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Tue Aug 09, 2022 1:04 am by ihateocrecolors

Due to some issues that I think have been popping up because of my involvement in stuff, I believe it's in the interest for me and everyone else that I take a temporary or probably permanent leave from AFW-related stuff. I have been nothing more than a burden to most of you. I won't make this into a giant paragraph. All I want to say is that I apologize to everyone who's ever rooted for me because I can't hack it not anymore.

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Retiring some wrestlers

Sun Jul 10, 2022 11:42 am by Deus001

Hey all

Deus here, I've been thinking it over and I'll be looking at benching some of my roster. Been thinking its a bit over bloated and with newer ideas on the horizon for me I've figured its time to shuffle them off to greener pastures or let their faceclaims be free to use.

So at the moment I will be retiring Chuang Lingxian, Qi Lingxian and Leon La Rouge effective immediate. I might be considering benching other people but atm the above three are getting axed. If you want to adopt any of …

[ Full reading ]

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Isa - The Angel of Ice

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Isa - The Angel of Ice Empty Isa - The Angel of Ice

Post by Jaystar Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:36 am

Isa - The Angel Of Ice

Isa - The Angel of Ice 2mpfkJF

Note: After receiving training from Alicia Wells and the legendary Amazon, Alaina Sanders, Isa has gotten much more buffer, stronger, skilled and confident than what she was as a rookie in AFW. This profile represents the developed Isa, but old stats/info is still left for reference. New look in the wrestling attire -section!

Personal Information

Real name: Ísafold Hjalmarsdottir
Nickname: Isa
Wrestling alias: The Angel of Ice
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’9 (175cm)
Weight: 162lbs (73kg)  175lbs (79kg)
Nationality: Icelandic
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Of Monsters And Men – Mountain Sound  Anabantha – Angel of Ice

Wrestling Information

Wrestling strategy: After receiving training from Alicia Wells and the legendary Amazon, Alaina Sanders, Isa tries to employ a well-rounded mix of submissions, power moves and strikes. Due to her naturally kind nature though she still sometimes shies away from using too many strikes, while her traditional reliance on lower-body strength means she often still favors taking advantage of it, especially with scissor holds.

Her general strategy depends a lot on how she judges her opponent to be. She generally tries to be nicer and not go too hard (only as much as it takes to win them) on opponents she deems to be “good” people, but is not afraid, if not inclined to punish hard opponents she deems as “bad” people.

Old info:

Preferred Matches: After her training, Isa is willing to compete in most match types, eagerly expecting new challenges. However, while she wouldn’t admit it, the idea of Hardcore matches makes her nervous.

No Hentai though.

Old info:

Attitude to hentai: “Well, not everybody has to do that here, right?....What?...Why are you silent?!?

Physical Statistics

Endurance: ★★★★ – Isa has always been used to quite long matches, but generally wasn’t really used to taking a beating. However, with her training, her endurance has increased as well.
Strength:★★★★½ – With her training, Isa’s strength has developed a lot having dutifully spent countless hours by herself at the gym. While she has always had naturally great lower-body strength, her upper body strength has increased with the training too. Still, you better watch out those thighs.
Speed:★★½ – Speed is the area that has improved the least with her training that has focused more on getting more muscle as well as acquiring new skills. Can get into trouble against fast opponents.
Defence:★★★ – While Isa has trained her defence skills as well, they’re still not the best – it’s safer for her to try staying in control.  
Technique:★★★★ – The training she’s been going through has improved her technique and repertoire of move significantly, but still suffers a bit from a lack of experience with most of them.

Old stats:

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes:★★★½ – Isa has trained her strikes considerably, and especially her kicks have the potential to be deadly. However, strikes tend to be the (second) last choice of moves for her.
Submissions:★★★★★ – Most of Isa’s wins have traditionally come by submission, and having gone through training hasn’t diminished her skills with them at all.
Powerhouse:★★★★ – With her considerable increase in strength and skills, most power moves have become much more feasible to Isa. Thus, they have become her favorites after submissions!  
Aerials: ★★ – Area where Isa hasn’t really been getting any training at all. She’s sometimes tempted to try them out though, after all she does call herself an “angel”…
Counters:★★★ – Her countering abilities have improved with training, but still often count on her size and strength for success.

Old stats:

Favored moves: Scissors, smothers, submission moves.  Submission moves (especially scissors), power moves, kicks.

Finishing moves: Prolonged controlling and wearing our her opponents have by themselves often resulted in them submitting, but she has still developed a couple number of finishers.

The Icy Trap: With a worn down opponent under her, Isa takes hold on their ankles, then sits on their back while stretching their lower body backwards, tucks her knees under the opponent's thighs so that her thighs get a good scissor hold around the opponent’s sides, and then goes for the (hopefully) final squeeze all while stretching the opponent’s ankles all the way as close to her head as she can.

The Frozen Driver: With a dazed opponent in front of her, Isa tucks their head between her thighs for brutal standing headscissors. Then setting them up as if for a piledriver, she’ll drop down on her knees but instead of letting the opponent fall down, she “freezes” the movement making sure the opponent’s head will be crushed against the mat still under the pressure of her thighs, while stretching the opponents legs backwards over her shoulders.

New finishers:

Crucifreeze: Isa first get her opponent on their knees in front of her, before tucking their head between her mighty thighs for a crushing squeeze. Then she grabs hold of each of the opponent’s wrists and begins pulling them up and backwards for a torturing stretch, while the opponent appears almost as if getting crucified.

The Heavenly Icicle (for NHB/NRB matches):

The Icy Halo:

Locked out of Heaven:

Credits to BritBrat for inspiration with the finishers!


Personality: Isa is, despite her alias, above all a warm-hearted person. She’s very innocent, very kind and always thinking of other people’s best. However, she also tends to keep to herself, and while she’s known by her friends to be a great listener, she rarely opens up a lot of herself. She likes to think that if she needs to fight back against someone, she would be very capable of doing that, she just never happens to run into that kind of situations. She also tends to value more inner than outer qualities of people.

In the ring she tends to use only the amount of force needed to control the opponent, but if her opponent turns arrogant, brutal, nasty, or somehow disrespecting she can easily lose some (or all) of her cool and turn up the heat herself too.  

Past/History: Isa was born and raised in Iceland. Both her parents were natives, and his father worked as a volcanologist in the Iceland Met Office. Her mother was a doctor, and both of them worked a lot. She spent a lot of time as a kid with her grandmother, who was always telling her to be a good girl, help others and not to be selfish. Probably due to her grandmother’s warm-hearted way of teaching things about life, she grew up to cherish those values in her own behavior.

Partly because of that, at one time when her father was complaining at home to her mother about needing an assistant at work, Isa suggested whether she could help. Her father didn’t really like the idea at first, but soon he realized it would be a useful way to decrease his own workload and connect with her daughter better. So when Isa was a teenager, she preferred joining her father for field trips on various volcanoes than lounging at the shopping mall with her friends. She never really took liking of typical teenager stuff, even boys were not that interesting to her, actually she found their behavior quite silly. It was much more interesting to learn about volcanoes with her father.

Eventually, Isa ended up in the University of Iceland studying volcanology. She moved to the campus and got herself a roommate, Julie. They soon became good friends. One night they were sharing a bottle (or two) of wine together, Julie asked Isa whether she liked about wrestling. Isa admitted watching it a few times some years ago, but considered it to be a bit goofy men’s play. Julie then asked whether Isa didn’t think that girls could wrestle, to which she replied “Well, I guess they can…but do they?

Sure they did, as Julie was about to prove Isa. It emerged she was secretly a huge wrestling fan, and started teaching Isa all kinds of moves. They ended up having a lot of bed wrestling matches together. Isa loved it, and learned quickly. However, Julie was quite a bit smaller than her, so Isa soon became the dominant wrestler. She asked Julie what she thought about that, and Julie convinced that she loved wrestling her, even if she was doomed to be the jobber. But that they could always try to find out if there were any other eager wrestlers in the campus…

Isa and Julie decided to publish an invitation at the campus: “Any girls who love to wrestle are welcome to the gym campus at Midnight on Monday!” They were quite skeptical of anyone showing up, and wanted to time the event so that there wouldn’t be any unwanted visitors. However, a few girls actually showed up. They started sparring with each other, but after some time they noticed a guy observing them. He quickly turned away as if to leave, but Isa stopped him. Being the thoughtful person she is, she realized he must have just wanted to join the fun, and invited him to participate.

The group began to meet up every once in a while for a training session, and eventually ended up arranging some tournaments to perform for the other students of the campus. For that purpose they wanted to create unique wrestling aliases for each other. Julie came up with the “The Angel of Ice” for Isa, who resisted at first, but ended up with “OK OK, but not any wings then!”. Although trying not to get too much attention at first, the shows became popular events at the campus. For some reason, Isa happened to be the biggest wrestler of them all, and was usually the one who ended up winning. Meanwhile, Julie had become the group’s jobber.

After a while, it was time for Isa to head for her exchange studies in Japan. She was excited to go to this other land of volcanoes, and was eagerly waiting for her journey. It was a bit disappointing for her little wrestling group to lose her at least for a while, but Julie had come up with a plan to make them still see her in action. Behind Isa’s back, Julie plotted a scheme to make her an application to AFW. Needless to say, Isa was readily accepted, and it was time for Julie to tell her the news.
Isa: “But… But… What were you thinking? Yeah I know I’m strong, and quite skilled, but I’m not a PRO!!”
Julie: “Oh don’t be silly… You’re the best wrestler of our group, don’t worry, it’ll go great!” "I can join ya!"

New look & wrestling attire:


New alternate wrestling attire:


Old (rookie) look/attire/pics:

Fun Facts:
- Isa can name every active volcano in the world
- Her powerful thighs have largely been gained by horseback riding up and down the volcanoes of Iceland
- She has seen nightmares of Albert Einstein hiding under her bed

AFW Information

Wins: 4

Losses: 3

Draws: 0


Friends: Julie O'Reilly

Last edited by Jaystar on Sat Jan 23, 2021 6:49 pm; edited 11 times in total (Reason for editing : [strike]small improvements[/strike] Major update!)


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Isa - The Angel of Ice Empty Re: Isa - The Angel of Ice

Post by Jaystar Sun Feb 23, 2020 9:27 pm

After her story has progressed in AFW and having gotten training by Alicia Wells & Alaina Sanders, Isa has received a major update, including a new look!


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