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Looking for a tag team match up.

Mon Dec 04, 2023 7:38 pm by Moriarty

Hi there! I'm looking for a match for my host club boys
I would prefer standard but I'm open to ideas. I'm leaning towards them facing a similar entertainment based team. With gimmicks or special rules.
You can private message me on here or DM me on discord at _Kelevra.

[ Full reading ]

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Tension Match for Melanie~

Tue Nov 28, 2023 12:56 pm by Leon564

Hi folks! To put it simply, Melanie is looking for a hentai match. Her profile will be attached here. Fair heads up that she's more of a dominant lean and tends to like opponents who aren't super duper competitive. If you've got a male (MALE) opponent you'd like to throw at her, PM me here or hmu on Discord: Leon564#4514

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Howdy strangers.

Wed Nov 29, 2023 1:25 am by Yori

Just a small hello from an old face. I will be coming around for a bit soon and figured I would pop in. To anymore I have an unfinished thread with, if you have a desire to continue it with me just let me know and shoot me a link. While I am open to fielding ideas for new threads, I will be very selective with taking anything while I gauge my activity capability and trim/update my roster.


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Persephone - The Underworld Jailer

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Persephone - The Underworld Jailer Empty Persephone - The Underworld Jailer

Post by LARIATO Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:05 pm

================================[Personal Information]===============================

Name: Persephone
Alias: The Underworld Jailer, Chain Witch, The Lavender Rose, Abyssal Maiden, Percy.
Real name: ???
Sex: F
Age: ???

Eyes: Munsell Purple
Hair: Munsell Purple
Height: 6’02
Weight: 155
Nationality: Parts Unknown
*Adopted with permission from the legendary killcarrion*

================================[Combat Information]===============================

Alignment: Spirit Of Vengeance : Enacting her passionate desires of being judge, jury, and executioner, Persephone’s height and lean build makes her capable of both enduring and mitigating substantial damage via her power moves, limb-locking submissions, and a specifically kinky quirk of hers. All while playing up the role of a righteous prison guard here to detain and discipline the corrupt.

Entrance music - Ballet of Death

Strategy and Style: Tying her foes down and/or watching them squirm is of particular interest to Persephone, like a demented child torturing ants with a magnifying glass. Unstoppable in her sadistic pursuits towards having her opponent’s drown in misery from torturous maneuvers such as having their spine contorting over her knee or hanging them out to dry by hoisting them in the air while choking the life out of them. Her tall, lean physique allowing her an absurdly long reach to start breaking her foes down through strength based grappling and submissions…all while judging them for their sins.

Preferred Matches:  Standard, NHB, Hardcore.

Endurance: Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven
Strength: Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven
Speed: Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  
Defense: Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven
Technique: Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven

Strikes:  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven
Submissions:  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven
Powerhouse:  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven
 Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven
Aerial:  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven
Counters:  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven


Endurance:  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  
Defense:  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  
Arousement:  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  
Technique:  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven  
Pacing:  Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven  

Favored moves: Atomic Drop, Spinebuster, Back Scratch, Uppercuts, Backbreaker, Lariat, Torture Rack, Mexican Ceiling, Big Boot, Roundhouse Kick, Sleeperhold, Full Nelson, Abdominal Stretch, Corner Foot Choke, Gutbuster, Disrespectful Slaps, Clawhold To Face, Straight Jacket, Implant DDT, Demanding her opponent admit their crimes and plead for forgiveness.

Signature Moves:

1) Judgment - Performed on a seated and stunned opponent, Persephone will approach them from behind and clamp a firm grip upon the top of their skull and chin. Offering them a reading of their last rites and scolding them with admonishment of their sins before brutally twisting their head to the side for a whiplashing neck snap.


2) Fall Into Despair – Upon Irish-whipping an adversary onto the corner, Persephone than climbs to the middle rope to administer several booming wallops right to their face. Upon sensually trailing her fingers along her flawless figure in a luscious display of decadence, Percy will plant a long and suckling smooch so that she may taste the succulent fear upon their lips and they may taste the elation on her own.

Click on link.:

3) Venom – A sudden spray of a green viscous liquid directly into the eyes of an opponent, debilitating them not only from the blinding guck splattered into their eyes but the odorous smell and burning irritation seared across their splattered face.


4) Stigma – A prolonged, luscious lap of her tongue against the cheek of a brutalized foe, in her demented psyche forever branding them with a tainted mark which is only cleansed upon them embracing their ultimate penance in their languid pits of despair...or via their defeat.


5) Sign Of The Beast – Overcome with the rapturous elation that comes from brutalizing her opponent in the most malicious way imaginable, Persephone will saunter and slink over towards the nearest turnbuckle to slump heavily upon him. Demented smiles and rejoicing cackles disturbing those around here before she flips herself upside-down, Persephone crawling towards her prey like a woman possessed...


Finishing Moves:

1) Damnnation - Performed upon applying an excruciating torture rack for what seems like an eternity to the crooked spined victim being judged. Every crack of their back and anguished scream being contorted out of them to her ecstatic delight as she performs abrupt squats for a spiked sharpness to punctuate their dulled over agony. A vocal submission or admission of their sins perhaps earning them a lenient release, but as a demonic revenant administering unholy justice, more than likely they will be chucked into the air and cast downward into agonizing misery via them being slammed down upon her bent knees in a brutal lumbar check.


2) Cast Into
The Abyss - Persephone applies a pressured clawhold upon the skull of the unsuspecting foe, squeezing down upon them to an excruciating degree and with an arm reach so long many opponents have little to zero chance of hitting her back and have had some even dubbing it inescapable. The issue not only stemming from her arm length, but from the fact even if you were to begin escaping the clawhold, all that would earn you is Persephone’s ire…and a show of her inhuman strength when she hauls you into the air and slams you skull-first back down to Earth that will at least alleviate of your head-pains, but only because you’d more than likely be unconscious.


Critical Finishing Moves:

1) Shattered Nightmares –
Guaranteed to administer a certain level of unbearable suffering that is not to be forgotten about until the end of their days…and will earn Persephone an instant disqualification outside of no DQ matches or if ever perpetrated within seeing distance of the referee. The Underworld Jailer strings an opponent against the corner turnbuckle with their legs hooked over the adjacent middle ropes. Quoting Ralph Waldo Emmerson poetry pertaining to their sinful soul and the atonement that will be bestowed upon them as she backpedals, Persephone sprints forwards and punts them square in their lady parts that will ensure her adversary wouldn’t want to continue the match anyway even if Percy wasn’t already disqualified.



Wrestling Attire:

Persephone - The Underworld Jailer YTwQMAm

Various other images...


Personality: Devout in the mission bestowed unto her, bordering on obsession. Persephone’s cold-blooded and remorseless persona sends shivers down the spine of anyone within her crosshairs, but her bewitching beauty cannot help but cast a mystifying and beguiling aura that captivates others into sometimes even letting their guard down. But like the ancient tales of sirens luring boats to a watery grave through their haunting melodies, this is all a mere honey trap to better lure them into her fiendish clutches. Somehow incorporating a darkened, serpentine-esque sensuality into her wrestling style.

As someone who takes great delight in their craft, Persephone harbors masochistic tendencies that can be exploited into forestalling her judgment and earning a win over her. Which can be considered quite the feat if you happen to defeat a servant of the Underworld, but this may just wind up having you earn her undying affection/contempt/personal vendetta/indifference. Whichever reaction it is mainly depending on her own personal whim at the time...but she will always remain resolute in her depraved duties of bringing hellish Judgment unto others.

Past/History: Once heralded as a resplendent warrior turned Queen who ruled righteously over her subjects, few knew the disconcerting truth of her sudden ascension through the familial ranks and ultimately into the highest seat in the kingdom. Her dramatic rise being due in part to an unholy pact made with Lord Hades, whereupon she would one day become as majestic and awe-inspiring a Queen as the world had ever seen~…but with an untold debt to be paid at a later date. Little did she know that her recompense would be for her kingdom to fall to marauders as she was cast down into perdition to serve as the unquestioned jailkeeper of others doomed for eternity. Damned and tortured though her soul may have been, her vanity persisted even still, eventually drawing a veil over her eyes. Believing them too beautiful for anyone else to appreciate but herself.

As eternities passed in her accursed position of authority, she began going by the moniker of “Persephone” due to her frankly forgetting what her earlier life even was. Her enrapturing beauty becoming that of legends in the callous depths where she ruled. Yarns of olde being tailored even amongst those worshipping her in the human world who believed that she would lure both men and women into her cavernous prisons simply with an alluring glance directed towards them. Eventually her restless nature enticed her into striking yet another pact with her Devilish superior. To allow her to venture into the realm of the living so that she may once again feel the perilous intoxication of grappling combat and lure the defeated into her spellbinding embrace within the pits of Hades. Her wish being granted...and her shadow being cast upon AFW…



Fun Facts:

1) Although her actual name and the origin of her birth have been forever lost to time, certain flashbacks trickle back into her shattered psyche now and again. Often leading her into abandoning conversations mid-sentence as she stares longingly elsewhere, enveloped in her own personal flashback where she cannot make out anyone’s faces or voices through the nebulous haze.

2) Persephone has been known to wander aimlessly backstage as she appears engrossed with the sights, smells, tastes, sounds, and feel of the mortal realm…leading to numerous bizarre run-in’s as she ponderous curiously about every seemingly innocuous object.  Her wrathful nature only manifesting in her matches or if anyone were to confront her maliciously…otherwise she can be quite affable, tame, and naïve.

3) Wrestling magazines have dubbed “Persephone” as one of the most method actresses around, and compliment her profusely as to how thoroughly she dedicated herself to this wrestling gimmick. Persephone has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

4) Don't worry, Persephone can see perfectly fine from behind her blindfold.

5) If Persephone was a Pokemon, she would be...

AFW Information:

Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

1)Hardcore: Violette vs Persephone (D) - ???



Persephone - The Underworld Jailer 9HIABiC


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