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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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A Hero's Welcome! Royal Scarlet (Debut) vs Carlos Calderon!

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A Hero's Welcome! Royal Scarlet (Debut) vs Carlos Calderon! - Page 4 Empty Re: A Hero's Welcome! Royal Scarlet (Debut) vs Carlos Calderon!

Post by Jstruggs716 Sun Dec 31, 2023 8:29 pm

Stabbing her opponent's big, thick, muscular back with her sharp knees like a sharp knife, hence the name: Backstabber, The Masked Heroine had her crooked foe reeling in agony from the attack. So much so that it was giving the heroine more time to recover from her time in the muscular man's bodyscissor. However, it also gives said muscular man time to recover from the damage he was sustain throughout the match so far and she already got a taste what an injured Carlos could do, so she doesn't want a full course helping of what a fully healed Carlos COULD DO! Thus, she needed a way to recover her strength while depleting his at the same time... And only one thing came to mind...

"Tsk! I can't believe I'm about this, especially to baddie like him." Royal Scarlet shameful scoffs underneath her breath with a bright blush on her face as she's getting up to her face. While she was doing that, she also swinging her arms up-and-down repeatedly to get the crowd pump up so she could feed their energy. And it worked as they began cheering louder and louder while clapping their hands in unison for The Scarlet Wrestler, which was like drinking an energy drink for Scarlet and allowing to fight through any lingering pain so she could rise her feet like the sun before reaching down and grabbing a handful of the coach's short spiky black hair.

"I normally don't do this for bad guys like you. But my option ARE limited. So don't think I'm doing this for you or anything." Scarlet harshly and bluntly told her crooked opponent, dragging him by the hair to the nearest corner where she places him nice and tight against the turnbuckle in a seated opponent before turning around.

"WHO WANTS TO SEE ME SMOTHER THE EVIL OUT OF THIS VILLAIN?!" Royal Scarlet shouted out as loudly as she could to the crowd with her fist being raised high in the air! The crowd replied with a loud "YYEEEESSSSSSSSSS!" in unison! This made the heroine smile massively before reaching back and grabbing the bottom part of her leotard, then YANKING it up between her gorgeous rear as far she could and partially revealing her plump butt cheeks to the fans behind her and as well Carlos~!

The crowd getting were increasing excited as they knew what was about to happen next... And they were right! Royal Scarlet backed that BADOOKA into Carlos' stupid face! Swaying her lovely hips from left-to-right and right-to-left, grinding her huge, soft, round backside into Carlos' face and depriving him of oxygen as the curvy heroine uses her lovely curves to smother the Crooked Coach with a stinkface~!

Double T


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A Hero's Welcome! Royal Scarlet (Debut) vs Carlos Calderon! - Page 4 Empty Re: A Hero's Welcome! Royal Scarlet (Debut) vs Carlos Calderon!

Post by Jaystar Tue Jan 02, 2024 5:08 pm

The Backstabber certainly did a number on Carlos, who really didn't need this kind of turn of events at this point of the match. The only thing he wanted was to get the scarlet girl caught, trapped, squeezed and thrown around like ragdoll! Then, maybe then, he could carry her exhausted body backstage, to see if he could have some fun with her... Or at least get a bit more familiar with some of her body parts - other than her knees!

Her knees were what Carlos had to be dealing with now though. And it only gave the spunky, quick-footed heroine a chance to gain more control of the match once again, and plot her own game plans against the coach. That much was easy to figure out from the increasing cheering and rhythmic clapping by the crowds that the Crokked Coach could soon start hearing... And knowing Scarlet's style so far, it was quite an easy guess that she was going for some kind of aerial move soon.

Wrong. Before Carlos had yet had the chance to check out what was going on, he could feel her pulling from his hair! It was unexpected and Carlos was totally unprepared for it... Leading to quite a humiliating scene for the Costa Rican as he was simply getting dragged behind the smaller heroine towards the corner. But what was even more confusing to him were her words.... As if she was going to do something nice to him that he didn't deserve? What the hell did that mean?

Placed in the corner, Carlos actually got a moment of reprieve. It seemed to be good news for the coach, as it made him free once again, and could give him a chance to get back up again... Or counter or dodge whatever Royal Scarlet might have been having in mind for him. But instead, she began asking the crowds if they wanted to see her smother him? What the hell?!?

His thoughts were immediately paused though, when he could see Scarlet adjusting her leotard, and revealing her plump rear even better for the coach to take a look at. Now, this was a sight that he just could not miss... But then he got quite a bit more than he had been bargaining for, when she planted that rear right onto his face, and started the Stinkface! At first, Carlos was way too confused over what to do... Sure, this was a much nicer body part to be familiar with... But soon enough he also started feeling the smothering effect... And realized that this most likely looked very humiliating for him! Eventually, the Crooked Coach just began trying to somehow smack her ass and push her thighs away from him, in hopes of getting unrestricted access to oxygen once again!


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