare to defend himself. "Damn you! Grrrr....." yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa managed to toss her heavier opponent over her shoulders, using the leverage of her hips, who touched her opponent's crotch. He landed on the mat, hitting his back on it as he felt. And when he was getting up, the brunette runs toward him, attempting to hit his face with her knee. "Take this!"

killerV: Kent went down after taking her flip which bringing him down pretty hard to the mat, making a grunt sound, slowly getting up to his feet and prepare to defend himself which Lisa comes charging at him and aiming her knee to his face, he uses his strong arms to block her knee which it hurts him a bit but luckily not his face at least. "Gah, it takes more than your knee to stop me!" All he could try to do now is after he block her knee strike, he tries to pull her knee down and using his head to headbutt her stomach hard, hopefully to slow her down. "Hurgh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: the mat, hitting his back on it as he felt. And when he was getting up, the brunette runs toward him, attempting to hit his face with her knee. "Take this!" Lisa runs towards her opponent, aiming her knee right into his face. But her opponent was quick to block it with his arms. Still, the brunette's knee managed to hit his arms and hurt him a bit. But then he moved foward, pullingher knee down, and trying to headbutt her stomach. Lisa attempts to hold his head and hit him with her other knee.

killerV: Kent manage to block her knee that was gonna aim to his handsome face, he pulls it down and going to counter attack her with his headbutt to the stomach but to his suprirse, she was able to block a,d holding onto his head and using her other knee to smack him in the face. "Gahh!" If she still holding to his head, he hold his face with one hand and using the other to uppercut her sexy stomach. ----- if she lets him go so he falls back on the mat to hold his face, he'll try to use his feet to kick her legs to hopefully get her to fall forward and land on top of his knee. "Grrr bitch!' yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa manages to block the incoming headbutt with both arms. "Ghh, too fast!" That gave her the opening she needed to hit his face hard with her knee. But that didn't stop her opponent from standing, so the Italian girl was going to land another knee strike, trying to make him dizzy, when suddenly she got hit hard on her stomach by an uppercut, what made her back off, holding her belly. "Ghaah!" She felt her breathing difficult, but still atempts to hit her opponent again, this time with a spinning kick right on the back of his head. "Ghh!"

killerV: Kent handsome face was smashed in by her hard knee which he's still on his knee and respond with his hard uppercut to her stomach which she did back off so he could
hold his face as he tries to get up to his feet but when he gets up hopefully she strikes him with a kick to the back of his head. "gahhh!" he fell forward on the mat, holding the back of
his head, he slowly trying to get up to his feet, hopefully she give him the time. "Nghhh...." yt

WrestlerAngel: As Lisa aimed her kick right into the back of her opponent, she took a deep breath, but that made her stomach hurt from the uppercut. Still, she managed to hit the back of his head hard, which made him fell foward on the mat, holding the hurt spot. She tooks another deep breath, and when he is getting up she tries to sit on his back and grab his neck with her arm, applying on him a sleeperhold. yt

killerV: While Kent pushing himself up while holding his face and head, eventually he felt something really soft onto his back and soon her soft yet strong arms around his neck into her sleeperhold. "Grrr the hell?!" He was surprise to get caught in her hold, gritting his teeth while grabbing onto her arms and trying to move his knees to crawl forward so he could get up to his feet, if he was able to he'll tries to stand up halfway and reaching over for her head to pull down onto his shoulder to bounces her jaw into a Stunner. "Hurgh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa gets on the back of her opponent, but didn't have time to sit on it and keep her opponent on the ground, as he began to get up. She moved her chest over his back instead, and grabbed his neck. She began to pull his head backwards with one hand, while the other was pressing his neck, trying to sufocate. But he was able to grab her head as he was getting up, and the Italian brunette got her jaw hit hard on his shoulder. "Ahh!" The impact made her release the sleeper, and hold her hurt jaw. "Damn!" yt

killerV: Kent slowly getting himself up onto his feet which he manage to do so and felt his neck getting tighter by her hold, eventually he reaches up behind to grab her head and drop down into his Stunner to forces her to release the sleeperhold for him to gasp for air. "Gahhh... huff finally....." His head still hurting from the pain of her beating, thought he turns around to see her holding to her jaw, the hot Italian brunetter in lingurie look sexy in pain. "Gonna make you... huff pay!" Shaking his head as he approch to her closely as he could, not going easy on her at all, going all out rough and tough, he suck up his pain and balls up his fists, swinging to hook shot to her pretty face to weaken her up a bit. Left and Rights, "hurgh hurgh hurgh hurgh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was holding her hurt jaw, and her opponent got up. She watched him coming closer to her, and she got on fighting stance again. Both fighters meet up close and begin to exchange blows. Lisa managed to dodge a few, block some, and hit her opponent with one or two jabs, but she got hit by two quick punches, left, right, and that made her back off. "Ghh!" She felt a little dizzy, and tried to block a third punch, but it went through her defenses, and she was tossed back, on the ropes. "Damn..." yt

killerV: He gotten pretty angry as his face and head hurting pretty bad by the hands of Lisa, he got up and raise his fists to swing at her face which they both exchanging blows when he took some jabs but he still able to hit her some and causing her to back off toward to the ropes which she might be a bit dizzy from the blows. "Oww, I cant wait to mess up you Lisa!" He tries to move in while shes against the ropes, using his palm to back chops across her fine breasts just to make it as bright red he could smack into. "Hyahh! Like! This!?!" yt*

WrestlerAngel: Lisa got stuck on the ropes, dizzy by the blows she got, she was sweaty and drooling a bit. She turned to face her opponent. "Oww, I cant wait to mess up you Lisa!" He said to her. She was trying to stand to her feet, using her arms to not fall on the mat, then her opponent came closer and started hitting her breasts with his palm. "Ahh! Ahh!" The brunette cries, as her boobs are hit and bounced by her merciless opponent. After some blows, with the bouncing of the impact they slip out of her lingerie, which made Lisa blush. "No!" With her breasts red and exposed, the brunette tries to escape the ropes, to avoid getting hit, and strike her opponent's face with a quick jab, hopefully. yt

killerV: Kent got her into the ropes which he takes the advantages and went in to back chops to her fine breasts, hit after hits which eventually her fine breasts slip out of her lingerie and could see her bare breast, he sees her blushed from the blows and tries to escape and aiming to strike at his face, he ducks down under her incoming punch and using his arm go under her punching arm and wrapping over her chest and around her neck, trying to lift her up with his arm and slamming her down back first over his knee into his 'Rock Bottom' into Over the Knee Backbreaker combination. Hopefully catches her in his hold to start weaken her back and sexy body. "Hurahh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa misses her punch, and got her wrapped over her chest and around her neck, lifted and slammed down on his knee, what gave her sore back even more pain. "Aaahhh!" She cries. She falls to the ground face down, moaning, and trying to get away from her opponent, but he catches her from the behind. The curvy brunette struggles to get free from his clutches. yt

killerV: Kent caught her in his hold and slamming her back over his knee which its just the say he wanted. She rolls off his knee and he tries to escape but was caught by his hands to keep her still. "Get back on my knee bitch!" He pulls onto her body and reaching for her hair, pulling her up on her knees and draping her back right over his knee where he begin to stretching her back out, one hand down onto her fine breasts while the other over her crotch, pushing both at the same time to jolt her spine and wanting her to scream out in pain. yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa tried to crawl away, but she got caught by her hair and pulled back into his knee. "Ahh!" The curvy brunette got her breast and crotch grabbed and pulled down, forcing her back against her opponen's knee. Again her back was being streched, what gave her even more pain than before. "AHH! Please, let me go!" yt

killerV: He got her good, the Italian brunette sexy girl like Lisa over his knee and just stretching her out to see her breasts pops out from her lingerie which he lick his lips and using his hand to slide under her clothes and rubbing down on her bare breasts and sliding his fingers between her nipples while his other hand thats on her crotch pushing down and roughly rubbing it as well, just putting in both pain and pleasure. "Mmmm loving this?!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was kept at her opponent's knee, when he began to tease her body. "Ahh... ahh... what... are you... doing..." She felt her breasts being fondled by his hand, and her pussy was getting rubbed beneath her tight panties by his other hand. "Mpf.. mnhh..." Lisa moans, as she was streched and at the same time, teased, in pain and excitement.

killerV: "Mmmm it feels so good doesnt it?" he rubs down on her pussy covered by her panties and his other hand fondle her bare breasts and just torturing all over her body, mainly her back mostly while pleasuing her sex parts. He grin while moving his hands off her sexy parts and going to move between her legs and other over her shoulder to lift her up off his knee and holding her sexy body across his chest before suddenly trying to slam her body back first over his knee to weaken it some more. "hurgh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: "Mmmm it feels so good doesnt it?" Lisa was getting fondled both on her womanhood and her breasts, when she got lifted and slammed on her back over her opponent's knee. "AAHHH!" Her back was now aching greatly, like it was burning. The brunette was drolling as she felt over his knee, she rolled to the side, and tries to crawl away again. "Ahh... ahh..."

killerV: He manage to lift her up without a problem and slamming her back over his knee once again to add more pains to her spine which she rolls off his knee and down to the mat, she slowly crawling away from the pain which it didnt take long for him to follow her from behind. "Well well now Lisa, dont get away from me." He reaches down for her hair to pull up slowly and trying to slide her back across his shoulders so one hand down to her throat while the other goes between her legs to grab onto her pussy, jerking both down to stretching out into a Torture Rack hopefully. yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa attempted to crawl away, but he caught her again by her hair, and lift her up. She got her throat and pussy grabbed, she knew she would take a Torture Rack, so Lisa tries to punch him on his face, hoping to stun him and get off the hold. yt

killerV: Kent hold her up across his shoulders and jerking down her throat and pussy to weaken her back some more into his Torture Rack, soon he felt his sore face getting punched which he stagger from holding her up but still balancing himself unless she plans on hitting his face again but if he could lay her out for good, he tries to fall to the side where her head is and driving down to the mat into Burning Hammer. "Hurgh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa strikes her opponent's hurt face again and again. "Ahh... let me go!" He starts to lose balance, and the Italian girl attempts to flip over his back to her feet again, and grab the back of his head into a headlock, if she manages to do so. yt

killerV: Kent face once again getting punched by her and letting her go to hold his face and out of nowhere his head was caught into her headlock. "nghh damn it!" He wasnt happy and this girl was able to catches him off guard. "Two can play this game" he thought, while he's in her headlock, he use his arm closest to her body and going low and trying to sneak to swing his arm up between her legs from behind to low blow her. "Hurgh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was able to flip her curvy body over the bare shoulders of her opponent, and fall on her feet. She wastes no time and starts applying a headlock. As she was about the same height as him, the Italian brunette didn't have trouble on putting pressure on his neck. But suddenly she felt her womanhood being slammed, as her opponent hit her right between her legs with a hard low blow. "Ahh!" Lisa releases the hold and falls on the ground, face down, ass up, holding her hurt crotch with both hands, while moaning and shaking
her feet. yt

killerV: Kent head was trapped into her headlock which he respond by smacking his arm up between her legs for a harsh low blow, she lets go of his head and down to her knees with her cute ass up while clutching her crotch. "Hmph! Im gonna end you!" He wanted to finish her off before he could have some fun out of her sexy body, he goes over to reach for her brunette's hair again to pull up to face her, trying to get his arms around her waist and flip her into tilt-a-whirl to slam her back over his knee into another backbreaker, planning to drape her over his knee to prepare his finisher. "hurgh!!!!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was staggered by the low-blow, holding her crotch and moaning deeply, when she got her hair pulled again. She got face-to-face with her opponent, and he grabbed her waist and flipped her, slamming her sore back over his knee. She lost her breathing with the impact, and was held over her opponent's knee, all sweaty, with a hurting back and bare breasts. yt

killerV: He flip her up and slamming her back over his knee wihch he drape her over the knee, and its time to end her, the sexy brunette body laying over his knee and ready to end her for this match, he raise his arm closest to her head over her and suddenly swing down hard over her throat or chest to drop over like a gulliotine to chop her hard and causing her to flip over his knee to the mat into his finisher- Breaking Habits. yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa had no more stamina to struggle, she was held down with her back against her opponent's knee, drolling and sweaty, with her breasts exposed and also some part of her womanhood as well. Suddenly she felt like she would break in two as her lower back got pressed hard by a guilotine chop against her chest. "Ghahh!" Now her back was burning on two spots, which increased her pain as well as it now was covering her whole back and also her shoulders and butt. She is flipped over his knee into the mat, and holding her lower back she cries and moans. "Ohh... ahh..." She is faced down, she tries to move but the pain is great over her, she can only shake her feet and twist on the floor.

killerV: After Kent puts her back over his knee and laying her out into his finisher- Breaking Habits, which he chop her down hard across the chest with her over his knee and causing her to flip over his knee and down onto the mat, she lay there and suffered the pain, he laugh that he was able to pull that off, crawling over to her body and going over to cover her and hook her leg for the pin. "1!........2!..........." yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was down at the floor, staggered by the painful finisher. Her opponent came closer, covered her and hooked her leg for the pin: 1... 2... 3! yt

killerV: Kent pinning her down for the win, he lets her go and on his knees and posing over her in victory! "Ha! I win bitch! Now... for your body." He reach down in his shorts to pull out his hard cock that he was waiting for to fuck her with, he gets behind her while turning her over facing down on the mat, grabbing her waist to pull back and pressing her juicy ass against his cock as he slide it between her panties and into her ass, thrusting in and out while holding onto her waist, moaning from fucking her. "Mmmmm mmmmm Uhhhhh like this?!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Her opponent released her from the pin, and she looked as he posed over her. "Ha! I win bitch! Now... for your body." The brunette was aware of what would happen to her. It would be her first time at AFW, she was nervous and embarassed as she watched him pulling off his member. "Oh, no... it's big..." She had him behind her, and got flipped down to the mat. Her waist got pulled back, and she felt her big ass being penetrated between her g-strings panties. It was burning her insides as he mercilessly assfucked the defeated girl. "Ohh... oh.... shit!... I ... I don't!..." yt

killerV: "MMmmm ohhhhh... you fuckin love it, trust uhhhh meee!" He continues to rock her body back and forth, fucking her sweet juicy ass as his cock getting harder and locker just ramming her in and out, he reach over for her wrists to pull back to help his cock to dig in deeper as well stretching her arms back that may also hurt her back the way it is. "Mmmmmm!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa screams as her ass is hammered hard. "AHHH! NO, I DON'T!" But, in fact, the brunette was getting horny from being dominated and fucked hard that way. Her wrists got pulled back, as she was getting a rough ride on her bottoms, now going even deeper inside her. "OOHH, AHHH!" She moans, screams and cries. yt

killerV: Kent really having fun fucking her ass and torturing her some more, her give her ass few more hard thrusts before letting go of her wrists and pulling out his cock from her ass. "Mmmm more to come!" He turns her over to face up and spread her legs to slide his hard cock into her pussy between the panties, getting her legs around his waist and began to thrusting in harder and rougher. "MMmmm mmmmmm!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa had some relief as her opponent took his member out of her, but with the promise to do more to her. She got put face up on the mat, her spread and around his waist, getting fucked in her pussy. "Ahh! No! Ahh... ahhh...." The young lady moans as her pussy is butchered roughly by her merciless opponent. She could feel it getting wetter and warmer. "Ohh... oh... ahh!" yt

killerV: He fuck her pussy this time and really getting a good pleasure out of it, he pulls her legs around his waist before using it to lift her off the mat and standing himself up, with her hanging over his cock which he thrust it up every few times while her legs around his waist, he pulls her head down under his arm before hooking her arms behind her back to stretches out, adding both pain and pleasure, thrusting in more and more while jerking her arms back. "Mmmmm mmmm fuck yes Ughhhhhh!" yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa was being penetrated hard and deeply, inside-out, non-stopping. The brunette was a sweaty mess, moaning and screaming on the ring. This was being her most intense moment ever on AFW. "Ahh... ahh..." Her beater gets on his feet, and fucks her on a "brute" position before grabbing the back of head, pulling it down and streching her back with a armlock. "AHHH!" yt

killerV: Lisa pussy was feeling so good that he was fucking her over and over as he put her at the same time in the painful position where her legs around his waist and her pussy sitting over his hard long cock while her head tucked under his arm and pulling onto her arms behind her back to stretches her out, soon he couldnt hold it any longer, climax out and shoot out hot seeds into her pussy as he moan out in pleasure. "Mmmmm so goood Lisa....." He pull out his cock from her pussy and quickly fall back with her arms pulled back to driven her head to the mat into Double Arm DDT. yt

WrestlerAngel: Lisa got shot in her womanhood as her opponent came inside her. She got reliefed, because she wouldn't be able to take much more, but then she got pulled to the ground into a Double Arm DDT. "OUCH!" She is down on the mat, with pain all over her body and also excited by the rough butchering she suffered. She moans, and breathes deeply while closing her eyes. She was dizzy, drolling and she felt some tears slip away from her eyes.

killerV: "MMmm you lose bitch!" he driven her head to the mat into his double arm ddt, slowly getting up to his feet and shaking his hard cock at her before placing his foot on her body and pose over her in total victory, defeating the Italian brunette, Lisa.

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