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Looking for fun Fights

Tue Sep 27, 2022 5:34 am by Leon564

Hello folks! Putting it out that I'm available to discuss matches for either James or Melanie.

If you are trying to find their profiles you can use the character search and type in the following;

James Elforn

Melanie L'belle
If it's for an author of my name tag then that's me! You're free as well to throw me a friend request on Discord since I'm not in the Discord server at this time.
Leon564#4514 (Discord)

Thanks for your read and have a great

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Bash at the Beach 2: Edward Sealgair vs Naomi Brock

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Bash at the Beach 2: Edward Sealgair vs Naomi Brock - Page 6 Empty Re: Bash at the Beach 2: Edward Sealgair vs Naomi Brock

Post by Old_Man_Tai Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:05 am

Edward smiled softly, gently reaching down with his hand and wiping away a tear on her cheek, his kind, gentle side coming through now that their match was over and he was no longer feeling as shy and awkward, his victory making him feel confident. Despite that though, he had no desire to lord his win over the woman, but to simply console and comfort her after her defeat.

He mentally chuckled again, finding it rather amusing that Naomi seemed shy about the idea of a possible date...when they had literally just fucked each other in front of hundreds of people on a public beach. As if to prove that point, he leaned his head down and gave her a soft kiss on the lips before speaking again.
"Naomi, I can't think of anything I would enjoy more than getting to go on a date with a wonderful, beautiful, lovely, and passionate woman like you. It would be my pleasure." He replied, before blushing a little himself, rubbing the back of his blonde ponytail.

" like to go to dinner with a short and shy kid like me?"

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Bash at the Beach 2: Edward Sealgair vs Naomi Brock - Page 6 Empty Re: Bash at the Beach 2: Edward Sealgair vs Naomi Brock

Post by Tarantulust Thu Mar 12, 2020 7:42 pm

The crowd had grown silent...this was certainly more than they had expected from a random hentai match. Suddenly things were getting rather dramatic, and while some people absolutely loved it and ate it up, others were starting to think it was getting a bit cheesy. Still, two people developing a crush with each other in these types of matches were not uncommon. It had happened many times before, but the sheer display and performance of such acts were rarely so outgoing and obvious. The tears, the insecurity, the sincerity. Hell, many people thought of the two as an odd couple from the start, and that opinion didn’t shift an inch throughout the entirety of the match.

Edward, the man everyone had pegged to lose, was now comforting the tearful amazon by swatting away her fears and telling her how he feels. It was admittedly heartfelt. Especially considering how often these fights went.

Naomi would wipe her eyes a bit before finally standing back on her feet. She dwarfed Edward before she was even standing up straight, and at full height, it was like a building next to a mobile home.

“ would be my absolute pleasure, Edward.”

With that, Naomi would plant a gentle kiss on Edward’s forehead, and set about collecting her clothes. She slipped her bikini bottom back on, then quickly rolled out of the ring, letting Edward bask in his victory for the night…

Winner: Edward Sealgair.

The end

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Bash at the Beach 2: Edward Sealgair vs Naomi Brock - Page 6 7pKWB42

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