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Hentai Matches Wanted

Mon Feb 19, 2024 5:04 pm by Leon564

Hello~ Hope you're well when you're reading my ad. Whoever you may be. Not sure how many are paying attention but I put James up for Hentai Championship Contenders. Which means that I'm looking to set him up with something focusing on progressing that.

Edit: My post for James is still available however now I've made a new gal who's ready to meet ya!

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Bad? Good? There's Only Luck (Jinx)

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Bad? Good? There's Only Luck (Jinx) - Page 6 Empty Re: Bad? Good? There's Only Luck (Jinx)

Post by Cicilia Sat May 25, 2019 4:19 am

Sakura loved every moment that she held her cute little kitten, holding her as she might the animal she seemed to personify. Jinx was so cute... When they fought, Jinx came at her like a SAVAGE! She hit hard, she hit fast and she knew what holds could keep a person down and were HARD to escape! Afterwords...? She was the gentlest, sweetest thing Sakura had ever seen in her LIFE! She had puppies and kittens when she was little and NONE of them compared to the cuteness that was Jinx! She didn't even think she knew her own real name and she found herself still so enthralled with her... The way she nuzzled into her chest, the way she purred gently against her... What she'd give for a few hours of just holding her in her arms like this.... of the two of them falling asleep in a bed away from everyone...

Sakura's declaration of affection seemed to awaken something in the pitch-black cat, Jinx beginning to stir in Lucky's embrace! She could see it in the one golden eye the woman had given her, the small mental cogs within her pupils beginning to turn one by one... If this went, like, how their last match did and stuff... she knew this was either gonna get really violent... or Jinx was gonna pounce on her!... Okay, she'd probably not do that... more likely she'd just yell... As if reading the awakening mind of her rival and counterpart, Sakura's arms shot back as Jinx herself did, allowing the smaller girl to RECOIL IN HORROR without any resistance, a small sad smile flickering across Lucky's lips... Happy she guessed it all right!... Sad that she did too...

Sakura only blinked, as if Jinx SLAPPED her across the face, the darker woman's harsh words being SPAT at her like they were venom from a snake! She stated that THIS didn't count, that she CHEATED... Except they didn't establish any rules at the start or anything! As for it counting... who was counting...? Sakura thought this was training or something! She didn't think Jinx was serious about it! If she was, she wouldn't have done what she did! One could practically see Sakura deflate under the harshness her counterpart leveled at her... harshness that probably wasn't at all unjustified.

"I'm sorry..."
She muttered softly, glancing off to the side as she pulled her tight top back over her chest... much to the dismay of those watching outside the ring! "I... I didn't know there were rules... I... I thought that since you kissed me back, you wanted this... I'm sorry..."

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Bad? Good? There's Only Luck (Jinx) - Page 6 Empty Re: Bad? Good? There's Only Luck (Jinx)

Post by Yori Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:35 am

Jinx narrowed her eyes, lips pursed in a judgemental look. Slowly she backed away on all fours, gliding along the canvas on her knees. The apology fell on deaf ears, mostly because she already understood Lucky hadn't taken advantage on her, not really… even now she was hungry to taste her lips again. While her actions may have been presenting an angry woman who hadn't wanted this, her body told a different story with the visible perk of her nipples beneath her tank top and subtle wet spot on her gym shorts.

Jinx climbed out of the ring, flashing a hateful look to any observers before turning her attention back to Lucky. "Don't think this is over. Next time is for real. Next time I am going to beat you into the dirt!" Another finger jutted out at the cheerleader accompanied with a sneer. She backed away slowly… but made sure to look behind her every so often to not knock into anything.

She paused briefly at Lucky's gym bag, looking between it and the other girl in the ring. Her eyes narrowed to thin slits as she leaned down… and batted the other woman's belongings to scatter across the floor. A victory in her mind. She promptly turned and ran, scampering towards the exit with a cackle.

Bad? Good? There's Only Luck (Jinx) - Page 6 JTYmfg2

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Bad? Good? There's Only Luck (Jinx) - Page 6 Empty Re: Bad? Good? There's Only Luck (Jinx)

Post by Cicilia Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:57 pm

Lucky blinked, shocked as Jinx DECLARED SHE'D WIN next time... before KICKING her stuff and scattering things everywhere! Shampoo, her extra change of clothes, underwear... ALL OF IT WENT FLYING... and got mixed up in each other! Especially the shampoo bottle, seeing as when her rival kicked it, the cap got all KICKED RIGHT OFF, the fluid spraying out all over her bra and shirt, leaving a nasty dark-blue stain all over the outside!

...Sakura didn't say anything... She didn't know WHAT to say! All she could do was PULL down her top and RUSH over to gather up her things, a big, frustrated frown falling across Sakura's features! She... She couldn't even change into a fresh change of clothes now! She was gonna have to wear these sweaty work-out clothes all the way home! UGH! This was probably the first time she was actually MAD at Jinx... Words were just words! She could take those for the most part... but she just went and kicked all her stuff all over, made a huge FIT and then.... she maybe probably just stained one of her outfits!

She didn't have to do that...

Lucky never really got mad... She hated the feeling... It was... almost like a sin for her to feel that level of negativity towards another person. It was why, when she realized she was MAD... it immediately transmuted to sadness. She spared nobody around her a second glance, pulling together her clothes, salvaging them as best she could... before making a break for it herself, not wanting to embarrass herself by breaking down in tears in font of strangers!

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Bad? Good? There's Only Luck (Jinx) - Page 6 Empty Re: Bad? Good? There's Only Luck (Jinx)

Post by Sponsored content

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