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Miss Fortune

Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:30 pm by starvalentine

She's baaaccckkk!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Queen of New York, The Sicilian Assassin...... MISS FORTUNE! Madison Oppenheim!!

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Found my HHH

Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:40 pm by starvalentine

Found my inner HHH and buried some of my roster. If anyone cares to look its here

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Something I've Noticed

Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:06 am by scorn53

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but every few weeks the same user joins the site, creates a few profiles and matches, then promptly leaves. I've only noticed because they follow a very similar profile template (and call it weird, but the use of black font), albeit they've now edited their latest one because they cannot delete it.

Their most recent name was 1 12 12 or something …

[ Full reading ]

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Rebecca Tomko, The enforcer

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Rebecca Tomko, The enforcer

Post by kerflubble on Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:53 pm

General Information


Name:   Rebecca Tomko
Alias:  The Amazon Enforcer
Gender: Female
Age:  26
Eyes:  Blue
Hair:  Varies according to die (naturally black)
Height:  6'6"
Weight:  240lbs
Origin:  American
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Music: Watch Dogs OST: Waiting for a sign (Instrumental)


Combat Information


Defense: 65%
Endurance: 100%
Speed: 12%
Technique: 63%
Stamina: 43%


Strikes: 65%
Submissions: 60%
Powerhouse: 100%
Aerial: 05%
Counters: 65%

Style Strategy:

Rebecca is all about throwing her weight around the ring, and her opponents. Her overwhelming strength means that even some of the most basic techniques can be extra devastating, and her size allows her to pretty much be a wall for other people to bounce off if she's trying to conserve energy. But if she can get a good hold on someone, when throwing them around she tends to make it fancy, showcasing just how strong she is to the world. And as arguably the strongest in the company that's a lot of strength to show off


Attack information


Signature Attacks:

- Shoryuken: The counterpart to Adrian's Hadoken, Rebecca throws her opponent up in the air, delivering a European uppercut as they fall down.

- Deadlift German suplex: With her opponent on the ground she wraps her arms around them for a grounded waist look before using her strength to pull them upwards, over her then down for a German Suplex.

- Double-A Spinebuster

- Military Press Slam/Drop/etc.

Common Finishers:

- UFO (unidentified flying opponent): Becky picks up someone and rests their back against her shoulders in a torture rack position. Instead of stretching them out as much as she could though she instead spins around on the spot, disoriantating her opponent. Eventualy once she's spinning fast enough she can stop using her hands to keep her opponent in place while spinning and then slam them on their backs before she gets to dizzy for a pin.

- Vulcan Cannon: If her opponent is heading towards her, either running or diving, Rebecca will take a few running steps towards them then deliver a vicous Yakuza kick, blasting them down and even out of the air

- Dominator: A nasty little throwback to the 90s. With her opponent doubled over, she reaches to hoist them up so their back rests on one shoulder, before driving the victim chest first onto the mat with a front powerslam

Critical Finisher:

- Omega Driver:  When behind her opponent, she can lift them up as though she was going for a simple backdrop but instead flip them over in mid-air then drop straight down for a dangerous piledriver


Personal information:

Old appearence:

Not afraid to shed it all

"Casual and Blonde:

downtime for coffee in casual wear

Bonus at the gym

Rebecca is one snarky individual, prone to making sarcastic remarks at any point and with the friends she has there's plenty of material. Also very protective of people she cares about, if they'll get in trouble she'll make fun of them but only after she'd pulled them out of trouble. When it comes to her opponents though she usually gives them plenty of opportunities to back down at any point but will often try and crush them if they refuse, insult her or Adrian or hurt Adrian in any way.

Born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Rebecca Tomoko is the daughter of a former heavyweight boxer and middle child, forming a fierce rivalry with her younger brother Damien trying to out do him in many sports: American Football, Basketball before in later years settling on Powerlifting (that she can bench more than her brother is still a source of pride for her, and embarrassment for Damien), however when her older brother Scott got arrested when Rebecca was only just starting middle school, her father moved the family away from New Jersey and to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and despite asking why they had to neither Damien or Rebecca got an answer from their parents or Scott, who officially cut ties once on parole.

Being freakishly tall has it's downsides as Rebecca found out in her new middle school, she was ostrized from most cliques, anyone not in a clique thought she was too scary to approach and the lack of people around her encouraged the rumours that after school she was part of a gang. Adrian however was the first person who tried to activley make friends with her, despite merely associating with her tended to drive people away. Still the two stuck together throughout the rest of middle school and then highschool even if they did get in trouble from Adrian's ideas, Adrian introducing her to Wrestling, Video Games, Anime and cosplaying. Rebecca introducing Adrian into different types of music, other sports, MMA and ways to get her to be more than a ball of energy one moment then crashed out the next.

She owes a lot more to Adrian than just trying to be social with her despite the smaller girl's knack for speaking and acting before she thinks things through. After High School graduation, she decided to follow Adrian into wrestling school, where for once her size helped her fit in with a group instead of isolating her. She was tought by the same group of instructors only learning radically different styles that managed to meld together, covering each other's weaknesses. They even debubted as a team under masks and colourful outfits (that Rebecca would like to forget no matter how many times Adrian considers it the good old days) although Rebecca had to stay with the home promotion to learn a lot more while Adrian jetted off to Japan to try out in several promotions before settling in the AFW. Although that tune sure changed after she watched more material from the promotion she settled with and quickly decided that she'd have to haul her ass out of the fire. Again.


Additional information:

Facts of :
-Between the two there exists several incidents that both have agreed never to talk about.

-Despite being into cosplay her height and build greatly limits the number of costumes she can use

-She spent her last few months in America mainly wrestling against guys so may find the shift back to much smaller opponents a bit of a shock

-Her Weight lifting records
-Beating her Younger Brother at competitions

-Tequila (Don't ask)
-Justin Beiber
-Things in Japan being too small for her
-The nickname "gorilla"

General Status:

Adrian Kytes
Cecilia Northman
Clyde Gastin
Carmen Rodrieguez

Adrian Kytes
Cecilia Northman

Akashi Tanzaki
Cecilia Northman
Her brother
Carmen Rodrieguez

The Brat Pack

Adrian Kytes


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Re: Rebecca Tomko, The enforcer

Post by kerflubble on Mon Feb 20, 2012 6:23 pm



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Re: Rebecca Tomko, The enforcer

Post by kerflubble on Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:47 pm

now with new pictures


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Re: Rebecca Tomko, The enforcer

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