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Seeking: Friction Spar Match

Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:40 am by Yori

Looking for a spar for Alexa.

Howdy, I'm new to the forums and figured I should get my, and my characters toes wet with some good old fashion sparring. It can be a one off, or blossom into something else down the road for a friend/rival relationship. Alexa as a character is a fresh face, and an unrefined talent. I don't mind having someone at her skill level to have an event match, or someone superior to her to have a more one sided bout. I'm looking to use this regardless as a way to build …

[ Full reading ]

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Gonna be slow the next week or so... just had surgery IRL

Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:33 am by SleeperAgent94

Hey guys, got back from surgery today. Ruptured abdominal wall. In a LOT of pain right now, so posts will be VERY brief the next few days.

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Character updates.

Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:14 pm by Lotuswarrior

Since I'm starting to get a bit busier here, I'm trying to be a bit more professional. With that I'm going to overhaul my characters and update their profiles or release them all together. I'll post any images here of the characters I release, so that you guys/girls can claim them if you want.

Also looking for some characters to interact with outside of matches.

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¡La Campeóna esta Aquí!

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Re: ¡La Campeóna esta Aquí!

Post by acuya on Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:29 am

"Pursuing something?" She arched an eyebrow, but didn't push on the matter, more interested in Belle's declaration about being champion. She kept her smile up, though a small part of her was weary about the situation. This woman seemed nice enough, but she was the 24/7 Champion - anytime a wrestler was in the vicinity, a match could potentially break out. Getting the belt would require a referee, though, and there wasn't one nearby that she could see. Safe enough. On top of that, Belle had been downright pleasant so far. Like Clyde himself, sort of, only a woman. Which, of course, made her even more pleasing for Carmen to be around.

She'd just looked back when Belle dropped the belt and went into an apologizing fit, pushing her away in the process. "De nada, don't worry about-"

Carmen started to bend over along with Belle, when the cowgirl's head rapidly rose and crashed into her jaw. She barely managed to avoid biting her tongue, and with her mouth forced shut, her cry of pain was muffled, sending out spittle instead. She didn't even have second to recover from that, before her head was pulled down and a harsher blow was unleashed on her chin.

"Gah!" Carmen fell on her back and crashed hard on the asphalt, banging her head for good measure. Her body went into a spastic fit, jerking about like a fish on a hook, before coming to a sudden rest in the fetal position. She wrapped her arms around her head, her eyes scrunched up and her face contorted with pain, all while a stream of Spanish, English, and Japanese curses flew from her mouth.



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Re: ¡La Campeóna esta Aquí!

Post by Tatyina on Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:31 pm

"Ouph! Ow!"

Belle winced when her soft tush landed on the hard surface. It definitely wasn't the same as hitting the canvas, but she would manage. Carmen seemed to be the one with the problem and that problem's name was Belle B. Barker.

Belle grinned as she looked over her handiwork and crawled to her hands and knees, slithering over Carmen's downed form and pushing her onto her back. She rested her ample chest on top of Carmen's and pushed the champ's shoulders down.

She leaned in so their noses touched and their lips almost did. "Uno... Dos... Tres..." The Oklahoman ticked off with a husky whisper. She then ran along to Carmen's ear. "You don't need someone fer real ta fight against Clyde. It's the other way around." Belle reached up and patted Carmen's cheek. "Yer a sweet gal, but I'm more Clyde's style and looks like I'm the champ now anyway." She purred. "Well, not officially, but who's takin notes!"

Belle sat up, straddling Carmen as she looked over the girl. "But seriously, Clyde does need more friends, so keep bein good ta him, ok?"

Belle pushed her hand into Carmen's chest and used that to help herself up. She picked up her hat, dusted it off, and placed it perfectly askew on her head. She then toed the championship belt and flipped it so it flopped unceremoniously onto Carmen.

"Oh, and thanks fer the autograph. I'm real fan. It's a shame it's gonna wash off." Belle flashed Carmen's fallen form one last wild eyed grin before she trotted off like a show pony who just won best in show.

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Re: ¡La Campeóna esta Aquí!

Post by acuya on Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:18 pm

As Carmen laid on the hot earth, rolling around as her thoughts slurred into a muddled mess, she was only dimly aware of what was going on. She was conscious of Belle sliding over her body and laying on top of her. That was hard to miss, as her barely-covered breasts pressed down on top of Carmen's meager pair, her tight jeans ran along the track pants, their smooth legs bumped and tangled. She certainly couldn't complain about having a sizzling hot woman laying down on her, but it was only a few cups of pleasure mixed into a gallon of pain. Not much help.

Whatever she said was mostly lost on Carmen, though, as her head rang from the triple impact. She picked up enough to get the gist, though: a crazy bitch was gunning for her title. Drama to deal with. Great.

Also, something about 'not being Clyde's style'. She wasn't quite sure what that meant, but at the moment, she was too focused on punching Belle in the face to digest it.

A few minutes later, Carmen was being taken care of by Tension's medical team, as they patched up a gash in the back of her head from her fall. Nothing that would slow her down, she'd fought just fine with far worse to deal with, but it would be a nice little constant reminder of what happened and who she had to thank for it. The next time she saw Belle B. Barker, the conversation would be much more brief.

As she sat on the curb and let the medics deal with her head, Carmen brought out her phone and sent a text to Army, typing with one hand while she held the belt in the other.

Carmen: Met a special new friend today.

She held the phone up, sent him a picture of the back of her head, and got an immediate response.

Armando: WFT?
Armando: who did that?
Armando: you at the arena?

She sighed and nodded to the medics as they finished up.

Carmen: don't come.
Carmen: meet me at the gym, bring a change of clothes
Carmen: we're going into heavy training mode this weekend



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Re: ¡La Campeóna esta Aquí!

Post by Sponsored content

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