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All of blade/speranza wreslters

Sat Apr 06, 2024 6:00 pm by Blade/speranza

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Kozue Kaburagi

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Kozue Kaburagi Empty Kozue Kaburagi

Post by acuyra Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:54 pm

Name: Ninjette
Real Name: Kozue Kaburagi
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: 5”5’
Weight: 121 lbs

Nationality: United States of America
Alignment: Heelish Face or Faceish Heel - Generally doesn't mess with people too much, can be quite pleasant, but does not respond well to aggression. At all. Rarely, if ever, outright cheats, but she can be sneaky when she needs to be.
Entrance music: Ninja Gaiden by the MiniBosses

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Ninjette likes to overwhelm her opponents - she’s a strong believer that quantity is a quality all its own. She uses her agility to dance around her foes, attacking them at impossible angles, striking with precision and finesse. She rarely outright cheats, but she can be quite sneaky, employing unorthodox attacks and techniques to catch enemies off guard and relying on her unpredictable nature.
Jersey-Style Ninjutsu
Type: Agile Striker

Preferred Attacks:

Preferred Matches: Hardcore Matches - Pretty much any match where she’s not confined to a ring and rules. Got a taste for TLC matches after a fun one.

Physical Stats

Endurance:★★★★ - She's learned to withstand pain after getting into quite a few fights, and she's quite flexible - because of this, she's much more resilient than her small frame would let on, which is good because...
Strength:★★ - ...she has little upperbody strenght to speak of (though current training is improving on this), but she makes up for it...
Speed:★★★★★ - terms of her blazing speed, which allows her to land multiple strikes and weave through attacks, which she needs to do...
Defense:★★★ - order to offset her mediocre defense, which amounts to little more than basic blocks. Despite this, though...
Technique:★★★ - Not the best, but she's picked up some good techniques and has a great deal of versatility and trickiness in the ring. She's sneaky, but doesn't cheat.


Strikes: ★★★ - Not much force in her punch, but she can throw them lightning quick and target key areas.
Submissions: ★★★★ - Skilled with joint locks and holds.
Powerhouse: ★ - Ha!
Aerial: ★★★★ - Does very well with the ropes, and has no problem launching herself off of just about anything.
Counters: ★★★ - Very flexible, can twist out of holds well enough.

Favored Moves: Doesn’t have the upper body strength for many throws, so she sticks to quick strikes and kicks when her opponents are up. She's also quite fond of using the rope for springboard moves. She also carries around a chain for hardcore matches, and is quite adept in its use. When she does get her opponents down, she can use submission moves - she has a particular love for the Bow and Arrow and the scissored armbar.

Finishing moves:

Bow and Arrow: Ninjette’s favorite and most effective submission move - when her opponent is face down, she jumps up and lands on their back with both knees, grabs them by the legs and neck, rocks on her back and lets gravity do the rest. Painful, effective, with zero chance of her opponent getting to the ropes - what more could you ask for out of a submission?

Guillotine: Kozue hits the enemies with an attack that doubles them over - a knee strike, a chop, anything can work - steps back and makes use of her flexibility to do a full frontal split and bring her leg down right on their head for a devastating axe kick

Shuriken: A 450° Splash. When the opponent is down, Kozue gets on the top rope, leaps off, spins 450 degrees and comes down on them with her stomach.

The Shuriken:


Visual Appearance:


Laying down the law.


Hanging out at a party with a bottle in hand - a common sight.

Personality: Kozue is, for the most part, fun-loving, carefree partygirl -  if she’s not on business, she’s probably getting drunk somewhere, having fun, hanging out. Not the type to stay idle for too long, if she can help it. Rarely the sort of person to set up roots - part of being a runaway princess is that one has to run away on a regular basis. As such, she rarely takes the time to really get to know people, preferring flings and one-night stands to actual companionship.

Tried speed dating once, though. Fucking hated it.

She's a fair bit more pleasant than most everyone in her family, but she still has the famous Kaburagi temper - she doesn't just blow up at anything, but if you genuinely piss her off, she will explode on you. She's more than ready to fight with anyone, at any time, for just about any reason she perceives to be good enough.

Past/History: Kozue was born as a daughter of the Kaburagi clan, a mafia family living in...New Jersey. Despite the name. Ninjette is about as Japanese as Apple Pie. This will require explanation.

To make a long story short, during the earlier mafia days, Kozue's great grandfather was looking for a way to have his family stand out and give them an advantage. Aside from being involved in organized crime, he was a student in history, and particularly enjoyed Japanese history, taking great interests in the shinobi. He had the idea to employ their ancient ways to his endeavors and, after taking some time to train and share his knowledge with others, began a campaign to take control and carve out a niche in New Jersey. It took people by surprise - a campaign of terror that didn't involve any bullets, just stealth and espionage. Finding out secrets about key politicians and blackmailing them, taking out enemies in crowded places where everyone would think they were safe and escaping untouched. The police were baffled and it wasn't long before he managed to secure his position and expand, running a shadow empire.

Throughout all this, he became a little...eccentric. He changed his name (it was Carmine Sarducchi) to Yoshiro Kaburagi and began to adopt a distinct Japanese lifestyle, basically becoming a weeaboo years before that was even a real term. He raised his family like this and it even spread to some of his followers, and even to this day, the family still maintains it.

And that's how the New Jersey Kaburagis came to be.

Fast forward a few decades. The 'clan' still keeps their feudal tendencies, but they've modernized a bit with the times - using guns and favoring more modern techniques of espionage. Their hold is still strong, but fading by the day, as new groups start to move on their territory. Kozue came into this era as the first and only granddaughter of Yoshiro, and she was a wild, passionate child - something her father strongly disapproved of. In fact, he disapproved of a great many things. In fact, her father was a drunkard, and a fiend, and an altogether unpleasant person, as you’ll see later.

Kozue's father was, among other things, a racist and misogynist. He wanted Kozue on a short leash, and he didn't want her marrying a non-Italian. Kozue tried to point out the hypocrisy of this to him more than a few times, and it never went well. As she got older and more rebellious, she stopped giving a shit about his preferences, and was also not content to just sit around on her ass all day - she trained in secret, studying her father's fighting style in secret and becoming quite capable...all without her father knowing.

During this training, she hooked up with a young black boy from school, and eventually started up a relationship with him.  Their little hidden affair lasted for about a month, until Kozue’s father ended it...and her boyfriend's life.  Unpleasant man.

So it should come to no surprise that Kozue ran away from that madness and ran away damned fast, and she’s been running for about five years. Taking jobs where she could find them, staying one step ahead of her father, living off the land and never putting up roots. Getting a little sick of the whole mess, she finally made her way to Japan and hit upon a bit of luck - because Japan already had the Yakuza working in it, her father didn’t dare go anywhere near it for fear of starting off all kinds of shit. So long as she’s on the island, he won’t touch her, but the catch is that the only real skill she had was fighting and sneaking around, neither of which she could do too long without drawing attention. So what’s an elite ninja in need of cash to do?

Why, join a lucrative wrestling organization and fight for cash, of course. And this idea, like most of her best ones, came at the end of a bottle of Jack. It also has the nice bonus of pissing her father off whenever he looks at the TV.

Wrestling Attire:


Ninjette typically comes out in the same wear she used to don when she was slumming it up as a ninja, figuring it's best to run with that as a theme. She is starting to mix it up, though, and for hardcore matches she wears more casual clothing, typically a hockey jersey, some shorts, and sneakers.

Whatever she puts on, though, she tends to go for short pants when she can. She's rather proud of her backside and will shamelessly show it off, if given half an opportunity.

Obviously doesn’t bring the sword into the ring.

Fun Facts:

-Has a love of oldschool consoles, particularly the SNES. Is a huge Kirby Superstar fan - still dusts it off and plays it, occasionally. She plays a lot of modern games, too, and is particularly fond of fighting games. She regularly participates in local tournaments.

-Despite her drinking problems, she hates being called a drunkard or a lush - as much as she hates to admit it, she’s like her father in quite a few ways, no matter how much she tries to distance herself from him.

- Do. Not. Ever. Mention. The. Jersey. Shore.



Street Fighter IV Undefeated Champion of Lucy's Pizza in Hoboken

Ryan Knight - Ryan was pretty friendly to Ninjette during their match, and they met up afterwards. He gave her some wine. Ninjette likes anyone that provides her with free booze.

Johnny Higurashi - Had a fun match with him that went a little too far when she kissed him in the aftermath. Despite being at odds with his wife, Kozue likes Johnny quite a bit, enjoying his energy and vibrant nature, not to mention his rather pleasing body.

Junko Higurashi - Kozue's currently staying at Junko's house, and Kozue looks up to her quite a bit. Even if their first meeting had her taking off her top. Not as hot as you might think


Bree Tassilotte - King's former sidekick. Kozue thinks she's a total look, but she's a trustworthy total loon.


Ro Larren: The two had a dust up during Kozue's short-lived stint in the battle royale. Kozue's been cracking for another shot ever since.


Killer King - About the only person she's had a serious beef with since she got into wrestling, King disgusts her, plain and simple. Ready and willing to throw down with him on a moment's notice.

Anyone who's a friend of Killer King - Killer King is an asshole, so anyone who likes him is, too, an an asshole. Sounds like bad logic, but it's held up so far.


Bryan Daniels - A fellow wrestler Kozue met while fishing. Also a model. Quite handsome, and a pretty fun guy, too. Possibilities abound.


Taylor Parker - Johnny's wife, the two met shortly after she kissed Johnny and got into a heated verbal brawl. Doesn't like her and finds her generally annoying, but not enough to call her a straight out enemy, and since they're on different programs, she's not quite a rival, either. Kozue would probably classify her as 'Annoying Bitch I Run Into Sometimes'. Is ostensibly helping train Kouze in the Higurashi Dojo.

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Kozue Kaburagi Empty Kozue Kaburagi

Post by acuyra Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:42 pm

Solo Match Record: 4-4-0
Team Match Record: 1-0-0


1. Ninjette vs. Jay - WIN (By Pinfall)
Ninjette debuts in the AFW, taking on a cat-man who she feels takes things too seriously.
2.So a leopard and a ninja walk into a bar...
Ninjette meets Killer King in a bar. Alcohol is involved. Mayhem ensues.
3. Ninjette vs. Killer King-LOSS (By Pinfall)
Ninjette takes Killer King on in a match only she could've come up with - for each fall, the loser must take a shot.
4. Ninjette vs. Ryan - WIN (By Pinfall)
Ninjette takes on the famous Ryan Knight. Makes fun of his taste in television. Good wine is lost. Soul Calibur flashbacks. Ninjette claims the victory and decides to take him up on an offer of fine wine.
5. Red wine over beer? Of course!
After their match, Ninjette takes Ryan up on his offer of wine - after a lovely evening, she steals a hot kiss and they part ways.
6. Ninjette vs. Johnny Higurashi - LOSS (By Pinfall)
Ninjette starts taking  her burgeoning wrestling career more seriously, and goes up against the heartthrob, Junichi 'Johnny' Higurashi. The match gets a little...steamy...and Ninjette steals a kiss.
7. Kaze-Kage, Dude
Ninjette goes into the Men's Bathroom - it makes sense in context - and talks to Johnny, but Taylor Parker, his wife, shows up - the total brutally engage in verbal combat. After being talked down by Johnny, the two part ways in relative peace.
8. The Friction Spotlight featuring Taylor Parker!
Ninjette makes a small appearance on a spotlight show to ask Taylor a question.
9. The arrival of the anti-knight
Kozue meets an old enemy of her friend, Ryan, and after a little picking on him, gets roped into a match with the overzealous Russian.
10. Ninjette vs. Damus - WIN (By Pinfall)
Ninjette has her first hardcore match, taking on Ryan's rival! Completely with racially insensitive jokes!
11. Ninjette vs. The Mask - LOSS (By Pinfall)
Kozue goes up against her strangest foe yet: the deaf but dangerous man known as the Mask!
12. Mask/Off
After their match, a curious Kozue tries to learn more about the masked man masquerading about as the Mask.
13.  Johnny Higurashi Vs. Bree Tassilotte: Backstage Brawl!
A fight between Johnny and Bree gets a little out of hand, and draws Kozue into the mix.
14. The Serpent's Offer
After the craziness with Johnny and Bree, Kozue meets a special new friend in the garage - Black Dragon!
15. The Lion and the Ninja
Jay drops by Kozue's apartment in the midst of a major plumbing emergency...
16. Ninjette vs. Sanosuke - WIN (By Pinfall)
Kozue goes up against a guy with a mouth almost as big as hers.
17. Johnny Higurashi and Ninjette vs. Killer King and Bree Taasilotte - WIN (By Pinfall)
Taylor Parker kicks King in the face. Also, there was a match or something.
18. The Hardest Thing To Do
Kozue goes looking for Taylor after the match to ask for some help and finds her in the middle of Bree-hunting.
19. Go East, Young Ninjette
Kozue leaves her apartments and makes a new friend along the way.
20. Grin and Bear It
Kozue meet's Junko and takes her top off. Again, not quite as fun as it sounds.
Kozue trains with Junko and the always nice, extremely perfect, wrestling savante, Taylor Parker, blessed be her most holy name. Happy times are had by all.
22. The Fine Art of Lying Your Ass Off
Kozue and her new friends, Jackie, meet an...interesting person in the gym.
23. Royale Jitters
Kozue has a little talk with Johnny about the royale. Also discovers the joys of health shakes.
24. Tension Battle Royale
Reason #4352 to hate Killer King.
25. Gone Fishin'
Kozue sits on the dock of the bay and meets a new friend, Bryan Daniels
26. Tis the seson so be merry!
Ryan's in the holiday spirit and he's spreading it around.
27. Stress Relief at the Dojo
Kozue makes a new friend in Alaina Sanders, and celebrates by trying to beat her up.
28. Ninjette vs. Bryan Daniels - ONGOING
Kozue ends the year with a match, taking on her freshly minted friend and eye candy.

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Kozue Kaburagi Empty Kozue Kaburagi

Post by acuyra Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:08 pm


29. Ninjette vs. Kent Quick - LOSS (By Pinfall)
Kozue tries to take on Kent Quick and get some payback. Doesn't quite work.

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Kozue Kaburagi Empty Re: Kozue Kaburagi

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