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Looking for New RPs

Sat Jan 28, 2023 8:41 pm by Daaharu

Hi all,

As always, I am looking for new RPs. I would love to reconnect with old roleplay partners, but I'd also be really happy if anyone out there who's new wants to play. My Discord, Daaharu#6352, is probably the best way to get in touch with me nowadays.

My two major rules for matching characters up are: 1) only female on female interactions, and 2) I like to make sure the two characters are of similar size (within 1-2 inches in height and similarly built in terms of muscle and chest …

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New year, same ol Me

Sat Jan 14, 2023 1:31 am by ihateocrecolors

Happy New Year everyone! I'm looking for more matches for my newest and also older tension characters: Kelani Alex and Aiden Bolt! I will also be taking mixed matches but mostly interested in MvM.

Starboy 20230111_144029

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New Year. New Matches

Sun Jan 01, 2023 12:08 pm by Deus001

Heya folks!

So to roll in 2023 I want to look at making new RPs, I'll still be writing to my current ones as well don't worry but I want to drum up more activity.

I mainly want to look at things for Eliza Harenwood, Florence Knight, Kitty N, Ryan Knight and Jaqueline Rose. For Eliza in particular I'd like for her to fight some guys mainly to show she hasn't lost her steps, Florence could do with a squash match in her favour. Ryan can do with some stuff. Kitty N could do with a rival and …

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Starboy Empty Starboy

Post by Jaystar Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:03 pm


Starboy 0UpemEA

Personal information

Real name: Jens Olsen
Wrestling name: Starboy
Nickname: The Lonely Superhero
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5’7 (170cm)
Weight: 139lbs (63kg)
Nationality: Norwegian (half-Japanese)
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: The Weeknd – Starboy (how could it be anything else?)

Wrestling Information

Wrestling strategy: Being a quite small guy, Jens has rarely had advantage on his size or strength in matches, so he’s gotten used to counting on submission holds to get the win. He also lacks in experience having usually wrestled always against the same opponents, and realizes that his usual strategy won’t necessarily work anymore. Thus, he will usually try to find out the opponent’s tactics and strategic advantages as early on as possible, and then form his strategy to counter the specific opponent’s tactics the best. Realizing the need to improve, he’s training hard to improve his kicks and aerial moves, wanting to become more of a high-flyer.

Preferred Matches: Jens likes to have an open mind and bravely accept challenges, so he has a principle of not turning down any matches. But his experience is mostly from pretty standard and non-hardcore matches, so any new kind of matches tend to make him a little nervous, although he won’t be showing it.

He especially likes matches where he can use his superhero gimmick to its full potential. That means especially matches against other wrestlers with a superhero gimmick, or matches with a hero vs villain -setting, or something else cosplay-related.

While definitely not preferring them, he won’t turn down a hentai match either, despite having very little experience and a poor record on them.

Physical Statistics

Endurance: ★★★★ – Jens is used to long matches, whether he is winning or losing. That means he never gives up easily, and can take quite a bit of beating.
Strength:★★ – Jens is quite small guy, and never been a huge fan of gym. He knows he’s not the weakest, and certainly not the strongest.
Speed:★★★ – Not being a huge guy makes Jens able to be quite speedy if he wants to, but this ability is somewhat hampered by his tendency to consider his next moves a bit too long.
Defence:★★★ – Again, Jens is quite capable of defending himself against opponents with same style as him, but lacks in ability to defend especially against powerhouse wrestlers.
Technique:★★★ – Jens is a quite skilled submissionist, and has a vast knowledge of wrestling techniques, but his lack of actual experience makes him need a lot of training.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes:★ – Strikes are not his preferred moves, he actually thinks a lot of them should be confined to boxing matches.
Submissions:★★★★ – Jens has most experience in submission moves, which were his best weapon against the familiar opponents.
Powerhouse:★ – Jens actually would love to use powerhouse moves, but he rarely has enough size and strength to perform them. Loves to try them out against very small opponents though.
Aerials: ★★½ - Jens is eagerly learning them, but so far has very little experience in using them.
Counters:★★½ - His countering abilities depend a lot of the opponent’s style. The more similar it is, the better he counters.

Favored moves: Submission moves, speedy attacks and lately kicks and aerial moves.

Finishing moves: Jens usually tries to use his endurance to wear down the opponents, and has only one true finishing move that used to always work the best on his familiar opponents. He realizes the need to develop more though.

Unlucky star: Jens drags a downed opponent near a turnbuckle (or something similar that fits between opponent’s thighs), then he’ll grab the other leg and stretch it as far as he can with the opponent’s other leg “locked” on the other side of the turnbuckle. Meanwhile he’ll lay down and apply headscissors on the opponent and wait for a submission.


Personality: Having fallen in love with cosplay, Jens considers his wrestling as “Starboy” a kind of ultimate form of it. He’s very careful with sticking to his role, which he thinks resembles well his true personality. He’s always been more of a nice guy than a bad boy, very independent and often a bit like a lonely wolf. He also is often interested in other things than most guys his age, and has been called quite nerdy by some. Starboy as his wrestling role makes him appear a bit like a lonely superhero, who is trying to rely more on his brain than physical strength.

Past/History: Jens was born in rural Northern Norway for a Norwegian father and a Japanese mother. His father owned a fishery by the Arctic Sea, and they lived near it in a very small village. He had a very long trip to school every day, which hampered his ability to hang out with other kids. He would spend a lot of time on his own, and gathered knowledge already as a kid on a wide variety of topics. At school he was especially good at Geography and History.

A big change in his life came when he was 17. On his usual trip home he saw a girl in a Wonderwoman costume taking pictures of herself by the sea. He had never heard of cosplaying before, and wondered what was going on. He went to talk to her, and soon found out what the girl, who introduced herself as Lena, was doing. Long story short, they felt an immediate connection, and soon ended up in a relationship with each other.

Lena was not the average girl either, and was especially obsessed with cosplay. At first Jens just found the girl wearing all kinds of outfits attractive, but soon Lena pressured him into it too, and they would often do it together. Another one of Lena’s not-so-normal obsessions for a 17-year old girl was wrestling. At first Jens just wondered why the girl was always eager to have a little tussle in bed, but eventually she confessed her obsession. After getting familiar with it, soon Jens found it also very attractive and they ended up often wrestling against each other.

A couple of years later they went together in a Cosplay convention in Oslo. They had decided to wear wrestling -themed outfits, and had invented the “Starboy”-outfit for Jens. In the convention, they ended up connecting with another a bit older couple, who liked to wrestle as well. Their new friends told them about a small underground wrestling group, who got together a few times a year to have a good tournament. It comprised of only four couples, but they would be glad to take Jens and Lena along as a fifth one. Naturally, the couple was very eager to have new opponents, so they agreed to join.

The tournament was a huge success. Even though their lack of experience ended them up as the tournament jobbers, Jens and Lena had huge fun and got a lot of new wrestling experience. They decided to join the few yearly events regularly, and also improved their wrestling by new tussles against each other as well. Jens got the habit of always wrestling as Starboy, and the role was liked by the others in the group.

However, as all good things come to an end, one day Lena told Jens she had gotten into a good university in Scotland. They would be separated from each other and could see only a few times per year. After her departure Jens got somewhat depressed, and started drinking quite heavily. One night browsing the Internet, Jens ended up on the AFW website. The amount of beers he had had made the idea of sending an application a good one, and next day he woke up having an e-mail welcoming Starboy to Japan.

Some pics Lena took of Jens as Starboy on a Norwegian coastline...


Fun Facts:
- Can place every country and their capitals on a map
- Despite having a half-Japanese and a fishing background, hates sushi

AFW Information

Wins: 0

Losses: 3

Draws: 0



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Starboy Empty Re: Starboy

Post by Serpon Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:35 am

Approved, you may now rp.

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