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Back From Hiatus

Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:34 am by Gwyndolin

I mentioned awhile back that I was expecting to be absent from this site for 2-3 weeks as I worked to finish my last college semester. That pause turned into two months due to some extra tasks that kept me busy, but I finally have the free time to roleplay again! Grades for the last quarter turned out great, so it looks like I'll graduate as I hoped I would once my degree is certified.

I'll update my ongoing roleplays shortly. Glad to be back!

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Fri Jul 06, 2018 2:38 am by LtLukas

Hey there. You want to have a match? What's that? You want to have a match with the best goddamn RPer on this site? Well, then go ask acuya or Alexandra (RIP) because you are going to be stuck with me. But you should still sit the fuck down because I am about to slap your bitch tits with some awesome shit, whether you like it or not.

Eka is a nice girl. She has stamina for days, and can submit an alligator. She is really sweet though, but if you want to see her get real unsweet, well, why …

[ Full reading ]

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Away for a vacation

Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:51 am by TomboyTsuka

From tomorrow to July 18th, I will be away from AFW as I will go on a summer holiday to Shanghai, China. I'll see you pals again on July 19th. Have fun everyone!!

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Starboy vs. Moon Sin-Jae - Wicked Ways

AFW :: Tension :: The Ring

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Starboy vs. Moon Sin-Jae - Wicked Ways

Post by acuya on Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:11 am

Match Type: Standard
Victory Conditions: Pinfall, Submission, or KO.



Moon Sin-Jae - or Sin-Jae Moon, as the Westerners kept calling her on the internet - muttered that name as she waited in the ring, laying across the turnbuckle as if it were a makeshift hammock. There was a calm, leisurely look on her face while she waited for her music to die down and her opponent’s to begin. To the average observer, it probably seemed like Sin wasn’t taking this the least bit seriously, like she was relaxed and didn’t have a single worry about her opponent, the sort of thing that earned her more than a few jeers from the purists in the audience.

She hadn’t come out doing theatrics or flipping about or making some overt attempt to please them. Her music had started, the lights hit, and she walked down the ramp. Nothing much to it. Which, as near as she could tell, made the wrestling fans think she was lazy.

Could. Not. Have Cared. Less. Her mind was solely on the man who’d be coming out in a few moments, the man she’d specifically requested.

Well, not specifically. She’d asked the booker, in the nicest way she could ask someone in a dark corner of the Tension arena conveniently away from cameras, to set her up with someone ‘fun’. A ‘hero’. A guy she could sink her teeth into and not let go of until she was well sated. The name that came from this booker’s lips was Starboy. Or S-s-s-s-starboy, as the little mouse of a woman had stuttered it out.

Aside from his fantastically stupid name, that was all she knew about the guy. That was all she wanted to know, really. She was fine with the rest being a surprise, sussing him out when he came through the curtains. Today, she wasn’t looking for a challenge, wasn't in a mood to push herself too far. No, today she wanted to have fun. To play. To have a big, human shaped toy to play with.

The slight hint of a knowing smile crept across her lips as she laid there, turning her half-lidded eyes towards the ramp. Any second now...



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Re: Starboy vs. Moon Sin-Jae - Wicked Ways

Post by Jaystar on Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:18 pm

"We need a hero."

That was all that had needed to be said. If a hero was needed, Starboy was going to be the man for the job. He had not seen much of Tension yet, but he had seen enough to know that the place was clearly missing a hero. The males there were usually brutal heels or hopeless jobbers to the women, who in turn were more often of a devious nature rather than of one suitable for a heroine.

For what exactly a hero was needed this time, Star hadn't asked. Truth was, he didn't really care. He was ready to face anything. Whether it was a task of putting a villainess to her place, or a contest between a hero and a heroine, he'd be up for it.

To the moment it was his time to make his appearance, Star still hadn't figured out the answer to that question. Apparently his opponent was an Asian girl, based on her name Korean, who had a curious hairstyle. Granted, her entrance had been rather unimpressive, and she seemed to possess a lazy attitude. But apart from that, she appeared just harmless. Why the need for a hero?

Only way to find out more was to get into the ring with her. And as Starboy began blaring throughout the arena, it was time for the namesake hero to appear. Running confidently to the ring he had been called to, he jumped up onto the closest turnbuckle, waving subtly to the crowds while making a victory sign with his other hand, before jumping down into the ring.

Still, no movement from his opponent. Interesting.

As the music died down, the hero approached the loitering figure in the corner. It was time to find out some answers. "Hey, what have you done so that they needed to call a hero here tonight?"

Star was not one to demand pretentious manouvers or overboard posturing from anyone in the ring, but the way this Korean girl was acting was giving him a hint of arrogance. He actually felt the slight urge to just push her out of the ring right away, but as an honest hero he could at least give her a chance to reply to his question before doing any such actions.


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Re: Starboy vs. Moon Sin-Jae - Wicked Ways

Post by acuya on Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:58 pm


Oh, fucking god.

In defense of what was about to happen, Sin tried to hold it in as long as she could. Oh, there were little signs of it here and there, especially when he came out to that music and made his way down the ramp. She didn’t give it much thought at first, but as he neared, she had to cant her head to the side, making sure that she was viewing him from their right angle, that he really did look like that.

By the time he made his way into the ring, Sin wasn’t lying on the turnbuckle, anymore. She’d swung her legs about to properly sit on top of it, giving her an elevated view, and what she saw…what she saw…

He was small. Taller than her, but not by much, and slender on top of it. An athletic form, but if she had to make a bet, she’d say she could beat him overall muscle.

And that hair. That weird looking, tufty hair.

And those shorts. They looked something you’d find in the kid’s section of a Wal Mart.

She tried to hold it in, really. She managed it for all of about five seconds, right up until the moment he spoke to her, and then it came all out.

Sin laughed. A long, hard raucous laugh as she sat on the turnbuckle, so hard that she had to shut her eyes tight and prop her head up to keep from falling. She didn’t answer, didn’t even try to speak. She just laughed and laughed and kept on laughing, even as the referee and the nearby audience looked about with confusion.



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Re: Starboy vs. Moon Sin-Jae - Wicked Ways

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