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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sun Apr 07, 2024 12:00 am by Blade/speranza

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Holly Matheson

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Holly Matheson Empty Holly Matheson

Post by Lunchador Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:53 am


Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 146 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: English
Alighnment: Face
Entrance Music: “Roar” by Katy Perry
Role: Mat-based grappler/jobber

Holly Matheson Oso9xet

Holly Matheson XwhkyLT

Holly is a newcomer to the world of professional wrestling, beginning her training rather recently.  While she's not “fighting trim,” Holly's training focuses on utilizing her slightly chubbier base to give her a leverage advantage for grappling and working her opponents over at the mat.


Slams and Throws- A bit thicker, Holly's excellent at getting under smaller opponents and hoisting them up for a variety of moves.  She's still lacking the level of technical skill and experience to hook in some of the more complex moves, but as long as she keeps it simple she does rather well, in this regard.
A solid base, leading to better control:

Technical Skill- Inexperienced, but Holly's an enthusiastic learner and a bright student.  Adept at powering out of moves when she can, Holly still struggles with escaping more complex moves.  She also has a habit of panicking in certain predicaments, keeping her from being more skilled at escaping.
Learning the importance of counters, the hard way:

Strikes- Holly is not much of a striker.  She can put some power behind a kick, but her delivery of most striking moves lacks speed and commitment behind them.  This is an area that she is most willing to improve, however, having no problem with putting intent behind a kick.
Practice making ... not perfect.  Threatening?  Acceptable?  Stronger legs, anyways.:

Submissions- Given more time and training, Holly feels like submissions are going to be her strong suit.  For the time being, she can usually hook in some of the more basic ones, and keep them on to wear down her opponents, though she sometimes struggles in keeping them locked in long enough to force a submission.  As for resisting same, Holly is still trying to discipline herself to keep her cool in holds, resist the urge to tap out and to try and reverse or escape holds.
Studies in "don't tap don't tap ooohhh God don't tap!":

Holly prefers mixed tag matches, allowing her to work with and rely on her boyfriend to have her back.  She's nervous about the idea of hardcore matches, and is highly unlikely to work hentai matches of any sort.  Holly is also willing to take on match stipulations she normally wouldn't, if there is a promise that winning will give her more money for her various causes.

Bearhug, abdominal stretch, camel clutch, boston crab, hip toss, body slam, arm wringer, arm drag, atomic drop, schoolgirl rollup, german suplex, reverse russian legsweep, running bulldog, diving cross-body block, running arm drag.

Rana Vivaz- With her opponent dazed, Holly will run up to them, turn and jump upwards so that she can wrap her legs around their waist.  Then, she will rock back, flipping the opponent over themselves so that she's sitting on their chest, and can hook both of their upturned legs.  Her own considerable chest usually ends up in their face.  She hasn't caught on to why, yet, but this usually keeps them down for a three count.

The Time Out Corner Choke- With the opponent on their knees, Holly will do a handstand and wrap her thick thighs around their neck.  Then, she will cross her feet and pull them downward so that one of her shoulders is on the mat, but most of her weight hangs off the opponent.  Grasping her ankle with one hand, she then proceeds to smother them to submission.

Born and raised in London, Holly was always highly talented, if timid and directionless.  In University, Holly studied business administration and finance, but that was simply a “safe” career choice.  Her true calling wouldn't be found until she and a friend attended a local wrestling show, on a lark.

At the show, Holly found herself caught up in the pageantry and the spectacle of the fights.  The larger-than-life personas of the wrestlers came across to her like an amazing release, a massive difference to her buttoned-down world.  More than that, however, Holly came to understand how much the wrestlers inspired the fans with their larger-than-life feats.  One wrestler in particular caught her eye: Gato Blanco, a visiting masked wrestler.  Convincing him to let her be his manager, Holly accompanied the young competitor to all of his matches.  While he never quite managed to grab any of the regional championships with her help, the couple did manage to win over a considerable fan base.

Moved by their following, Holly decided on two things:  first, that they could use that fan devotion for a good cause.  Secondly, that it wasn't enough to be at ringside.  Towards the latter goal, Holly had Gato Blanco begin training her to make an in-ring debut.  As to the former goal, she convinced him that the pair could use their drawing power to raise money for charity.  Having grown up poor, Holly sympathized with those in need, and the two began wrestling for charity.  Win or lose, they'd donate a sizable chunk of their earnings to various humanitarian, civil rights advocacy, and animal rights charities.

With a fairly devoted fanbase, Holly and her mentor have been funding their travels via crowd-sourcing, allowing them to work matches anywhere in the world.  In the end, however, the two of them decided that AFW would be the best place to begin their combined careers.  Tension being the only large wrestling promotion that would let the couple compete on the exact same stage, Holly now looks forward to seeing what she and her man can accomplish on the world stage.

- Holly is an avid gamer, and maintains channels on Twitch and YouTube.
- Despite being in shape enough to go in the ring, Holly still hasn't managed to shed much of her pre-wrestling weight.  Self-conscious a bit, this affects her confidence when dealing with more slim or muscular fighters.
- A talented artist, Holly contributes to a tumblr comic called “Busty Fighter Problems.”
- Usually laid back, Holly has a real problem with losing.  Highly competitive, she will go to great lengths to avoid taking a fall (though she won't cheat).  Also, the gloom of a defeat tends to hang over her head for long periods.
- Unfortunately, try as she might, Holly can't help but refer to her mentor by his actual name when they're both in ring.  It's the one thing he's still trying to train her out of.

- Gato Blanco,: her boyfriend and manager.
- Kozue Kubaragi:  Despite the two of them going at it verbally during Kozue's match with Gato Blanco, Holly ended the match with a profound respect for Kozue, both for her skill and her "never say die" attitude.
- Gemma Faraday:  Holly's tag team partner in The British Bombshells, the two of them are proving to be tenuous allies, but are still getting to know one another.

- Killer King:  In her first singles outing, Holly was subjected to a brutal and devastating loss to the Beast of Tension, Killer King.  Though outwardly Holly tries to forget this match ever happened, part of her can't help but hope that someday, she might get her chance for revenge.
- Eagle Miyasaka:  Holly hated watching her boyfriend lose to the sultry Eagle, but even worse was the abuse that she suffered at the hands of Eagle's entourage.  Shay and Fang proved to be deciding factors in the loss, and subjected Holly to degrading bullying at ringside.  The Brit hopes that before much longer, she'll get her chance at revenge.
- Ami Takeuchi:  After an awkward encounter in the gym, Holly found herself hating Ami Takeuchi like she'd never hated anyone before.  Desperate for a chance to shut the supermodel up for good, Holly threw everything she had into preparing for a match with her.

Matches-9 [Wins- 2/Losses- 7]

Blanco & Holly vs. The Akamatsus: In their debut match, Holly and Blanco give it everything they have against distinguished and well-liked competitors, Kyo and Makie Akamatsu.  Everyone involved puts on a hell of a contest, but Holly is able to pull off the surprise victory when she catches Kyo in the rana vivaz.  A stunning upset, Holly can barely believe her luck, and hopes that this will set a precedent going into her wrestling career.

Killer King w/ BTM d. Holly Matheson w/ Gato Blanco via submission: In a desperate attempt to prove herself, Holly challenges Killer King.  Unfortunately, the young Brit proved no match for the ruthless veteran, and faces one of the most insurmountable humiliations of her young life.

Ryo Kamiya d. Holly Matheson w/ Gato Blanco via pinfall w/ the Ryo Driver Delight:  In a match that has Holly frustrated from the start, young newcomer Ryo clearly doesn't take her terribly seriously.  Despite a brief run of dominance, the poor Brit is totally humiliated in the end, knocked out and reduced to a plaything, in the end.

Ami Takeuchi vs. Holly Matheson w/ Gato Blanco: After getting bullied in the gym, Holly finds herself taking on a grudge match with the "bluenette supermodel," Ami Takeuchi.  Despite the help of her man, and a burning desire to win, Holly ends up getting played like a fool, and left humiliated in the ring!

The Hoots d. The British Bombshells:  The British Bombshells make their tag team debut, facing off against The Hoots.  The Brits make the mistake of underestimating their opponents, however, and their bit debut ends up more humiliating than they possibly could have guessed!

Gato Blanco & Holly Matheson d. Fang & Shay:  In tag team action, Holly and Gato Blanco manage to avenge their humiliation at Fang and Shay's hands, with a decisive victory of their own!

Jessica Wright & River Styx d. The British Bombshells via pinfall:  Gemma and Holly have the "brilliant" idea to avenge their earlier tag team loss by issuing an open challenge to the locker room.  When the ones answering the call are WAR's Jessica Wright and River Styx, however, the British Bombshells find themselves woefully beneath the task.

The Black Racer d. Holly Matheson via count-out:  Holly comes to the ring and makes a proud demand for respect.  Unfortunately, a strange newcomer proves to be far more of a challenge than she can handle.  Holly's bid for respect ends with her unconscious on the ring floor, in front of the AFW crowd.

Sora Hyamoto d. Holly Matheson via pinfall:  Holly's quest for respect continues to fail, as she faces a muscular and merciless opponent in Sora Hyamoto.  Hyamoto's beating goes so far, and Holly's attempts to fend him off so pathetic, that unexpected help from the back is the only thing that may have saved her career ...

[url=Killer King d. The British Bombshells via pinfall and submission: Holly has the bright idea to have her tag team partner Gemma help her in a rematch against Killer King. Nothing goes to plan, however, as King takes full advantage of his poor opponents, and Holly suffers her worst in-ring loss, yet!

A Day at the Mall:  Just getting settled in, Blanco and Holly have their first foray out into the public.  A chance run-in with some local legends leads to a unique opportunity for their upcoming debut ...
Kickass Starter:  Blanco and Holly introduce themselves to the AFW by engaging in a charity telethon, raising the stakes for their upcoming match for a good cause.

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