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Looking for a few matches.

Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:14 am by Yori

As the title suggests, I am in the market for a few matches, specificly for...

Luna - Vampire themed wrestler who prefers to play with her food before she sinks her fangs in. Prefers no DQ or hentai stipulation matches. Preferred in a more dominant role, fills a more heelish role.

Reiko - Punk upstart with more experience fighting in the streets than the ring. She takes part in hardcore matches primarily, using weapons far better than she can wrestling techniques. Strictly heel.

Leah - …

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A match for Brie.

Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:15 am by BootsForSpooks

A week ago, I made my own character named Brie Schuhart. I thought it would be best to post a notice here. I'd like to have an opening match with her.

I also understand that a lot of characters here have story lines. I'd like to start one for her too. Her opponent can lead to a romance, it can be something that turns into a grudge over time, or it can be something more complicated. Whatever the case, we can discuss. I'm open to a lot of things. We'll make it work.

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Taking on a thread or two

Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:50 am by LtLukas

I don't really have a plan in mind. If you want to throw something out there, be it a storyline, match, or whatever, I am willing to entertain it. Let's talk about it.

Specifically, I have two ladies that I want to have a thread with:

The inimitable Jessica Wright. With her, I am leaning for some more hardcore stuff: no DQ, shit outside the ring, coffin matches. But I am willing to listen to anything that you want to try.

The lovely Eka Guramishvili. She has a new flag-based outfit. So maybe …

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Peggy McIntyre

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Peggy McIntyre

Post by HighFly on Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:54 pm

NAME:  Peggy McIntyre
Sex/Gender:  Female
Age: 21 (Dr.O.B 9/7/96)
Eyes:  Green
Hair:  Red
Height: 5’6’’
Weight:  146 lbs
Nationality:  Irish
Ring Attire:  Green one-piece swimsuit, with green boots that have gold trim.  She also wears gold knee and elbowpads.
Entrance Theme:  Whiskey In My Jar - Metallica
Alignment:  Tweener

Stat Spread:

Strength- 8/10
Durability- 7/10
Submission- 7/10
Technical- 9.5/10
Speed- 9/10
Charisma- 8.5/10
Hardcore- 7.5/10
Stamina- 8/10
Strikes- 8.5/10

Finisher:  Luck Of The Irish- Peggy sits her opponent up on the top of the turnbuckle facing away from the ring.  She sets up behind them securing her feet around the middle rope, delivering a spider suplex to her foe before perching atop the turnbuckle to immediately follow up with a big leg drop and pin in quick succession.

Style:  Technical grappler/striker.  Peggy has a solid foundation of moves thanks to growing up around the ring, compliments of her aunt.  She favors suplexes of all varieties, and can reverse a lot of moves.  Her strikes are hard, and most importantly precise.  Strikes wear down and stun foes while her suplexes and occassional slam or submission help add more flavor to her offense before she moves in for the kill.  She prefers not to cheat, but she will if it means she will end the match with her hand raised instead of laying flat on her back.

Difficulty Level:  Medium

Preferred Moves:
-Cross body block
-Shoulder block
-Leg drop
-Scoop slam
-Fireman's carry
-Snap Suplex
-Vertical Suplex
-T-bone suplex
-Northern lights duplex
-Fisherman suplex
-Double underhook suplex
-Belly to belly suplex
-Moonsault splash
-Springboard dropkick
-Springboard elbow smash
-Reverse DDT
-German suplex
-Tiger suplex
-Running powerslam
-Camel clutch
-Rear naked choke
-Ankle lock
-Surfboard stretch

Appearance:  Peggy’s figure is curvy, and her fitness was considered average at best for a wrestler, however training has led to a bit of a forming up of Peggy, with some defined muscle starting to appear.  She does have enough weight to pack a punch.  Combining her fair fitness with her girlish young looks, and many women tend to underestimate Peggy.  Her pretty face and bright eyes have captivated a few people before, hiding her inner intensity and drive to win.

Background Story
Peggy was born outside Dublin, Ireland and grew up in a typical middle class home.  As she grew up, she watched old tapes of her favorite aunt Velvet McIntyre in action inside a wrestling ring.  Peggy got along better with her aunt than she did with her parents, forming a special bond with wrestling at the center of that bond.  Peggy saw her aunts successes…. and failures…. as she wrestled abroad in the USA and Japan.  Peggy wanted to make her aunt proud, and show everyone that an Irish woman could hang in the ring with anyone.  As she entered highschool, Peggy trained on the side with her aunt, learning the ins and outs of the ring.  Peggy wasn’t the most physically gifted, but she picked up on the technical aspect of wrestling very quickly.  When she was 17 she wore a mask and wrestled in a part-time promotion near her home, without her parents finding out.  She quickly went on to beat the few women on the roster, as well as a couple of the men!  

After graduating from high school, Peggy told her parents that she wanted to wrestle.  They weren’t exactly happy about her choice, preferring that she go to college.  Velvet supported her choice and got her a tryout for a few larger promotions.  Peggy performed well in every try out, winning the spars against other hopefuls.  A representative from AFW Friction contacted Peggy and offered her a contract, which she happily signed.  Peggy did her homework on the Friction roster, and knows that she wants to avoid hentai like the plague.  She also scouted out a couple women who have a classic or oldschool wrestling feel to them, becoming big fans of them.  In particular she likes Valley Doll, as well as both members of Sonic Boom:  Julia Rogers and ‘Amazon’ Alaina Sanders.

Peggy is a new arrival in Japan, with a rudimentary understanding of the language and its culture.  While she normally means well, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top.

Fun Facts
-While Peggy wants to wrestle and make it her career, she was smart enough to heed her parents, and aunts warnings about career ending injuries.  She is enrolled in online college courses to get a degree while she wrestles.
-Peggy is proud of her skills, although dislikes it when people call her ‘soft’ for devoting less time to fitness than most wrestlers, pointing out her curvy figure.
-Peggy loves astronomy.  She will read up on news about the stars, solar system, and universe as a whole.  If wrestling fails, she wants to work for some national space program.
-Because Peggy grew up watching an older era of wrestling due to her aunt’s career being in the 80’s to early 90’s she has a more oldschool wrestling style.

AFW Record

Win vs. Gemma Faraday via pinfall
Loss vs. Julia Rogers via submission
Win vs. Josh Rogers via submission
Loss vs. Chloe Rodriguez via put through a table
Loss vs. Gemma Faraday via pinfall

Career Accomplishments
None…. yet

Julia Rogers and Alaina Sanders- Peggy watched these two and got to meet them.  She loves their style and wants to be as good as they are someday, wanting to prove she can get to that level by taking them on and coming out on top!

Gemma Faraday- Peggy and Gemma had a contentious match, and the two talked a lot of trash... with both women taking it to heart.

It’s Complicated

1) Luck Of The Irish? Peggy meets one of her three favorite wrestlers in AFW!
2) Old Schoolers Peggy McIntyre vs. Gemma Faraday  Peggy faces Gemma for her debut match in Friction!
3) Julia Rogers vs. Peggy McIntyre Peggy faces one of her favorite female wrestlers in the ring!  Can she show the world she really has what it takes and pull off the upset?
4) Of All The People.... Peggy is training at the gym when she bumps into her favorite person Gemma Faraday....
5) Josh Rogers vs. Peggy McIntyre Peggy takes on a big, muscular, handsome guy crushing on her...
6) Chloe Ruiz vs. Peggy McIntyre tables match  Peggy takes on another cocky, young wrestler who is also early in her career!
7) Hardcore Reckoning Peggy McIntyre vs. Gemma Faraday Peggy faces Gemma in a hardcore rematch!
Cool Rookie Talk Peggy meets a young trainer who hopes to wrestle and they hit it off surprisingly nicely!
9) Helvetica's Hotseat Episode 3:  Gemma Faraday Peggy overhears... and interupts... an interview with Gemma!
10) The Here And Now Peggy paces backstage hoping for a match, and instead she bumps into Chloe Rodriguez...
11) Gemma Faraday vs. Peggy McIntyre: Cage Match  Peggy faces Gemma in the rubber match to decide things once and for all...

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Re: Peggy McIntyre

Post by HighFly on Wed Aug 31, 2016 11:25 pm

AFW Record:  12-10-1


Loss via pinfall vs. Gemma Faraday
Win vs. Yajiri Kasamatsu  
Win via pinfall vs. Chloe Ruiz
Loss via pinfall vs. Allison Heart
Win vs. Rhea Sellsword
Loss via pinfall vs. Emily Nelson
Win via pinfallvs. Moe Fukuoka
Win via count out Vs. Kei  
Loss via pinfall vs. Zoey Satoshi
Loss via pinfall With "Amazon" Alaina Sanders vs. Navi/Melody
Win via pinfall Vs. Maria Tempesta
Double KO Draw Vs. Melody Serperior
Win via pinfall Vs. Lita
Win via pinfall Vs. Natasha
Loss via pinfall Vs. Sakura Hagiwara
Win via submission Vs. Haruka Hiriyama
Vs. Akino Sanada *
Win via pinfall Vs. Cicilia
Loss via pinfall Vs. Lucia Lynch


None yet

Gemma Faraday- A heated rival, or she used to be.  The two had a trio of matches with Peggy only winning one, and having a new respect for Gemma.

12) End Of An Era And Beginning Of The New Peggy moves out of the dojo and in with two of her favorite wrestlers..... as well as her biggest fan!
13) Peggy McIntyre vs. Chloe Ruiz Peggy gets a rematch with Chloe, bitter about being attacked backstage!
14) Emily Nelson vs. Peggy McIntyre Peggy takes on a Wrestle Angels veteran in an attempt to get back to winning in the ring!
15) Fancy Meeting You Here Peggy bumps into Gemma of all people backstage...
16( Peggy McIntyre vs. Yajiri Kasamatsu Peggy faces yajiri another young lady who is also a fan of Alaina!
17) Peggy McIntyre vs. Allison Heart Peggy takes on Allison Heart!
18) Peggy McIntyre vs. Rhea Sellsword Peggy takes on Rhea in a standard match!
19) Peggy McIntyre vs. Emily Nelson Peggy takes on the older Wrestle Angels veteran, respectful grappler vs. speedy loudmouth youth!
20) Getting Off On The Wrong Foot Peggy bumps into Moe and the two have a heated exchange.
21) Peggy McIntyre vs. Moe Fukuoka Peggy gets a shot at the girl who bumped into her, and rubbed her the wrong way.
22) Peggy McIntyre vs. Kei Peggy takes on Alaina's rival, attempting to show that anything Alaina can do, Peggy can also do!
23) Zoey Satoshi vs. Peggy McIntyre Peggy takes on the tiny Zoey!
24) Why Are You Here? Peggy suffers a humiliating loss and gets questioned by a mocking interviewer.
25) Melody and Navi vs. Alaina and Peggy Peggy tags with Alaina hoping to snap out of her losing streak, and hoping not to let one of her two mentors down...
26) Sonic Boom vs. British bombshells Peggy accompanies Sonic Boom and sits at the announce table!
27) Maria Tempesta vs. Peggy McIntyre
28) Peggy McIntyre vs. Melody Serperior  Peggy takes on Melody to show her worth!
29) Peggy McIntyre vs. Lita Peggy takes on the fairly heavily favored Lita continuing to try to right the ship!
30) Natasha vs. Peggy Peggy faces Russian bad girl Natasha!
31) Peggy vs. Sakura  Peggy takes on a teen idol turned wrestler!
32) Peggy vs. Haruka Peggy takes on another young wrestler!
33) Scouting The Competition Peggy looks for an experimental tag partner and finds just that at the gym!
34) Akino Sanada vs. Peggy McIntyre Peggy dons her tag attire with Alaina watching as she takes on an old rival of her mentor, Akino Sanada!
35) Wrestler Peggy vs. Boxer Cicilia Peggy takes on a boxer!
36) Peggy McIntyre vs. Lucia Lynch  Peggy tries to continue her overall good momentum against Lucia Lynch, and gets more than she bargained for!
37) Of All The People To Bump In To Peggy is at the gym when she meets the woman who left her layi g outside the ring with a concussion.
38) Bar Crawl Peggy meets up with Cicilia at the bar!


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