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Looking for Return Matches.

Tue May 04, 2021 3:27 pm by Hedgehawk

Hello Everyone!

I am looking for anyone interested to help me get back into the swing of things and get or two going on the site.

Mostly I am looking for something from my character Trinity. Given her style I am looking for something on the more hardcore side, a cage match, no DQ, or even a streetfight. Given her build and her personality I don't mind her going up against males with a similar personality.

I am also up for possibly looking at setting a match up for Momoka. Though not sure if …

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Just an update

Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:37 pm by Deus001

Hey folks just a quick public service announcement

So I'm now back at work proper now. So expect my posting to be somewhat erratic now, as we get into May I'll likely get more hours from the fam and eventually I'll be working full time for them by the end of the year. At that point I'll be able to come up with more of a posting routine, but as it stands if my post rate gets more iffy as we go into the year that's why but I'll still be doing stuff dw Smile

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Sat Apr 17, 2021 11:29 pm by Old_Man_Tai

Happiest of Birthdays to our beloved Bird of Murder, Killcarrion.

He deserves it, this dude has worked IMMENSELY hard during his time as a mod to try and bring lots of cool ppvs, matches, stories, and such to the site and works tirelessly to try and help out as much as possible.

He's a legit good dude, and one of my absolute best friends.

Love ya buddy!

Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted 4af03c10

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Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted

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Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted Empty Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted

Post by acuyra Sun Feb 21, 2021 8:30 am

Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted NgcU7KJ
Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted RNHbvMF
Match Type: Wild Hunt
Victory Conditions:Match takes place in a forest, no referees or rules.Victory by knocking out an opponent and leaving the forest with them.  Standard POW privileges may be applied..


Bubbles had to admit - she knew that, when she came to the AFW, she would be getting involved in some unique matches, do some things that were outside of her usual comfort zone. She was cool with that. Heck, she kind of expected it, looked forward to it, wanted it. It was such a nice change of pace from the American leagues and all that tradition and crap. Keep things spicy, mix them up, get wild.

But she had to say, she hadn’t expected her Friction career to take her out to the forest.

She stood with her wife at her side, marveling at the sight before them - a long, wide, expansive lake with Mount Fuji on the other side, reflected in its entirety on the glassy surface. The sun was setting in the horizon, giving the sky above a reddish glow and casting the whole area in eerie shadows, making it seem like a painting, making for a truly majestic scene that only a small few on the planet would ever get to appreciate in person.

Amazing, really. Almost enough to make Bubbles forget she was here to wrestle a sexy vampire.

At least, that was the way Bubbles liked to interpret it. Hajna Horvath had been on her radar for months now, ever since she and Mariah saw the match of her dismantling Mio and gobbling her up like an afternoon snack. Bubbles had to thank the Hungarian for that - it led to one of the hottest nights of sex with her wife she’d had in a good little while, with Mariah even doing her best to mimick the lusty redhead’s accent. But it wasn't quite the same as the real deal. Never could be. But now, finally, she could scratch that itch. Among other things.

She was iffy on a few aspects, though. ”Not sure about this whole forest thing.” Bubbles waved away a mosquito that was getting far too close to her face for comfort. As much as she loved her new wrestling outfit, she was glad to go with something that was a better fit for the forest, rocking her daisy dukes and a buttoned up shirt with the front. It gave the insect population in the area less to chew on. Marginally less. ”I mean, I get the theme, but…”

”You know management, always out to try something new, see what sticks on the wall.” Mariah spoke to Bubbles but kept her focus on the lake, taking a few pictures for her instagram account. ”It’ll be a new experience, right? You’ve never fucked in a forest before.”

”Yeeeeeeeeah, that’s true.” The iffiness was clear in her voice and on her face, but she shrugged it off soon enough. ”So how’s this work? She’ll show up soon?”

Mariah took a step back and looked at her watch, pulling back the sleeve on her black hoodie to get a proper look. ”Should be soon, yeah, almost that time.” She looked up with a slim smile. ”Getting in the mood?”

Bubbles smacked her lips and stretched back, putting her abs on full display. Strange as this setup was, it wouldn’t matter if they were in the Sahara, the Amazon, even Antartica. She’d take on a woman like Hajna anywhere. ”Goddamn right I am.”

Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted SPoWQN2

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Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted Empty Re: Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted

Post by Jaystar Mon Mar 22, 2021 6:56 pm

Hajna Horvath did not fully understand what was the point here. Sure, Mount Fuji looked nice. Sure, the scenery was stellar. Sure, the sunset was one of the most beautiful she had seen in quite some time.

But how on earth had someone thought that a wrestling match in a lonely, darkening forest after sunset would be a good idea? Sure, a unique one, but how on earth was anyone going to be capable of enjoying the show?

Save for that one camera that she was passing now, as she entered the murky woods. That wasn't going to see very far. Just a few dozen feet further, and there was nothing more to be seen, except that little red light that was...

Oh, right. Another camera. And there was one on the other side too. That began to explain a lot...

And sure, it wasn't like Hajna would have been complaining. In fact, far from it. Save for the fact that a match in a dark, cool and damp forest wasn't the most comfortable idea, this match was basically tailored for her. It was all that the Hungarian Huntress could have ever asked for! Getting to truly live out her gimmick, hunting her prey from the woods, knocking them out and taking them as her prisoner...this night was surely going to be just perfect!

Only one question remained though. Who exactly was going to be her prey tonight?

If they had told her, she had missed it. Besides, most likely it was going to be an irrelevant detail anyway.

Although Hajna also felt like she had missed some instructions as well. No one had told her where exactly she would be meeting her opponent... But on the other hand, it made perfect sense. She was the Huntress after all. All she had to do was to sneak in the shadows, and hunt any poor soul, hopefully a poor and sexy soul, that would wander her way.

And actually, now that she happened to glance to her right, between the trees towards the lake, did she detect some movement? Well, there was only one way to find out, which meant that Hajna headed straight between the bushes, hoping to disguise herself among the tree trunks for a while.

Although it also did mean that she couldn't see very well herself what was going on...if there even was anything there.

Could have been a rabbit.


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Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted Empty Re: Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted

Post by acuyra Tue Mar 23, 2021 7:11 pm

”Hello!” Bubbles called out, her voice moving through the trees, bouncing around, stirring up a few birds and coming back to her. ”Anyone there! Echo! Echo!

Bubbles Burste was in the middle of a forest, calling out for her opponent, and being feasted on by mosquitos. This was, officially, the strangest match she had ever been a part of.

In theory, she wasn’t against it - she’d fucked in many places, but a forest? That was new on the list. She was always down for trying out new things, especially when they involved smoking hot redheads with what seemed to be a vampire fetish. She was certain that she and Hajna could have all kinds of fun...but goddamn, she had to find her first.

Thankfully, management didn't seem to want her wandering around forever, and had placed some boundaries, marking on prominent trees that let her know when she was getting too far out from the play area. She knew that her foe was somewhere close, relatively, in her area. But it was a matter of finding her. Of scouting her out first. And-

What was that noise?

Bubbles paused in midstep, stopping beside a nearby tree. She heard something. Steps. Close ones, too. It could’ve been a deer, could’ve been a squirrel - they did have those in Japan, right? But no, that sounded a little too heavy for either of those. Whatever the case, it was fairly close.

Hesitant, she made her way to a nearby clearing, slipping through the foliage and coming out into the open air. The moon was high overhead, lighting up the area - probably not the best move if she was trying to be stealthy. But, then again, she was a six-foot-three half-naked blonde in the middle of a forest. Hiding was never going to be her thing. ”Come ooooooooon.” She looked around and rubbed her neck as she continued into the open area. ”I know you’re around here, babe. Don’t be shy, I know how to play nice!”

Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted SPoWQN2

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Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted Empty Re: Hajna Horvath vs. Bubbles Burste - The Hunted

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