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Hentai Matches Wanted

Mon Feb 19, 2024 5:04 pm by Leon564

Hello~ Hope you're well when you're reading my ad. Whoever you may be. Not sure how many are paying attention but I put James up for Hentai Championship Contenders. Which means that I'm looking to set him up with something focusing on progressing that.

Edit: My post for James is still available however now I've made a new gal who's ready to meet ya!

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SS 17 Hardcore Title Address

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SS 17 Hardcore Title Address Empty SS 17 Hardcore Title Address

Post by Kelsea Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:25 am

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SS 17 Hardcore Title Address Empty Re: SS 17 Hardcore Title Address

Post by Old_Man_Tai Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:37 pm

For once, as her name was announced, Haley didn't bother having her music play, feeling the sounds of Rush, while wonderful and joyful, would give off the wrong impression.

Clad in just a pair of short shorts and "Valley Doll: American Made" T-Shirt, and tennis shoes, due to the heat of Cairo, Haley limped her way down to the ring, the crowd, full of native Egyptians, Africans, and tourists of many nationalities, noticing the pained way she moved, using the steps to slowly get in the ring instead of sliding in like she usually did. Nothing about her was her usual self. None of her usual bounce and energy and excitement. Just a limping woman looking forlorn.

Once in the ring, she was handed a microphone, the silver haired girl letting out a sigh before speaking:

"Good evening...I've uh...I've got some bad news...As you all know, I'm Silver Ace...I am the AFW Friction Hardcore Champion...and, even though there is a Hardcore Title Match tonight, I will not be competing..."

That sent a bit of a ripple through the crowd, with some fans starting to boo, disliking that Silver Ace, usually game for a fight, was suddenly not defending her title. Pain, not just physical, but emotional, went through Haley's body. She hadn't been booed in a long time, and it had taken years for her to be able to earn the respect and praise of the Japan crowd to start getting cheered. Hearing boos now, over a situation she couldn't help, gave her a brief flashback to those old days...still stung.

"Hey, believe me, I get it, it sucks. I'm pissed about it too! Nothing would make me happier than to be able to compete here in this ring tonight, and kick some ass for you guys...but, for those who don't remember or didn't see it, a couple months ago, I had a match against former Hardcore champion, Liberty, and after our match...this happened:

*Shows video clip on the titantron screen, featuring River Styx assaulting Ace post match, including the brutal Powerbomb off the ring apron, ONTO the ring apron, and Ace getting stretchered out after*

"...That hurt all over again just watching it...So yeah, I would LOVE to be out here kicking River Styx's ass all over Cairo tonight...but I can't.
I've been out injured for the last couple months, with a couple cracked ribs and other contusions and issues. I've been recuperating and doing physical therapy and fighting like hell to be able to come back and soon as possible...but it's still going to be time before I'll be medically cleared to compete."

More boos, though, at least this time, there were cheers mixed in, some people showing their support for her resolve to get back to the ring, as she continued.

"So, long story short, I get hurt, and while I'm being stretchered out, this crazy chick, Juno, decides to steal my title. Of course, AFW officials don't really care about stuff like that, so, unbeknownst to me, my best friend, Gallium Heart, being the utterly crazy and adorable babe she is, decides to try and get it back...and when that failed, she went and challenged Juno Lane to a hardcore match, tonight, in Cairo. Ballsy move!"

Yet that isn't the only surprise...I've recently spoken with AFW management,
and while they are not planning to strip me of my title, thankfully, they have decided that, since Gallium and Juno are fighting over it anyway, that the winner of tonights match will be named...the Co-Hardcore Champion!"

That...that sent a wild buzz throughout the audience, excited murmuring and cheers as they all took in the news. "That's right, the winner of tonights match will be Co-Hardcore Champion, and upon my return we will both be defending the belt. Anyone we may lose it to will be named Co Hardcore Champion, and there will be two champs running about...until, the board has decided, the end of the year, at Avalanche, where both Hardcore titles will be unified, and whoever holds them at the time will fight it out to see who will be the one and only Undisputed Hardcore Champion!

So with that, I say, good luck to both these women tonight, it's gonna be one for the record books alright, and to River Styx...I'll see you as soon as I get back...and to whoever wins tonight, be it the crazy, scary, sexy badass Juno Lane,
or my best friend and student, Gallium Heart...I'll see one of you at Avalanche."

With that, Ace dropped the mike, having done her job of both hyping the match and announcing the Co Champions stip, limped her way out of the ring and up the back, holding her taped up ribs and waving goodbye. She'd be back, but for now, it was up to Gallium and Juno to uphold the Hardcore Title.

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