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Inconsistent posting

Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:53 pm by RJD

I have stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks and will not be able to post anywhere near as often as usual/before. To be honest this has already been showing it's effects lately but it will do so even more from now on. I'll prioritise my Avalanche match and multi character matches but other than that I'll respond probably once every few days, I'll try not to leave anyone hanging though.

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Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:49 pm by xalex

So i tried to say to as many people as i could per pm.... but i will put it up here as well just to get sure that i get all....

my finalls are around the corner.... and this means something... my free time will be cut shrot... really short...

and unluckily my afw time will be cut down extremly...

so i say sorry to everyone i have a match with right now but in the next time i will be slow as fuck

i try to get back as fast as i can^^ i still will be online on trillian or here so if …

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Looking for Friction matches!

Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:07 am by tehbohemian

Hey everybody just posting a notice I have 2 wrestlers that could use some love!

Shinobu just got out of her match and I'm looking for some wins or losses to add to her record, she is a serious fighter and is looking for more straight forward fights, she could be a good match up against other "martial artist" type characters looking for a challenge or she could stand up to a violent heel, anything works.

Sonic is also up for matches, people familiar with Ring Dream or Wrestle Angels should …

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Rin Dubois

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Rin Dubois

Post by Remember2Smile917 on Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:33 am

Name: Rin Dubois
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 95 lbs
Nationality: Japanese, French
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Pounce Bounce - Dance Gavin Dance

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Veeeery slowly wear down her opponent.
Style: Lots of sexual moves, she knows basic wrestling moves for humiliation/sex but other than that she just treats matches as a sex game.

Preferred Attacks: smothers, slaps, bronco busters, hip attacks

Preferred Matches: hentai, humiliation


Favored moves: Stinkface, power bomb, clothesline

Finishing moves: Just Getting Warmed Up: With her opponent's head propped in the corner or bed frame, she will pull down her panties to either the bottom of her butt or around her ankles and then proceed to gyrate her wide, sexy hips on his/her face to seduce them. This move is used not as a submission unless her back is to the wall.

Comfy Clothesline: - Rin will butt-bump her opponent until their back is on the corner ropes them she will back up to get a sufficient running start. Then she will take off her shirt and bra ( if not already off <img src=" title="Wink" />) and charge toward her foe to smash her cushion-like boobs into their face. (Used to set up "Just Getting Warmed Up").

Dessert For Two: With Rin's victim lying face-up on the mat or bed, she will grab her dildo and stick it in their mouth ( if she brought it prior ). Then she will turn around in a reverse facesitting position and plop her peachy butt onto their face with the dildo up her pussy. She will continue to smother and pleasure herself by face-fucking her victim until they either pass out or she climaxes onto the dildo and in their mouth. Usually she gets too carried away and ends up doing the latter anyway.

Pounce Bounce: - Rin runs straight towards her foes belly and tackles them onto their back. She then climbs on the side ropes or stands off the bed and flops her butt right onto their chest to knock the wind out of them. While securing them in a schoolgirl pin, she strips herself completely. If her opponent is a guy, she will ride their dick until she orgasms then she will position herself in a reverse facesitting position and smear and bounce her bare naked ass on his face until they pass out from loss of breath due to the forced fucking. If it's a girl however, she will just skip to the reverse facesitting and smother them out.

General Bio

Visual Appearance:

Physical Appearance: A little chubby but most of it is around her hips and abdomen area. Decent sized bust. Legs are a bit chunky as well but shapely and go with her body shape well.

Personality: Rin is a brat.....plain and simple. She grew up with 2 sisters and the three would often engage in fights on a daily basis. Rin, being the oldest, often came out on top of these "spats". She is also a huge tease. Wearing short booty shorts, low cut shirts, and often going panty-less just to get the boys to bat and eye when she passes by. This personality triat makes her a villian in a girls eyes. She is highly competitve in terms of her body and challenges.

She does have a soft side though. She often spends her nights trying to convince herself of how gosh darn beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, cute ( pretty much anything relating to attractive ) by admiring her curvy profile in the mirror. Her sisters play a part in regaining her confidence with their forced compliments ( otherwise they would get smothered ). She also keeps a dairy she entitled "My Sanctuary". The pages are riddled with stories of heartbreak, triumph, more heartbreak, her innermost secrets , and a portriat sketched in colored pencil of her appearance that day after every entry. She also has a soft spot for animals ( except rodents and things that are "ewwy" )

Past/History: During her Senior year of high school, an AFW scout at one of the track meets apporached her and offered her a spot with the rest of the big time wrestlers. Rin was a high jumper throughout her entire high school career. She always kept her body in tip-top shape. Enough so to have the scout's eyes glued on her. Rin was striken with awe at the opportunity because she admired the wrestlers and what they did. She especially looked up to Natalia the Dream. However, it wasn't due to her age and strength but her ability to overwhelm them with her body. This factor makes her quite entertaining in bed with guys but AFW saw her deadliness. Bedroom matches are her forte when it comes to using her breasts and her curvy bottom.

Wrestling Attire: Same as pic

Fun Facts

-Her favorite animal is the Red Panda
-Rin dislikes gross bodily functions (burping, farting, spitting etc. )
-Wants to sit on everyone's face at AFW
-Her first facesitting was at age 9 when she sat on her camp counselor's face during a campout for girl scouts with the aid of her fellow campers.
-She hates the snow
-Her favorite thing to do is draw
-Her least favorite thing is losing
-Rin is very ticklish ( EVERYWHERE!!! )

AFW Information

Record: 0
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0



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Re: Rin Dubois

Post by Tatyina on Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:58 am

Wont be able to approve this until you do a past and a personality.

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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Re: Rin Dubois

Post by Remember2Smile917 on Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:25 pm

gotcha. lol it was late at night when i made this so my brain didn't want to think of anything right away.

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Re: Rin Dubois

Post by Remember2Smile917 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:59 pm


How is it?? <img src=" title="Smile" />

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Re: Rin Dubois

Post by Kelsea on Sat Mar 10, 2012 10:29 am

Looks fine, you can go ahead and RP

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Re: Rin Dubois

Post by Sponsored content Today at 6:52 am

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