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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Aisha Love (Aphrodite) "The Pink bomber"/ "Love of the World"

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Aisha Love (Aphrodite) "The Pink bomber"/ "Love of the World" Empty Aisha Love (Aphrodite) "The Pink bomber"/ "Love of the World"

Post by SimplyMoon Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:39 pm

Name: Aisha Norman
Ring Name: Aisha Love
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Pink (Dyed, originally blonde)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 138lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Heel
Entrance music: Sheer Heart Attack- Queen

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Using a mix of aerial manuevers, quick yet strong striking attacks and rough grappling style, liking to keep her opponent off guard and disoriented. Quick as possible, using mostly kicks and high impact aerials much to her bomber moniker. Meanwhile as her Aphrodite persona she seems to focus far more on plain grapples and more hentai based moves that she doesn't normally use as her. It tends to be now far more flashy with this persona and is slightly more haughty and self confident of herself.

Preferred Attacks: A text book worth of kicks, light grapples with high impact aerial moves. Aphrodite's persona carries some of those moves over but focuses far more on humiliation moves, grapples, and hentai.

Preferred Matches: Any

Physical Statistics

Endurance: 4/5  With plenty of cardio, Aisha can run for rather some time in the ring
Strength: 3.5/5 Not the strongest but definitely above average.
Speed: 5/5  Fast and on her feet, not letting the opponent have time to recover
Defense: 4/5  Relies heavily on speed and her smarts.
Technique: 4.75/5  Beyond kick based moves, showing a wide variety and skill with aerial manuevers
Hentai: 4/5 Know to get in where it feels good .

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes: 4.75/5 Don't get hit by her kicks or you are in for a world of hurt
Submissions: 3/5 Average against submission
Powerhouse: 3/5 She can power through a few hits but not everything
Aerial: 5/5 Part of her strategy, she enjoys catching opponents off guard through clever jumps and other aerial maneuvers
Counters: 4.5/5 Slightly augmented by her speed. Can't take straight hits but can avoid them.

Signature Moves:
-Hip Attack
-Curb Stomp
-Leg Split Drop
-Stink Face
-Crotch Face
-Hip Toss
-Cross Arm Surf Board
-Jumping Sole Kick
-Donkey Kick
-Running Senton
-Chicken Wing Suplex

Finishing moves:
-Love Letter: Aisha rebounds off the ropes, flipping forward to unleash a powerful backflip kick to the head of her opponent.
-Bunny Bounce: Once again rebounding off the ropes, Aisha will hit her opponent with her rear, jumping up quickly to hit them square on the head with her impressive leg strength. This will lead into a light smother and school girl pin as she grabs her opponents legs and smothers the face with her rear.
-Pain Train: While her opponent is in a seated position at the turnbuckle, Aisha will run at them and jump into the air, landing her feet right into the face of the opponent, along with the full weight of her body. She will have limited theatrics in this.

-Acidalia: Anchor Hold
-Beauty of the Old World: An Inverted Gory Special that sometimes goes into an inverted gory bomb. While more in Aphrodite's repertoire of moves, Aisha is known to use it in her move set.
-The Apple: Imploding Senton bomb often done as she in thrown an apple by her entourage or at her opponent as a show of disrespect to them.

-Waters of Paphos: A leg split that with Aphrodite on her back has the opponent on her stomach. Her leg wraps one leg of her opponent while her an arm wraps around the other. She either holds their, for the submissions and the humiliation or with a free hands begins to finger her opponent until she cries for mercy.
-The Upside Down Star: With her opponent facing out towards the crowd, Aphrodite will hold their arms in a grapevine like style, splitting their legs apart and eating them out.


Visual Appearance: A somewhat below average height woman with light tan skin and dyed pink hair, accenting her bright green eyes. Her body is well toned, with not much of any fat on her.  Her chest is an ample C cup. This further accentuated by her appearance as Aphrodite and reverting to her natural hair color of blonde

Aisha Love Normal Attire:
Aphrodite Attire 1:
Aprhodite Alternate Attire:

Personality: She is a rather positive woman and finds wrestling as an outlet to get out aggressions or any doubts that she has in civilian life. She can be rather stubborn in this endeavor as her drive to win can sometimes get the better of herself, refusing to quit and sometimes disregarding her own safety to perform  a death defying maneuver. This personality is far different when it's Aphrodite, whom seems far more cocky, bragging, and far more empowered with her self.

Past/History: Aisha was born Aisha Varina Norman in the town of Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina to a family of three brothers and two other sisters, the youngest child of the six. Her father, in his youth a wrestler, always brought wrestling into Aisha's young life, wither it was watching it on television or going to local events. It would be no surprise that out of the six children, four of which would go on to find a career in the sport.
Young Aisha's first foray into the ring was at seventeen, serving as at first a referee for a local promotion, but quickly managed to become a member of the roster. Success was hard, even with training from her father. It would take several years before she became even a main stay on any roster, moving around the country to different promotions until finally she did it, becoming a big hit among the crowd and eventually becoming a champion. From there, she would travel across the world, learning of different styles and techniques to perfect her kicking techniques.
She joined the AFW Friction roster to earn and hopefully find great success.

Wrestling Attire:
-Regular Ring Attire: A pink with white trim two piece with matching boots. A heart over her right butt cheek.
-Special Attire: Worn only for special matches, she will go into her bunny girl persona , with a pink and white trim, bunny ears that match, and the same boots as her regular attire. A heart on her left butt cheek.
-Aphrodite Attire: Varies heavily from  match to match, focusing on very skimpy Greek attire and bikinis.

Fun Facts:
-Loves chocolate and almond candy bars.
-Has a thing for the color pink.
-Has an associates degree in history.

AFW Information

Record (10-10-0)
-Great Kali(L) vs. Aisha Love(W)- Standard Singles Match, Winner by Pinfall
-GASTER(L) vs. Aisha Love(W)- Pumpkinhead Match
-SS18 Aisha Love vs Tess Price :Greco Roman Oil Wrestling Match
-Aphrodite(W) vs Hoshino Yuubari(L):Hentai Submission Match
-Zulime Lafitte (L) vs Aphrodite, Love of the World (W):Hentai Match
- Veronika (L) vs. Aphrodite (W)
-Hoshino Yuubari (L) vs Aphrodite Hentai Submission Match
-Origa(L) vs Aphrodite(W) in a Standard Hentai Allowerd Match
- Ryo Kamiya (L)vs. Aphrodite(W)vs. Evelyn Evans(L) Triple Threat Hentai MAtch for the Tension Hentai Championship
-Aphrodite(W) vs. Angela(L) for the Hentai Championship

-Jessica Wright(W) vs. Aisha Love(L)- Standard Singles Match, Lost by Pinfall
-Belinda Northman(W) vs. Aisha Love(L)- Standard Singles Match, Lost by Pinfall
-Del (W) Vs. Aisha Love (L)- Standard w/ Hentai allowed Bunny Match
-Yuki Onna(W) w/ Spring Tiger(W) vs  Aisha Love(L) w/ Isa(L)- Standard Tag Team match, Lost by Pinfall: Summer Spleash Opener
-Amazon Alaina Sanders (W) vs Aisha Love (L)
-Aisha Love (L) vs Anna Ivers (W): AV 17 Rookie Tournament: Loss through DQ
-Sayumi Arai (W) vs Aisha Love (L)- Hardstyle Hentai
- Rising Star Championship Title Match: Yukina(W) vs. Aphrodite(L)
-Hell on Earth PPV Hawk Moth(W) vs Aphrodite(L)
-Kogeki the Demon Yokozuna(W) vs. Aphrodite(L)



Friends: Great Kali(?), Belinda Northman (Formerly)
Allies: Belinda Northman, Great Kali(?)
Rivals: Belinda Northman, Yuki Onna, Sayumi Arai
Enemies: Jessica Wright, Kogeki Yokozuna
Crushes: Great Kali(?)

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Aisha Love (Aphrodite) "The Pink bomber"/ "Love of the World" Empty Re: Aisha Love (Aphrodite) "The Pink bomber"/ "Love of the World"

Post by Serpon Sat Apr 29, 2017 5:32 am

Accepted, you may now rp.

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Aisha Love (Aphrodite) "The Pink bomber"/ "Love of the World" Empty Re: Aisha Love (Aphrodite) "The Pink bomber"/ "Love of the World"

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