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Kawaii Opportunities

Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:04 pm by Daaharu

Hey, guys!

With the kawaii title match at Avalanche taking on an interesting wrinkle with the interruption by the Brat Pack, we are moving forward with the overall kawaii storyline, and at this point I'd just like to take stock of what kawaiis are out there that are interested in participating in a cohesive storyline.

Can't make any promises about titles or what exactly each girl's given role would be. We can talk a little more about the specifics of where the story is going soon, but I …

[ Full reading ]

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Match or RP?

Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:48 pm by Lotuswarrior

I'm just looking to do something while I wait for match replies. Really want to get some characters cemented a bit with a rival or some interactions with other characters here.

If anyone wants to do something hit me up.

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Match for Takeichi

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:13 am by GrandAkumaShogun

So with my other two guys having their own matches I figure I should do something with my first character on here, Takeichi Mori. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or get in touch through a pm so we can plan it out. I can either have Takeichi remain a jobber or begin to work him towards being a more serious competitor.

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Natasha Loclear aka Rain

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Natasha Loclear aka Rain

Post by daemongirl on Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:35 am

Name: Natasha Loclear
Nickname: Rain, Nat
Sex: female
Age: 27
Birthday: June 21st
Eyes: sapphire
Hair: blue
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 138 pounds
Nationality: French / Russian
Entrance music: Rivers in the Desert

Wrestling Information

Style: Natasha imagines herself as water, flowing around her opponent one moment and pounding them with unrelenting force the next. She is a well versed practitioner in both wrestling and hentai and so long as a match type allows she will utilize all of her weapons to win a match. She will strike hard and fast if she sees an opening she can exploit and while she prefers to fight fair she will not hold anything back if her opponent does not act similarly.

For defense she primarily relies on either redirecting an attack or countering it, preferring not to take hard impacts head on when she can help it. She uses a form of tai chi to guide strikes away from her body as well as to create openings for her own strikes.

For offense she likes to use a mixture of quick grapples and targeted submissions which make use of her flexible body to wear down her opponent. As a martial artist she has a variety of strikes and kicks at her disposal but she tends to avoid getting into slug fests and instead waits for the right moment to strike, striking with the pin point precision and power one would expect from someone who has trained in martial arts for the great part of her life. No matter how she attacks, whether by submission or striking, Natasha tends to pick a target and focuses upon it, choosing to weaken whatever part of her opponent's body they most rely on.

As a hentai specialist Natasha is well versed in a near countless number of sexual holds and techniques. She likes to explore her opponent's body searching for any weak spots they might have, while at the same time making sure their entire body is well stimulated. She tends to begin slowly at first, teasing her opponents body with her touch though she will use any and all holds to trap them from the start. She will quickly move from teasing her opponent's body to trying to overwhelm them with pleasure, making sure to alternate between slow and fast erotic attacks to keep her opponent from growing used to anything. There isn't a move Natasha considers too embarrassing to use and through experience she has grown quite skilled with fingers and tongue.

Preferred Attacks: DDT, stretch holds, cross arm bar, dragon screw, super kick, rising knee, octopus hold, boston crab, camel clutch, breast squeezing, scissor holds, indian deathlock, dragon sleeper, smothering techniques

Preferred Matches: Standard, Submission, Anything Hentai, Hardcore

Signature moves:

Natasha's name for the surfboard has her stand behind an opponent who is on their front, she then places one foot down just above each of theirs knees and bends her legs up, hooking them around her own knees. Natasha then leans forward grabbing their wrists and pulling them straight back. She then falls backwards while compressing her opponent's shoulder-blades and lifting them off the ground.

The French Lotus:
Natasha waits for her opponent to throw a punch before performing a quick throw, flipping her opponent onto her back before flipping herself Natasha drops her legs hard on her opponent's chest, one on each side of the other girls breasts and all the while keeping a firm grip on her opponent's arm. Natasha ends up getting her opponent into a cross arm bar, the arm pulled painfully to her body while she crosses her ankles and squeezes the girls tits with her powerful legs. A variant of this move involves taking one hand and reaching down her opponent's body and fingering her to her hearts content.

Typhoon Kick:
Natasha brings her leg up for a spinning kick to the side of her opponent's head, but instead of just bringing her foot back to the mat Natasha brings her leg to a stop in midair, maintaining her balance upon one foot, and delivers a follow up kick straight to their face or chin like in a super kick.

Water Slicer:
A variation on the traditional bow and arrow submission hold, Natasha steps up to an opponent laying on their front and drops onto her knees on top of her opponent's back. She slips one arm around their neck and after crossing their ankles she grabs onto them as well. Throwing herself backward Natasha rolls onto her back lifting her opponent up into the air, caught in her submission hold which doubles as a sleeper hold due to the arm around their neck.

Natasha begins this move by locking her opponent into the standard surfboard hold, but she then transitions into this finisher by releasing one of her opponent's arms and wrapping it around their neck, pulling them into the side headlock while their body is still contorted inside the surfboard. She then lowers her opponent down so she is sitting upon the mat while her opponent is down on their knees, doing so applies further pressure to their back. Still clutching the one arm of her opponent Natasha will then fully lock in the hold by twisting the arm inward and bending it as if for a hammerlock, keeping it from being used against her.

Hentai Finisher:

Cum Fountain:
With her opponent on their front Natasha steps over them and grabs their legs, bending her knees while pulling their legs back into a boston crab. Inside this hold Natasha will hook her opponent's feet under her armpits, twisting her arms around their legs and reaching down to expertly play with their pussy and clit until they squirt cum up into the air.

Testing the Waters:
After putting her opponent into a figure four leg lock Natasha uses the foot closest to her opponent's pussy to "finger" the woman, sliding it in as deep as she can to humiliate her opponent.

Water Prison:
Natasha gets in behind her opponent and places them in a reverse headlock with her opponent facing up, their body arched backwards until Natasha drops down onto her ass forcing her opponent's legs to bend at the knees. Natasha will then slide her legs up around her opponent's midsection and hook her feet around their inner thighs, spreading them wide as she reaches forward with her free hand to play with their body however she sees fit.

Crushing Depths:
Natasha drops down onto her butt with her opponent in between her legs with their heads laying against her stomach, she then grabs their legs and bends them back, tucking them underneath her own legs, folding her opponent in half. She then leans forward and lowers her breasts over their face to smother them while her hands are free to play with their body as she sees fit.

Flash Flood:
With her opponent facing up on the mat Natasha leans down and grabs their left leg, lifting it straight up into the air before she lowers herself down onto her knees with her vulva pressed firmly down upon her opponent's own sex. She then guides her opponent's leg behind her shoulder and then bends it sideways around her back, hooking her right arm around the ankle to lock the leg in place before she begins tirbbing her opponent. With her free hand she pleasures her opponent in various ways, but the name of the finisher comes from the results she usually gets when she uses said hand to rapidly rub her opponent's clit, bringing them to such an intense orgasm that their juices flood out drenching both women.


In her regular match attire:

In her hardcore match attire:

In her hentai match attire:

Other Images:

In her blue and gold bikini:

In her white one piece swimsuit:

In one of her favorite numbers:

Wearing a summer dress:

In some casual clothes:

A winter look:

In a pink summer dress:

In an impossibly cute dress:

Because the AFW demands one own a bunny costume:

Wearing a maid outfit:

Taking a Shower:

Group Pictures

Natasha and Heather:

Natasha with Azami and Janet:


Personality: Natasha has great confidence in herself and her abilities as a wrestler, not letting much in the way of insults against her get under her skin, though she does take it personally when someone looks down on her because of her wealthy upbringing. She is generally a cheerful and fun loving person and is considered to be quite the tease by many who know her, her joking usually in good taste and not meant to mock, though when pushed she has quite the sharp tongue. Natasha is a social animal and loves to meet new people, freely flirting with anyone she finds intriguing and talking up anyone who will listen, or not listen in some cases. She herself is fairly competitive and enjoys the thrill of competing against the other wrestlers, winning or losing isn't as important as simply giving a good performance that she can take pride in. This same facet of her personality is why Natasha dislikes the use of dirty moves in matches, to her a match won in such a manner is not one to be proud of. Natasha is a driven woman, stubborn some might say, who tends to defy the stereotype that those born with money don't know what it means to work hard for what they desire, for once she sets her eyes on something it can be near impossible to slow her down.

Past/History: Natasha was born into one of the wealthiest families in France, her father owning a shipping company which he had inherited from his father and so on. Her mother was from Russia where she had been considered to be one of the country's most beautiful models, her parents having met while she was modeling at a charity event, her father deciding then and there he had to meet her. Natasha was born a few years later and grew up with as much money as anyone could ever want, however her mother had come from a poor family and knew she did not want her daughter growing up entitled and spoiled and she did her best to raise Natasha to be a sweet little girl and one day a dignified woman. Her father wanted a perfect princess that he could show off at parties and the like and so agreed with her mother about how to raise her, unfortunately for them both Natasha grew up feeling smothered by her parents and even at an early age sought freedom. Every chance she got Natasha would leave the house to play outside, her mother enjoying this free thinking at first but Natasha steadily grew more wild until she stopped listening to her parents.

It was about this time in her life, when she was about ten years old, that her mother thought a friend would help to calm her down a bit. Her mother had recently befriended a talented fashion designer who just so happened to have a daughter, Elenor, the same age as Natasha and arranged for them to start having play dates. She had been worried they wouldn't get along but the two girls became best friends almost immediately, doing everything together as they ran around the Loclear mansion and the surrounding grounds. This was not the result Natasha's parents had been hoping for but the sight of the smile upon their daughter's face was more than enough for them and so they allowed their friendship to bloom.

Looking to find her a good release for Natasha her mother and father hired teachers to instruct their daughter in everything from fencing to archery, but the sport that really interested her was martial arts. Unable to say no to her they agreed and for years Natasha studied Chinese martial arts even if she never became more than good at them since she ran off whenever she could. During high school she decided to try a new sport, enrolling in secret in a wrestling class down at a public center along with Elenor, sneaking out at night to take the class for over a year before her parents found out and banned her from going. Of course she eventually wore them down and her parents hired a personal teacher to help her get better in wrestling. Despite the best efforts of her parents Natasha never did return to be the doting daughter she had once been. Her mother found comfort that Natasha had at least grown up with values and a strong independent spirit.

For a couple of years Natasha spent her time between taking part in near a dozen different leagues around France, moving onto the next league when her current one closed down or she was recognized, and college, learning business as her father planned for her to take over one day. Despite all of her training she spent most of her early wrestling nights on the losing end of things, all the training in the world not preparing her for the real thing, but while she got invitations to join more entertainment focused leagues where the matches were all just show she never accepted, determined to get better and make it as a real wrestler.

Like with most stories about rich children she wanted to break away from her Family name and prove that she was her own woman, capable of achieving her dreams without the aid of her parent's money, she even went so far as to use a fake last name when wrestling and living in the college dorm instead of at her family home. With every match she improved, learning from the mistakes she made and over time learning what from her past lessons worked and what did not in professional wrestling, developing her own unique style through blending the moves that had proven themselves successful. After this she began to pick up wins rather than more losses, rising up through the ranks of her current league until suddenly the organization was bought out and turned into the very entertainment focused business she had refused in the past. With no other league left where unscripted wrestling took place Natasha resigned herself to going back to her father to accept a job at his company.

That changed when she received an invitation to join the AFW, a wrestling league she had been watching in secret for years, loving their focus on female wrestling and the more sexual side of the sport. At first she had been unsure whether or not to go, it was all the way in Japan which meant leaving her home, and more importantly her family, behind. Her father had been hoping she would take a job at their family company and while she still intended to do that one day, Natasha saw that as years off. So after deciding to go she asked Elenor to go with her but her best friend was trying to make it as a model, something she couldn't be happier about as Elenor was doing exactly what she was, making it on her own. So with a sad farewell Natasha headed to Japan and the excitement of the AFW.

Fun Facts:
Natasha loves the rain and everything about it, to this day she has never gotten a cold from dancing in the rain.
She also loves swimming and spent hours every day in her family pool, this tradition now continuing at the Friction pool.
Her hair is a natural blue color and is not dyed, her favorite color is of course blue like her hair and eyes.

AFW Information

Record: 16-8-1

  1. Playing with her idol Heather Sunderland. Sparring and POW

  2. vs Valerie von VulpesWin

  3. vs Heather Sunderland Loss

  4. vs NataliaWin

  5. vs Rei TomizawaWin

  6. vs Marisa Evans. Rained Out

  7. vs Da XiaWin

  8. vs Brittany LuuveWin

  9. vs ArtemisWin

  10. On a "date" with Heather Sunderland. Backstage

  11. vs AnjaLoss

  12. vs Heather SunderlandWin

  13. vs Tsumi. Sparring

  14. Giving Heather Sunderland a tour. Backstage

  15. vs Adrian KytesWin

  16. vs Sarah O' SullivanWin

  17. vs Karina Rine via orgasm. Win

  18. vs Azami TsukimoriWin

  19. vs Akashi, Kelly Conway, Heather, Reika, and Tatsuki in over the top rope challenge. Loss

  20. Heather tries to comfort Natasha after a hard loss. Backstage

  21. vs AnjaWin

  22. vs Adrian Kytes. Loss

  23. vs Linda HalloweenTie

  24. vs Lady LakotaWin

  25. vs NataliaLoss

  26. Natasha takes part in the RnD event and gets some stuff off her chest. Backstage

  27. vs Azami TsukimoriLoss

  28. Natasha intervenes after Heather loses a POW match to Cecilia and challenges the Queen to a high stakes match. Backstage

  29. Natasha heads down to the bar but while she waits on Heather she runs into Akashi and the pair share some drinks and more. Backstage

  30. After leaving Akashi Natasha runs into someone she never expected to meet again, Taylor. Backstage

  31. Natasha gets involved with a chat room that quickly spirals into the typical AFW madness. Backstage

  32. After Summer Splash Natasha discovers theres a new hentai champion, Marisa, and goes out to the ring to congratulate her? Backstage

  33. Eager to spend more time with her lover Natasha takes a much needed trip to a hot spring with Heather. Backstage

  34. Having talked about it a few times before Natasha finally joins Anja for a night out at a club she has to see to believe. Backstage

  35. in the Hentai Battle Royal Loss

  36. vs Azami Tsukimori and Lady LakotaWin

  37. Natasha attends an interview of Taylor and Adrian before their upcoming match, things don't go well. Backstage

  38. With contract in hand Natasha goes out to make the formal challenge to Marisa, things continue to not go her way. Backstage

  39. While out on the town Natasha runs into two women she would have never expected, Taylor and her friend Cassie, but not at the same time. Backstage

  40. vs Anja Win

  41. After Summer Splash Natasha wrestles with having to fight her friend for the Hentai Title if she cashes in her contract, but luckily her friend Janet stops by to cheer her up. Backstage

  42. After some convincing she heads over to talk to Azami about the contract Natasha owns for her friend's title, but her plans are thrown up in the air upon seeing the company Azami is keeping. Backstage

  43. vs Nurse JoyOngoing

  44. vs AngelLoss

  45. Natasha takes a shower after a hard day at the gym but things get even hotter from there when she discovers she isn't alone. Backstage

  46. vs SharaiyaOngoing

  47. vs Marissa for the Hentai Championship! Win

  48. Natasha comes out after winning the Hentai Title both to celebrate and to issue an open challenge. Backstage

  49. Two fellow wrestlers show up on Natasha's doorstep looking for a particular book. Backstage

  50. Natasha decides to have breakfast at the AFW cafe and meets a big fan in the process.Backstage

  51. Hoping for a rewarding day at the gym Natasha gets more than she bargained for when she runs into Akashi, matters escalate from there.Sparring


  1. Won the most pendants during the 2012 Temple Games.
  2. Hentai Title Contract Winner of 2013
  3. Former Friction Hentai Champion



  • Heather Sunderland- After idolizing her from home for so long Natasha finally got to meet Heather in person once she joined the AFW, the pair have formed a strong friendship since then after going against each other in several matches with both women declaring themselves the best. After Avalanche 2012 they began dating and have been living together but just before Avalanche 2013 they ended their relationship on good terms.
  • Elenor- Childhood friends, they were introduced when Natasha's mother, a model, had some dresses made for her by Elenor's mother, the two becoming friends with their daughters following suit. Inseparable until Natasha went off to join the AFW, they have recently reunited as a new tag team called Celestial Rain.
  • Sarah O' Sullivan- Natasha first met Sarah when they became team mates during the Temple Games, taking a liking to the girl at once, but it wasn't until after a particularly hot match with the woman did Natasha strike up a good friendship with her.
  • Anja Mueller- Natasha had never met anyone like Anja when the two met in the ring for the first time, or at least thats what she thought until she learned they had met years earlier, and what began as mutual respect would quickly turn into friendship.
  • Rei Tomizawa- Having fought one another in a match which became mostly about seeing who was the best at submissions Natasha has come to see Rei as both a friend and a rival, this extends to other areas such as their mutual friendship with Heather.
  • Azami Tsukimori- In her Natasha found not only a sexy fellow blue haired woman but also a bit of a kindred spirit, the woman giving Natasha quite possibly the hardest sexual match of her life which ended with no one going unsatisfied.
  • Lady Lakota- In an interesting turn of events Natasha ended up facing Janet in a match at Summer Splash and wasn't surprised to find the woman shared quite a few qualities with her lover Azami, the two hitting it off immediately and after their match ended a friendship formed.


  • Rei Tomizawa- Having fought one another in a match which became mostly about seeing who was the best at submissions Natasha has come to see Rei as both a friend and a rival, this extends to other areas such as their mutual friendship with Heather.
  • Cecilia Northman- After Cecilia broke up with Heather and took advantage of her Natasha counted her as an enemy, but somehow Heather managed to forgive the woman and so Natasha has made it her goal to befriend the woman as well, though they are more rivals than anything else.
  • Anja Mueller- Natasha had never met anyone like Anja when the two met in the ring for the first time, or at least thats what she thought until she learned they had met years earlier, and what began as mutual respect would quickly turn into friendship.


  • Brittany Luvve- After a brutal match between them and several dirty moves Natasha tried to befriend the woman and Brittany threw it back in her face, becoming her first real enemy.
  • Kelly Conway- Natasha had never really understood the hatred Heather had for Kelly, but that changed the moment Kelly took the Entropy Title from Natasha's hands. Since then she has harbored a grudge against the woman and seeks to get her one on one to show that without a doubt that Natasha is the better of the two.

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Re: Natasha Loclear aka Rain

Post by daemongirl on Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:03 am


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Re: Natasha Loclear aka Rain

Post by daemongirl on Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:15 am

updated to reflect new finishers

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Re: Natasha Loclear aka Rain

Post by daemongirl on Sun Apr 05, 2015 6:32 am

Profile updated with new ring attires, entrance music (tired of the original one being removed from youtube), and up to date history (or so I hope.)

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Re: Natasha Loclear aka Rain

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