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Hazel Paynes looking for a hardcore match.

Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:51 pm by WrestleMind


If anyone would be interested in facing my new girl Hazel feel free to message me with ideas. I'm looking for a hardcore match but willing to hear other offers.  Razz

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Looking for matches

Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:15 pm by anime_hentaifighter

Looking for stuff to do here. So if anyone is interested then let me know

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Looking for New Matches

Thu Jul 11, 2019 9:38 am by RadiantKarna332

So, I've been doing some postings here and there these last few days, but I haven't made any new match lately, so I've been thinking if there is anyone interested to have the threads with me. Feel free to PM me here or send me a message via discord, KarnaKarna #1166. Looking forward for anyone interested.

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Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon)

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Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon) - Page 2 Empty Re: Hitomi vs Cicilia: DOA vs AFW! (Non-Canon)

Post by Cicilia on Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:54 pm

Cicilia watched as Hitomi writhed and clutched at her belly on the ground, seemingly unable to back up her big talk at all. How utterly predictable.

"What? Don't have anything to say?" Cicilia asked, throwing the karate-girl's comment back in her face. This wasn't over, however... Even with the stone and mason cracked and shattered from under Hitomi's back, the girl was still able to roll around, gasp and cry in agony... Probably meant she could fight back too if she wanted. This battle had just begun and Cicilia was going to make sure she had control of it from here on out! Walking right up to her fallen foe, Cicilia would grab her by the back of her neck and TOSS her into the air a good foot or so, Gravity dragging the brown-haired girl... RIGHT into an uppercut aimed RIGHT at that wounded belly! If her punch connected, Cicilia would allow the much smaller girl to hang there, impaled as her abs were utterly smashed upon her fist... sanguine eyes glaring with utter hostility into Hitomi's.

"This is what you deserve..." She whispered, her voice as sharp and as quiet as a knife cutting it's prey.

Suddenly Cicilia would RIP her fist free from the girl's stomach, only to POUND Hitomi with a rapid barrage of blows, her arms seeming to faze out of existance as she blitzed past human perception!

The German roared as her fists ROCKETED towards Hitomi like a shotgun blast before finishing with one last mighty punch to her opponent's jaw! "MUDA!"

"My name's Cicilia... And I fight the crazy people. Why? So you don't have too."

"Hiya! Lets have some fun!"
Yayuuki (Lucky) Sakura

"...You wanna fight...? Whatever floats your boat, pal."
-Yuki Arashi

"Come at me, luchador/luchadora."
"Raul" Tejada

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