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Looking for match for Enki

Sun Sep 11, 2022 7:52 pm by Void Effect

Anyone want a match with Enki?

Enki Gale:

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Match Hunting

Sat Aug 27, 2022 12:33 am by GrandAkumaShogun

Hello all who take the time to read this. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things by having one or more of my boys in a match. If you're interested feel free to hmu on pm or on here and we can decide who will be in the match and we can either plan it or play it by ear. Hope to get a chance to interact with someone I have yet to before. Thank you for your time.

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Looking for potential squash matches.

Fri Sep 02, 2022 2:42 pm by Jobber/squashfan

Hello! I am looking for potential squash matches. i am a fan of one sided matches and am fine with playing either side of the squasher of the jobber! My roster is listed below. You can reach me on here through DM or feel free to message me on discord! squash/jobberfan#6084

Hannah Venturi

Kayla Tsunade

[ Full reading ]

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MITB Qualifier - Cicilia De'Reignhardt vs. Belle Christensen

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MITB Qualifier - Cicilia De'Reignhardt vs. Belle Christensen - Page 6 Empty Re: MITB Qualifier - Cicilia De'Reignhardt vs. Belle Christensen

Post by Cicilia Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:44 am

Cicilia's burning eyes widened in surprise as Kaylee SLIPPED under her kick as if she were an agent from the matrix, her grace as much of an annoyance to the German as it was a novelty for the spectators watching! It threw Cicilia completely off as her kick hit nothing but the squishy vacuum of air, the boxer forced to turn with her momentum and that was when Kaylee made her move! Like the slippery snake she was, the blonde slipped under the Juggernaut's legs, wrapping her up in a hold and FORCING Her shoulders down in a role-up pin!



THE INSTANT after 3, Cicilia managed to CLAW her way out, SHOVING Kaylee SO hard, she intended to send her FLYING across the ring!...

...But she could no longer keep up the attack... because she was surprise-pinned right there on the floor. Cicilia was shocked... speechless... it happened AGAIN! KAYLEE won against her... ALONE! God, the embarrassment... Cicilia's cheeks flashed HOT as the ref walked over to the true champion of this fight, the boxer left kneeling on the canvas as she looked on in horror... The crowd CHEERED for Kaylee, the little blonde manipulator... and spouted words sharper than jagged glass towards the loser...

"Damn it...." She whispered, slowly rising to her feet, turning her back on Kaylee... and making her way out of the ring... without a word. There was nothing to be said. Nothing more to do... However, a few minutes later... one could almost hear the Juggernaut's scream of frustration from deep inside the Backstage where the locker-rooms were housed.

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MITB Qualifier - Cicilia De'Reignhardt vs. Belle Christensen - Page 6 Empty Re: MITB Qualifier - Cicilia De'Reignhardt vs. Belle Christensen

Post by Yori Fri May 03, 2019 6:06 pm

Kaylee tumbled with Cicilia, following through with both women rolling until she had the boxer folded up under her, pinning the woman down using her body cradled up against her knees and thighs to weigh her down. The blond clung onto her opponents leg, trying to suppress as much of the struggles the woman under her was able to give as the referee dropped to the mat. While she had never gotten on one of those mechanical bulls in her lifetime, she assumed they felt a whole lot like this.

No sooner had the final count hit than she was launched to the side, kicked back to bounce against the mat. She scrambled to her hands and knees to recover, preparing to get right back in the fight. Had she actually got it? She wasn't sure looking confused between Cicilia and the referee until she heard the sound of the bell. She sputtered a chuckle, dropping onto her backside as she stared across the way at the German. She scooted herself into the corner with her hands covering her mouth, leaning her back against the lowest turnbuckle. Her shoulders shook as she failed to contain her laugh, letting her hands fall away.

There was undeniable glee in her laughter, and a genuine sense of surprise. While she had always been trying to win, she hadn't been sold on that would be the way... she didn't even have to resort to cheating. It was almost as though some greater power was looking down from on high and helping her at the expense of her opponents misery. The fact it had been Cicilia only made the victory sweeter, this big strong boxer woman that had flattened her out their first meeting was now 0 for 2 against her (technically). She couldn't stop laughing, putting her head in her hands. Oh how sweet this was.

The referee came to her side, waiting expectantly for her to rise. With a sidelong glance she slowly let her laughter fade, wiping a small tear that had formed at the base of her eye. The blond cleared her throat, using the ropes to pull herself back to her feet. The official took her wrist lightly, raising her arm high as she was put on display for the crowd, something she embellished with a wave and a beaming smile that she could summon on command. She was one step closer to that briefcase... She just had a few more speed bumps to run over.

"Better luck next time!" She called out mockingly as Cicilia trudged up the ramp towards the backstage leaving Kaylee to soak in the adulation of the crowd.

MITB Qualifier - Cicilia De'Reignhardt vs. Belle Christensen - Page 6 9snJ8fq
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