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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Jenny Rosenlöf - The Aquanator

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Jenny Rosenlöf - The Aquanator Empty Jenny Rosenlöf - The Aquanator

Post by Jaystar Tue Jul 20, 2021 11:46 pm

Jenny Rosenlöf - The Aquanator

Jenny Rosenlöf - The Aquanator JRjs4ae

Personal Information

Real name: Jenny Rosenlöf
Wrestling alias: The Aquanator
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’3 (159cm)
Weight: 125lbs (57kg)
Nationality: Swedish
Alignment: (Mischievous) Face
Tag Team: Pool Party!
Entrance music: Swedish House Mafia (ft. Tinie Tempah) – Miami 2 Ibiza

Wrestling Information

Wrestling strategy: Jenny considers herself to be an all-rounder, but in reality, her speed and aerial moves are her true advantages. While she is deceptively stronger than her lithe frame may suggest at first (especially her legs), enabling her to perform power or submission moves rather effectively on some opponents, her flexibility and speed combined with her swimming and diving background are what really make her a challenge in the ring.

Jenny also always makes her entrance accompanied by her water guns, and aims to create as much havoc with them as she possibly can already before the match even begins. Her opponents rarely enjoy it, but for the Aquanator the part is exhilarating. But despite being quite a mischievous trickster, she is not that inclined to utilize underhanded tactics during matches.  

All this goes to combine her strategy into three stages: Outrage, outrun, outsmart.

Wrestling Style: Mischievous, slippery trickster who is ready to give her all, and out to put on a good show for everyone for the sake of having fun and enjoying her time in the ring. Mentally ready to (try to) adapt her style according to her opponent.

Preferred Matches: Jenny is just as happy to fight by herself or alongside her tag team partner Erik.

Even though she is most accustomed to standard matches, Jenny appreciates the various different styles and shades of wrestling, and is willing to experiment with most match types. While she doesn’t usually do outright Hentai matches, Jenny has grown to consider wrestling as a sport with an inherently sexual tension, so she is not surprised if things sometimes still end up going into that direction. This also means that she finds matches such as POW fully legitimate. (For some reason, it seems that matches where she is in with Erik have the tendency to turn sexual more often than when she fights on her own.)

Attitude to hentai: “Well, I’m not a Hentai fighter, but all kinds of stuff always happens inside a wrestling ring, right?
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual, with strong preference towards men. Sexually open-minded, experimental, and adaptable. Considers wrestling to be inherently sexual to a certain degree.

Physical Statistics

Endurance: ★★★★ – Jenny’s swimming background has certainly improved her physical endurance.  
Strength: ★★★½ – Jenny is surprisingly strong for her rather lithe frame – realistically three stars, but added ½ for strength in relation to her size. Her legs are stronger than her upper body.
Speed: ★★★★½ – The Aquanator is very fast, and the capability to outrun her opponents is a key part of her strategy.
Defence: ★½ – Jenny’s biggest weakness. If she can’t outrun the attacks, she’s unlikely to be able to defend herself from them.
Technique: ★★½ – A mixed bag, really. The Aquanator excels a lot with aerial moves, but her experience with the rest is somewhat lacking. While she knows many moves in theory, she has in practice little experience with them.

Wrestling Statistics

Strikes: ★★ – Jenny considers them kind of easy to perform, but has rarely actually used them in matches.
Submissions: ★★★ – While they aren’t her bread and butter, many of their victories have actually come through submission moves executed after some aerial ones.
Powerhouse: ★★ – The Aquanator knows many moves in theory, but is not really quite strong enough to perform them on many opponents. Against smaller ones is keen to experiment.
Aerials: ★★★★★ – Her swimming and especially diving background shows here, diving down on unsuspecting opponents is key to her success.
Counters: ★½ – In accordance with the logic behind poor defence skills, counters are one of her weaknesses.

⦁ Slipperiness (she's incredibly quick and hard to catch, loves to take flight as well)
⦁ Swimming background (stronger and more flexible than she looks)
⦁ Unpredictability (mischievous mind and aims to create havoc instead of quick finish)
⦁ Spunky attitude (stays positive and energetic for longer than most)

⦁ Relatively light frame (can get thrown around by many opponents)
⦁ Lacking strength (strong legs, but often weak compared to bigger opponents)
⦁ Obnoxiousness (her antics can easily irritate and anger opponents)
⦁ Lack of focus (can get too carried away by her mischievous side games)

Favored moves: Obviously diving aerial moves are her bread and butter, combined with some submissions to finally tip the scale to her favor.
Plus, anything that she can do with her water guns.  

Finishing moves:
Diving class”:





That’s the most common word used to describe Jenny. She (almost) always seems to be full of positive attitude and energy, and always sees the glass (or pool) as half full. She is also a rather flirty individual, who also loves to behave a little mischievously from time to time (or usually (or almost always)). She is very eager to try out new things, and her self-esteem seems to be pretty much endless and sky-high.

Her personality in the wrestling ring doesn’t differ much – although there is a fair amount of mischievousness incorporated into her behavior in matches. She’s not one to be outright mean or cheat for the sake of cheating, but she is very much prepared to act mischievously and pull off some tricks off her sleeve – even some nasty ones, if needed. Overall she just wants to create havoc and put on a show – and have fun! – and if she manages to defeat her opponents in the process, well, that’s just even better!


Jenny & Erik grew up in Kalmar, Sweden. They became acquainted already at a young age through their common swimming hobby, both participating in the activities of a local swimming club, but didn’t really befriend each other until high school. At the time their swimming club held a summer camp on Öland, a large island east of Kalmar, where the teenagers finally had a chance to get to know each other by a midsummer midnight bonfire on the sands of the coast of the Baltic Sea. Needless to say, they got to know each other (very) well.

The two began subsequently kinda dating, spending a lot of time with each other, but never really making full commitment to each other. For them, it was all just about having fun – and that’s indeed what they had. Lots of it. At some stage, playful wrestling came into the picture, and progressively it began constantly becoming a bit more serious business. Ultimately, the two started having serious matches (and sexfights) between them, and soon they realized wrestling to be a common interest of them in addition to swimming.

Ultimately, right after finishing high school, the duo noticed an opening for wrestler positions in a British wrestling league. Being ever-excited of new opportunities, Jenny & Erik joined the league without hesitation! Adopting a Nordic Viking gimmick, the duo tried to become fan favorites – which failed miserably. Not only did they fail to become successful in the league, but also failed to appear as credible Viking characters. The duo was neither large in build, nor frightening and serious in nature!

And that’s where AFW became into the picture. Discouraged by their lack of success in the British league, the duo sook for new opportunities. And AFW offered the perfect opening! Having learnt from their mistakes, Jenny & Erik decided to drop their failed Viking gimmick, and adopt a new one that cherished their true characters – cheerfulness and a common swimming background. And that’s how Pool Party got started!


Wrestling attire (“Hey! My eyes are over here!”):

”Look at my guns!”:

Rear view:

"Wet t-shirt contest!":

"Detective Aquanator!":

Fun Facts:

- Jenny has practiced shooting her water gun at carton mock-ups of the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf. While she doesn’t dislike the king, she finds the mock-ups becoming all wrinkly due to the water contact incredibly funny

- Jenny used to have a weird habit of skipping school lunch at least twice a week in favor of Ikea meatballs

AFW Information

Wins: 0

Losses: 0

Draws: 0




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