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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Triin Liiv - The Baltic Knightess

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Triin Liiv - The Baltic Knightess Empty Triin Liiv - The Baltic Knightess

Post by Jaystar Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:17 am

Triin Liiv - The Baltic Knightess

Triin Liiv - The Baltic Knightess 2liz5cW

Personal Information

Real name: Triin Liiv
Wrestling alias: The Baltic Knightess
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’9 (175cm)
Weight: 143lbs (65kg)
Nationality: Estonian
Alignment: Valiant Face
Entrance music: Muse – Knights of Cydonia

Wrestling Information

Wrestling strategy: Triin counts a lot on her speed and agility to deliver quick strikes on opponents. Her main goal is to use her experience in swordplay to gain the upper hand from the beginning, and wear her opponents quickly down. After that, she aims to finish them with submission holds. She tries to avoid getting into grappling, which she identifies as her weakness.

The challenge with Triin’s strategy is that if she loses the upper hand, it can be very difficult for her to recover, especially against stronger opponents. Her fighting background has involved more technical skill rather than the physical contact that is constantly present in wrestling.

Wrtestling style: Triin fights as a valiant knightess, a brave heroine who is always ready for battle, prepared to slay the villains and opponents facing her. She tries to utilize her speed and skills as extensively to her benefit as possible, and has improved her endurance greatly with the aim to survive the times when she’s on the receiving end of things. Her philosophy is to never cheat even when taking on the meanest foes, and always try her best to achieve victory, but also to be prepared to face the righteous consequences of being defeated.

Preferred Matches: Triin is open to various different kinds of matches, where she gets to showcase her valiant attitude, and knightess/heroine-gimmick. She especially likes matches in out-of-the-ordinary places. Also matches with some risqué stipulations (POW, bondage) are fair game to her. (“They’re just natural consequences of a battle, right?”)

Attitude to hentai: “Oh, yeah, I heard it’s a thing here… I guess it’s best to fight well so you don’t have to bear the consequences…
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual, strong preference towards women. Hugely into BDSM (mainly sub).

Physical Statistics

Endurance: ★★★★ – Triin is not the first to wear out or one to easily give up the fight.
Strength:★★½ – Triin has gotten some lately, but traditionally strength hasn’t been what she’s counting on in a fight.
Speed:★★★★ – On the other hand, Triin has better than average speed and agility.
Defence:★★½ – Her defence is decent while standing up, but rather poor when grappling.
Technique:★★★ – A mixed bag – Triin excels in certain moves, but not in others.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes:★★★★ – Triin’s speed and agility is helping with quick and efficient strikes.  
Submissions:★★★ – She knows some, but submissions are not her specialty.
Powerhouse:★½ – Triin’s strength isn’t really that impressive, and she tends to be capable to do power moves effectively only on very small opponents.
Aerials: ★★½ – Speed and agility help, but technique is somewhat lacking.
Counters:★★ – What she can counter with speed is her strength on these.  

• Swift strikes (her speedy and precise limbs are her most dangerous weapons)
• Agility and reach (good at dodging attacks and utilizing her tall-ish frame)
• Valiance (living up to her gimmick makes her a brave and determined contender for any opponent – especially villains)
• Grit and endurance (is not one to throw in the towel if in trouble, or to easily give up even to painful submission holds)

• Grappling game (her skills and strategy work when her opponent does not have a hold on her – from those she often struggles to escape)
• Slender frame (less strength than the average wrestler, and her individual limbs can become easy targets)
• Sacrificial lamb (truly lives up to her gimmick, sometimes even taking it too far – accepts fighting against mean, ruthless, powerful and other villainous opponents as a natural part of her role and gimmick, even if the odds would be stacked against her)
• Submissive side (while she would adamantly deny that this affects her performance as a wrestler, it does sometimes raise its head – especially in certain match types, such as POW or bondage)

Favored moves: Various strikes that she can deliver efficiently with her speed, and submission holds to finish off weakened opponents.

Finishing moves:
The Knightess Cross: A Scissored Armbar Crossface  


Personality: Triin is somewhat of a lonely wolf. She’s quite an introvert, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t cope well in social situations if she wanted to. Often she just chooses not to engage in them. However, she is very loyal to her few close friends and family. She considers herself to be a strong and independent woman. She also regards herself as an adventurer, often travelling the world by herself.

Fighting has always held some appeal to Triin already from a young age. She finds it to be a form of art – especially if talking about more delicate forms of it, such as fencing, rather than simple boxing for instance. She has always admired brave heroes and valiant knights ready to engage in a battle to defend themselves at any time. And that’s the philosophy that defines her personality in the wrestling ring as well. To be a valiant knightess prepared to take on even the meanest foes, trying her best to achieve victory, but also being prepared to face the consequences of being defeated.

Past/History: Triin was born and raised in Viljandi, Estonia. She had two older brothers and often kept to herself already as a child. She always had her own adventures and fantasies in mind, and wasn’t usually longing for a lot of friends. However, she has always had a couple of close friends that are really important to her.

As a child Triin often liked to read stories of warriors and knights engaging in various battles. As she grew older, she started becoming attracted to the idea of being a fighter herself. She joined a local swordplay club, and gradually became very skilled in that. Eventually she even competed in a national competition in fencing as a teenager.

However, swordplay eventually became a bit too technical to her tastes. After she turned 18, Triin started longing for a more physical style of fighting. The answer seemed to be wrestling. It allowed to combine fighting skills with more physical tussles with opponents. She joined a local wrestling federation, and learned some valuable skills there. With her background in swordplay, she got the idea of developing herself a knightess gimmick for matches.

Her rather mysterious and peculiar gimmick gained popularity, and after the local wrestling scene eventually turned out to be somewhat too small and boring, Triin set her sights on AFW to take her wrestling career to a whole another level.

Appearance and wrestling attire:

The sword is naturally supposed to be left out of the ring before the bell rings.

Wrestling Attire:

With a determined look:

View of a fallen opponent:

What are you staring at?:

What? Is this some kind of modeling photoshoot?:

A swordplay match nearing a loss:

Apparently after another lost match (NSFW):

Even strong and independent girls have their soft side:

Fun Facts:

- Triin can’t stand images of leprechauns
- Triin genuinely thought for many years that Donald Trump originally became famous as a singer

AFW Information

Wins: 1

Losses: 7

Draws: 0




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