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Looking for a story/backstage thread for Janis

Tue May 21, 2019 12:30 am by TomboyTsuka

Since I'm done with Janis' debut match, I'm seeking someone to do a story/backstage thread for her. If you're interested, just reply to this thread or hook me up via PM

I'll be seeing you soon!!

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Absent this week

Mon May 06, 2019 11:06 am by BritBrat

Hey all~

Just letting you know that I'll be traveling this week so I won't be posting until Sunday possibly. I'll be back soon!

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Boxing Match!

Mon May 06, 2019 11:48 am by Cicilia

Cici's needs a boxing match lol Let me know if your interested!

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The Prize for A Star

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The Prize for A Star - Page 7 Empty Re: The Prize for A Star

Post by LilyStar on Thu May 09, 2019 12:59 pm

“My, my. Aren’t you bold my little wolf.” She’d reply, muffled by the intense kiss soon after as they did away with the formalities and indulged in one another. Rachel’s thigh would lightly brush against their bare side, making its presence known to them and demanding a bit of attention. She’d shift her head upward just a bit to give the cheerleader a better angle for her thirty minute of top time, she supposed that it’s be a bit better angle to work from but that was up to Sakura and how she wanted to use her time.

The look on Sakura’s face when her tongue was denied forced a sharp laugh from the model, she couldn’t help it, it was both cute and kinda funny but it was just for a little tease. She placed her palms from their back to her cheeks and pulled them in for the longest smooch she could muster before running out of breathe as an apology. With the lip contact broken and then the sudden flurry of kisses attacked her throat and jawline, she’d shift her head against to give, Lucky ample room to kiss and mark as she pleased.

She couldn’t get enough of this feeling, Rachel couldn’t remember a time when she had been this lovingly pampered by anyone. It was a nice change of pace for the model and one she’d happily enjoy for the rest of her nights. Sakura seemed to just know what she wanted in their short time together and that was surprising.

Her spine would tingle as she felt, Sakura lower her kisses down her collarbone. A light gasp escapes her lips as she feels their lips lightly kiss her bare breasts, only to find her little wolf nestled into her chest. She raised an eyebrow but only smiled as her finger would rake through those lovely locks of hers. ”Do you need a minute?” she lightly pokes. ”... Or maybe you’re ready for it to be my turn again?” Rachel would joke.

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The Prize for A Star - Page 7 Empty Re: The Prize for A Star

Post by Cicilia on Thu May 09, 2019 1:45 pm

"No..." she whispered softly, pressing her lips against the inside of both breasts, suckling upon the soft skin of each before pulling her face back out, gently locking lips with Rachel again! The cheerleader would linger for one of their longest kisses, Lucky wrapping her arms around the German's neck to hug her even closer! Their breasts mashed and pressed against one another, their bare nipples rubbing and pressing as Sakura made out with her very special person... until she no longer had air to support their connection! Lucky would pull away after almost a full minute of solid kissing... only to rub her cheek softly against that of Rachel... She loved this so much... how tender she could be, how soft... It was so unusual how slow this was going! Usually Lucky and her lovers went back and forth at the speed of sound, eager to have at each other!

...But Rachel... It seemed she liked the foreplay, to drag this out as long as possible... And Lucky was perfectly content with that... Just not used to it is all!


Sakura gently raised her own hands up to Rachel's cheeks, holding them softly in her palms before pulling her in close for another smooch... another one... Her kisses came in rapid-fire, bombarding Rachel's lips with one smooch after another! She was so hungry for those lips, for Rachel's body... Lucky couldn't help but grind herself against her as she softly suckled upon the German's sweet, full lips each and every time they came together! The cheerleader would be left breathless after so many smooches... her forehead gently pressing against the model's as she stared into her eyes intently... Slowly, her hands would slip down off her face, one wrapping around the back of Rachel's neck... the other gently resting on her shoulder as she pulled her sweet in for one more LONG, LONG kiss... again poking at her lips with her tongue...

"My name's Cicilia... And I fight the crazy people. Why? So you don't have too."

"Hiya! Lets have some fun!"
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