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Looking for Return Matches.

Tue May 04, 2021 3:27 pm by Hedgehawk

Hello Everyone!

I am looking for anyone interested to help me get back into the swing of things and get or two going on the site.

Mostly I am looking for something from my character Trinity. Given her style I am looking for something on the more hardcore side, a cage match, no DQ, or even a streetfight. Given her build and her personality I don't mind her going up against males with a similar personality.

I am also up for possibly looking at setting a match up for Momoka. Though not sure if …

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Just an update

Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:37 pm by Deus001

Hey folks just a quick public service announcement

So I'm now back at work proper now. So expect my posting to be somewhat erratic now, as we get into May I'll likely get more hours from the fam and eventually I'll be working full time for them by the end of the year. At that point I'll be able to come up with more of a posting routine, but as it stands if my post rate gets more iffy as we go into the year that's why but I'll still be doing stuff dw Smile

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Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:29 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Happiest of Birthdays to our beloved Bird of Murder, Killcarrion.

He deserves it, this dude has worked IMMENSELY hard during his time as a mod to try and bring lots of cool ppvs, matches, stories, and such to the site and works tirelessly to try and help out as much as possible.

He's a legit good dude, and one of my absolute best friends.

Love ya buddy!

Erin Suzuki 4af03c10

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Erin Suzuki

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Erin Suzuki Empty Erin Suzuki

Post by Kelsea Sun Apr 20, 2008 10:04 pm

Erin Suzuki

Erin Suzuki ELZuoMv

Name: Erin Suzuki
Age: 19
Eyes: Lavender/grey
Hair: Black (occasionally dyed lavender)
Height: 5"2
Weight: 104lbs
Nationality: Japanese

Alignment: Face/tweener - Erin is closer to being a face then a heel, the fan's love her and she is good natured. Sometimes she'll skirt the line though and do some heelish stunts, although most of them stunts only are meant to humiliate rather then cause excessive pain.

Tactics and style grappling/submission wrestler: Erin has adapted from being solely a submission wrestler, but still likes to get up close and personal. She’ll use grapples (and throws on opponents the same size as her) if she gets the chances she’ll also take her opponent down to the mats with her where can use her submission holds

Preferred match: standard matches and water sports match

Favoured moves: Prefers up close and personal moves, grappling

Finishing move/s: "Body Heat" this is a floored headlock (front to front, usually with Erin on her back), she'll wrap her body close to her opponent and press her crotch up to her opponents. Can also be turned quite easily into a hentai finisher

"Wet dreams" Erin gets her opponent on the mat on their back and climbs on top of them. She'll then apply a sleeper hold, but from the front (her right arm placed against her opponents throat and the left arm cupping around the back of their head to pull them up into the other arm). Like a normal sleeper, the hold can concentrate on cutting off blood circulation or choke the victim.. Erin prefers to press against the vein rather then choke because it seems less violent and the victim just gradually drifts off. Some times to apply pressure to the hold, Erin has to rock back and forth which gives the impression that she is humping them.

Entrance music: "Mysterious times" by SASH

Standard Attire
Erin Suzuki G77IYVO

Wet matches attire
Erin Suzuki JDNh6za

Erin Suzuki YtklKJ3

Erin Suzuki YRl1XIl

Erin Suzuki I7Fzbfg

Erin Suzuki AAbOrXu

Erin Suzuki LoMsOzb

Personality: Erin is a kind and friendly introverted girl, she’s has been on her lonesome since a very early age and so is quite use to having just herself as company. She usually doesn't like being mean, although sometimes if she is feeling like it she might tease others sexually during matches.

She isn't particularly violent for a wrestler, she much prefers the close body contact that comes into play in wrestling matches (as aposed to using strikes for example). However, despite being really into submission style, strangely enough she can sometimes become embarrassed by the closeness she craves. When she is in the ring, she usually tips towards the extrovert camp on the scale and in her matches she'll become very cuddly and clingy.

Past: As an orphan in Osaka, Japan; Erin's past has always been very lonely.. no real family to call her own… At a young age she was so shy that she barely said more then a couple of syllables at a time to others, her social awkwardness severely hampering her chances at get close to other or making many friends… Most of the other kids her age tended to think she was a bit weird and so avoided her. She became more communicative during her teens, but even then she was behind the social learning curve at a time when others were starting to date and show interest in the opposite sex... As a result, she didn’t really get into any romantic entanglements… Not that she didn’t want to, the problem was that she now felt more comfortable being by herself even if she wanted to love and attention of others.

Most of her eduction was self-taught, seems she wasn’t hanging out with friends too much, she spent most of her days in the library and turned into a quiet bookworm. She didn’t do all too well in school, but was still very knowledge and intelligent simply due to the amount she read.

As she got into her late teens, a headhunter that was looking for cute young girls to fill a wrestling federation came around. Of all the girls, he took an interest in Erin. Erin was not so na├»ve as to not notice how shady this guy seemed, but Erin (perhaps falsely) didn’t think she’d be able to integrate into society under normal circumstances. She took the opportunity, which lead her to a small wrestling circuit. Normally she would have shied away from the close physical contact that happens during wrestling, but she found that with the excuse that she *had* to wrestle as part of her new contract, she had an excuse to get close to people and even experiment with her sexuality… Because she didn’t have a choice but to do so.

She took initially to close quarters submission style wrestling and quickly caught the eyes of others which made a push for her to be promoted from the small circuit onto its parent show… AFW

Attire: For wet and message matches, Erin wears a dark blue skin tight schoolgirl swimsuit. For standard matches she wears a white variation of a short qipao dress with a black floral design and black mesh net frills at the side
Special note: Smells of lavender


Erin's Blog

Real name: Erin Suzuki

How Hentai are you: ♥♥♥ I'm still shy to hentai stuff, but not as shy as others... I'm willing to do some of this stuff that makes other kawaii's blush and squeal and am learning every day to get better.

Wins: 5
Losses: 11
Draws: 1


Erin Suzuki defeated by Barbara (5-0 in first to 5 falls hentai match)
Erin Suzuki draws with Stacie Nguyen (double orgasm)
Erin Suzuki wins against Julie Evans
Erin Suzuki wins against Dixie Clemets
Erin Suzuki defeated by Karen Loveless
Erin Suzuki wins against Julie Evans
Erin Suzuki defeated by Tanya Monteiro (2-0 in best of 3 submissions)
Erin Suzuki defeated by Kotomi (pinfall)
Erin Suzuki defeated by Lusia Gandera (submission from a headlock) - Erin v Lusia
Erin Suzuki wins against Lusia Gandera (submission from grapevine) - Erin v Lusia
Erin Suzuki defeated by Ruka & Lisa, handicap match (submission from full nelson lock) - Erin v Ruka & Lisa
Erin Suzuki defeated by Sarah Ashcole (humiliation submission) - Erin v Sarah
Erin Suzuki defeated by La Gatita Violeta (pass out) - Erin v La Gatita Violeta
Erin Suzuki defeated by Natalia (pass out) - Erin v Natalia
Erin Suzuki defeated by Ai Nanasaki (pass out via Ocean Trap) - Erin v Ai
Erin Suzuki defeated by Nanako Jounouchi (pass out via sleeper hold) - Erin v Nanako
Erin Suzuki wins against Ai Daikirai Erin v Ai Daikirai

**If there are any matches I have left out or corrections on these, please inform me

Championship belt history:




Natalia ♥♥
(1 heart indicates a minor but notable attraction, 3 indicates a large soft spot for the person, 5 indicates love or infatuation)

The Erin Experience

Erin Suzuki vs. Lusia
Erin Suzuki vs Lusia Gandera 2
Erin Suzuki v Ruka & Lisa "East Meets West" *YIM Match*
Elly "Red Gem" Mikami vs. Erin Suzuki *Incomplete*
Erin Suzuki v Sarah Ashcole
Erin Suzuki vs. La Gatita Violeta
Erin Suzuki vs. Makita Shouko *Incomplete*
Erin Suzuki vs. Natalia The Dream
The Queen of Brawl's Protege *Spar*
Swimsuit Battle: Erin vs Ai
Erin Suzuki vs. Valentina Cousins *Ongoing*
Ai Daikirai vs. Erin Suzuki

Character model: Ping-yi

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The new and improved: Kelsea's Karacters

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Erin Suzuki Empty Re: Erin Suzuki

Post by Kelsea Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:38 pm

Updated pics

The new and improved: Kelsea's Karacters

Erin Suzuki ELZuoMvErin Suzuki OG5hnuaErin Suzuki Cg3CzYmErin Suzuki 398g342

Prepare your face for ThE BRaT PaCK
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