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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Eva Zhou

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Eva Zhou Empty Eva Zhou

Post by LARIATO Tue Apr 13, 2021 3:15 pm

Eva Zhou 7mMAJnP

Name: Eva Zhou
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 120
Nationality: Chinese-American
Alignment: Face
Entrance Music:
Kick Start:

Main Attire:
Alt 1:
Alt 2:
Alt 3:
Bunny Suit:

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Eva likes to patiently bide her time and explore her opponent’s skills and weaknesses before going on the offensive. This is typically done early in her matches through prodding strikes to test their defenses, and by initiating chain grappling to observe their wrestling ability. When allowed, she’ll also explore more lewd territory to see how well her foe handles that. Once she has a good feel for what she’s up against she will try to adjust accordingly, often opting to wear down and ultimately finish her target with one of her deadly kicks or by tying them up in submission holds.

Style: MMA / Submission Grappler

Preferred Attacks:
-Joint Locks

Preferred Match Types: Any

Physical Stats:

Endurance: 3/5
Strength: 3/5
Speed: 4/5
Defense: 4/5
Technique: 4/5

Wrestling Stats:

Strikes: 5/5
Submission: 4/5
Powerhouse: 2/5
Aerial: 3/5
Counters: 4/5

Signature Moves:

Casino Royale:



Finishing Moves:

From Eva With Love:


Personality: Eva is friendly to be around, often playfully teasing when speaking with others. She’s very confident in her looks and abilities and thoroughly enjoys being in the spotlight. She’s also independent, often preferring to do things on her own without delegating tasks to anyone else as much as possible. She hates feeling incapable of accomplishing something, or having to rely on others to do something she couldn’t. That said, Eva is a good sport in defeat and can handle failure, so long as the contest was a fair one and she was able to try her best.

Past/History: Even when she was a kid growing up in New York City, Eva’s parents could tell she was a free spirit who would follow her heart in life. She always did well enough in school, but she had a very active imagination. Her father would later blame himself for that, for having let her watch too many movies and pro-wrestling shows with him. She was particularly fascinated with the James Bond films, something neither of her parents could have suspected would have as strong an impact on her life as they ultimately did.

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Eva would say she wanted to be an actress. The answer never changed as she got older, despite attempts from her parents to temper her expectations with realism. But even when she was old enough to understand how few people make it in Hollywood, that only seemed to make her even more determined. She saw it as a challenge, and wasn’t going to stop until she achieved her goal.

Gymnastics and school plays had been a significant part of Eva’s life from childhood through high school, though her directors then didn’t want her doing dangerous stunts on stage. That changed after she graduated high school and attended a university in New York with a prestigious theater program. Here students were encouraged to express themselves more openly on the stage. One such performance from Eva displaying some of her gymnastic talents caught the attention of a visiting casting director, who invited Eva to be a stunt double in a new movie being made. Naturally she was ecstatic to take the job, unaware that a much larger surprise was just around the corner. When she arrived at the studio and dressed herself for her role, the director found he liked how Eva looked more than the actress who had been cast. She was given a chance to rehearse some lines for a last minute audition, and ended up replacing the actress in the lead role.

The movie was called Agent Scarlet, a spy flic about a femme fatale in a red dress, and it was a box office hit that spurred immediate demand for sequels. Eva couldn’t have been happier, except for one thing… The choreographed fight scenes had felt awkward and unnatural, and she felt that came across in the movie as well. So she took to training in mma, learning how to strike and grapple. Even if her on screen fights were going to be scripted and choreographed, she wanted to know the ins and outs of close combat so she could make them look as good as possible. And despite being told not to by her agent, producers and directors, Eva even got her trainers to bring in fighters for her to have full effort sparring matches against, to ensure her lessons were paying off. The first few fights didn’t go very well for her, but she learned from her mistakes and proved to be a quick learner. It took surprisingly little time for her to start hanging with her opponents through the entire fight, and soon after that she even found herself winning some of them.

Her training produced better results in her movies as well. Eva kept her director and fight choreographers up to date about her training, minus the secret sparring matches, and they modeled her fight scenes around what she could do. As a result they came across much more realistic and compelling on screen in the sequels than they had in the first movie. Eva’s trainers were so impressed with her progress they began suggesting she try doing some official fights, or even take a shot at a run with AFW. She laughed it off at first thinking they were just teasing her, but when it became apparent they meant it, Eva started to seriously consider it. The Agent Scarlet character was popular enough by now that it would likely be the only thing people associated her with from now on as far as movies were concerned. She remembered how much she had enjoyed watching pro-wrestling with her father years ago, and had followed the sport since. She seemed to have the talent for it, and was thoroughly enjoying her fights. Maybe it was worth giving a shot.

A few months later, AFW’s recruiting office received a video sent by Eva’s agent. The video featured her most recent private match, the only one ever filmed. The rules were specified as Hardstyle Hentai. Her opponent was a well built man, who was a reigning champion of an independent league. Eva entered the ring wearing her iconic red dress and stockings from her Agent Scarlet films, and wrestled in that attire. The match was a one-sided slaughter. Despite the man’s superior strength, Eva bent and twisted his limbs like a pretzel until he was helpless to resist her. Then she stripped off his trunks, and put him in a tight rear neaked choke while bringing him to climax with her feet. After his orgasm, the man weakly tapped out before passing out in her clutches. Eva released him and stood over his body, wiped her soles over his chest to get his cum off of them, then planted a stocking-clad foot on his face while she smiled at the camera and said, “Give me a call sometime~”

They called her agent back the next morning. Contracts were negotiated, ring gear was ordered, and soon Agent Scarlet was on her way to Japan...

Fun Facts:

- One of Eva’s favorite scenes she filmed for the Agent Scarlet movies was a heated back-and-forth brawl between her and a rival agent that ended with her choking him out with a foot on his neck. Fans of the films seemed to like it just as much as her, since many who meet her ask to have their picture taken with her recreating that final pose on them. Eva is usually happy to oblige.

- Still an avid fan of the James Bond movies, she has named several moves in her arsenal after some of those films.

- Her favorite food is red velvet cheesecake.

AFW Information:


Wins: 0Losses: 0Draws: 0Total: 0-0-0

Championships & Accomplishments:


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