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Character Adoption

Wed Apr 07, 2021 5:25 pm by killcarrion

Greetings...I've decided to relinquish some characters as well. For purposes ranging from not knowing where to proceed with them, lack of interest, and guilt from feeling they could be better used in other people's hands. It's on a first-come, first-served basis and they'll be readily offered to whomever expresses interest. Send me a PM or message me on Discord if that's the case. I'll update this page if adoptions happen.

Adoption Page:
Berial's Bonfire NRW9QKe

There are also other characters I …

[ Full reading ]

Comments: 1

Putting characters up for adoption

Mon Apr 05, 2021 1:30 am by Old_Man_Tai

The following characters of mine are being put up for adoption due to lack of use and interest in using:

- Grizzly Yamamoto

- Hazuki Musumi

- Garm Takanashi

- Riyu Kikuchi

- Dark Star Chaos

- Will also at least hear out and entertain other character adoption offers if anyone has any.

Send me a PM or contact me on Discord if your interested in any of the above. Thank you.

NOTE: Anyone not listed below as having my permission to adopt a character, but uses one anyway, does not have …

[ Full reading ]

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Looking for a Match

Sun Mar 21, 2021 7:56 am by Lobo

Hi, I'm interested in a match for Clyde Gastin

Berial's Bonfire 35i7wx0

Please PM if interested.

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Berial's Bonfire

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Berial's Bonfire Empty Berial's Bonfire

Post by Berial Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:32 pm

Welcome to the bonfire...

Berial's Bonfire Darksouls800x600

A place of respite where fighters and champions from all walks of life gather. Women and men, soldiers and vagabonds, vigilantes and outlaws. Wrestlers of different origins, creeds, and destinies all find their way here at some point or another. How or why is anyone's guess. But that isn't what matters, is it? Sit for a while and get to know these wandering characters. Learn from their stories. Understand their convictions. Perhaps even empathize with a few of there tales, before they return to their own paths. For every encounter in life is a precious, joyous turn of fate.

Keeper's Note:
"I'm always available and open to hear new ideas for threads.
If you'd like to do something with one of my characters,
feel free to contact me by whichever medium is most
comfortable or convenient for you. You can reach me
via PM or through Trillian by my username: berial."

Employee Fitness Assessment: Clear
Uh, what is this?:
This is meant to provide a real-time indication of my current capacity without having to force my RP partners into what must feel like heckling. This indicator isn't absolute, however, and doesn't perfectly reflect the activities of my day-to-day, but simply gives a general idea for everyone to understand what my schedule may be like. Please keep in mind that this also does not affect my willingness to accept new threads and matches. I'm always open to hearing new ideas and will happily take on new matches or encounters, even if I may not be able to start them right away. This is purely to avoid confusion and should be consistently updated.

Clear - I'm free to write posts at my leisure. There should be a noticeable increase in activity from me.
Occupied - Things have been getting busy for me and I'll only be writing sparingly. I'll still be fairly active but expect plenty of gaps and otherwise inconsistent posting times.
Hard-pressed -My attention is fully dedicated elsewhere. I will still be active on Trillian and through PMs, but posts will be kept to a minimum. I will do my best to not keep others waiting.




Sae Yamamoto

Berial's Bonfire CcFC5bY

AFW Chief of Security. A hardened enforcer and experienced tactician, tasked with keeping the company’s investments from killing each other and making things interesting while she does it.

Elizabeth Victoria-Lennox Winterbourne

Berial's Bonfire QS9GNB9

The ambitious heiress to an international dynasty, dedicated to raising the wayward talent of AFW to greater heights.
A martial arts enthusiast spliced with a giddy tech mogul, this CEO amazoness intends to foster the next generation of fighters for the modern world.



All fighters available for Tension!

Masuyo Ai

Berial's Bonfire 8Wt8PWM

An exuberant, headstrong mixed martial artist determined to become the best fighter ever known. A robust young woman with a strong sense of justice, she refuses to be kept down for long and moves forward with an unwavering resolve, using her strength to make the world a little brighter along the way.

Manami Kuroda

Berial's Bonfire YbXahTr

Cold, sadistic, and unforgiving. An underground fighter turned professional wrestler that considers herself a force to be reckoned with.
This mad beast given human form intends to make the most of AFW as her personal proving grounds.

Brave Yuko

Berial's Bonfire L5LQQpb

The renowned hero of the ring. The light to vanquish the darkness.
This fearless, veteran high-flyer has made it her lifelong quest to maintain peace in the squared circle. Between dungeon raids, that is.

Chizuru Nagahara

Berial's Bonfire Gxgx19f

The best German suplex wrestler in Japan, if not the whole world, and a top Wrestle Angel talent.
A kind-hearted, yet resoundingly strong veteran of the ring looking to foster her love of the sport and hopefully make some friends along the way.

Remy Dadarne

Berial's Bonfire GSlQWMw

Former heavyweight champion of Chris Morgan's IWWF, looking for high-tier competition in Japan.
A die-hard wrestling ace that boasts the biggest guts in the game.

Nikki Roy

Berial's Bonfire Tf1HxTq

A VFX star and ambitious karateka that's brought her stuntwoman skills to the pro-wrestling scene. This wannabe Kung Fu master aims to be the next big action sensation by living the dream in Japan.

Annette Weber

Berial's Bonfire QI6k2H3

An affectionate swimsuit model, diving headfirst into the passionate world of sexual wrestling.
This light-hearted, sensual submissionist possess an irresistible pull like a siren’s call.


Yae Mochizuki

Berial's Bonfire 0EhG8Cz

A master kunoichi making use of her newfound freedom with loads of bourbon and casual sex.
Swift, strong, and skilled, this runaway thrill-seeker is as dangerous as she is carefree.

Fujika Takahashi

Berial's Bonfire VNDUmIQ

A private eye, pro-wrestling fanatic, and full-time upholder of the law.
This perky all-rounder is all about great matches with even greater opponents and won't rest until she exposes just how high up the chain the underbelly of corruption goes.

Tam Nguyen

Berial's Bonfire JaNvK9K

Tough as nails muscle-for-hire and reserved vagrant that took her master’s techniques and ran.
Extremely powerful for her size, this cynical martial artist is a serious competitor that's not often taken seriously.

Artemis Michelle Armstrong

Berial's Bonfire ZmXu6lN

A former American actress with a large body and an even larger ego.
Combining her overwhelming strength and flair for showmanship, she aims to make it big in the wrestling industry by whatever means necessary.

Zoey Jae Oh

Berial's Bonfire T9FJvIg

Restless and undisciplined. A woman just looking to fight and have fun doing it.
Without any real talent backing her skills, this scrappy Taekwondo chick is seriously out of her depth.
Won’t let anyone tell her that, though.





Blue Imugi

Berial's Bonfire DMfbAWv

A hard-hitting pit fightress that makes up for her size with remarkable speed.
She happily lives a life without ambition in spite of her skill, ready to take on whatever life throws at her little by little.

Harper Williams

Berial's Bonfire LmuhDMe

An adventurous, rowdy tomboy having a hard time growing out of her small-town demeanor.
Finally free of her duties back home, this backyard brawler has her sights set on the toughest fights and biggest eats Japan can muster.

Hitomi Hana

Berial's Bonfire IdChmHP

A growing YouTube cover artist and professional attention whore, using her flair for drama to beat her way into pop stardom.
Untrained, undisciplined, and bursting with energy, this high-speed striker can only rely on her fists, her wits, and a whole lot of cheating.
It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

Sophia Nechiporenko

Berial's Bonfire WyRyDYP

An avatar of chaos, seeking to satisfy her lust for domination by bending the federation's rules to her whim.
This sadistic Spetsnaz operative loves to toy with her prey, turning their own body and mind against them.




Adele Montessori

Berial's Bonfire YQx0Dch

A feisty out-boxer that battles at the fringes and surprises with explosive power.
This proud Italian is looking to knock the competition senseless and promote some family business on the side.

Margaux Lefeuvre

Berial's Bonfire Y1RXQvE

Psychotic and bloodthirsty, harboring an eerie fascination with violence in all its forms.
This young mob boss turned boxer-wrestler swings fast and hard without mercy, crushing and utterly decimating all manner of foes beneath her fists.

(Friction/Tension cross-promotion.)

Elfrida De’Reigndhart

Berial's Bonfire Zm6CYpR

Boxing prodigy, globe-trotting martial arts enthusiast, and super middleweight champion of the world.
A relentless all-rounder here on family business and for part-time destruction.

(Friction/Tension cross-promotion.)




The Dire Pack

Berial's Bonfire OkCdfTy

When the moon hangs low, the howls of wolves fill the air...

Last edited by Berial on Tue Mar 30, 2021 3:20 am; edited 143 times in total (Reason for editing : Nikki joins the roster!)

Posts : 2212
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Berial's Bonfire Empty Re: Berial's Bonfire

Post by Berial Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:36 pm

Credits to acuya, killcarrion, and anyone else that I am very clearly taking liberties from.

Berial's Bonfire 6NRJND5

Posts : 2212
Join date : 2017-07-10
Age : 100
Location : The Center of the Universe. Where else, idjit?

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Berial's Bonfire Empty Re: Berial's Bonfire

Post by Berial Mon Dec 24, 2018 3:33 am

~The bonfire has been kindled!~
The fire grows, and with it the hymns of creation...

- Added Wrestling Stats to each character.
Each character now has wrestling stats detailing their strengths in respective fields. As I started coming up with more characters that I'm excited to introduce, I felt it was necessary to convey their strengths in relation to the rest of my roster and differentiate them a bit. Should give a better read on established characters and help future additions stand out a little more.
- Updated the stats of all characters to the star system.
Every character's stats are now ranked out of five stars accordingly. Done primarily for the sake of comprehension, giving a snapshot of what the character's about from the get-go and not wade through paragraphs. Lot more visually appealing than numbers, I hope.
- Removed Drake Mallory
Yes, we will all miss I already forgot his name, but I felt it was necessary. Speaking honestly, he was only my second character, and fabricated when I still wasn't thinking I'd still be around. Even taking that away, I don't feel I put as much thought into him as I probably could have and think my standards have evolved somewhat. I still intend to finish any threads he's still involved in and take any last-minute requests lingering out there, but will be surrendering his design to the void henceforth. Worry not, however, all of you admirers of the sculpted male frame whose names aren't Tai. I assure you there will be suitable men to take his place very soon.
- Added a Timeline key.
Might still be deciding on the colors, though. We'll see what happens.
- Minor grammar corrections, style changes, and bug fixes.

Berial's Bonfire 6NRJND5

Posts : 2212
Join date : 2017-07-10
Age : 100
Location : The Center of the Universe. Where else, idjit?

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Berial's Bonfire Empty Re: Berial's Bonfire

Post by Sponsored content

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