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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Isabella Astley - Most Loyal One

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Isabella Astley - Most Loyal One Empty Isabella Astley - Most Loyal One

Post by Deus001 Thu Jun 24, 2021 8:31 pm

Name: Isabella Astley
Sex: Female
Age: 09/3/2002
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Height: 5'8
Weight: 139lbs
Nationality: English
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Entrance Theme: Guilty Gear Strive OST - Let Me Carve Your Way
Alternate Theme: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Wrestling Information

Strengths: Isabella's strikes and fast paced, aggressive nature can render opponents totally run over. Isabella is also not afraid of putting herself in harm's way and will take hits on the chin just to get close to her opponent if need be.
Weaknesses: That said she hasn't got much in way of a forward thinking gameplan and will simply just go at her opponent with little regard to playing the long term game and tends to focus on a total offence more than anything.
Strategy: Keep at them and strike them down.
Style: Striker/High Flyer
Type: Rushdown

Preferred Matches: Standard, tag, no DQ, falls count anywhere, KO, first blood

Preferred Attacks: Punches, kicks, hip attacks, leg or head based submissions 

Endurance: ***** - Isabella understands that suffering and existence is one and the same and is all the tougher for it
Strength: *** - Her legs are killer and her arms can lift too
Speed: ***** - Like a bolt out of darkness
Defense: ** - Isabella does have a nasty tendency to just leave herself wide open with her focus on offence
Technique: **** - Well versed thanks to the tutelage of the Machiavellian Queen 

Strikes:***** - She's knocked out many a man and woman with her powerful and accurate blows
Submissions:**** - When your adoptive parent is Courtenay you've learned how to bend and break people
Powerhouse:*** - Her thick thighs and toned arms give her a solid base to lift people with 
Aerial:***** - A natural gymnast and more than happy to leap off of things
Counters:*** - Can reverse people if they're high flying or trying to roll with her on the mat from time to time

Finishing moves: 

Head of Service: Isabella will sprint towards her opponent and break into a leaping forward roll and collide her boot square into the opponent's jaw or forehead, the sheer momentum and power behind it often knocking out the opponent then and there.

Off With Their Head!: Isabella will take her opponent to the middle rope and crisscross their arms and legs to keep them in place as she puts their head on the rope. Followed by her climbing a nearby turnbuckle and delivering a jumping scissor kick to the side of their head. This move was often used at Courtenay's mansion when one of the customers was to be made an example of for harassing the staff so the effective humiliation and pain speaks for itself and was named for what Courtenay would yell to tell Isabella to do.

Shrine of Decadence: Propping up a groggy opponent Isabella will apply a Gory Special onto them to bend their back, she'll then calmly march around the ring with them and continue to apply pressure until they give up. 

Astley Special: Done when teaming with Courtenay, Isabella will enziguri the opponent to make them fall to their knees in front of Courtenay, who will then either grind her heel on the back of their head or leap atop their head breasts first. Followed then by Isabella slapping on a bodyscissors while Courtenay does a headscissors to totally constrict and cut off any air the opponent has.

Physical Appearance:
Sparring with Courtenay:
Ring Attire:
Rear View:
One of her many maid outfits:
Another maid outfit:


Personality: Isabella is the opposite of her adoptive parent Courtenay. On the outside she's polite if a bit distant, while at the mansion on duty she will aid her fellow servants and customers to the best of her ability and can engage in small talk and will give credit where its due and offer calm feedback should any errors pop up. However outside of her workplace and home Isabella becomes way more difficult to reach however and often stares at the ground or people's waists to avoid gazing at the big sky and lights all around her, she can function perfectly well in a fight and wrestling ring however thanks to being taught by Courtenay in the ways of battle.

In fact in fights Isabella displays a very noticeable cold and sadistic side to her during matches, full of pent up rage at the world that she takes out on those who dare to stand before her. She'll hardly if ever scream in pain or anger, but expect her to be cruel and unfeeling at anyone who fights her. That said, befriending her isn't impossible if one keeps at it with acceptance and tolerance outside the ring.

Past: Isabella was raised into wealth from a very early age, her Mother being Courtenay's Aunt who was wealthy thanks to her clan. Her father was a banker with a decades long career so needless to say Isabella was raised in the lap of luxury from the start. However both parents were also quite busy with their careers, leaving little time for their 'Side Project' who was often handed from one private tutor to the next. Isabella rarely left the mansion and bonded with other kids her age being home schooled the way she was, the girl wouldn't speak much to begin with save for progress reports to her folks. Whatever was placed before her Isabella would excel at, maths, history, gymnastics etc. However many of her tutors would raise concerns regarding her sociability, she'd barely give her tutors anything about herself and didn't offer any questions or feedback in terms of her lessons.

Her Mother had gotten concerned and gotten in touch with a boarding school, Isabella was shipped off to it and promptly fell afoul of bullies who picked on her for her silence and being smarter than them. The instant one slapped her however, something awoke in Isabella. She swiftly dispatched them all, using her gymnastics and biology studies to drop them stone cold. At the age of 16 however Isabella would be informed of dire news with both her parents passing away in a car accident, the one thing that she had to gain positive feedback from was snuffed out. 

Thankfully however, Isabella's Mother had a fallback plan. In her will she had entrusted her estate and its finances to her relative Courtenay Astley, on the condition that she take her daughter in as a ward also. Adopted by Courtenay the Machiavellian Queen wasted no time in getting Isabella a secure future, the English lady turned the mansion into a burlesque and wrestling domain and kept the girl sheltered from it all till she turned 18. At which point Isabella discovered her prowess in housetending knowing the place like the back of her hand, her gymnastic training also paid off well when Courtenay took her into the wrestling ring and showed her the tricks of the trade. In time Isabella would become the head servant of the place, running it when Courtenay left to go wrestle matches or to enjoy herself. She'd also become a sort of enforcer for her, breaking the bodies of guests that continued to violate the rules of the mansion in front of many in the foyer's wrestling ring place. With Isabella discovering her love of causing harm to those that did a hard wrong to her home.

Still Courtenay had considered expanding abroad, when she travelled to Japan to compete in AFW she had brought Isabella and some of her best servants. Inwardly the Machiavellian Queen hoped this forceful change of scenery might do some good for her adopted ward, giving her leave to compete on her behalf and together at times and giving her tasks to do outside. Within walking distance of the place, frankly all that mattered to Isabella was that service was done correctly. If she was to fight, then so be it.........

Fun Facts:

Her cloth around her eyes is a thin piece of fabric, she takes it off before she starts matches but will wear it in public to better make the outside world more tolerable for her.

Needs only six hours of rest to function properly

Since coming to Japan has developed a quiet interest in anime with her current faves being Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte

Prefers the night over the day if she must go outside, the darker colours and somewhat less noise is more accepting to where she can take off her face cloth.

No one save for her and Courtenay know the truth about her white hair, some think it due to trauma, others to a lifestyle choice. Isabella simply refuses to answer

Isabella designed her own outfit, most of the servants at the mansion wear similar attires but none ever dress the exact same.

Needless to say has Agoraphobia, Courtenay is taking steps to try and help address it though

AFW Information

Daji via KO
Ren Akery via pinfall



Allies: Courtenay Astley

Check out my wrestlers here, but PM me for match requests.

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