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I need matches

Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:45 pm by RJD

Hello everyone. I need matches.

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Looking for a matchup.

Fri Dec 02, 2016 3:24 pm by Link-mon

Hey. Finally got my approval and now looking for my first match on the site.
Heres my first girl. Anything will do just looking to get a start.

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Back to the forum ^^'

Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:27 am by wrestleryu

Yay I'm finally getting back to the forum, trying to get to my old matches and willing to start new roleplays too Smile

For those who have ben waiting too much for my replies and are not willing to continue an oooold thread, I will totally understand.

For those who didn't miss me at all: Prrrrrrrt! Razz

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Diana Accera

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Diana Accera

Post by scorn53 on Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:27 pm

Diana Accera
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 165 lb
Nationality: Italian
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Music: Monster By Skillet

The definition of an Italian Beauty, Diana is a stunning, tall woman with a curvy, but muscular and chesty body, slightly tanned. She next to never ties her raven hair up, allowing it to flow freely, and is a natural beauty, rarely applying extensions, make up or such.

In a match, Diana will reduce herself to a typical, tight bikini, in order to completely show off her powerful figure. She never wears a robe, often parading around backstage in nothing but her attire, with no care in the world.

Usual Wrestling Attire

Casual/Alternative Attire

Alternative, Fantasy attire. (Minus the headpiece)

Diana is cold, to put it nicely. Whilst not a typical, cocky, "I'm better than you" heel, Diana seeks only the thrill of an opponent; a woman that can match her move for move, strength for strength. She next to never taunts, and is about as likely to respond to a taunt, comment about her body, or sexual manoeuvre as she is hug her opponent after her match. When she rarely finds a woman that can truly push her, a different, battle crazed side of Diana emerges, demanding that her opponent continue until both women drop. When a woman doesn't meet her standards, she will quickly run through them like the Italian Amazon she is, although is often open to rematches, in the hopes that her opponent has come back stronger than ever.

One of eight children, Diana often spent her youth fighting with her siblings, given their poor parenting. A tiny girl at youth, Diana often found herself finding the short end of the stick, ending up with her leaving said scuffles with more bruises and black eyes than the rest. She'd learn from every scuffle however, analysing and watching her brothers and sisters as they fought, almost in a creepy fashion, to learn to use their strengths against them. A poorly raised household resulted in said fighting continuing until Diana's teens, where she had almost gotten a sick thirst for the scuffles, often going for her bigger, stronger brother first. It was only in a scuffle that resulted in her breaking her brothers leg, that she realised she couldn't fulfil her thirst, not against her almost pathetic siblings. Leaving school early, she found herself enrolling in several self defence classes, along with mat wrestling groups, alongside often visits to the gym. Becoming a young woman, Diana knew she didn't belong in an academic role, she quickly enrolled herself into amateur boxing. Performing notably, she soon found that even then her thirst wasn't fulfilled-the controlled, padded fights were not what she desired. Diana wanted full contact, where her entire body could be pushed to its limits, or maybe even broken, whilst doing the same to her foe. Quickly leaving the industry, she decided to enrol in wrestling, hoping the full body contact provided her with the thrill she'd been searching for.

Wrestling Information
Outright Dominance A nonstop assault, Diana won't even stop to taunt. She'd have to be facing the real deal if she's not busy beating, slamming, crushing or choking her opponent.
Breathless Power Diana will often target the neck or waist, in order to literally crush the air from her foe.
Style Technical Powerhouse

Preferred Attacks
Body Blows
Big Boots
Throat Thrusts

Preferred Matches
Will perform in any match, with a extra love for K.O only bouts.

A peak fitness woman, Diana will cost her opponent dearly if they try to outlast her. Whilst her limbs are susceptible to repeated targeting, repeated slamming, squeezing or throwing of her strong figure will often get her opponents no where, as the Italian Amazon rarely recovers slow, and is often keen to return the favour.

Diana is a strong figure, putting it likely. Capable of hoisting up the heaviest of figures, Diana's strength does not mean she is solely a powerhouse based woman. More she uses it in technical holds, to crank her opponent's body parts to extreme levels. If she's caught in a contest of strength, she'll roar like a madwoman until she usually pushes through.

A slow lumbering figure, Diana is not at all likely to pursue her opponents. However, her lack of speed does not mean she's dimwitted; smaller, nimbler foes trying to outpace the woman will find themselves running into her arms, as the powerful Italian is no idiot, and knows exactly of her lumbering weakness.

With incredible endurance comes notable defence, as the iron like Italian will not allow herself easily caught in manoeuvres, of course preferring herself to be the one in control. She'll both thrash like a bear and work any joint she can in order to escape a less favourable predicament.

Diana knows the principle of a broad array of moves. As a woman typical of her size and strength, she's capable of powerful sleepers, crushing bearhugs and wrenching torture racks. However, she is also known to apply the more carefully thought-out hold, and can be capable of surprisingly athletic chops and kicks when the situation demands such.

Favoured Moves
Lifted sleeper
Lifted double throat choke
Lifted bearhug
Octopus Stretch
Dragon Sleeper

Signature Moves

Italian Anaconda

With her opponent dead centre of the ring, Diana will hop onto her opponent, her scissor coiling around their waist. From there she'll lean back, her hands to the mat, as she keeps herself held up, crushing her opponents waist with her thick legs.

Positioning her foe into a suplex position, one hand around her foes head, the other will shoot to her opponents knee. Lifting them high in the air, she will keep them suspended, whilst pulling on said knee, trying to make it painfully touch her opponents chest/face, in a brutal but often brief submission hold.

Finishing Moves
The Italian Spear
Lifting her foe up into a gorilla press, Diana will use her powerful figure to turn the suspended body, as it comes falling down. She'd then catch said foe, her shoulder to her opponents stomach, before slamming them brutally down to the mat in a gorilla press-spear.

Accera Wrench
Applying a pretty standard full nelson hold, Diana will lift her opponent off her feet, suspending them as she leans back, their legs hooking backwards around her, as she shakes and wrenches their body.

2 Wins
3 Losses
0 Draws

Diana's Story

Year One

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Re: Diana Accera

Post by scorn53 on Thu Sep 08, 2016 4:02 am



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