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Looking for matches

Fri Nov 25, 2022 8:50 pm by Void Effect

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Looking for fun Fights

Wed Nov 23, 2022 1:55 pm by Leon564

Hi hiiiii
Hope you are well my fellows! Happy holidays to those that celebrate. Though some of you may indeed be busy, some of you might be bored and alone. Well I'm here as well bored and alone 😅 So same boat. But not always the same tastes.

Anywhoooooo I've got my two characters available for some battles. James is decently flexible on whom he fights. But Melanie is strictly for the men. She can't get enough of'em 😆

Take a gander at them and hit me up either with a …

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Free Face Claim

Thu Nov 17, 2022 6:11 pm by Void Effect

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Bunnies and Death don’t make a good mix: Eshe Abdallah vs. Death Bunny

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Bunnies and Death don’t make a good mix: Eshe Abdallah vs. Death Bunny - Page 5 Empty Re: Bunnies and Death don’t make a good mix: Eshe Abdallah vs. Death Bunny

Post by LilyStar Fri Jun 24, 2022 7:48 pm

Her chest heaved as she grit her teeth in pain, Eshe could hardly breath as Death Bunny laid into her. Wave after wave of the heavy hand had chipped away at her chest leaving her breathless and crying out in sheer shock and unyielding hurt. It took everything in her to keep herself propped up against the ropes; to not slip into darkness in the corner as the only thing that crossed her mind was the dark Revenant herself. Her knees were shaking and wobbly, barely keeping her weight up as she groggily looked up to find her adversary retreating a couple steps back. She found her chance to retaliate all she had to do was move…move…? Move?! Her legs quivered, eyeing up the prize, Eshe was still, she couldn’t will herself to take even a single step on her own. Her mind begged her body to move but she had nothing left.

The Egyptian was dissapointed in herself, the moment she waited for was there but she couldn’t grasp it. The chance slipped through her fingers and on the other side of that valley stood Death Bunny, ready for action. The worse was coming, she braced herself for inevitable impact when DB yanked her from the corner, would she be sent off to darkness? Her mind could only wonder, as her dark tanned arm slipped around their waist to keep herself up, her knees quake almost dropping herself onky to be escorted towards the middle of the ring. Her gaze looked aimlessly at her predicament. There was no escaping, no way of getting out of this. As she felt the surprising warmth grace her neck, her breath hitched in her throat as a cool doom took over. Her arm was endnared as a shin caught her chin, cutting off any tremor to breath. Her free hand frantically patting out for Death only to find nothing to grab onto, her feeble swipes did nothing and she was forced into the only way out: tapping.

Her free hand found the mat and began to frantically tap, she couldn’t take it anymore, the pain in her neck, the pain in her shoulder. She didn’t even get to utter a whine of protest as she was locked in to the Revenant’s finisher. If Death was willing to release her, the Violet Egyptian would slump, cradling her shoulder as she weakly drew breath, the over head lights practically blinding her as she laid there, recuperating.

Bunnies and Death don’t make a good mix: Eshe Abdallah vs. Death Bunny - Page 5 Dgqb2h10

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Bunnies and Death don’t make a good mix: Eshe Abdallah vs. Death Bunny - Page 5 Empty Re: Bunnies and Death don’t make a good mix: Eshe Abdallah vs. Death Bunny

Post by killcarrion Sat Jul 30, 2022 12:12 am

Typically, it was the Bunny Revenant who best encompassed the grim reality of every living being's inherent mortality. But in an odd juxtaposition this day, Eshe may have briefly supplanted D.B. in that role considering how mush she embodied the walking dead herself. The fitness fighter incapable of even balancing on her own two feet with her dark-tanned legs quivering like gelatin. Battered and brought to the brink of her utmost limitations with nothing else to offer accept a begrudging acceptance of the inevitable. Death escorting her out of the corner turnbuckle with an arm braced around eachother's waist as if in a macabre waltz towards Eshe's impending damnation. The dance with the devil not lasting long in the slightest as D.B. applied the throttling submission with intensified vigor and gnashed teeth. She swished from side to side to further disorient her rookie adversary, who eventually succumbed to the lack of breathable air with her tapping out to bring the match to it's grim conclusion. Death immediately releasing the Hell's Gate and briefly taking a breather on her back before swiveling over to situate herself on one knee, slinging her arm atop that bent leg while the referee raised her other arm in victory.

Those amongst her fandom naturally applauded to the tune of her theme song playing, but Death shifted her gaze to her splayed out opponent currently becoming acutely familiar with the rooflights from how exhausted they were. To think that this rookie would provide such a fatiguing challenge and honestly make Death work far harder than she anticipated for this particular triumph. Whatever Eshe would feel about this match's result, she'd better not be despondent or sullen after bringing that much of a fight today. Death scowled and huffed out through her nostrils, not accustomed to what she was about to do but knowing what needed to be done. If Eshe started feeling herself become lighter, she didn't need to freak out as if she were passing into the great beyond. It was just Death aiding the fitness fighter back to her unsteady footing by slinging Eshe's arm over the reaper's shoulder and D.B's arm hugged around the back of her waist. "...*sigh*...come on, upsey daisy. Oi, wake up already. Anyone who provides me with that much of a challenge can't be seen looking weak afterward..." Death somberly uttered with a slight jostle. Eshe awakening to not only being brought to her feet, but the audience now applauding her for a match well fought.

Bunnies and Death don’t make a good mix: Eshe Abdallah vs. Death Bunny - Page 5 IzEu9yM

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