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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Courtenay Astley - The Machiavellian Queen

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Courtenay Astley - The Machiavellian Queen Empty Courtenay Astley - The Machiavellian Queen

Post by Deus001 Sun Oct 18, 2020 11:54 am

Name: Courtenay Astley
Sex: Female
Age: 20/2/1988
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Height: 6'1
Weight: 150lbs
Nationality: English
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Entrance music: Soul Calibur 3 OST - Face your Fate
Alternate Theme: Castlevania Judgement OST - Darkness of Fate

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Establish dominance, toy with the opponent, demean and tease them and leave them a crumpled heap
Style: Grappling and mind games
Type: Dominant/Controlling

Preferred Attacks: Stomps, smothers, demeaning holds, use of the ring and other objects, intricate locks

Preferred Matches: Standard, submission, I quit, tied together, POW, no DQ, will not do full hentai matches however "Its better to leave them teased and wanting more....."

Endurance: ***** - She can go all night and then some
Strength: **** - Very considerable, the better to put her foes in their place
Speed: ** - Why bother running when they will simply come in search of you
Defense: ** - Can actually be surprisingly easy to hit
Technique: ***** - Practised in the ways of making the opponent squirm and writhe in agony

Strikes: ** - Not something she favours unless its to demean the enemy.
Submissions: ***** - Oh the ways to make you break
Powerhouse: **** - Her height and frame lets her toss most people around
Aerial: * - Not a thing she'll ever contemplate
Counters: *** - She's pretty good at turning grapples around, strikes sometimes

Favored moves: Slaps, grabbing ears, stomping, hip strikes, arm locks, leg locks, use of weapons

Finishing moves:

Kneel Before Me: Courtenay sweeps the leg of her opponent to force them to one knee, she then slaps them across the cheek and as they are left reeling she will then knee them in the head as hard as possible to leave them crumpled. If the opponent is already badly injured Courtenay will instead ram the side of her hips into them as a mocking way of finishing them off.

Furniture Of Royalty: Courtenay will approach a foe who's prone on their belly and lock and crisscross their arms behind their knees and sit herself down on the small of their backs, usually she will casually check her nails and scratch the skin of her opponent to further unnerve them as they struggle in their own prison. If she intends to further demean them she will stomp her heels on the back of their head and grind it into them until the admit defeat.

Entwined: In no DQ matches Courtenay wrap her opponents within the ropes, from there she will slowly remove their clothing. All the while hitting them with hard slaps from her hands and a whip if brought beforehand as she mocks and demeans them until they admit defeat.


Physical Appearance:

Ring Attire (Minus the gauntlet):
Ring Attire 2:
Ring Attire 3:
She was in need of a lesson:
A portrait of her:

Personality: Courtenay loves power and control, she will often try to assert herself in any situation she finds herself in. Not hesitating to put people in their place or speak her mind upon presenting herself to them, to those who accept this Courtenay will dote on them with an almost smothering mentality. However to those that reject this and prove themselves a thorn in her side Courtenay will not hesitate to make discipling them a high priority on her list. In the ring she carries over much of the same, intent on mixing pain with pleasure while ensuring the opponent knows their place. That's not to say Courtenay will always seek control however, once in a blue moon she will happily play the role of sub with someone. "It helps to have someone take the reigns once in awhile, to gain a better understanding......"

Past/History: Courtenay was born into old money, English countryside manor, high education that sort of thing. She was sent to an all girls boarding school, a catholic one. The then young lady was raised to be prim and proper, at first it stuck. Courtenay was taught discipline and given a belt to the bottom among other things if she didn't behave. Yet as she entered her late teens something awoke within her, call it a craving for power. She would bully other kids, blackmail them, roughhouse with them as she was often taller than them also. But yet, Courtenay would often secretly enjoy the times corporal punishment was used against her......

Eventually word was getting back home of her deeds, her parents were less than thrilled to say the least. Courtenay would promise to sort herself out, one relative. A kindly aunt suggested she look into the art of wrestling, her parents were again less than thrilled. However they would give her a wrestling tutor following her graduation from boarding school who'd make her run the ropes and go from step one. She actually proved to be quite good at it, developing a knack for submission holds and making her foes squirm under her careful and humiliating touch. Yet time went on and she explored through a fellow wrestler the art of BDSM and burlesque.

To be able to dominate others, Courtenay had found her dream at long last as she reached her mid 20s. No sooner had she developed this taste did her parents catch wind and disowned her, however she was saved from poverty by her Aunt having passed away the year before. In her will she left Courtenay with a large house in London, Courtenay wanted to not only explore her fields but also profit from them. So she turned the house into a burlesque domain, with a wrestling ring in the main foyer and various rooms of.......entertainment. She made a nice and tidy profit from this, but Courtenay ever the hedonist would put both in at the same time. Often subjecting a foe in the ring and torturing the fool into oblivion in front of all in attendance. It was then that one of her regular subs had informed Courtenay of the AFW in Japan.

She had been considering expanding abroad after all...............

Fun Facts:

Courtenay speaks fluent French and Japanese
At times she will bring various things to the ring, such as an outfit to put on her opponent after defeating them or a whip.
Courtenay employed various girls and boys in her London house, from college and uni students to homeless teens. She treated them well with the latter being given bed and board in exchange for helping around the place.

AFW Information

Yokai Kid via KO
Kazuma via collar lock



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