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Belated Apologies

Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:58 am by Clobber Jobber

So, I'm not super fond of doing non-match threads because it messes with my organization, but I feel I owe everyone an apology. I just kind of up and dissapeared for, what, a few months? With the exception of one wave of posts, I've been super quiet, and a lot of threads have been held back because of me. So, I'm sorry to everyone about that, and I'm going to at least get another wave in.

To explain myself a bit, I've had a few things going on that slowed me down. For the first couple months, …

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i am sorry

Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:51 pm by xalex

Hey guys

I won't talk much about it just wanted to put it out here

I need to step back from are dramatically because of stress in the uni and some problems of mine

I will keep working on the ppv matches I am in and maybe one or two more but to the rest I need to say sorry

Thanks for understanding

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Looking for debut matches/RP's/microphone exchanges/Gym sessions/What have you

Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:14 am by JohnnyFlash

Hey gang!

According to our wonderful administrator Person I am happy to report that both Buzzy Armstrong and Johnny Flash have been deemed acceptable. Woohoo!

Logically, the next step would be to get their proverbial balls rolling with their respective debuts. I am interested in any kind of match, promo segment, gym meetings, backstage elbow rubbings, or whatever else have you with either of the two boys. I could always just do an open promo but I am up for ideas and story building with …

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"Who The Fuck Are You!?"

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Re: "Who The Fuck Are You!?"

Post by Bluemouse on Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:08 am

"AIEE!" Cassie shrieked out of surprise and fright. Without thinking, she threw the ice bucket at Clyde like a basketball, and it bonked off his head before clattering to the floor. She was immediately apologetic, but she saved her apology for the moment. She stared wide eyed at Clyde like a deer waiting to see if a passerby is safe, ready to bolt.

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Re: "Who The Fuck Are You!?"

Post by Lobo on Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:17 am

Clyde barely had time to blink as he glared at Cassie and took a headshot from the bucket that was flung at him from lil redhead. "GaaahhOowwww!!" Clyde howled as the bucket made a stiff clang off his skull. Clyde slumped further against the wall as he nursed his head that stung a bit from the metal that hit him.

If Cassie, hadn't already taken off, Clyde would be looking back at Cassie with a rather deep scowl. Either way, whether she had taken off or was still in the room in front of him, Clyde felt the bucket and made sure Cassie knew it stung.

"Goddammit woman that fuckin' hurt! Gaah!! I swear yo' ass is grass, ya little punk!" Clyde swore he was being attacked by the girl. Why else would she pour cold water on him then hit him with a bucket all in one go? Clyde dealt with girls like her before anyway, troublesome and out to attack with weird tactics like that. Very common.

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Re: "Who The Fuck Are You!?"

Post by Bluemouse on Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:18 am

Cassie's eyes grew impossibly wide and she tensed like a startled cat, and then let out a girlish scream and spun around to fling open the door and flee into the hallway.

She was still breathing hard when she got a safe distance away from the drunk's room. She slowed to a walk and tried to think of where she was actually going. Taylor and Johnny were reunited behind closed doors, so she couldn't bug them. Maybe if she waited, they'd... no. She realized that her plan for the evening only covered the time up to and excluding Taylor meeting Johnny. Maybe she'd see what Mamouru was up to?

Well... maybe not. She took a deep breath to settle down and began walking normally toward the exit. She'd probably just get a room somewhere and crash for the night and try to catch up with Taylor in the morning. She could use some time to herself, anyway. Sort of.

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Re: "Who The Fuck Are You!?"

Post by Sponsored content

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