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Group project deadline/presentation season

Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:21 am by Jaystar


Just to update everyone I'm having threads with - right now I'm having a crazy couple of weeks with uni group project deadlines and presentations, so I have little capability to RP right now. Things should begin to improve by the end of the week though, so I'm expecting to be posting again by then!

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Matches Wanted!!!

Thu Nov 22, 2018 6:32 am by RadiantKarna332

So, it's been a while. I've been picking up my pace here in AFW, and now, I'm looking for matches. Here are some of the girls that need their own share of matches:

Chigusa Yuuki
Remi Tachibana
Yukari "Ao-Oni" Tooru
Vamp Suzumori
Tomoko Iida

You can check out my roster page to see other characters that I haven't mentioned here. If interested, feel free to PM me or DM me via discord. My name over there is KarnaKarna #1166. Thank you in

[ Full reading ]

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I have a pirate. Who wants to fight her?

Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:54 am by Alexandra

Perhaps someone wants a match with her?

I'm open for discussing possible stuff with her.

Drop me a line if you're interested. Y'all know the drill.

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Cicilia " The Juggernaut" De'Reignhardt

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Cicilia " The Juggernaut" De'Reignhardt

Post by Cicilia on Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:41 pm

Cicilia "The Juggernaut" De'Reignhardt
Age: 22
Birthday: July 21
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Average
Handedness: Right
Hometown: Munich, Germany
Entrance Music:
Cicilia's Early Life Theme:

Cicilia sports a tight white sports-bra and black athletic shorts, as well as black boots for her feet and firm blue gloves for her hands. She carries herself confidently, a somewhat competitive frown on her face whenever she enters the ring. She keeps her long black hair tied up in a ponytail in a match. Much like her combat persona, Cicilia wears darker clothes outside of combat, typically a light black zip-up hoodie with sweatpants and hiking boots. She lets her hair go free when out and about on her own, hanging down a bit lower than her mid-back.

Ring Appearance:


Casual Clothes:

Casual Clothes 2:


Wrestling Outfit:

A Match vs. a Boxer from Brazil:

Preferred Matches:
Cicilia is a boxer at heart and hardly competes in any other sport. Though she knows enough about wrestling to partake in it, she prefers simply punching people until they can no longer stand up. She normally prefers regular boxing matches but sometimes competes in topless if she's fighting someone that matters to her. As for wrestling... It's either normal matches or Hentai if absolutely necessary.

Fighting Style:
Cicilia, much like her namesake, is a juggernaut in battle, taking loads of punishment and giving it all back. Her fighting style thrives off of a strong, unstoppable offense and a respectable defense, keeping her momentum at a maximum while crushing the opponent. She's an orthodox slugger, beating down opponents with her sheer strength and resiliency. Her guard and punches quickly overrun unprepared opponents, not expecting so much power from a single blow. However, being a slugger, her steadfastness makes it hard to actually dodge when she has too, leaving herself vulnerable to those that can push through her punches and staunch defense.

Though, on occasion when her normal strategy isn't working, she swaps to a different style, one she knows less of but one unexpected: Swarmer. Sacrificing strength for speed, Cicilia goes in with a flurry of fists, overloading the opponent's guard instead of just pushing right through it. While here her general blocking defense takes a hit, her dodging ability and technique are much greater than before. She becomes more fluid in battle, able to flow around and block escapes but she becomes much more reliant on her momentum. If someone stops her mid-attack, Cicilia may find herself in trouble once again.

Against those that would be able to overcome both of her stances, Cicilia is left with only two options: Rely on her resiliency to bail her out and outlast the opponent, or switch frequently between her slugger and Swarmer stances in an effort to trip up the opponent.

Slugger Stats:

Strength: 5/5 Her strength is second to none, able to plow through the strongest of guards.
Speed: 2/5 Her punches take time to wind up and thus take longer to throw. Her dodging is also not the best either.
Defense: 3/5 Her ability to block hits covers what her natural resiliency cannot. It's not the best defense out there, but it covers her bases nicely.
Resilience: 5/5 Cicilia is able to take blows like no one else. Cracks to the jaw, blows to the liver... its all the same to her. Pain resilience and stamina are her bread and butter.
Technique: 2/5 Let it be said that being smart and being a slugger don't go hand in hand well. Cicilia's tactics range from running people over with her might to falling back on her guard.

Swarmer Stats:

Strength:2/5 Cicilia's punches become less intimidating, striking with more of a sting than a pop.
Speed: 5/5 Her speed is near blinding, able to unleash 3 or 4 punches before the opponent only throws one. This makes up for her lack of strength and physical guard in spades.
Defense: 2/5 Relying more on her agility, Cicilia drops her guard so she can maneuver the opponent. Caught out in the open and she's more than likely to take a few hits.
Resilience:5/5 (See Slugger)
Technique: 3/5 Having more control over her movement gives her more options. Cicilia can now strike under someone's guard much easier and move to block retreats. She also is much more precise with lighter blows, able to pressure a specific point on the opponent's body.

When wrestling someone for some reason, Cicilia prefers punching and strikes of all kinds, falling back on her slugger tactics. In general, she is TERRIBLE with submissions and pins. Not because she lacks the strength, though, but because she has a very limited roster of holds she actually knows and even those are quite basic.

Wrestling Stats:

Strikes: 5/5 – All about them strikes. It's where she thrives in and where her strength is best used
Submissions: 1/5 -Submissions aren't her thing at all. While she's proficient in the few she does know, her list of moves here she could count on one hand.
Powerhouse:5/5 – Much like her strikes and strength, she uses her power to overwhelm and destroy the opponent, making this on purely her field.  
Aerials: 1/5 -Besides drop-kicks, Cicilia never uses Aerials. Never. They don't work for someone who runs people down on the ground.
Counters: 2/5 – Counter attacks and escaping holds are mainly the things Cicilia focuses on in terms of defense in wrestling, mainly so she could get back to her strikes.


Train-Wrecker Punch: Using her durability and her guard, Cicilia falls back on them, seemingly on the defensive. As the opponent comes in to capitalize, she opens up with a massive straight right into their most vulnerable area, intent on shattering them with all her might.

Drop-Swarm: Cicilia drops down suddenly after feinting a punch, slipping under her opponent's guard and railing into them with a flurry of hooks and straights before ending with a powerful uppercut intent on sending her opponent sprawling to the ground.

Mighty Guard: Cicilia focuses entirely on her defense, boosting her defense and speed drastically. She truly embodies her namesake as a juggernaut, a truly immovable object in combat. Falling back entirely on her resilience, dodging and blocking, Cicilia focuses on outlasting the opponent rather than beating them down. She waits for an opening, tucked within her defensive wall, one that will finish the fight if she exploits it.

High-Kick: Cicilia raises her kick high, smashing her boot into the cheek or chin of the opponent in an effort to knock them flat.

Back-Hand Punch:
Cicilia spins around hard before backhanding the opponent hard before stepping in close and delivering a brutal punch to the opponent's jaw as a follow up.

Dragon Slam Drop: Cicilia grabs the opponent by the throat, using her strength to lift the person off the ground and strangle them in her grip. After a second or two of them gasping for air, she throws them hard to the ground.

Cave-In: Cicilia catches the fist of an attacking opponent, wrenching it down in an agonizing direction to bring them to their knees. She cocks back her own fist before bringing it down so hard across their face that they SLAM into the ground and slide away across the floor!

Down to Earth: Used against drop-kicks: Cicilia slips to the side, avoiding the strike before moving in with a fist cocked back, bringing it down on their face as they fall!

Get. The Fuck. Out. Cicilia unleashes a barrage of punches before ending with a knee-strike that takes her opponent off the ground. From there, she scoops up their leg, taking them to the ground before SLAMMING a fist into their pelvic/crotch area so hard, their entire body folds inward in response! Finally, she kicks them HARD in the afflicted area, sending them reeling.


Universal Blow: Taking a running start, Cicilia cocks a fist back as she channels her strength into a single arm before throwing it out with enough power to take down 3 separate people of similar size and power! It is so strong, her fist takes on the roll of a clothesline, knocking all three opponents to the GROUND!

MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!: Cicilia channels her inner geek and unleashes a flurry of blows, chanting "Useless" with each punch! Each one contains MASSIVE amounts of power and thrown at blinding speed at the cost of leaving her exhausted after it's use. She claims this is her favorite technique.

DEATH (死) Cicilia's Ultimate Punch. Sacrificing all manner of speed for power, it's almost guaranteed a complete knockout if it hits (in Cicilia's Mind at least)! Because of the low chances of that happening and the extreme blow-back on her punching-arm if she misses, she rarely ever attempts to use it.

Cicilia grew up under the De'Reignhardt name in Munich, Germany and there that meant a lot. Her mother, father, and older sister were professional boxers in it of themselves, plowing through the competition. It was in her blood to become a boxer and so she did... taking up training when she was only a child. Unlike the rest of her family, though, Cicilia seemed to lack the talent for crushing opponents that her family did, often ending up on the canvas herself just as much as she knocked others down.

The junior competitions she competed in never quite compared to her older sibling who was out preforming her at every turn. Her mother and father seemed so much more focused on her older sister than her, shirking Cicilia's training in order to watch her sister compete or help HER train. Desperate to gain SOME kind of recognition for her hard work, for someone to care, Cicilia challenged her older sister to a match right after she won her upteenth fight... and it ended badly.

Cilcilia was in the hospital for several months because she refused to go down in that fight. Every time she was knocked down, she got right back up, bleeding or not, because she couldn't afford to lose this battle... It mattered far too much to her... Her sister eventually forfeited the match, fearing for Cicilia's safety at the hospital she stayed, brooding until she recovered...

Cicilia discovered a new strength the day she left and that was her anger. Channeling her frustration and rage into her blows made her stronger, tougher, more determined... She crafted herself into a war-machine her parents could be proud of, one that buldozes her opponents and brings home the gold... Or so she thought. Despite her spike in wins, nothing had changed... It didn't seem to matter how much she won or what prize she brought home, her parents still favored her sister. Enraged, she left, deciding that she didn't need them anymore or so she told herself. She lives on her own, moving from place to place, taking the occasional job working as a waitress when not beating the life out of people on T.V. for money.

Cicilia is an angry, short-fused girl though this is mainly by choice. Her frustration and rage puts off those that would delve too deep beyond the surface, putting off anyone who she doesn't want in her mind. She comes off at first as a jerk of the highest order, going for low blows if she thinks its necessary to shut you up or just being generally antisocial and cold.

Underneath all that, she can be a warm and caring person if a little nervous... She's afraid of people judging how she really is and takes exception to those that would question her ability. She doesn't take to kindly to those that would presume to help her without her asking first, seeing it as them sticking their noses where they don't belong...

Unlike her sister and despite the anger her boxing style feeds off of, Cicilia is afraid she'll hurt someone permanently and this holds her back at times. Sometimes, when she needs to go all out now more than ever, she might get distracted by her anxieties of maiming the person and that leaves her wide open.

Cicilia wants to open up to someone she can trust... but those who want it must earn it... It's not something she can easily give.

Fun Facts:

Hates high-heels
Loves Sour Foods
Lives constantly in apartments as she doesn't own her own home.
Holds back in fights constantly.
Has a pet kitten named "Asmodeus."
Plays video games. Her favorite being fighting and beat-em-ups. (OWNS at fighting games.)
Is secretly gay.
Loves playlists and sour candies as gifts. Music and sourness is her LIFE outside of boxing.
Secretly working up to challenge her sister once again... and this time win for real.
Doesn't hold a grudge... easily.
Has a preference for people... less abrasive than she. The sweeter and more modest the better. Helps her soften up.
Can be quite liberal to those that need to borrow outfits. She has dozens of the same one in case of emergencies.

Record: 7/6/0

W- 7

CIcilia vs Shane August. 1 punch defeat

Cicilia vs Margaux (Boxing

Cicilia and Sayumi vs Shooting Star Sisters

Cicilia vs Rosa Crusher

Cicilia vs Alexia

Cicilia vs Gaster

Cici vs Yukiko

L- 6

Hentai KO [Hardstyle] Match Vs. Cicilia "The Juggernaut" De'Reignhardt

Cicilia vs Party Hard

Cicilia vs Peggy

Cicilia vs Sayumi 2 (Hentai)

Cicilia vs Death Bunny

Cicilia vs Ouka

T- N/A

Friends: Sayumi Arai, Pyrena
Enemies: Magraux Lefeuvre, Elfrida De’Reignhardt, 
Rivals: Magraux Lefeuvre, Ouka Shumisen, Elfrida De’Reignhardt
Crushes: Sayumi Arai
Romantic Partner: Sayumi Arai

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Re: Cicilia " The Juggernaut" De'Reignhardt

Post by Person on Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:39 am

Accepted, you may now rp as you like.


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