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Looking for a tag team match up.

Mon Dec 04, 2023 12:38 pm by Moriarty

Hi there! I'm looking for a match for my host club boys
I would prefer standard but I'm open to ideas. I'm leaning towards them facing a similar entertainment based team. With gimmicks or special rules.
You can private message me on here or DM me on discord at _Kelevra.

[ Full reading ]

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Tension Match for Melanie~

Tue Nov 28, 2023 5:56 am by Leon564

Hi folks! To put it simply, Melanie is looking for a hentai match. Her profile will be attached here. Fair heads up that she's more of a dominant lean and tends to like opponents who aren't super duper competitive. If you've got a male (MALE) opponent you'd like to throw at her, PM me here or hmu on Discord: Leon564#4514

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Howdy strangers.

Tue Nov 28, 2023 6:25 pm by Yori

Just a small hello from an old face. I will be coming around for a bit soon and figured I would pop in. To anymore I have an unfinished thread with, if you have a desire to continue it with me just let me know and shoot me a link. While I am open to fielding ideas for new threads, I will be very selective with taking anything while I gauge my activity capability and trim/update my roster.


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Nadine Hawker

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Nadine Hawker Empty Nadine Hawker

Post by Mystery Dragon Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:19 am

Age: 20
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 130
Alignment: Face
Entrance music: Pillar men theme

With Sarah:

Fighting style: Nadi's style is not very aggressive as she usually waits to let her opponent take the initiative and reverse it if she can. Using holds and smothers to wear an opponent down over time, typically tries to avoid direct fist fights if she can on account of not being a full on brawler.

Preferred matches: Smother matches, standard matches.

Finishing moves:

Backsqueezer: Nadine goes for a quick backbreaker but keeps her grip on her opponent afterward to transition the hold into a bearhug afterward while there on the ground to continue to squeeze and work the body.

Locked to Hawk: Nadine jumps and hooks her arms around an opponents waist while pressing her chest against there face to smother them out.

Nadine Hawker was born in Paramaribo in the upper class of society. Living in the wealthy family and her father as an ambassador Nadi was given a world of opportunities in regards to learning and growing as a child, given opportunities to travel a lot with her dad to wherever he was assigned, from smaller countries to large nations she got to experience a lot of it first hand. The places she visited also did a lot to influence her as she enjoyed the food, history, and sports of foreign countries that it almost felt like she was trying to become one with each of them in her own way and though she was always an athletic person she really wasn't much into wrestling until she met her friend Sarah.

Playing around with the tomboyish Sarah the two made a day of doing silly competitive things all throughout, shooting hoops in there little basketball set, or simply running across the house, the two were relatively even as one time Nadine would win and the other time Sarah would win. This changed when they got older and started to roughhouse more, around age 16-18 they started to wrestle on the bed they were relaxing on, where after a brief struggle Sarah won and pinned Nadi to the bed. Frustrated Nadi challenged her again and again and again, but sadly she got the same result each time with Sara on top gloating about how she was the better girl. Having found something she simply couldn't win Nadi opted to learn actual wrestling and started working out more to counter this, and slowly results started to form. She started to win a  few then she and Sarah were going back and forth trading wins, and then finally it was Nadi who won each and every time leaving Sarah pinned and frustrated. Going into an 'all or nothing' final match Nadi wrestled like she usually did hoping to get the win but Sarah started trying different things, from fighting dirty to using her fists to pretty much acting like it was a professional wrestling match, Nadi initially felt extremely overwhelmed by the change but something clicked in her and rather then complain about what Sara was doing she went right along with it, trying the same things to beat her instead. The following 'match' was hardly something of beauty coming from two completely inexperienced girls but it did last a good 10 minutes that left both girls bruised, sore, and red in the face before Nadi won by pinning Sarah and then smothering her out with her chest, leaving her knocked out for about an a hour afterword.

When she finally came too Sarah rather embarrassingly admitted that the tactics she tried she got from AFW, which she heard of from a friend when she was trying to find ways to beat Nadine following her own losses in there little fights. Curious Nadine looked into it as well and found herself oddly attracted to the whole thing, and on an encouraging dare from Sarah decided she would try her luck in the business, with admittedly nothing else she wanted to do and a financially cared for she figured it could be a fun hobby she could give up if it ever stopped being fun. Moving to Japan after she sent an offer and got accepted Nadi was ready to give the wrestling business her fair share.

Personality: Nadi is a fairly sweet girl whos hard to anger, though she can get annoyed especially if she feels helpless in a situation. She also has a bad habit of being too trusting as her dad notes but because it hasn't backfired on her at all really she still hasn't learned to be more wary of others. That isn't to say she's naïve and trusting of everyone, shes been seen of how bad people can be in both the news and with people her dad deals with while working and knows enough to stay away from people who obviously mean her harm. She also loves food and loves to hear herself talk.

- Her dad has no idea what shes doing in Japan, she told him it was just her wanting to see the place for herself and while he's at least heard of AFW he doesn't know what it exactly is.
-She has been known to do some bizarre things if your offering her food to do it, especially If its something she hasn't tried yet or really loves.
-Nadi sometimes practices announcing wrestlers or interviewing people in the mirror and one thing she has considered is being a host of a talkshow of some sort.
- She loves the color pink, music, and reading in he spare time.

- Sarah


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