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From, Submissive Girl. Sorry about my inactivity.

Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:06 am by Submissive Girl

Hey! I know I haven't been on in a while. Unfortunately it might stay like that for a while.

I am super sorry about not being on more often. I am supper busy In real life.
Just so you understand a little bit about my life

1. I am a college sophomore taking 20 credit hours.
2. I have a job at as a cashier at a busy gift shop in a popular place in Florida (Not saying my city, but it is very busy where I am)
3. I have an intership that I work about 12 hours a week.
4. I am seeing a guy (Kind of …

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Comments: 6

First Tension Match.

Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:54 am by Zebra Crossing

Now that I've sorted some things for my FnF character, I'd like to try and get a match going for my recently approved Tension character.
I enjoy having some input from my RP partner unless I have something super specific in mind, so exactly what kind of match it is or what will happen …

[ Full reading ]

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Tadao Debut Match

Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:33 am by TheEditor1023

Looking for a debut match for my new character, Tadao Chikamatsu. If you're interested feel free to PM me Smile

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Shiro Seiler

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Shiro Seiler

Post by Pollux on Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:55 pm

Name: Shiro Seiler
Alias: The Artistic Warrior
Sex: M
Age: 22
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red Orange
Height: 5' 10" (177.8 cm)
Weight: 158 lbs (71.7 kg)
Nationality: Austria
Ethnicity: German, Japanese
Entrance music: [url=]Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade by Modest Mussorgsky[/url:3o0zljha]

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Shiro dislikes overexertion and dragged out, proximate confrontations because of his below average strength. To sidestep this disadvantage, Shiro aims to be ruthlessly efficient. Ideally, a victory is secured early on with a joint lock; with his mastery of aikido, and much to the surprise of his stronger foes, this has been, more often than not, an attainable outcome. If this is not possible, Shiro leverages his superior endurance, keeping his distance while unleashing a trickle of surgically precise strikes, whenever the opportunity arises, until his opponent is suitably weakened for a devastating finisher. Usually, in a long fight, Shiro's patience and intelligence preserves the integrity of his technique while his enemy deteriorates far earlier, becoming frantic and angry at Shiro's elusive footwork. If Shiro's feeling particularly mean, or if he judges it necessary, he'll accelerate the process with taunts.

Shiro views combat as a performance. As implied by his ring alias, he strives for elegance in execution. If the match goes as planned, a fight should appear as a tightly choreographed dance, albeit a painful and frustrating one for his opponent.

Style: Aikido, Boxing, Judo, Kenjutsu

Preferred Matches: Any

Endurance: ★★★★★ - An avid long distance runner and swimmer, Shiro's endurance is world class.
Strength: ★★ - Shiro's something of a narcissist; to him, strength loses much of its value outside of the meeting and maintenance of his cosmetic ideal.
Speed: ★★★★ - Maneuverability is critical to the execution of Shiro's strategy.
Defense: ★★★★★ - The focus of Shiro's strategy is to reverse the flow of his opponent's aggression. As this has been the focus of his training from the very start, Shiro's skill at defense is at the apex.
Technique: ★★★ - The bulk of Shiro's experience comes from the controlled setting of the dojo. Whether his neat precision can remain intact under loosely defined guidelines remains to be seen.

Favored moves: Wrist and arm locks, uppercuts, or moves that require the absolute minimum of physical contact.

Finishing moves:

Zeno's Paradox - When his opponent is on the verge of defeat, Shiro intentionally becomes sloppy and invites successful and direct strikes. The point of these concessions is to establish a false confidence, relief, and hope within Shiro's antagonist, to provide the thrill of belief in the possibility of reversing their dire situation. When the time is appropriate, Shiro exploits the hidden power differential and closes the distance, launching a startling barrage of body blows and capping off the fusillade with an armlock. This move is physically and psychologically decisive as it coaxes the enemy into spending the last reserves of energy on a final campaign for an unreachable victory.



Everyday Casual

Entrance Costume

Fight Dress

Wrestling Attire: Shiro dons his stylized, ceremonial feudal garb for his entrance routine. In the fight proper, Shiro wears the pictured silk shorts. In boxing rounds, he uses the pictured green gloves. Otherwise, he favors of an old pair of royal blue, fingerless MMA gloves. Shiro wears red socks under his faded white wrestling boots.

Personality: Although Shiro is magnanimous, this does not mean he is an agreeable fellow; in fact, many dislike him. His generosity is derived from his self-fashioned identity as a noble of modernity. Because of his considerable gifts and talents, Shiro believes he has a preordained mission to correct the shortcomings of others for their own good. To his would be beneficiaries, this translates into an insufferably irksome degree of condescension. When Shiro talks, he sounds like he's the smartest person in the room, though to be fair, he probably is.

Because of Shiro's boundless confidence, it is exceedingly difficult for him to equivocate, compromise, or apologize. He is not unaware of the accusatory whispers that hold him as arrogant and insensitive. However, Shiro considers arrogance the failure of one's actions to reinforce one's attitude. With his ardent belief in his virtual infallibility, in Shiro's mind, it is impossible for him to be arrogant.

To Shiro, narcissism is an ugly and unbecoming trait but it is somewhat difficult for him to conceal his love for his beauty which he earnestly strives to hone.

Most people bore Shiro. Though he makes an honest effort at hiding it, he appears obviously aloof and dismissive when he isn't allowed to spend his time at the gym or in the company of books and music.

Needless to say, these traits are not particularly endearing but it is not Shiro's intent to be off putting. In his eyes, his behavior is perfectly natural and if anything, he feels he extends too many undeserved courtesies. For the few that can endure his foibles and who pique his interest at the same time, Shiro is an unflinchingly loyal, though perhaps an annoyingly incisive ally.

Past/History: Shiro's father, a wealthy German industrialist, and his mother, an elite biologist from Tokyo, rapidly ascended through the ranks of an American bio-engineering corporation that came to the forefront of the field a few years before Shiro's birth. Contravening federal law and a company wide moratorium on human experimentation, Shiro's ambitious parents used their DNA in a covert effort to explore the feasibility of engineering a better human. Although the process they developed was not without problems, it did produce a viable zygote that Shiro's mom eagerly volunteered to carry to birth. When a group of their close colleagues suffered harsh retribution after the discovery of an unrelated and unauthorized project, Shiro's parents quietly transferred their work and retired to the father's estate back in Brandenburg.

Despite the peculiar circumstances of his origin, Shiro's parents did love him deeply. However, the lure of discovery encouraged them to test the limits of humanity's first engineered offspring and so from an early age, Shiro was exposed to a wide battery of challenges. For Shiro, this was not problematic but actually ideal as he reveled in the opportunity to excel. Over time, he gravitated towards literature, chess, piano, swimming, and track. By the time he was through with high school, Shiro had distinguished himself in all of these fields internationally. Most notably, in his sophomore year, he became the youngest winner ever of the International Chopin Piano Competition.

His introduction to the martial arts came in kindergarten when an older girl applied rudimentary judo skills to subdue Shiro for making a rather direct, but innocuous, observation about her intelligence. After joining her dojo, Shiro avenged his embarrassing defeat within a month, applying the same moves with which he had been made a victim for twice the length on his female oppressor in the same spot of the same classroom in front of the same audience. Around the same time, Shiro took on aikido, kenjutsu, and boxing in addition to judo as well as the traditional form of archery, kyudo.

Although Shiro initially considered AFW little more than a lark, upon reflection, he decided that a venture there would be worthwhile. As a chess grandmaster, piano virtuoso, published novelist, and university valedictorian, Shiro's intellectual landscape has been well mapped and consequentially, become somewhat boring. Even though he's trained in several martial arts for nearly the entirety of his life thus far, his roles have been exclusively ceremonial, relegated to stiff and formal competitions or local culture fairs, aside from a few tussles with soft, genteel boarding school kids. Physical conquest represents the next logical frontier in Shiro's quest to excel. AFW's diverse collection of talent has been enough to entice Shiro away from his current residence in Vienna where he recently began an apprenticeship at a renowned conservatory. Plus, because AFW is highly visible, Shiro thinks it is a great place to indulge his vanity without guilt.

Fun Facts:

- Shiro loves science fiction so much that when he's alone, he often pretends he is the captain of a star ship.
- His oldest dream is to lead an expedition to capture a lake monster.
- Although he has some experience, Shiro is a relentlessly conservative prude.
- Shiro graduated university in two and a half years.
- Shiro detests vegetables; one day, he will make it so that burgers and sweets are healthy.
- He won't drink alcohol anymore because of one harrowing night that proved Shiro to be a lightweight.
- Shiro is exceptionally fluent, to a point of being able to read and enjoy heavy works of literature, in English, German, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and French.

AFW History


Record: 0-0-0

Boxing Federation

Record: 0-0-0


- [url=]Penelope Lu[/url:3o0zljha] - Penelope met Shiro by bumping into his table at a nearby café while he was reading. He glared at her and so Penelope, abusing her strength advantage, decided to pick on him relentlessly. Because she found flustering him so enjoyable, Penelope kept badgering Shiro as a hobby who has now begun to tolerate her as an incisive and humbling influence.


- [url=]A Rocky Arrival[/url:3o0zljha] - An unlucky encounter with a Federation boxer turns into a fight.
- [url=]Tension Debut[/url:3o0zljha] - A jobber teaches Shiro the joy of showmanship.

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[url=]Shiro Seiler[/url:2q44sy18] - Tension, Boxing Federation
[url=]Penelope Lu[/url:2q44sy18] - Friction, Tension, Boxing Federation

Looking for matches - I would be thrilled to RP with whomever under any terms I can imagine really.


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Re: Shiro Seiler

Post by Tatyina on Wed Aug 15, 2012 12:09 am

Approved ^ ^ You may make matches and rp as you like

Ask for a name change at your own risk! kelyeah

Akashi Fem Gab Luk Nik Yuu
(M)Managers, (W)restlers, etc:

Allie P(M) Junko(M/W) Mam (M/W) Mercy
Abbey Belle
et al.


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