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Recent absence and delayed threads

Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:10 pm by Lunchador

Hey, all! Wanted to send a message here to apologize for my recent absence, and the threads I've left hanging for the last month or so. Been dealing with some physical and mental health issues that have kept me from posting for awhile. It Want to sincerely apologize to those who I've had ongoing threads with during this time, and to those who have been waiting for me to start something with them. I feel like I'm ready to start trying to be active, again, and hope folks will be willing to …

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Miss Fortune

Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:30 pm by starvalentine

She's baaaccckkk!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Queen of New York, The Sicilian Assassin...... MISS FORTUNE! Madison Oppenheim!!


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Found my HHH

Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:40 pm by starvalentine

Found my inner HHH and buried some of my roster. If anyone cares to look its here

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Kyoko Akan

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Kyoko Akan

Post by Mystery Dragon on Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:36 am

Age: 23
Eyes: White
Hair: Blue
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 150
Nickname: Belly Queen
Alignment: Tweener(typically heel but she has her moments)
Entrance music: Vapor Rock

Appearance :
Caught at a bad time :
Caught at a bad time: 

Lazy day :
Lazy day: 

And what are you looking at :
And what are you looking at: 

Fighting style: Kyoko likes to go after her opponents belly, typically with a good deal of strikes and kicks. She has diffiuculty commiting to a move and while this can be a hinderance she has been able to avoid counters due to this. However she also has a fondness for wrestling and wearing her opponent down with suplexes and holds. 

Signature moves: 
Scissor hold: Kyoko wraps her legs around her opponents waist and squeezes for all her worth. If she can she wil use her arms to either restrain her opportunity or strike them.

Missle dropkick: Kyoko goes to the top rope and leaps off as her opponent reaches her feet, planting her feet on whatever she can hit.

Finishing moves:
Akan buster: Kyoko pushes her opponent on the top turnbuckle, allowing her to position their head on her shoulder, grab their legs and hold them up in a muscle buster, before dropping them on their backs.
Spear: Kyoko positions herself in anyway she can to adorned opponent, charging them as they rise and driving her shoulder firmly into their gut.

Preferred matches: is open for anything but is more interested in competing then anything else.

History: Kyoko started out as a calm and collected sweet girl in Kyōto Japan. She grew up as the first daughter of a businessman and went to a decent all-female school. At her fathers insistence, Kyoko took self defense classes to better safeguard herself even though Kyoko herself had no desire to fight. This changed when a close friend of hers was being picked on by the school bullies and Kyoko, a protector by heart rushed to her aid, promptly handing the group on their ass. A fire was ignited within her as she found a newfound love of her fighting prowess and grew up as something of a defender to the students of her schools. She also took an interest in several styles of fighting from basic martial arts to wrestling Kyoko began learning all she could about all the different styles of combat. 
This changed drastically when an American student, Amy enrolled at the College and proved to be a big nuisance. Amy was an aggressive girl who didn't like being crossed and wasted little time in trying to establish her dominance on the school, although for awhile, the two stayed out of each others way. Kyoko finally had to intervene when one of Amy's lackeys was beating up a student in the locker rooms before Kyoko stepped in, leaving the attacker a beaten mess, this backfired as Amy took the attack personally and payed her back in full by jumping her as she thought she was alone in the same locker room. Kyoko was caught utterly unaware and though she tried to defend herself, Amy eventually beat Kyoko down and tied her up to the lockers, what followed was a life-altering experience as Amy ripped of her shirt and proceeded to attack Kyoko's defenseless belly like a punching bag until she eventually passed out. When Kyoko came to her senses and healed off the brutal assault she challenged Amy to a high stakes wrestling match (the sport Amy practiced.) If she won Amy would never lay a hand on anyone again, if she lost Kyoko wouldn't interfere in any of Amy's business, to which she agreed.
The match proved to be a disaster. Despite Amy's superior wrestling knowledge, Kyoko started off fairly even and even looked on the brink of winning with her expanded skills in several combat styles, but then Amy mixed things up and began focusing on Kyoko's belly, and promptly began to destroy her until she had the students hero against the ropes, pounding away at her midsection until Kyoko was forced to surrender for the first time in her life. Still wanting to protect her fellow students, Kyoko begged Amy to leave everyone alone and in exchange she would let herself be Amy's sole victim, an offer the American agreed to. Kyoko spent her entire second semester of College under the boot of Amy, doing whatever she was told and even being used as her personal punching bag. The experience changed Kyoko drastically, and eventually she wanted to take Amy down for herself rather then for anyone else and she spent the break training her abs to prepare for her revenge. It came when she returned for her second year and challenged Amy again, this time to a belly-punching contest, Amy had to restrain her laughter as she accepted what she expected to be an easy. The outcome proved very different, as Amy struggled to hurt her while Kyoko effortlessly broke her down until her former tormentor was a gasping mess on the floor. This victory filled Kyko with as ensue of pride and fulfillment she had never felt before, it proved to be far more satisfying then being everyone's 'Hero' ever did and Kyko walked away a changed woman.
Kyko desperately sought out this feeling again, taking the opportunity to compete in wrestling, taking an interest in the various challenges it presented.  Over the course of two years mixing her growing wrestling skills and her striking ability, Kyoko  became a force to be reckoned with as she was taking on opponents with twice her experience and winning, most commonly known for her love of attacking her opponents stomach and bragging about her own, yet still taking on all comers earned her the nickname the "Belly Queen" an accolade she took with pride. Eventually her name and fame reached the ears of AFW, and when she was given the offer Kyoko accepted eagerly having burned through most of the competition she could find here she looked forward to the fresh roster of new challengers.

Personality: The years since her "makeover" has done a number on her personally. She has gained an immense amount of pride in her stomach and isn't afraid to flaunt it and any of her other assets when she can. She's also extremely cocky and looks down on anyone she feels isn't up to her standards. Recently she has aquired a bit of a berserk button in regards to being challenged, she hates to be looked down on and it brings out a nasty side of her when she is ignored or mocked, she's definitely at her worst in this situation. Despite all her newfound aggression, she's not a bully and she won't pick just mercilessly pick on somebody outside of the ring and if she sees her insults are legitimately bothering someone, she's likely to stop. If she likes you she's actually pretty tolerable and friendly and is almost the same person she was before her drastic changes if she calls you friend. Her belly fetish pertains to others as well as she will openly admit when someone has a nice set of abs and loves to test them and have hers tested. However friend or foe, the one place she has no mercy to give is during a fight, she will say or do anything in her power to win.

Other facts:
- She wrestles in the clothes she appears in as part of her cocky attitude, she feels she doesn't need to be properly attired to win, however you know she's serious when she begins to remove part of her clothes to be in a more proper style.
-She's bisexual, although she's never been in a female relationship, and she's only had two boyfriends.
-She's protective of people she calls friend, a small sign that the woman she once was isn't entirely gone...
-She's not afraid to cheat however she will not stand someone cheating for her (although she still might take advantage.) if she's going to win, she's going to do so by herself, even if she needed brass knuckles to do it.
-She's always looking for a worthy challenge to test her belly against, she feels the title doesn't matter unless she does otherwise.

-Her superior abs.
- a good challenge
- eating
-being looked down upon
-bullies(there's a grey area here)

Friends: Tabitha: the first encounter started off cordial enough but grew intense the second was downright hostile, after their third where Starligh finally bested Kyoko did they seem to see eye to eye with the two helping each other out in areas there weak in growing in strength from the mutual benefits.


Enemies: Da Xia: what started as a simple match turned into a grudge match once Da Xia showed her true colors in a match where Kyoko upset the veteran in her field, this didn't go over well with the Chinese girl and she made it her mission to pay back the embarrassment of the loss.

Timeline :
Kyoko starts her debut against the simpleminded Hanako:
- Kyoko faces off against a Viking:
Kyoko has her patience tested against Hiroko:

Vs Hanako
Vs Ingrid: Win via pinfall
Vs Hiroko: Win via verbal submission
Vs Fallon:
Vs Mizore:
Vs Rei: Loss via TKO
Vs Da Xia: win via hentai pinfall

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Re: Kyoko Akan

Post by Tatyina on Thu Feb 04, 2016 5:44 am

Approved. You may make matches and rp as you like.

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

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