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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Valentyna Kliubova

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Valentyna Kliubova  Empty Valentyna Kliubova

Post by TheRacker Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:22 pm

Basic Information

Name: Valentyna Kliubova

Sex:  Female

Age:  19

Eyes:  Brown

Hair:  Green

Height:  5'6'' (170,7 cm)

Weight:  143 lbs (65 kg)

Nationality: Ukrainian

Alignment:  Face

Entrance music:  KONGOS – Come with me now

Wrestling Information

Valentyna loves to use defensive and more passive strategies. She'll try to use her speed and stamina to keep moving around in ring in order to avoid incomming attacks. She's really fast and generally very successful using such tactics.

Using speed is also vital part of her offensive strategy. She believes that hit-and-run strikes in combination of constant movement is her best way to win the match. The only problem is when opponent manage to catch her since she's not really known as a person, who can take a lot of beating.

Mainly various hit-and-run punches and kicks with submission holds, if situation allows.

Preferred Attacks:
Kicks and punches all day long.

Preferred Matches:

Strength: ★ ★
Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Defense: ★ ★ ★
Technique: ★ ★ ★ ★

Finishing moves:
Knee to the face: This move is exactly as it sounds – sending a hard knee shot right into opponents face. Valentyna would start by jumping on the middle rope and held the top one to maintain the balance. Using ring ropes as a slingshot, she'd propel herself through the air where she'd turn around and finally hit opponents face with a knee.

Neck destroyer: Second finisher is simmilar to first one. The difference is, that it's performed on downed opponent instead on standing one. Valentyna starts by rolling opponent on their back and send additional punch in face to keep them down. Simmilar as with first finishing move, she'd use ropes as slingshot, just that this time she'd end up landing with knee over their throat.


Visual Appearance:
Valentyna Kliubova  D7bPluJ

Wrestling Attire:


On the beach:


While Valentyna is very friendly and outgoing, she'll barely try to initiate meetings with new people. Language is biggest barrier, since she doesn't understand a single Japan word and speaks only basic English – and basic in this case means very poor. Limitations in communication often results in Valentyna spending her time alone watching a TV or reading a book.

Due to her philosophy, she's not a big fan of having muscles - this philosophy is sacred to her and will stick to it no matter what. She'll practice just enough to stay in shape so her attacks won't be like gentle hugging. Other than that, you'll often see Valentyna running around in nearby forest where she can clear her mind. She is also huge nature lover, so this is yet another reason for the choice over treadmill in gym.

Valentyna was born in poor family on the Ukrainian countryside. Both parents were farmers and they couldn't afford to pay for her or hers siblings schooling. They all finished primary school, but that's where all things regarding education ended – which is also a reason fort the lack of of her English knowledge. When she wasn't at school, she used her time running around the fields. Valentyna had a lot of energy when she was just a little kid and this is still reflecting on her today. She was always the fastest one among her friends; even when she hung out with older kids.

Parents were often angry with her because she never listened and always prefered messing around rather than helping with chores. They thought that these things will disappear with time as she grow older, but nothing changed. The only different thing was that she began jogging by herself instead of playing with other kids. This was the time when her parents realized that she's not the one who will inherit their property. They tried to get her in any sport, but without much success. They all said that they're investing in youth and that's she's too old for being part of the team.

This almost breaked Valentyna's heart and she start actively searching for any sport that needed more members. And since there wasn't any success in home town, she began searching abroad. Of course this didn't bring any luck as well, but everything changed one evening where she watched wrestling on TV. More accurate AFW league. Family wasn't too happy over the idea of her wrestling, but it was worth trying it out.

Everything turned out well after sending application. And not only that she was accepted, they even covered travel costs. Valentyna was never so nervous as the day when she crossed the door of AFW building complex. But everything end up well – they even provided interpreter for her, who was translating everything from English into Ukrainian language.

Fun Facts:
Due to language barrier she often lure her foreign friends into thinking that she understands them, but just don't know how to form sentence to respond by simply nodding, smiling and shruging.

She often like to walk completely naked around her apartment when being alone. This became her second nature, making her forgeting about this from time to time. Needless to say that she already opened the doors to neighbours being fully naked.

She always wear green hair colour because of all the love toward the nature.

AFW Information

Record: 0/1/0
Smother match: Valentyna Kliubuva vs. Haruka


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