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Looking for New RPs

Sat Jan 28, 2023 8:41 pm by Daaharu

Hi all,

As always, I am looking for new RPs. I would love to reconnect with old roleplay partners, but I'd also be really happy if anyone out there who's new wants to play. My Discord, Daaharu#6352, is probably the best way to get in touch with me nowadays.

My two major rules for matching characters up are: 1) only female on female interactions, and 2) I like to make sure the two characters are of similar size (within 1-2 inches in height and similarly built in terms of muscle and chest …

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New year, same ol Me

Sat Jan 14, 2023 1:31 am by ihateocrecolors

Happy New Year everyone! I'm looking for more matches for my newest and also older tension characters: Kelani Alex and Aiden Bolt! I will also be taking mixed matches but mostly interested in MvM.

Giulia La Rocca - La Forza Italiana 20230111_144029

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New Year. New Matches

Sun Jan 01, 2023 12:08 pm by Deus001

Heya folks!

So to roll in 2023 I want to look at making new RPs, I'll still be writing to my current ones as well don't worry but I want to drum up more activity.

I mainly want to look at things for Eliza Harenwood, Florence Knight, Kitty N, Ryan Knight and Jaqueline Rose. For Eliza in particular I'd like for her to fight some guys mainly to show she hasn't lost her steps, Florence could do with a squash match in her favour. Ryan can do with some stuff. Kitty N could do with a rival and …

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Giulia La Rocca - La Forza Italiana

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Giulia La Rocca - La Forza Italiana Empty Giulia La Rocca - La Forza Italiana

Post by Jaystar Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:43 am

Giulia La Rocca - La Forza Italiana

Giulia La Rocca - La Forza Italiana DwLPt79

Personal Information

Real name: Giulia La Rocca
Wrestling alias: La Forza Italiana
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5’2 (157cm)
Weight: 159lbs (72kg)  “Muscle weighs!
Nationality: Italian
Alignment: Heelish Face
Entrance music: Saint Motel – My Type

Wrestling Information

Wrestling strategy: Giulia is very proud of her strength, and her wrestling strategy exemplifies it well. She loves to use power moves against most wrestlers, wanting to wear them out with a seemingly endless streak of them. Against the biggest opponents she might have to resort to using submission moves. While generally a nice person, in the ring Giulia will not have any mercy. Her mentality is that one who enters the ring, must be prepared to face the consequences.

Preferred Matches: Standard and POW.

While standard matches are the ones Giulia’s gotten used to, she’s really intrigued by POW matches. She thinks getting the loser as a prisoner is a very suitable reward for physical domination.

She doesn’t really like hardcore matches, but is too proud to turn them down if challenged to one.

Attitude to hentai: “Well, isn’t the time for that only after the match? But hey, if they really want to get humiliated in the ring, it won’t be my loss…

Physical Statistics

Endurance: ★★★★ – Giulia’s excessive gym training means she rarely is the first one to get worn out.
Strength:★★★★½ – For a girl of her size, Giulia’s strength is really impressive. Her determined gym training has left her with abundant power, and the only reason she doesn’t get five stars is due to her relatively small frame.
Speed:★★ – Giulia’s not used to having to be fast in the ring, but her small size helps her somewhat.
Defence:★★★ – Her defence often relies on countering moves with her own strength. When unable to do so, she’s more vulnerable to attacks.
Technique:★★★★ – Giulia’s technique excels in power moves and power-requiring submissions.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes:★★★ – Not Giulia’s favorites, but her strength makes even simple strikes effective.
Submissions:★★★½ – Power-requiring submissions are familiar to her, but a variety of other ones are on a road less travelled.
Powerhouse:★★★★½ – Like with the strength statistic, the lack of the final ½ star is due to her small size sometimes limiting the ability to perform them.  
Aerials: ★½ – Giulia has used them a couple of times, but success has been limited.
Counters:★★★ – Her countering abilities count a lot on her ability to use her power to counter moves. When unable to do so, she’s more vulnerable to attacks.

Favored moves: Bear hugs, slams, drivers, throws, you name it. In short, power moves. Oh, and all kinds of scissors as well.

Finishing moves:

La Bomba Romana: Giulia sets up her opponent for a powerbomb, but after executing it the first time she doesn’t let go of the opponent’s waist, instead proceeding to perform another powerbomb. After that she goes for a rana pin.

Ferrari Driver: Giulia starts the move with three quick and firm punches to the opponent’s gut, causing them to bend forward. From there she tucks their head between her thighs and executes a piledriver, before mounting her opponent for a straddling pin.


Personality: Giulia is a very sweet, kind and smart girl. She’s quite a bookworm and a classic nerd – but with a twist. She’s obsessed with making her body as strong as possible and has spent countless hours at the gym. She gets huge enjoyment for being able to show everyone how strong such a small girl can become.

And that means Giulia is often anything but sweet and kind in the ring. While she tends to keep the fight fair, she can still get very ruthless on her opponents. Giulia has a strong belief that the ring is a place for combat, and those who step in it must be able to take the consequences. In the ring she gives no mercy, and the idea of the winner getting the ownership of the loser appeals to her hugely.

Past/History: Giulia grew up in Rome, Italy. Her parents were both teachers, and they managed to plant the seed of a passion for obtaining knowledge on Giulia already at a young age. Throughout her childhood she was a grade A student, always being excited to learn new things from various different fields of study.

At the age of 14, Giulia fell victim to a bullying incident. It became a major turning point in her life. The feeling of being helpless against the bigger bullies was something she never wanted to be faced with again.

While still keeping well up with studies, Giulia started gym training. She spent so many hours at the gym, that her parents started to consider it too excessive. However, they didn’t manage to deny Giulia her newly-found joy of exercise as there seemed to be no negative effects of it, apart from the amount of spent time at the gym. And soon her parents also realized that she could have been doing a lot worse things as a teenager as well.

But those Giulia managed to hide well. At the age of 16, she became obsessed with wrestling. Seeing the fighting and combat taking place in the ring was extremely exciting, and she started fantasizing of some day being able to enter a ring herself.

For that, she would have needed some practice though. And luckily, there were a lot of nerdy guys at her school for that. Well, the guys usually thought that Giulia was honestly inviting them to study together, but not that the sessions would actually often turn out in the end to be mostly Giulia studying of applying different kind of wrestling moves on the poor guys.

Well, the guys didn’t really complain though. They usually got rewarded for their efforts.

Giulia always found smartness to be more attractive than traditional good looks. Thus, her practice sessions had been fun. But if she wanted to really become a wrestler, she needed to find some tougher opponents than nerdy guys at her school.

Luckily, she found out about a local underground wrestling federation. She was an avid visitor at their events until the day she turned 18. Then it was her time to enter the ring.

In the course of the next year Giulia had many matches against both male and female opponents. It was quite rough at first, but soon enough her skills improved. She was still visiting the gym almost daily, and her strength was still improving considerably. Eventually, Giulia became one of the club’s toughest contenders.

If she wanted to continue her wrestling career even further, she needed a bigger league to do that. And what could have been better than AFW.

Appearance and wrestling attire:

(Obviously, match attires will have to be without the glasses.)

Wrestling attire:

Alt Attire:

Bikini Attire:

Gym Attire:

"Lingerie" Attire:

Young Giulia's First Pair of Leather Bikini:

This... This must be from a nightmare!:

Fun Facts:

- She hates Spaghetti Bolognese, but loves Chicken Alfredo

- One of her favorite fantasies is being the Roman emperor (but don't ask for details)

AFW Information

Wins: 4

Losses: 1

Draws: 0




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