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Looking for a Hentai Debut match!

Tue Jan 19, 2021 11:20 am by Diesel_Electric_Razor

Hello AFW! Asking again for anyone to take my dear lad Jasper Rhys on for a somewhat unusual hentai match, as I want him to face off against another male wrestler, preferably a masculine male for his Hentai debut match.

Essentially I'm asking for a gay hentai match, I.E. yaoi
Jasper's Page

If anyone is interested, hit me up on Discord so we can plan it out!
my Discord is

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Bored, want some matches, the nomal

Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:03 am by Void Effect

Want some RP matches, Bored mostly, find me on Discord, I am free most of the time, don't really have any limit of which types, okay with anything, and just bored, DM me if interested

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Looking for fresh matches :D

Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:32 am by Vcom7418


Like the title says, looking for more matches.

Clara and my new gal Chika are my priorities. Looking for new potential stories and/or one-off matches for both ladies, especially a debut in Chika's case. Alice is also available for matches, as are Clara and Alice together as a tag team.

It may take me a while to respond here, so I recommend contacting me on Discord (links and Discord profile are in my signature)

Match preferences:

Clara - Normal, softcore

Alice - Normal, Hardcore, …

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Post by LARIATO on Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:26 am


Difficulty Scale:
Ranges from Easy to Hard. If a character has more than one difficulty level listed, it means the difficulty for that wrestler can be anywhere within the listed range depending on the skill of his/her opponent.



Bacchus (Difficulty: ???) - This wildcard is the personification of "unpredictable." She's a master taekwondo practitioner, but her bad drinking habits can play a significant factor in her in-ring output. On any given night she could just as likely be your most challenging opponent, or your easiest victory.

LARIATO'S LOCKER ROOM  Kishima7_zpshr8wuhay

"Bomber" Kishima (Difficulty: Hard) - They call her “Bomber” Kishima for a reason. This Wrestle Angels veteran’s powerful strikes and slams carry explosive impact with them. With her fearless attitude and extreme enthusiasm for matches with tough opponents, there’s almost no intimidating her. And above all, she's got one of the most devastating lariats in the game.

LARIATO'S LOCKER ROOM  Candice2_zpslvntafqr

Candice Brooks (Difficulty: Easy) - This girl’s bark is a lot worse than her bite. But she’s fearless and confident no matter how far the odds are stacked against her, and will fight her hardest to the bitter end.


Gabriela Romero (Difficulty: Medium) - Her flashy Capoeira kicks and Lucha Libre techniques can strike at a moment’s notice. Lightning-quick and unpredictable, this Brazilian beauty loves wowing the crowds with her unique style.


Hiroko Matsumoto (Difficulty: Easy-Medium) - What this up-and-comer lacks in experience she more than makes up for in power and passion. A student of the game and a crowd pleaser, she wants to wow the fans with her impressive strength and one day rise to the level of the stars she admires.


Jesse Rogers (Difficulty: Medium) - There’s nothing fancy about this girl. She doesn’t do flashy acrobatics or impressive feats of strength. But she’s a relentless striking machine who makes it her mission to leave her opponents unconscious every time she competes.

LARIATO'S LOCKER ROOM  JuliaMain_zpsuixxkuwj

Julia Rogers (Difficulty: Hard) - She's an American high flyer, all about speed, acrobatics, and high risk. But above all, she's an entertainer and a crowd pleaser. Any time she steps in the ring, this woman does everything in her power to ensure that, win, lose or draw, the fans get their money's worth. Try to keep her grounded if you can, but you'll quickly find that's no easy task.

LARIATO'S LOCKER ROOM  IMG_6957_zpsexuf9lxi

Kristen Alonso (Difficulty: Medium) - This Spanish beauty loves a good brawl. When she’s not kicking ass in the ring, you can find her serving drinks at Tokyo’s hottest nightclub…where she also has a tendency to kick a lot of ass.

LARIATO'S LOCKER ROOM  IMG_6972_zpsoozenp7p

Lust (Difficulty: Hard) - Like a siren, she uses her looks and charms to seduce and manipulate her victims before crushing them mercilessly. This woman’s a manager first and a wrestler second, but total domination is always her goal. She constantly seeks to recruit a powerful force to stand at her side while forcing those weaker than her to kneel in submission at her feet.


Minerva (Difficulty: Hard) - Sadistic and arrogant as they come, this woman loves to overpower her opponents and toss them around the ring. She’s a master manipulator with both brain and brawn, making her dangerous to anyone who crosses her.


Susan Howard (Difficulty: Medium) - She’s a model with a royally massive ego, which is why she's known as the "Pin-Up Princess". But her deadly legs aren’t just eye candy. Discount her and she’ll squeeze you into submission, then add a nice picture of her posing over you to her portfolio.


Victoria Archer (Difficulty: Easy-Hard) - This blonde bombshell’s studied numerous martial arts around the globe, making her skilled in both grappling and striking, and deadly in the ring. However, her Achilles’ Heel is her tendency to become extremely flustered by sensual contact.


Yajiri Kasamatsu (Difficulty: Easy-Medium) - She’s inexperienced and a rookie, but as hard working and determined as anyone who’s stepped into the ring. And despite her lack of experience in the “big leagues,” she’s a talented technician and has a good knowledge of submission holds. Underestimate her at your own risk.


Zena (Difficulty: Hard) - Mysterious, erratic and downright sinister, this enchantress’ only known goal is to inflict as much pain on her opponents as possible without remorse. Once her sights are set on you she’ll do everything in her power to ensure you suffer, even at the expense of her own well-being if need be.



Aiden Murray (Difficulty: Easy - Medium) - His love for femdom can be a daunting weakness against those willing to exploit it. But he’s a gifted athlete with speed, strength and technical savvy. He’s got all the right tools to succeed, and should never be underestimated in a fair fight.


Josh Rogers (Difficulty: Medium) - In the ring, the youngest sibling of the Rogers trio is a ruthless bulldozer capable of plowing right through just about anyone unfortunate enough to be in his path. What he lacks in speed he more than makes up for in size and brute strength.


Mariko Ishii (Difficulty: Hard) - Just a small town girl who happens to have quite a talent for submissions and grappling. Also a seductress, the younger of the Ishii siblings knows very well how to use her body to get opponents flustered and throw them off their game.


Nora Nov├ík (Difficulty: Medium - Hard): It’s not hard to see why they call her the “Smother Queen.” Try to defy her if you can. But this Judo practitioner knows lots of ways to take you to the ground. From there, it’s just a matter of time before she takes your breath away and puts you to sleep.

LARIATO'S LOCKER ROOM  Unohana1_zpsmqnwl1fd

Rizu Umeda (Difficulty: Hard) - On the surface this Tension nurse is the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate person you’ll ever meet. But hidden beneath that deceptively gentle nature is a sadistic dominatrix looking for her next prey like a hungry tiger.

LARIATO'S LOCKER ROOM  Yamato_zpsmegkmvyx

Yamato Ishii (Difficulty: Easy) - Despite being the older of the Ishii siblings, he’s a clumsy man with average wrestling skills. But though his record is nowhere near stellar, he has a resilient heart and never stops working to get better.

Other stuff:

- All my Friction characters are willing to do matches with people from Tension, and vice versa. But I do prefer that the majority of my characters’ AFW experience to come from their home brand.

- I'm not extremely picky about the length of posts. I'm equally fine with doing a few sentences or several paragraphs. But generally the more you write, the more you give me to work with in my replies.

- I generally don’t care too much who wins or loses matches, but I prefer to discuss that beforehand with whoever I’m RPing with. It’s just easier for me when I know what to expect going into it, and helps me be consistent with the plots/storylines of my characters while being considerate of your character(s) as well. Regardless of whether I’m the one winning or losing, I promise I’ll do everything I can on my end to make each match as fun as possible for me and whoever my opponent is.

- I will always try to reply as soon as I can. Sometimes I'm free enough to reply several times a day, other times it might be several days before I can get to anything. If I know in advance that I won’t be able to reply for a while, I’ll try to remember to let you know. And if you won’t be replying for a while for whatever reason, I’d appreciate it if you led me know too. But I know life gets crazy at times, and people forget things from time to time, so I usually won’t make a big deal about delays and stuff like that. At most I might ask if you’re still up for continuing whatever the RP is just to clarify. And if you’d rather not continue, that’s totally fine, just tell me so I know.

- I'm perfectly ok with my girls losing to males, but I'm not into ryona/maledom. It's just not something I fun or that I can get into. So if you're looking for a girl for a male character of yours to squash and dominate, I'm probably not the right guy to help with that.

- I like to think I’m pretty open minded, and want to try out lots of different ways to RP here. If you have any ideas for matches, storylines, or whatever, feel free to let me know anytime and I’ll be happy to discuss it. Same applies if you have any questions, comments, or whatever else.

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Post by LARIATO on Sun Feb 16, 2020 7:50 pm

- New layouts for all character bios
- Updated win/loss records
- Some new pics and moves added
- Broken pic and gif links fixed/replaced


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