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Looking for a match for my character Rosia!

Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:47 am by Kallista Feel free to message me if you are interested with deets!

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Shadow-y Avalanche?

Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:39 pm by Vcom7418


Looking for a match for Avalanche for GASTER!

If interested, please contact me via PM or via Discord (address in my sig! Razz)

We can discuss the storyline, and it can be long term and even go past Avalanche! Whatever you prefer, I'll prolly be up for it Smile

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Avalanche Plans!

Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:27 pm by M.J.Caboose14

Hi all! I wanna give Himeko a place at Avalanche!

Things I am looking for, but am not limited to!

- A fellow big girl

- Creative match type

- Could be minimal or detailed build up

- For it to be fun!

Message me if you are interested! I will be a bit picky about this though because I've struggled with most of my PPV appearances and I want to change that!

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Post by LARIATO on Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:00 am

Name: Minerva Larsen
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 175 lbs
Nationality: Half-Chinese, Half-Danish
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Music: Game of Thrones Main Theme (rock ver.)

Wrestling Information

Physical Stats

Endurance: 4/5
Strength: 5/5
Speed: 3.5/5
Defense: 3.5/5
Technique: 4/5

Wrestling Stats

Striking: 4/5
Submissions: 4/5
Powerhouse: 4.5/5
Aerial: 0.5/5
Counters: 3.5/5

Fighting style: Minerva likes to use powerful slams and strikes as much as possible, but is also good with submission holds. But most importantly, she is a very good strategist. She goes into every match with a set gameplan, and can think well on the fly to adjust the plan as needed throughout her matches. And she often tries to find ways to get into her opponent’s head and throw them off to give herself a better chance of winning.

Preferred match type: Any

Favored moves: Power moves in general, heavy strikes, submissions

Finishing moves:

Queen’s Landing: Standing behind her opponent, Minerva reaches around to grab their wrists and cross them over each other, before lowering her head between the opponent’s legs and lifting them to a sitting position on her shoulders. Still holding the victim’s wrists, Minerva pulls them to flip them down and forward while dropping with them, slamming the opponent onto the back of their head and neck. Upon impact, the foe’s legs are trapped under Minerva’s arms, and she usually holds them there to trap the victim in a modified matchbook pin.

Diamond Crush: Minerva lifts the opponent as she would for a vertical suplex, then transitions to a cutter while dropping the opponent front-first toward the ground. (Basically a suplex into a Diamond Cutter/RKO)

Iron Throne: A modified version of a camel clutch in which instead of wrenching on the opponent’s chin/head to lock in the hold, she crosses the opponent’s arms in front of their neck and pulls back, choking the victim with their own arms while also applying the camel clutch.

Hentai Finisher:

Reigns of Castamere: Minerva applies a grounded version of an octopus hold to an opponent lying down, while using a hand to work over the opponent's sex.
Personality: Minerva is a complete sadist through and through, and loves to be in complete control of every situation she’s in. She loves to inflict pain and discomfort onto her opponents, and hates being on the receiving end of it. She’s a cocky winner and a very sore loser. But perhaps most importantly, Minerva is a master manipulator. She is very good at finding ways to bend situations to her favor. And though she won’t go out of her way to cheat in her matches, because she generally finds it more satisfying to defeat an opponent without breaking the rules to do it, all bets are off if she knows she can get away with something. She’s very fond of the idea, “it’s only cheating if you get caught.”

Minerva’s father is a wealthy politician from Denmark, while her mother is a beautiful, but otherwise average woman from China. However, she was an expert at manipulating people. And when the Danish politician went to China to meet with officials of their government, the woman put her skills to use to seduce the politician into falling in love with her, so she could marry into a life of wealth and luxury. The two gave birth to Minerva, and her mother instilled everything she knew about the art of manipulation into her from a young age, and quite successfully too. Combined with knowledge of her father’s career, Minerva began using what was taught to her to manipulate her way to the top of everything she was involved in, especially in middle school and high school, including sports clubs, student government, social cliques among other things. And she had quite a bit of fun doing it.

But it was also in school where Minerva found herself getting involved in more than a few fights, which showed a violent streak in her she didn’t even know she had. And along with these fights came an enjoyment for them. She wanted to get better at it, and so she explored her options before deciding to go with wrestling. It was the only kind of competitive combat her school had a team for, and she loved the way it focused around controlling one’s opponents and pinning them down. The school’s wrestling team taught Greco-Roman style wrestling, though she also practiced jiu-jitsu privately.

Minerva had always been told she could one day make an excellent Prime Minister for Denmark, but scoffed at the idea. As much as she enjoyed playing the political game, on a level like that it wouldn’t allow her to make use of her love for physical combat. So instead, after graduating high school and taking college courses for a couple years, she decided to leave Denmark and pursue a career in professional wrestling. Besides, as far as she knew there weren't any famous wrestlers from her country, and the idea of possibly becoming one of the first was very intriguing to her. For a few years, she traveled to compete in every indie promotion she could in Europe, bribing, blackmailing, and wrestling her way to the top of each place she went to before moving on to the next. When Minerva finally decided she wanted to move up to the big leagues, an envelope containing a large sum of money and some tapes of Minerva’s matches in the indies arrived in the mailbox of someone working within the AFW, and within days she was notified by her agent about a huge job opportunity that “suddenly popped up.”
And so Minerva packed her bags and flew to Tokyo to take on the next chapter of her life as a wrestler in Friction.

Fun Facts:

Minerva participated in several sports in high school, including wrestling, volleyball, track, tennis, and swimming.

Minerva is a huge fan of the popular show “Game of Thrones” (hence the entrance theme, and the naming of two of her finishing moves). And her favorite character in the show is Cersei Lanister, because she feels the character’s personality is very similar to her own in many ways.

Minerva is a very distant relative of the current Queen of Denmark. Whenever asked about it, she comments that it just means she would become the queen of a country she hardly cares about if roughly thirty or so people suddenly died.

She only uses her first name as her ring name because Minerva was also the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategy, among other things.


Alternate blue attire


Record: 5-1-1


vs Sig (Collar Match)

vs Daisuke Takeuchi 2 (Oil Wrestling match) via knockout (Facesit)

vs Dynamic Duo (Elimination Handicap Hentai Match)

vs Tessa Price (Greek Olympics Style Oil Wrestling Match) via pinfall (Grapevine Pin)

vs Sig II via pinfall


vs Cecilia Northman (2 Out Of 3 Falls Match) (2-1)


Minerva vs Daisuke via Double Pinfall

Other Events:

An Offer You Can't Refuse - Minerva spars with Sig at the gym, then offers her a challenge for an official match with a catch.

The Conqueror's Prize - After defeating Sig and becoming her new master, Minerva takes her home to start their lives as master and servant.

Sig's Reward - Minerva rewards Sig for enduring a full week of sexual torture.

Someone Call the Cops! - Minerva runs into Cecilia Northman at a restaurant, and a wild brawl soon ensues that ends up getting both women arrested.

Glutton for Punishment - When Sig relentlessly teases her after getting her out of jail, Minerva has to put her pet back in her place, though the task is easier said than done.

Victoria Archer vs Cecilia Northman (Smother Match) - Minerva attacks the Cecilia moments after the hardcore queen's decisive victory over Victoria Archer.

War of the Queens - A week after ambushing Cecilia during one of her matches, Minerva answers the hardcore queen's challenge to a match.

'Accepted' Domination - Minerva takes a trip to Kyoto and challenges Conza to a "spar" of sorts.

The Wicked Game - Eager to see how devoted to her Sig really is, Minerva takes her on in a spar, agreeing to let Sig go free if she can emerge victorious.

On the Hunt - Minerva seeks out Natasha Noclear and gives her an ominous warning.

Who Wants A Shot At The Title? - The Hentai Champion's open challenge is interrupted by Minerva, who attacks Natasha and costs her the match.

Natasha Loclear vs Sahar Abia (Hentai Championship, Kumis Match) - Minerva interferes during the Hentai Championship match at Avalanche, once again attacking the champion.

We're Not Finished Yet! - After her loss to Cecilia Northman, Minerva challenges her rival to a rematch.

Reluctant Decision - After enjoying a year of being Sig's mistress, Minerva reluctantly has to let her go.

Matches/Events in Progress:

Suicide and Redemption - Minerva is surprised by an invitation to visit Conza after dominating and humiliating him in a recent, impromptu spar.

vs Cecilia Northman II




Cecilia Northman

Cecilia Northman
Daisuke Takeuchi




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