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Femdom matches with smothers in mixed matches

Mon Jun 24, 2024 2:01 am by jdo_sss

If anyone has any female characters that needs more wins and uses moves like stinkface, breast smother etc let me know message me on discord thanks


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Mixed Match

Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:16 am by jdo_sss

Looking for an mixed match on this forum looking for my character mostly be smothered and dominated though you can message me here or on discord lilpeep44_6

NitroVitro- the display name on discord message me if interested

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Astra Nova - The Interstellar Heroine

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Astra Nova - The Interstellar Heroine Empty Astra Nova - The Interstellar Heroine

Post by Jaystar Thu Jul 29, 2021 3:21 pm

Astra Nova - The Interstellar Heroine

Astra Nova - The Interstellar Heroine OtdgG64
Personal Information

Wrestling alias: Astra Nova
Nickname: The Interstellar Heroine
Real name: Sabine Sauber
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Eyes: “Emerald!
Hair: (Dirty) Blonde
Height: 5’6 (167cm)
Weight: 125lbs (57kg)
Nationality: Swiss
Alignment: Heroic (Baby)Face
Entrance music: Paola – Interstellar Love

Wrestling Information

Wrestling strategy: Sabine’s strategy is not too refined. Usually she starts off by going with the flow, trying to respond to her opponent’s moves and soften up the competition with submissions and throws before trying to finish them with aerial moves.

Sabine tries to be a real pro-wrestler in the ring, to pull off a great feat of athleticism. She always wants to be the heroine and tries to be the good girl, who can defeat the competition fairly with her own skill. This has worked reasonably well for her against lightweight competition, despite her relative inexperience.  

(Most of her opponents have traditionally been Japanese lightweights. She doesn’t have much experience with wrestling against bigger opponents.)  

Wrestling style: Sabine tries to be a real pro-wrestler in the ring, to pull off a great feat of athleticism. She always wants to be the heroine and tries to be the good girl, who can defeat the competition fairly with her own skill. This has worked reasonably well for her against lightweight competition, despite her relative inexperience.

Preferred Matches: Traditionally Sabine’s experience is with standard matches, but she has arrived to AFW with an open mind and is willing to try all kinds of matches that call for a heroine!

She doesn’t do Hentai matches (as of now), but the fact that wrestling does turn her on suggests that some potential for lewder elements exist. (She’s very curious about POW matches.)  

Attitude to hentai: “I’m a pure heroine, what do you think?*Blush developing on her cheeks indicates that the answer might not be that simple*
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual, slight preference towards women. Rather inexperienced, very curious about BDSM (switch, but mostly sub for now due to inexperience). Turned on by wrestling.

Physical Statistics

Endurance: ★★★ – She’s not the first to tire out or submit, but she’s not used to taking very big moves either.
Strength: ★★ – While her body is somewhat toned and she’s definitely not weak, her strength really corresponds to an average Japanese lightweight wrestler.
Speed: ★★★★½  – This is really something that the Interstellar Heroine should have!
Defence: ★★ – She has some defensive skills, but they are lacking especially against bigger/stronger wrestlers.  
Technique: ★★★ – She has developed quite a good technique while wrestling in the local indie league, but is still relatively inexperienced.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes: ★★★½ – She is a quite skilled striker, even if they can be lacking in power.  
Submissions: ★★★ – She knows many, even if somewhat lacks in experience.
Powerhouse: ★★ – Likes them, but can often lack in strength to execute them..
Aerials: ★★★★ – Naturally, skies are where the Interstellar Heroine is at her best!
Counters: ★★ – Knows some basic countering, but is notoriously bad with pulling them off.

• Shooting star (very fast and agile in the ring, with great aerial skills)
• Experienced against lightweights (has become a force to reckon with for opponents her size and smaller)
• Genuine gimmick (a kind and virtuous girl in reality as well, passionate about being a heroine)
• Athletic attitude (always ready to put her body on the line and give her all)

• Lack of strength (her power can usually only match lightweights)
• Poor counters and defence (sometimes effective against lightweights, but usually struggles against bigger and stronger opponents)
• Real babyface (adamant on fighting fair until the end, no matter how ruthless, evil or cheating opponent)
• Secret kinky side (while good at hiding it, wrestling can, and often does turn her on, which can lead to her e.g. subconsciously engaging in excessive body contact, or trickier situations than she should)

Favored moves: Submissions and aerial moves, and throws against lightweights.

Finishing moves:

Interstellar Justice: A shooting star press executed from the top rope.  



Traditionally, Sabine has been a very kind girl, always considering other and trying to fulfill their expectations. She has lived her life as she has been expected to, been a diligent student and led a life of virtue. She is rather introverted though, but still not socially awkward at all.

Wrestling on the other hand enables her to break out of her usual shell. While her heroine gimmick greatly resembles how she is in real life, battling in the ring is still an activity that lets her go wild, get new experiences and try to beat the competition. She really loves wrestling – and it actually even usually turns her on, even if she is used to hiding it. She also has a secret kinky side.


Sabine was born in Interlaken, Switzerland. Her parents were both working in astronomy, and the Sphinx Observatory at Jungfraujoch became a very familiar place for the young girl. Over the course of the years she became interested and invested in astronomy herself as well, aspiring to embark on a career in her parents’ footprints.

The chance for Sabine to study her topic of interest came from the Tōhoku University in Japan. While moving all by herself to the other side of the world was nerve-wracking, the experience greatly increased her levels of confidence, allowing her to really pursuit her interests and dreams without hesitation.

One of those interests and dreams happened to be wrestling. Sabine had gotten hooked to it already as a child, and one of her secret dreams had been to battle as a heroine wrestler in the ring. In Japan, began attending local indie wrestling shows at her campus, and one of the organizers noticed her common presence. When finding out that she actually was eager to try wrestling herself, she invited Sabine to join their training sessions to see if she could actually become a wrestler herself.

Sabine was quick to learn new skills, and despite not being very big or strong, soon reached a level on which she could even compete against other local lightweight ladies. Wanting to be a heroine in the ring, her coach easily came up with the Interstellar Heroine gimmick based on her area of study, and encouraged Sabine to adopt ‘Astra Nova’ as her ring name.

While her success in the local indie league was mediocre at best, she wasn’t just a jobber either, and her exotic Western looks gained her a rather high popularity among the crowds. Besides, Sabine enjoyed of wrestling immensely. After one of the shows where she fought a hard-earned victory over a lightweight heel that previously had defeated her, a AFW talent scout approached her, offering her a spot at some bigger arenas…


Her attire may look hard & dangerous, but it is actually rather soft, smooth & flexible.

Wrestling attire:


Additional pics:


Fun Facts:

- While Sabine is fully invested in astronomy, she absolutely despises people who believe in astrology (such as horoscopes)

- She can’t stand that multiple mountain ranges are being called “Alps” (such as the Japanese Alps). She considers the only “real” Alps to be around the area of her home country Switzerland!

AFW Information

Wins: 0

Losses: 0

Draws: 0




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